The music synthesis has come up with a new trick! The official publicity lineup of "Come and See Our Concert" has caused controversy

In the current variety show market, music variety shows were not uncommon, and even began to appear homogeneous. In order to attract more audiences, the music comprehensive program team had created different concepts, which were mostly divided into rock, folk, pop, electronic music, and so on according to the type of music.

The recent broadcast of a music synthesis "Come and See Our Concert" has innovated in the form of performance, emphasizing that "Full Open Mai" gives the audience a closer experience of live music. At the moment of the epidemic, people have not walked into the stadium for a long time to feel the power of the chorus at the concert, and the program concept is to capture the audience’s miss for live music, which naturally has an advantage over other music complexes.

The lineup of the show has also been announced recently, covering Chinese singers of all ages, including old, middle-aged and young, and performing in the form of a combination. Zhang Xinzhe, Wu Sikai, Dai Penny and other classic singers and songwriters come together to believe that they can evoke many people’s youthful memories. Pin Guan, who once played a popular short video platform with the song "The Door Is Not Locked", will also be on the stage with his friends.

Most of these singers are representatives of the popularity of songs, and their songs have spread all over the streets, but no one cares about the singers themselves. In such a collection that focuses on the strength of the scene, I don’t know if they can become popular again.

However, when it comes to "turning red", the 07 fast men who are also in the show lineup may have more experience. After the draft fever more than ten years ago faded, familiar names such as Chen Chusheng, Land Rover, Wang Yixin, and Zhang Yuan were gradually forgotten by people. Some of them adhered to their musical dreams, some switched to filmmaking, and some gradually retired… It was only recently that the fast men returned to the public eye with a reality show. The originally unpopular slow variety show exploded, and the Douban score was as high as 9.7, which also gave the 07 fast men unprecedented attention.

Regardless of the singing ability, the plot of the brothers’ reunion on the stage for many years is enough to attract the audience. After going through their own complicated lives, the brothers can still get together, and the "brotherhood" between them is the key to the recent popularity, and it is also the focus of the program’s promotion. The slogan of the fast man of the year on the promotional poster is also to attract a wave of nostalgic fans and expand the audience.

The show gathered a lot of powerful singers, and naturally also needed traffic blessing, so the new generation of singers was indispensable. However, after the official announcement of the lineup, the appearance of Zhou Zhennan and the little devil caused a lot of controversy. Zhou Zhennan and Cai Weize of the same company formed a "47" group to perform together. Due to the previous incident of Zhou Zhennan’s father being sued, many audiences did not have a good impression of him. The comments even called it "mouse shit spoiled a pot of porridge", and such a poorly reviewed artist had a more or less negative impact on the show’s ratings.

Due to his irrational fans and exaggerated costumes and makeup, the little ghost Wang Linkai has also been controversial from all sides. His performance style on the stage is exaggerated, and the action of "air guitar" is mocked out of the circle, and most people say they cannot appreciate it. The punk style image that the little ghost has maintained for a long time is not very suitable for the positioning of the show "All Open Mai Power Singing General", and his singing skills are not the focus of his performance. In fact, his performance form is greater than the content. The lack of nutritious lyrics has been criticized, and most fans are attracted by the appearance of niche subcultures. If the little ghost still performs in the show in the usual unoriginal way, it will inevitably lead to a wider discussion and criticism.

However, the program team also put a lot of effort into arranging the lineup, and the partners of the two traffic students are Cai Weize and Zhang Bichen. Although Cai Weize also made his debut in the Son of Tomorrow series, as the lead singer of the band at the same time, he has good singing skills, and Zhang Bichen is recognized by the circle and the audience as a strong singer. The cooperation of partners during the performance can also enrich the stage effect to a certain extent, and more importantly, the collision of different types of musicians can increase the topic and accumulate heat for the program.

Such an attempt to make a real "concert effect" is undoubtedly ambitious, and inviting a group of veteran singers is proof. While the controversial artists have a negative impact on the show, they have actually attracted more attention to the show, virtually creating momentum for go LIVE. With the cooperation of the artists’ own traffic and the promotion of the show, many people have noticed this new music synthesis that is about to go LIVE. And whether the concert can be moved into the variety stage as mentioned in the promotion, we will see after the show goes LIVE.