The Chinese horror film expected in the year was scolded by the hot search.

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Last weekend, two hardcore movies were discussed by everyone.

One is Wei Jiahui+Liu Qingyun’s hot police and bandit suspense film Detective Wars, and the other is the annual Chinese-language horror film Curse that many fans are looking forward to.

"Curse" is a very lively movie both inside and outside the play. It is adapted from the true story of a six-mouth evil in Kaohsiung. The trailer was taken off the platform because it was too scary.

When it was shown in Taiwan Province, China, some viewers fled the cinema in fear, and some went to the temple to worship God after watching it. In the same period, the box office topped the Hollywood blockbuster "New Batman", ranking first at the box office of Taiwan Film this year with a score of NT$ 170 million.

With such a stunt, the appetite of mainland fans is naturally lifted high, and even known as "the best Chinese horror film of the year."

However, after the "curse" was launched, it was scolded by the hot search.

Not for anything else, just because of "bad luck."

Is "The Curse" really horrible or unlucky? Xiaowan has helped everyone to check the film. The front part is "high energy" and timid.

"Curse" strung together a curse spanning six years with two timelines.

Six years ago, if a man and his boyfriend and friends formed a "ghost squad" to explore the mysterious village. The whole village is wrapped in a strange and mysterious atmosphere. Everyone greets with strange gestures and worships strange evil spirits.

Boyfriends and friends broke into the "absolutely forbidden tunnel" and died on the spot, and the villagers also died. If the pregnant man was lucky enough to survive, he left here in a state of mental breakdown.

Six years later, Ruonan, who returned to normal, got her daughter’s right to care, and the mother and daughter started a new life. But strange things have happened one after another, and my daughter has symptoms of evil.

If the man runs around for his daughter, but more innocent people suffer, she finally decides to go back to the source of fear-the tunnel in the forbidden area of cults to find out.

On the surface, the horror elements in The Curse are nothing new, but a combination of "Death in a Forbidden Area", "Curse-ridden" and "Strange Death", with the tearful affection elements of "Motherly Saving Women".

But is the "Curse" really about the story of "the great mother is eager to love her daughter and return to the forbidden area PK evil spirit"?

Not necessarily.

There are many contradictory scenes and details in the film. The biggest doubt is: When did the man know about the evil god The Secret Behind? Six years ago or six years later? 

We can interpret this film in a different way, which may break the existing story about "maternal love".

Formally, The Curse also belongs to the popular screen/desktop movie in recent years, which is constantly switching between mobile phone screen, computer screen and video recording in the monitoring room.

Most of the curse content is if the man is explaining it to the screen, and this first-person narrative is actually mixed with many subjective elements.

Through the screen, we saw a novice mother who often "does bad things with good intentions", and she unconsciously felt sympathy and pity.

But what if the man lied? What if we see what she wants us to see?

What if it was all a scam from beginning to end?

The Curse has both positive and negative interpretation space. It depends on the audience’s understanding that loving mother/evil mother, saving women/sacrificing, breaking spells/unsealing evil spirits.

As early as the beginning of the film, "The Curse" implied by the running direction of the Ferris wheel and subway that "our thoughts quietly shape the world". The world is what you think.

The biggest controversy surrounding the curse is: bad luck.

Why did the audience feel unlucky, and even this topic was once hotly searched.

The first is the immersive fear brought by Chinese horror.

Japanese, Korean, European and American horror films are still separated by a layer, and ghosts that can only be hit by crossing the ocean cannot induce the sense of sight of domestic audiences. Taiwan Province horror movies are different. Everyone has the same root and the folk culture looks familiar.

There are two kinds of horror elements in the curse: foreign elements and Chinese elements. The former includes insects, antennae, secret fear and jumpscar; The latter includes folk customs, feudal superstitions and Chinese binding.

Although the former is scary, it will be forgotten after seeing nausea; It is the latter that really goes deep into the bone marrow and causes association.

Whispering the mantra "Fire Buddha Xiu Yi" and "Heart Sa Baa" which can be seen everywhere, strange cult totems can also find similarities in murals;

There are common spells and exorcism rituals in feudal times; There are also ancient altar offerings, swaying dim red lanterns, and hairy clay dolls in the ancestral hall, which can understand the essence of Chinese horror.

Have to sigh with emotion, Taiwan Province horror movies have a way of holding Chinese horror. It is a trend in recent years to combine folk elements with stories of evil spirits, and it is also an opportunity for Taiwan Province horror films to revive. The previous "Little Girl in Red" series and "Zongxie" also exploded for similar reasons.

Little girl in red 2

The second reason for bad luck is that the audience feels offended.

Watching traditional horror movies, we usually stand in the perspective of God and overlook the tricks of the characters in the film. Although the people in the film have no idea about their own situation, we know in advance that there are ghosts of the dead, and we treat them with a sense of superiority from an omniscient perspective.

"Curse" uses screen narration, which is equivalent to the audience standing in the second perspective and having an equal dialogue with the characters in the film, which is easy to produce immersion.

So when we read the spell after Ruonan at the end of the film, we found ourselves cheated and became a part of the curse.

When the audience realizes it, people will naturally feel annoyed. The subtext is "The director actually dragged us into it" and "The dummy actually lied to the real person".

This kind of "offense" to the audience is not new, and it has also appeared in other horror films before.

The most classic is the video of Sadako’s death in "The Ring of Midnight". People who watch the video will die strangely within 7 days, and if they pass it on to others, they can hand over bad luck.

There are also pirated videos in "Ghost Will Show". It is said that anyone who sees the death of Fusang (the film in the film) will be killed by a female ghost. Of course, the characters in the play saw it, and so did the audience outside the play.

In Truth or Adventure, there is also a bridge that releases videos to video websites. In this way, the protagonist group allows more people to share the devil’s sanctions.

"Curse" should refer to the above films and set up a bridge that offends the audience. From the perspective of communication, this stunt is quite memorable, which is really conducive to the wide spread of the film.

Its essence is no different from old terrier’s "If you don’t forward it to X people within X hours, you will …", so you don’t have to feel unlucky or unlucky.

Don’t be afraid, there is also a curse letter in Legend of Wulin.

Returning to the film itself, The Curse is a Chinese horror film worth watching with acceptable quality.

The greatest advantages and disadvantages of The Curse are related to the screen narration.

On the one hand, with the help of large and small screens, it builds a horror experience with a strong sense of immersion and interaction, and all the scary pictures seem to happen in front of us.

On the other hand, in order to pursue the consistency of the form before and after, the film also added a screen where it is not necessary to use the screen narrative, which is not as good as the semi-screen narrative of the Female Ghost Bridge.

The Curse has brought many amazing highlights, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Kevin Ko, a new generation director, also has ambitions and plans to devote himself to it.

When he was a student, he filmed a small-budget horror short film "Ghost Print", the first feature film was the slashing thriller "Fatal Party", and in his early works, there was a doomsday counterattack related to the doomsday element, which was enough to see his interest.

In the past ten years, he has not produced much, and he is out of the category of horror. The Adult 2, the Emergency of Getting Off the Bill and the Budaoxia, which were filmed in the mainland, can only be regarded as unsuccessful commercial comedies.

From the beginning of "The Curse", Kevin Ko returned to the old line of horror films. The win-win box office reputation of "Curse" gives him confidence to promote the follow-up films of the same type.

In addition to Curse 2, which features a girl and a boy, Kevin Ko also intends to open a "one-word movie universe" based on the real events in Taiwan Province.

Maybe, there will be the next explosion in the follow-up new films "Pickling", "Sleeping", "Even" and "Burial" of "One Word Movie Universe".

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Where to go for fitness? The official plan is coming!

  In order to speed up the solution to the problem of "where to go for fitness", the General Office of the General Administration of Sport, together with the General Offices of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the People’s Bank of China, recently issued the "Work Plan for the Improvement of National Fitness Facilities (2023-2025)" and launched the "National Fitness Facilities Improvement Action".

  According to reports, the "National Fitness Facilities Improvement Action" will focus on four major actions: strengthening the foundation of fitness facilities, improving quality, providing excellent services and increasing benefits, expanding the increment of fitness facilities, improving the quality of fitness facilities, making good use of the stock of fitness facilities, and improving the open service level and comprehensive use efficiency of fitness facilities; According to the plan, by 2025, the county and village three-level public fitness facilities and community 15-minute fitness circle will achieve full coverage, mass sports events based on fitness facilities will become more popular, and the service level and use efficiency of public fitness facilities will be further improved.

  In addition, the work plan also proposes that in principle, all newly-built fitness facilities in various places should be equipped with 100% fitness facilities for the elderly and children. At the same time, combined with the urban renewal work such as the renovation of old urban communities and the construction of complete communities, the embedded fitness facilities will be built by using the urban "Jinjiao Yinbian" to build a multi-level and diversified fitness circle around the masses.

  The State Sports General Administration said that the next step will be to make concerted efforts with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the People’s Bank of China, make overall use of various funding channels, establish and improve the incentive mechanism, increase supervision, speed up the solution of the problem of "where to go for fitness" and promote the construction of a higher-level public service system for national fitness. (CCTV reporter Yang Wei)

Thirteen films were packed into the "May Day" schedule, and the schedule dependence became more and more serious.

  Is this year’s "May Day" file too crowded? Yesterday, the movie "When Love Comes" suddenly appeared in the "May Day" file pre-sale list of Lighthouse Professional Edition. At one time, there were as many as 14 films in May 1st, which was twice as many as those in the Spring Festival. After several appearances, there are still as many as 13 films, which is the largest number of films in May 1st in history.

  Although there are many films, the box office is not satisfactory. It has been a week since the pre-sale of the May 1 movie. According to the real-time data of Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of 17: 50 on April 28, the total box office of the May 1 movie (including the new movie released on April 30) exceeded 100 million yuan. Insiders pointed out that compared with Spring Festival, Summer Holiday, National Day and New Year’s Eve, the "May Day" file can only be regarded as a "waist file", but it is this waist file that attracts more than a dozen movies, as if it were more popular than the Spring Festival file.

  The films are released together, why is the pre-sale cold? How should the industry re-examine the festival schedule? Under the "involution" of the waist schedule, we may wish to have some cold thinking.

  Is the "May Day" file worth squeezing?

  The output value of "May 1st" file is obviously higher than that of Qingming file, Dragon Boat Festival file and Mid-Autumn Festival file. This year’s "May 1 ST" file showed a situation of "one super and many strong" in the pre-sale stage like the Spring Festival file, and the word-of-mouth of the film became more and more important.

  "My happiness is gone." Many fans sighed when they learned that "Antique close encounter of mahjong", which was originally scheduled for May Day, was withdrawn. "Antique close encounter of mahjong" is not the only film that disappeared from the May 1 ST file. The film "There is She in the World" directed by Zhang Aijia, Li Shaohong and Chen Chong also disappeared in the pre-sale lineup of the May 1 ST file, which made many people’s expectations fail. At present, it is not known when it will be released.

  Movies such as Manas Man, Migratory Birds and Dog Fruit Theorem once quietly appeared in the "May Day" file list, and then quietly left; "Running to the Sea" and "When Love Comes" suddenly filled the position in recent days. At present, there are 13 May 1 movies that have been pre-sold, including My Love’s On the Cliff, Secret Visitor, Fighting Against the Black, ONCE UPON A TIME IN HONG KONG’s The Sunshine Robber, The True Three Kingdoms, GG Bond Movie, The Diary of a Dinosaur, Searching for Han, etc., making it the largest number of May 1 movies in history.

  Among this year’s "May 1" movies, the most eye-catching one is the spy war movie "Above the Cliff", which was first tried by director Zhang Yimou. The film, starring Zhang Yi, Yu Hewei, Amanda, Zhu Yawen and Liu Haocun, tells the story that in 1930s, a group named "outrat" was sent to the Northeast, and fought bravely with the enemy and carried out covert operations under severe test. Before the release, the film accumulated word of mouth after screening, and the score of cat’s eye screening was as high as 9.2 points. Previously, films such as Antique close encounter of mahjong and There is She in the World were withdrawn from the archives. Apart from being "too crowded", many people analyzed it to avoid such strong films as Above the Cliff. However, with the withdrawal of two films with more attention, there are not many films that can be regarded as heavyweights in this year’s "May 1" file.

  Yu Xiansheng, the manager of a Shanghai cinema, thinks that this year’s "May Day" movies are of good overall quality, such as My Love, the star-studded Above the Cliff and Secret Visitor, which have high box office expectations. At the same time, he is optimistic about the movie "True Three Kingdoms Warriors" adapted from the game. Although the pre-sale of the film is not ideal at present, it is better than the strong cast, which is expected to attract many fans of the Three Kingdoms and game fans to watch the movie.

  In the May 1 movie, Professor Ishikawa of Shanghai Theatre Academy was more optimistic about Above the Cliff, and he predicted that ONCE UPON A TIME IN HONG KONG might also become a dark horse. "Hong Kong films have a high degree of completion from the film industry level, mainly depending on the director’s degree of play." He believes that the collective absence of appealing young and middle-aged directors such as Xú Zhēng, Frant Gwo and Luyang in this year’s "May 1 ST" file exposed the problem of insufficient creative power at present. "After their films entered the Spring Festival file, the" May 1 ST "file could not get a strong film. Although there is Zhang Yimou, it is not attractive enough for young movie-watching groups."

  Is the "May Day" file worth squeezing? According to the historical data, the highest box office record of the "May 1st" file is 1.527 billion yuan for the four-day holiday in 2019. If the natural growth brought by the extension of holiday time is not counted, the "May 1st" file is also the second three-day holiday box office after the New Year’s Day file, which exceeds 1 billion yuan, and its output value is significantly higher than that of Qingming file, Dragon Boat Festival file and Mid-Autumn Festival file. With the extension of the May Day holiday to five days, its position in the film market will continue to rise in the future.

  Liu Zhenfei, an analyst at Cat’s Eye Research Institute, said that in 2021, there will be 13 May 1 movies, among which 9 movies, including My Love’s Above the Cliff and Secret Visitors, the number of people who want to see Cat’s Eye exceeds 10,000. In 2018, the total number of new films around the "May 1 ST" file layout was 10, and the number of people who wanted to see it was 6. This year, both the number of scheduled films and the number of popular films have reached a record high. "Overall, this year ‘ May Day ’ In the pre-sale stage, the stalls are like Spring Festival stalls ‘ How strong is one super ’ The situation, but ‘ How strong ’ The situation is not clear at present, and the final decision is in the hands of the audience. Word of mouth is becoming more and more important for films in fierce competition, which has become a trend. "

  Love movies become the biggest winners?

  In the fast-paced life, watching brain-burning suspense and spy war movies is naturally no match for relaxing and enjoyable youth romance movies. However, "Above the Cliff" and "Secret Visitors" have more word-of-mouth protection than My Love.

  According to Mu Chen, Dean of the Lighthouse Research Institute of Alibaba Pictures, the "May 1" file does not belong to the big schedule, and the current pre-sale situation is still normal. "In the last four or five years, ‘ May Day ’ The box office has maintained a steady growth rate, and the average box office in the past two years has reached more than 300 million yuan. This year is a five-day holiday, which physically lengthens the time dimension of the schedule and will definitely broaden the schedule capacity. "

  Thirteen films were released together, naturally some people were happy and others were sad, but many people didn’t expect the romantic film My Love to rank first in the pre-sale. According to the statistics of Lighthouse Professional Edition, as of April 28th, the total pre-sale of My Love before screening has exceeded 41 million yuan, followed by the film Above the Cliff directed by Zhang Yimou, which exceeded 25 million yuan. Director Chen Zhengdao’s Secret Visitor, another suspense film after Master of Memory and Master of Hypnosis, ranked third with over 10 million yuan.

  Judging from the film theme and lineup, My Love does not have obvious advantages. The film, starring Greg Han Hsu and Zhang Ruonan, tells the story of Zhou Xiaoqi’s love for You Yongci who fell in love at first sight when he was young for 15 years, but missed and reunited again and again under the trick of fate. It was originally planned to be released on May 20 th, the homonym "I love you".

  It is hard to imagine that the pre-sale of this romantic film featuring "sweet abuse" can beat Zhang Yimou’s spy war blockbuster and Secret Visitor starring Aaron Kwok, Duan Long and Zifeng Zhang.

  Since 2013, "To Youth We Will Die", youth romance films have been dominating the box office of "May 1st" file. This year’s "Above the Cliff" and "Secret Visitors" did not perform as expected. Is it because suspense and spy films are not as popular as romantic films?

  According to the report of Lighthouse Research Institute, in recent years, from the perspective of type distribution, there is a feature that love and action suspense alternately prevail. In terms of audience types, the core audience of romantic films is larger than that of suspense spy films. Whether the audience can empathize and release strong emotions is an important weight for romantic films to achieve high reputation and box office.

  My Love tells the love story of ordinary people. After the release of his own lineup, the related video broadcast volume easily exceeded 100 million. On the vibrato platform, the film was marketed on the topic of "Ten years of long-distance love, and finally lost to reality", which caused heated discussion among netizens.

  Many people can’t help but write their emotional past and breakup experience under the video. As the film emphasizes in the propaganda, My Love interprets every "I" in love. "This film is for everyone, and I hope everyone can find their own past in this film and find their own appearance in love."

  According to Mu Chen’s analysis, My Love is a film with strong social attributes, and its theme types, including the main creative lineup, are very suitable for the young audience, so it is normal to achieve the current popularity and pre-sale results. Next, it depends on whether the content quality can be recognized by the core audience, which is the key factor for it to dominate the schedule. "Romance films are usually difficult to squeeze into the big schedule, and it is not surprising to dominate the small schedule."

  Ishikawa believes that it is a bit accidental that My Love ranks first in the pre-sale of May 1 ST, but the suspense film genre is relatively new in China film market, and there are not many breakthroughs in recent years. The box office performance is not very good, and the pre-sale of Secret Visitors is not ideal. Although Zhang Yimou’s films have a high artistic level and excellent production, they are also facing the problem of being out of touch with the mainstream audience of the post-90s and post-00s.

  In the fast-paced life, going to the cinema to watch a brain-burning suspense and spy movie is naturally no match for a relaxing and enjoyable youth romance. However, in the eyes of the industry, from the perspective of lineup and production, Above the Cliff and Secret Visitor are obviously more word-of-mouth than My Love. Even if the latter is ahead in pre-sale, if the word-of-mouth is not ideal, it may be quickly overtaken on the first day of release.

  Should the movie schedule be changed?

  Hoping on the slotting effect, it is inevitable to have a gambling mentality. Resources are too concentrated, and it is not good for the market in the long run. The industry should think about how to actively adjust the schedule and tap the potential of small schedule.

  The strongest Spring Festival file in history born this year is inseparable from the transfer consumption generated by the call of "celebrating the New Year on the spot". With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the number of people traveling on May 1 this year has greatly increased. Statistics show that this year’s "May 1" Shanghai hotel orders increased by about 12 times year-on-year, and the number of tourists nationwide is expected to reach a new high. With the increasing number of people traveling, it is bound to curb movie consumption to a certain extent, which makes the market prospect of this year’s "May 1 ST" file confusing.

  At present, the Lighthouse Research Institute predicts that the overall box office of the "May 1" file will reach 1.8 billion yuan. Judging from the pre-sale, My Love’s Secret Visitor and Above the Cliff are in the first camp. "The estimated target is 4 billion yuan, and the overall box office should not be too bad." Ishikawa believes that this year’s "May 1" film lineup is not weak, with directors, actors and stories … … Most of them are above the passing line. If two or three films can break 1 billion yuan, the box office is expected to hit a new high in the same period.

  "More than 10 films grab ‘ May Day ’ File, the most direct reason is this year ‘ May Day ’ The holiday lasts for 5 days, and the deeper reason is that the schedule efficiency and market share have become higher and higher since the resumption of work. " Liu Zhenfei believes that this year’s "most crowded ‘ May Day ’ File "continues the competition trend of Spring Festival file, but the non-file period is more deserted than in previous years, which may be a microcosm of the overall box office trend of the film market this year. "In the first quarter, for example, although the New Year’s Day file was 1.3 billion yuan in three days and the Spring Festival file was 7.8 billion yuan in seven days, the overall box office in the first quarter was 18.1 billion yuan, compared with 18.7 billion yuan in 2019. This is related to the fact that overseas markets have just recovered and the number of popular imported films has been greatly reduced, but in the final analysis, the market is increasingly dependent on the schedule."

  "To tell the truth, my biggest worry happened after the Spring Festival." Ishikawa found that after the Spring Festival, the movie box office fell off a cliff, and once the box office was only more than 20 million yuan a day. "In previous years, the popularity of the Spring Festival stalls will continue for a period of time, driving the small stalls such as Valentine’s Day to rise. We call it the hammock effect. However, after the end of the Spring Festival stalls this year, the box office suddenly fell, which also stimulated the producers to squeeze into the festival stalls." Mu Chen also believes that "the most crowded ‘ May Day ’ The emergence of "stalls" is related to the increasing concentration of the film market in China in recent years. For large-scale films, the schedule shows a particularly strong adsorption to the film side, and everyone hopes to get higher popularity and better box office with the help of the schedule.

  Hoping on the slotting effect, it is inevitable to have a gambling mentality. "Resources are too concentrated, and everyone is bleeding, which is not good for the market in the long run." Ishikawa believes that the industry should think about how to actively adjust the schedule, for example, by appropriately reducing the ticket price to encourage the usual film scheduling, disperse the competitive pressure of the festival schedule, stimulate public consumption, and tap the potential of the small schedule. Several films such as Antique close encounter of mahjong, etc. should have seen this and made a rational choice.

  Although the schedule benefit is high, some films suitable for long-term travel have achieved good box office in relatively deserted months. For example, "Calm Down" directed by Li Xiaofeng earned more than 80 million yuan at the box office last November. "It is an important way to improve the box office of movies to train the audience to watch movies in the off-schedule period." Liu Zhenfei called on the industry to pay attention to non-popular schedules in the selection of schedules, so as to promote the more healthy and benign development of China film market. Mu Chen also believes that how to improve the diversification of content supply and enhance the audience’s interest in entering the cinema is a problem that the whole industry needs to think about and take seriously in the next six months. "This year ‘ May Day ’ Compared with previous years, the stalls are indeed more crowded, but we must also consider an objective situation. Domestic films have long been in oversupply. According to the production of 1,000 films a year and the volume of about 500 films entering the cinema, there may be 10 films released in a week. ‘ May Day ’ The file is not too crowded. " Ishikawa believes that for the current domestic film market, the lack of truly competitive films and the low-level repetition of a large number of films are the biggest problems. "When we can produce four or five films like The Wandering Earth and Hi, Mom a year, it doesn’t matter whether the total amount is more or less. The key is to improve the quality of the film. "

After the gym charged a million membership fees, it ran away. The original boss still showed off his wealth in the circle of friends.

  More than 1,000 consumers in Changsha never expected that the gym under their noses actually "ran away". This is a fitness center located in a well-known real estate and operated by a professional organization for more than 4 years. Everything looks "reliable". But when they paid a membership fee of about 2 million yuan, the gym owner changed. The gym is still there, but their membership has expired. The boss who originally collected the money actually exposed the "showing off wealth" video and photos of driving a "Ferrari" sports car in the circle of friends.

New Yue fitness boss "Wang Zhongxin" friend circle screenshot The pictures in this article are all provided by the respondents.

  New Yue fitness boss "Wang Zhongxin" friend circle screenshot The pictures in this article are all provided by the respondents.

  The Paper learned from Changsha police that the police station where the gym is located has been involved in the investigation.

  The next day, the gym closed.

  Mr. Zhao is an owner of Hengda Jiangwan Community, Yuanda Road, Furong District, Changsha City. On April 18, 2019, he set up a membership card of 5,000 yuan in the "Newleap Swimming and Fitness Club" where the community is located (hereinafter referred to as "Newleap Fitness") to meet the needs of his own fitness and children’s learning to swim.

In 2019, Niuyue Fitness Swimming Club was located in Hengda Jiangwan Community, Furong District, Changsha City.

  In 2019, Niuyue Fitness Swimming Club was located in Hengda Jiangwan Community, Furong District, Changsha City.

  Since the handover of Evergrande Jiangwan in 2015, Niuyue Fitness has been operating in the original sales department of the community, and residents in the community are familiar with it.

  According to the materials obtained by The Paper, in May 2015, Changsha Xinfu Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinfu Real Estate), which is 100% controlled by Evergrande Real Estate Group, leased all its real estate (formerly the sales department of Evergrande Jiangwan) to Hunan Huaya Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaya Company) until July 31, 2023. The property has three floors in total, and the contract stipulates that it is not allowed to sublet. However, in May of the same year, Huaya Company transferred the first and second floors to Changsha Niuyue Fitness and Beauty Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Niuyue Company) for operation until May 31, 2023. Subsequently, on the original sales department of Evergrande Jiangwan, two huge iron-framed signboards "Huaya Art School" and "Niuyue Swimming Fitness Club" were erected.

  Beginning in April 2019, residents in Evergrande Jiangwan and its surrounding areas found that Niuyue Fitness began to distribute advertising leaflets to recruit members, and news of "Niuyue Fitness" running a membership card appeared among the owners in the surrounding communities.

  Many salesmen scattered within one kilometer around Evergrande Jiangwan distribute experience cards for residents to experience in the morning and evening. Subsequently, many residents spent money on cards after the experience. There are many kinds of membership cards, such as one-year, two-year and five-year cards, with personal trainer and without personal trainer. Among them, a four-year comprehensive card with 2200 yuan is the choice of many consumers.

  Ms. Xiao got three cards in one breath. In addition to giving herself a five-year comprehensive fitness card, she also got two children swimming cards of 1,600 yuan and 1,800 yuan from Bao Xuehui, with a total consumption of more than 7,000 yuan. "I read the contract (between the gym and Evergrande Property) and said that the contract has been signed for more than four years, which proves that they are reliable and safe. You (the gym) are irresponsible, and Evergrande will also contain you. Evergrande will never run, I think so. " Ms. Xiao said.

  Later, the card information obtained by members from the front desk of the gym showed that from April 11, 2019 to November 6, 2019, at least 1,229 consumers had applied for various types of membership cards, with a total amount of at least 1.93 million yuan. Among them, the peak of card processing is mainly before August. By September, the amount of membership card is getting smaller and smaller, and even a "challenge monthly card" of only 518 yuan appears.

  Ms. Zhao, the owner of Evergrande Jiangwan, said that she had a 3,000-yuan swimming card in Niuyue Fitness. Under the advertisement, on September 23, 2019, she had a 518-yuan challenge card in Niuyue Fitness. The next day, she went swimming and found that the gym was closed, and "the boss ran away".

  Many members introduced that at the end of September last year, Niuyue Fitness closed directly on the grounds of "fire inspection".

  This is similar to many fitness service places that run on the road. After that, consumers called the police, called the mayor’s hotline, complained to 315, etc. Then, the gym opened for a short time, so in October and November, four people applied for cards. "Everyone really believes and hopes that this gym will continue." One member said.

  However, during the "pretend" business hours, there was no coach in the gym, the swimming pool was not changed and heated, and the tiles at the bottom of the pool fell off, causing many members to be injured. By November, the whole gym was completely quiet.

  The gym is still there, and the membership rights are gone.

  Members still remember that in September 2019, after calling the police and waiting for the police to come, members surrounded Wang Zhongxin, the head of the gym. "He looks very rich with gold and jade on his hands and neck. But at that time, he kept saying that he had no money and owed the coach’s salary, so the gym could not operate. " Many members introduced.

In September 2019, Wang Zhongxin was surrounded by members to discuss.

  In September 2019, Wang Zhongxin was surrounded by members to discuss.

  The Paper combed the payment information of dozens of members and found that many members paid the money to Wang Zhongxin.

  After the gym closed, some members who added Wang Zhongxin, the "boss" of the gym, found that in January 2020, after the running storm was silent, Wang Zhongxin, whose name on WeChat was "Survival of the fittest", "showed off wealth" in the circle of friends. In several videos, he is wearing a gold watch, driving a suspected Ferrari sports car and racing with passionate music.

New Yue Fitness Boss "Wang Zhongxin" friend circle screenshot

  New Yue Fitness Boss "Wang Zhongxin" friend circle screenshot

  In July this year, this gym located in the comprehensive building of Evergrande Jiangwan opened again. It’s just that the signboard on the roof has changed two words, from "Newleap Swimming Fitness Club" to "Guoli Swimming Fitness Club". Previously, members’ cards in "Niuyue" were invalid, and they had to re-apply for cards in order to continue swimming in "National Power".

In 2020, after "running the road", the signboard of "National Fitness Swimming Club" was changed.

  In 2020, after "running the road", the signboard of "National Fitness Swimming Club" was changed.

  In late July, some members’ representatives were called to a meeting in the Jiangwan Community of Evergrande. The members of Evergrande Commercial Management, Guoli Sports and Huaya Company announced that Huaya Company had taken back the gym operated by Niuyue Company and now transferred it to Guoli Sports Company for operation. The original membership rights need to be changed, such as a four-year comprehensive card, which can only be used on September 1 this year, or it can be used voluntarily until December this year. The one-year cards, challenge cards, etc. that have expired before are all invalid. Now there are new charging standards for national strength swimming and fitness, such as 1,280 yuan for a half-year card and 1,888 yuan for an annual card.

  On August 24th, The Paper contacted Huaya Company. Xiang Yanhua, the person in charge of the company, said that after renting the whole clubhouse from Evergrande in those years, he entrusted the swimming pools and gymnasiums on the first and second floors to Niuyue Company for operation in addition to education and training on the third floor because he was not qualified to operate the swimming pool. Evergrande knows and acquiesces in this. As of November last year, Niuyue Company had owed Huaya Company more than 600,000 yuan in entrusted management fees, utilities and gas fees. After Huaya Company sued Niuyue Company to Furong District Court, on June 30 this year, Furong Court ordered both parties to terminate the entrustment contract. Therefore, Huaya Company has now taken back the gym and entrusted Guoli Company to operate it.

  As for the membership card with a total value of nearly 2 million yuan handled by more than 1,000 consumers in Niuyue Company, Xiang Yanhua said, "You can only go to Niuyue Company, which handled cards for members at that time."

  So what is the responsibility of Huaya Company, which cooperates with Newleap? In this regard, I am evasive to Yanhua. However, in the interview, she revealed that Niuyue Swimming Gymnasium has been operating poorly since its establishment. To this end, Huaya Company spent more than 200,000 yuan to buy a boiler to heat the swimming pool; After the coach went on strike in September last year, Huaya also paid the coach a salary of more than 100 thousand yuan in arrears; When the gym was about to have an accident, Huaya found in the office that Wang Zhongxin had issued a new batch of leaflets, and they stopped it.

  On August 27th, The Paper contacted Wei Mou, the head of Niuyue Company. Wei said that Niuyue Company had transferred the gym to Wang Zhongxin on April 7, 2019, so Niuyue Company was irresponsible for the rights and interests of its members.

  However, when a member applies for a card, the official seal on the service contract and the receipt of payment is clearly stamped with the "Special Financial Seal for Newleap Swimming and Fitness". In this regard, Wei said, "That is Wang Zhongxin’s own radish chapter, which has nothing to do with Niu Yue."

Contract signed between members and NewYork Swimming and Fitness Club

  Contract signed between members and NewYork Swimming and Fitness Club

  Expert: It should not be an "IQ tax" for consumers to run away with money.

  Liu Jiahui, a member of the 315 Lawyers Group of China Consumers Association and a lawyer of Beijing Derun Law Firm, told The Paper that it is easy to "run away" in prepaid consumption. After consumers’ rights and interests are infringed, it is mostly difficult to defend their rights, because it is difficult for individual consumers to spend time and energy on litigation for their losses of one or two thousand yuan, asking for help from 12315 and the Consumers Association, but only mediation is not mandatory, which creates an opportunity for businesses.

  Liu Jiahui introduced that in many "running away" incidents, there are frauds. "Taking money away without providing services is a kind of contract fraud. One party to the contract has no intention to perform its obligations at all, or clearly knows that it cannot perform its contractual obligations, but it is a typical feature of contract fraud to defraud one party’s property by signing a contract and not performing or performing a small part of its contractual obligations. "

  In addition, Liu Jiahui told The Paper that the consumer bought the fitness card of Niuyue Company and formed a contractual relationship with Niuyue Company. Niuyue Company’s rights and obligations under the contract must be agreed by the consumer. If it is transferred without the consent of the consumer, Niuyue Company will still bear all the responsibilities. If Niuyue Company fails to announce its transfer to consumers, regardless of whether Niuyue Company knows about Wang Zhongxin’s card application in his name, Niuyue will bear the responsibility. Because for consumers, Wang Zhongxin’s behavior is regarded as the behavior of Niuyue Company. Huaya Company, as the entrusting party entrusted by new york Company, takes full responsibility for the liabilities arising from the breach of contract by the entrusted party, Newleap Company.

  The Paper noted that in December last year, Guangdong Maoming Intermediate People’s Court upheld the conviction of two gym shareholders for contract fraud. According to the judgment, from November 2017 to September 2018, Maoming Wellman Fitness Club had difficulties in operation and could not make ends meet. The company’s shareholders Zuo Moudong and Li Moufeng still sold their membership cards to the public at ultra-low prices in the name of the company, even though they knew that they would lead to business failure. Finally, more than 12,000 people applied for the cards, with an amount of 5.34 million yuan. However, the funds raised by the club are used for club operation or other expenses, which leads to the failure of members to get the promised return on fitness services, and the arrears of workers’ wages, rent, water and electricity are as high as 400,000 yuan, which has caused great adverse effects.

  Many members also reported the behavior of Niuyue Gym and Wang Zhongxin to Ma Po Ling Police Station of Changsha Furong Public Security Bureau. On August 27th, The Paper learned that the Ma Po Ridge Police Station had accepted the case and intervened in the investigation. The relevant person in charge of the institute said that at present, Hunan is cracking down on "prepaid consumption", and the public security organs will actively crack down on such suspected criminal acts.

Ma Po Ling Police Station accepts reports from members.

  Ma Po Ling Police Station accepts reports from members.

  Wu Wei, secretary general of Hunan Consumer Council, said that there are a lot of prepaid card disputes in the field of consumer services. In March this year, the Committee issued the Investigation Report on the Status of Prepaid Consumer Rights Protection in Hunan Province. 43.6% of the respondents have handled prepaid cards, and 14% of cardholders have experienced rights protection. Among all consumption problems, the proportion of operators "running the road" is as high as 48.2%.

  To this end, the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau launched a special rectification campaign. By the end of July, a total of 41,289 market players were inspected, covering shopping malls, restaurants and other industries, and 9 cases were filed and 8 cases were banned according to law. Hunan will impose joint punishment and credit restraint on "blacklisted" enterprises, investors and senior executives who have closed their doors and "run away" residences, and strengthen the prudent review of market access to achieve "one place is untrustworthy and everywhere is limited". We will maintain a high-pressure situation on illegal prepaid consumption, and resolutely crack down on illegal activities such as hiding money, malicious infringement and fraud.

  Liu Junhai, director of the Institute of Commercial Law of Renmin University of China and vice president of China Consumers Association, said that in view of the problems in prepaid card consumption, on the one hand, it is necessary to improve the system design, such as establishing prepaid card amount, filing and approval, third-party depository and other systems; on the other hand, market supervision departments and public security organs should work together to eliminate regulatory blind spots and regulatory vacuum and jointly rectify them.

  Liu Junhai told The Paper that businesses running away should not be paid by consumers ‘ IQ tax ’ . The negative effect of running away from the road is great, because a mouse excrement has broken a pot of soup, which affects the construction of the integrity system of the whole market economy. "The level of integrity depends on the lowest board. At present, the market supervision department is out of order, but regulators should not fail. They should stand up and do justice for heaven and make good use of the powers entrusted by law."

The dark horse in the market under the fitness craze-light coconut water, the leader of the new trend of healthy drinks

When YOLO opened the year, it became the king of both topic and box office; When hot topics about Jia Ling keep emerging, when articles about Jia Ling’s successful weight loss of 100 pounds are overwhelming, it is destined that March, the first weight loss season at the beginning of the new year, will not be too ordinary.

According to the statistics of Xinhong. com as of February 25th, the popularity of fitness topic Xiaohongshu # reached 74,776,300, exceeding 92.03% of the keywords in the whole station.

During the Spring Festival, the trading index of sports equipment on Tmall platform surged, among which the trading index of kettle bell increased by more than 430% month-on-month, the trading index of skipping rope increased by more than 280% month-on-month, while the trading indexes of fitness gloves and boxing gloves increased by 220% and 120% respectively.

More and more consumers’ enthusiasm for fitness has been ignited, not only in the sales of sports equipment, but also in the selection of meal replacement and fitness drinks. Especially under the popular science blessing of professional fitness bloggers on major platforms, drinks such as electrolyte drinks as a supplement after exercise have gradually attracted consumers’ attention.

However, at present, most electrolyte water on the market uses sugar to provide energy, which can not meet the health needs of many consumers, making coconut water as a natural and healthy drink, gradually favored by fitness enthusiasts. With the advantage of being rich in natural electrolyte, it can realize heat explosion, and with its low calorie and electrolyte-rich characteristics, it has replaced the traditional sugary sports drink, which has become an ideal choice for many consumers to replenish water and electrolyte after fitness. Moreover, it does not add a lot of synthetic raw materials, which deeply meets the health needs of consumers and releases huge consumption potential.

The production and research team of the light brand showed a keen sense of market smell and quickly launched a 100% coconut water with a formula of 0 sucrose and 0 fat to meet the needs of exercise and weight control. And choose Thai perfume coconut and sunshine coconut as raw materials, break through the traditional barriers, upgrade the taste of products, and at the same time upgrade the product packaging, with exquisite "diamond bottle" innovative packaging, create product differentiation and seize the minds of users. When the product was launched, it focused on summer exercise to quench thirst and replenish natural electrolytes through high-frequency content marketing and product planting, which opened consumers’ awareness of coconut water and made 100% coconut water a little red book and a vibrating explosion, achieving a leap in performance.


Of course, 100% coconut aquatic products that are lightly branded can break the circle. In addition to innovative content marketing, the market penetration is deepened, and the product strength behind it cannot be ignored. Light on the modern production base, the introduction of German fully automatic aseptic production workshop and advanced aseptic production technology, equipped with eight international standard fully automatic production lines, the annual output can reach 2 million tons, and the daily production of beverages can reach 24 million bottles. The mature and perfect industrial chain allows the light on the brand to break through the supply chain restrictions such as unstable raw material procurement, difficult production and transportation, short shelf life and easy deterioration, with stable quality, lower than the traditional high-priced coconut water, with content marketing, to stimulate consumers’ interest and successfully pry it open.


With the rise of healthy diet, coconut water, as a substitute for traditional sugary sports drinks, has risen against the trend and become a potential stock in the beverage industry. With multiple benefits, the coconut water market in China has ushered in the rapid expansion of the track, which has risen from 513 million yuan in 2018 to 780 million yuan in 2022. However, compared with the relatively popular European and American markets, China is welcoming more market space. Let’s look forward to 2024, when such a powerful brand as Qingshang will bring more innovative products and bring new amount to the industry.

CCTV approved the rise of "pet blind box": this is a departure from human nature and alienation of entertainment.

CCTV News:On May 3, some netizens reported that a "pet blind box" was collected and delivered at a courier station in Chengdu, Sichuan, and the kittens and puppies in cages were dying. Some caring people in Chengdu immediately organized rescue. A caring person who participated in the on-site rescue said that the delivery place of these cats and dogs was Chengdu Sanlian Flower and Bird Market, and the merchants delivered live pets to the buyers in the name of selling "blind boxes".

At 22: 30 on May 3, the reporter arrived at Xiqiao West Street, Chengdu Railway Station. The scene was filled with the cries of cats and dogs, which came from cages on the ground.

Chen Yulian, head of Chengdu Love Home Animal Rescue Center:This car pulled a car (cats and dogs) over, and then we followed. They just (turn) the car (cats and dogs) onto this car. Let’s take a look at this van. It’s completely closed. Close the two back doors, and all the cats and dogs must be locked inside.

Subsequently, the two trucks were stopped by volunteers in the rescue center and called the police. The reporter saw that a woven bag was put on the outside of each cage, and ZTO Express’s express bill was posted on each bag. After stopping the van, the volunteers tore a piece of each woven pocket to give the kittens and puppies air and water to drink. Subsequently, the reporter found the person in charge of the express delivery site to understand the situation.

Soon, the police of the local police station and the staff of the street office have arrived at the scene. In the early morning of May 4, these kittens and puppies were safely transferred, and law enforcement officers began to verify the information.

Chengdu Postal Administration: It will be put on file for handling.

The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Postal Administration said yesterday (May 5) that the postal administration immediately launched an investigation after paying attention to the situation of "delivering blind boxes for pets". For the behavior of the courier outlet suspected of illegally receiving and sending live animals, it will be put on file and the handling of the case will be disclosed in a timely manner according to law. At present, the local animal inspection department in Chengdu has temporarily detained all cats and dogs according to law, and temporarily placed them for inspection.

In addition, the ZTO Express company involved also issued a notice saying that these live animals were sold online by e-commerce customers of the platform, and were illegally collected by Lotus Pond outlets in Chengdu, ZTO Express. At present, the express collection business of this outlet has been suspended, and the person in charge of delivery safety of ZTO Express Sichuan Provincial Management Center has been suspended for inspection.

The transportation and delivery of live animals has been clearly stipulated by law.

Since May 1 this year, the Law on Animal Epidemic Prevention has been implemented, and there are clear legal provisions on the transportation and delivery of live animals. On March 19th last year, the State Post Bureau also issued a notice, demanding to regulate the delivery of live animals, severely crack down on the illegal delivery of wild animals and their products, and strictly regulate the delivery of live animals other than protected wild animals. Then, whether the merchants and platforms selling "pet blind boxes" and the express delivery responsible for transportation are illegal, experts have given corresponding interpretations.

Respect the law and refuse the blind box "out of line"

The rise of blind box economy is largely due to satisfying consumers’ curiosity and surprise about uncertainty. However, using blind boxed animals to build some people’s happiness on the basis of animal suffering or even loss of life is a departure from human nature and alienation of entertainment. Merchants must abide by the relevant laws and regulations on the delivery of live animals, and courier companies should not knowingly commit crimes.Respect for human nature, respect for the law, and people’s hearts are not blind, so there will be no such bad and out-of-line blind box.

(Figure) Star Fashion Classic: Xie Hui will dress more than a supermodel. Yu Tao only buys the most expensive.

  Although the level of playing football has not yet been in line with the international standards, many domestic football stars have a sense of touch in fashion. And the high income and frequent opportunities to go abroad also enable them to get in touch with the most cutting-edge things in fashion. Over time, these stars have gradually formed their own set of "fashion classics".

  Hui XieGood taste

  Dress up, the model wife listens to him.

  When it comes to players and fashion, everyone will think of Xie Hui first. This handsome star who just went to Germany to continue studying abroad is also recognized as a fashion gentleman in the circle, showing fashion elements from head to toe. Moreover, Xie Hui is also a frequent visitor to various catwalk activities, which is not something that ordinary people can do.



  Xie Hui and his wife walked the catwalk together.

  In terms of dress, Xie Hui doesn’t like to follow the crowd. "Many people think that as long as they buy the best brand, they are pursuing fashion. I don’t think so. While pursuing the brand, I prefer the brand that suits me. " As for shoes and bags, Xie Hui thinks it is very important to match clothes. "The choice of bags and shoes can play a very good role, otherwise the whole body will fail."

  Is Xie Hui’s wardrobe full of clothes? "I may have more clothes than others, because I like to buy clothes and keep up with the trend." Xie Hui said, "However, don’t think that I have too many clothes, or I often keep changing new clothes." Xie Hui buys clothes, and never buys clothes that are worn for one quarter and immediately eliminated the next year. "I like to buy some clothes that can last for a long time, no matter the brand or the style. Many of my clothes, whether in style or texture, can be worn for a long time. "

  Does Xie Hui’s fashion inspiration come from his supermodel wife Tong Chenjie? "On the contrary, I have more ideas than my wife. When we buy clothes together, I often give her advice and she listens to me." Not only clothing, including furniture, daily necessities and so on, if you need to make up your mind, it’s basically Xie Hui. "Because I have a good eye, Tong Chenjie also trusts me."

  Yu Tao is the most willing.

  Shopping, brand recognition regardless of cost

  Someone once said: "Pu Wei said that her bag brand was big, and Yu Tao smiled." Yu Tao really loves to buy bags, but Yu Tao likes to buy clothes more than bags.

  When Yu Tao was in the National Youth Olympic Team, he often had the opportunity to play abroad. At that time, Yu Tao chose luxury goods regardless of the cost. "At that time, he was young and casual, and he bought what he liked, regardless of whether he needed it or not." One more thing, when I bought clothes abroad, my best friend Qu Bo always stood on the side of the salesperson, so that Yu Tao couldn’t help but pay for it. "With the encouragement of Qu Bo, I bought a lot of things."

  LV and PRADA are the first choice for Yu Tao to buy bags, while Yu Tao prefers clothes designed by Italian designers such as PRADA, Cerruti1881 and ARMANI.

  What satisfied Yu Tao the most was a KENZO suit he bought when the Olympic team was training in Paris. At that time, Yu Tao took a fancy to this black suit when he was shopping, and it fit perfectly after trying it on. "It felt like it was made for me, so that a thin person like me could buy such a suit in Europe. I wanted it without thinking." As a result, this suit was really put to great use. Yu Tao took this KENZO suit as the second formal suit at the wedding with his wife Ren Ne.

  In fact, at the beginning of buying clothes, Yu Tao had no specific brand concept. "At that time, there was no brand awareness, so I felt that expensive things must be good. Later, I gradually got to know so many brands, and I really have something extraordinary in terms of workmanship and texture. " Today, Yu Tao’s wardrobe is full of brand-name clothes he bought from abroad and at home in the past two years.

  SunjiEmphasis on individuality

  Understanding, suitability is the best.

  Sun Ji, the elder brother of "Lucky Brothers", is good at matching different clothes according to different occasions, which is due to his frequent reading of fashion magazines and watching various top fashion shows regularly broadcast by TV stations. However, Sun Ji believes that it is not enough to just look at it. The key is understanding. "In addition to observing other people’s dressing styles, we must also find a feeling that suits us. Dressing that suits others may not suit us." Sun Ji’s friend said to him, "Ah Da, if you don’t play football, you can be a runway model. What a nice clothes rack." Sun Ji laughed heartily. "How can you say that? When I buy clothes, the shop assistants all say that."

  The brand of clothes is not Sun Ji’s most concerned point, but the texture and style of clothes are Sun Ji’s first consideration. Sun Ji prefers clothes that are casual and not stuffy, but have a little shape but don’t look fancy, such as standing collar, or the neckline is asymmetrical, left or right, which makes people look youthful and lively. Sometimes, on a whim, Sun Ji will also buy a dress with a jump color.

  Sun Ji not only pays attention to the collocation of clothes, but also the collocation of backpacks. Sun Ji always likes backpacks, and his favorite brand is GUCCI. Under the influence of Sun Ji, Sun Xiang, the younger brother who never used to carry a backpack, was also willing to carry a bag on his shoulder. During the trial training in Eindhoven, Sun Ji found that many local people carried backpacks, which made people feel relaxed and comfortable, so Sun Ji bought a backpack for himself. "Casual and generous, people’s mood is also comfortable."

Editor: Shuo Yang

[See you at 8: 00] The black box of the crashed passenger plane of Egypt Airlines has found many countries to stop the Boeing 737MAX8 passenger plane.

  At 8 o’clock, witness the news every day. CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours for you.

  [Concern of the two sessions]

  At 9: 00 on the 12th, the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress held its third plenary meeting to hear Zhou Qiang, President of the Supreme People’s Court’s report on the Supreme People’s Court’s work and Zhang Jun, Procurator-General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s report on the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s work; After the plenary meeting, the second meeting of the presidium was held. In the afternoon, the delegation held a plenary meeting to review the revised draft of the foreign investment law and the work report of the "two highs".

  Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology: State-owned and private enterprises are treated equally regardless of their origins.

  On March 11th, the Ministry of Science and Technology answered a reporter’s question on "accelerating the construction of an innovative country". On the issue of encouraging private enterprises, Wang Zhigang said that from the perspective of the Ministry of Science and Technology, it is the same for state-owned and private enterprises to participate in innovation regardless of their origins. The rules are fair and the opportunities are fair. We try to have a good environment and good rules to provide equal opportunities. This is what we have to do.

  Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecology and Environment, talks about the construction of ecological civilization: related work cannot be said to be important or done to be secondary.







  The TD-SCDMA built by China Mobile’s 100 billion yuan began to withdraw from the network.

  On March 11th, the reporter noticed a news earlier in official website, Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government. According to the letter, "after research, it is agreed to cancel 6,535 TD-SCDMA base stations that your company has stopped using, seal the data of TD-SCDMA base stations in the database and recover the original radio station licenses". A technical staff member of an operator said that it is the general trend that 2G and 3G will drop out of the network, and China Mobile’s 3G communication industry chain has little support power to make way for 5G construction, so it is inevitable that 3G will drop out of the network. China Mobile has invested at least 300 billion yuan in 3G networks. At present, the three major operators are making preliminary preparations for the construction of 5G, clearing the frequency and withdrawing from the network.

  Is it affected for enterprises to reduce personal pensions in the future? Experts say this.

  In the package of tax reduction and fee reduction policies mentioned in this year’s government work report, a set of data attracts people’s attention: "Reducing the contribution ratio of urban workers’ basic old-age insurance units can be reduced to 16% in all places", and at the same time, "continuing to raise the basic pension for retirees" has achieved 15 consecutive increases so far. Between the "one reduction and one increase" of the pension, it means that less is paid and more is paid. Some people worry that when I retire, will the pension benefits be affected?

  In this regard, the government work report has a clear response: "It is necessary to reduce the burden of enterprise payment, but also to ensure that employees’ social security benefits remain unchanged, and pensions are reasonably increased and paid in full and on time, so that social security funds can be sustainable and enterprises and employees can benefit."

  Three departments: primary and secondary schools are not allowed to set up food business places such as canteens on campus.

  According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the "Regulations on the Management of Food Safety and Nutrition Health in Schools" formulated by the Ministry of Education, the State Administration of Markets, the National Health and Wellness Committee and other departments was recently announced and will come into force on April 1, 2019. The "Regulations" clarify that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are generally not allowed to set up food business places such as canteens and supermarkets on campus.


  The "black box" has been found, and many countries have called a time-out for Boeing 737MAX8.

  According to rescuers in front, the black box of flight ET302 that crashed yesterday has been found and brought back for testing by Ethiopian Airlines staff. Official website, Civil Aviation Administration of China, announced early on the 11th that the Civil Aviation Administration had asked domestic transport airlines to suspend the commercial operation of Boeing 737-8 (737MAX 8) aircraft before 18: 00 that day. At this time, the worrying Ethiopian Airlines crash happened only one day. Shortly after China released the relevant news, Indonesian and Mongolian countries also took similar grounding measures.

  The US Treasury Department announced sanctions against a Russian-Venezuelan joint venture bank. 

  On the 11th, the US Treasury Department announced the imposition of sanctions on a Russian-Venezuelan joint venture bank on the grounds that it provided relevant support and services to Venezuelan oil companies. Background information: On January 23rd, Guaido, president of Venezuelan Parliament and leader of the opposition, proclaimed himself as "interim president" and was recognized by the US government. On January 28th, the US Treasury Department announced the imposition of sanctions on Venezuelan oil companies. In order to force Venezuelan President Maduro to step down, the United States has continuously increased its sanctions against Venezuela. Venezuelan government condemns US sanctions against Venezuela.

  "Brexit" and "terrorist attack" anxiety, the British turned to "chicken soup for the soul"

  According to the report, in 2018, Britain experienced a series of blows, such as terrorist attacks, unsuccessful Brexit and the elimination of the World Cup. People tried to seek spiritual comfort and peace in the sea of books, so inspirational books were very popular. According to statistics, books such as Chimpanzee Paradox: Controlling Irrational Impulse, Stress Solutions: Four Steps to Make You Calm, Happier and Healthier, Digital Minimalism: Living Better with Less Technology, which provide advice on how to deal with negative emotions and teach people how to cope with life stress, have made the bestseller list.

  Get rid of "colonial color"! African independent countries want to change their names to avenge their shame.

  A few days ago, Cook Islands, a South Pacific island country, planned to change its country name, abandoning the country name taken from the surname of james cook, a British navigator in the 18th century, and replacing it with a new country name that can reflect Polynesian characteristics. In fact, it was very common for African independent countries to change their names in the 20th century, and most of them were aimed at getting rid of the "colonial color".

  40 years of global warming: the warming rate in the Russian Arctic is four times faster than that in the world.

  According to Sputnik, the average annual temperature in the Russian Arctic in 2018 was 2.48 degrees higher than the normal temperature. According to the data from the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology, the speed of warming in the Russian Arctic in recent 40 years is four times faster than that of global warming.


  Wechat platform will crack down on drug sales and help friends forward or be punished.

  Wechat Security Center recently announced that the use of WeChat personal account to publish sales information of "illegal contraband" violated the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and other relevant laws and regulations, and the WeChat security team will resolutely deal with and severely crack down on illegal activities.

  China Consumers Association released the list of car complaints last year: Mercedes-Benz BMW Audi was on the list.

  The China Consumers Association released a report on the 11th, saying that the data of automobile complaints accepted by the National Consumers Association in 2018 were analyzed, and it was found that BYD had the largest number of complaints from the top ten brands involved, and the three German luxury car brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi were all on the list. "The three German luxury car brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are all on the list, which also reflects the upward trend of automobile consumption. This complaint data is absolute, and consumers should consider it comprehensively because of the different sales volume and ownership of each automobile brand. " The report said.

  Shanxi police recovered a number of high-grade cultural relics such as the "drum-building seat with snake pattern" in the Warring States period.

  The reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department on the 11th that from January to February, 2019, Shanxi police cracked 110 cultural relics crimes, arrested 260 suspects, destroyed 24 criminal gangs and recovered 5,259 cultural relics, including 26 first-class cultural relics, 26 second-class cultural relics and 128 third-class cultural relics. Among the recovered cultural relics, a number of high-grade cultural relics belonging to the Warring States period, such as the "drum-building seat with snake pattern", shocked the academic community. At present, a number of recently recovered national treasures are being exhibited to all sectors of society in Shanxi Museum. Among the newly exhibited precious cultural relics, there are national first-class cultural relics, such as bronze reeds with animal face patterns, four-legged bronze reeds, bronze reeds with animal face patterns, etc. Among them, a bronze weapon of the Warring States period, "drum-building base with snake patterns", is exquisite and has attracted great attention from the archaeological and cultural circles.

  Guangxi informed that the cleaner was beaten by four men and women: three were arrested and one was reprimanded.

  According to WeChat WeChat official account, the port branch of Fangchenggang Public Security Bureau, Guangxi, on the 11th, the police informed the cleaners that they were beaten by four men and women: three people were punished by administrative detention for 10 days, and one was punished by admonition and education because of minor circumstances.

  12-year-old chubby neck is black and can’t be washed clean. Doctor: Be careful of diabetes. 

  Tao Tao, a 12-year-old elementary school student, was a picky eater since he was a child. He didn’t like vegetables, and he couldn’t live without meat. He especially liked fried chicken and hamburgers, and he didn’t like sports at ordinary times. He weighed more than 140 kilograms at an early age. Originally, the skin was white, but the neck was surrounded by a "black scarf" that could not be washed away. After the examination of endocrinology department in Houhu Hospital of central hospital of wuhan, it was found that this was acanthosis nigricans caused by obesity, and the doctor said that if it was not controlled, it might develop into diabetes.

  The 41-year-old master’s son is still unmarried, and his old father didn’t take him back to his hometown for the New Year for four years: he was ashamed to see anyone.

  Recently, a grandfather of Wansong Academy in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province said that he had come to Hangzhou from his hometown of Anhui to make a blind date for his 41-year-old son with a master’s degree. He said that he had not let his son go home for the New Year for four years, because his son had no face to see his elders in Jiangdong because he was afraid of jokes.

  Leather dress and boyfriend jacket … … Do you like this school uniform?

  Recently, five school uniform items designed by students of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University’s campus entrepreneurship team were officially launched as the periphery of the official campus. There are striped sweaters, boyfriends’ jackets and jackets, cool leather skirts, retro colors and school-specific logo. Isn’t it cool? On the first day of publication on WeChat WeChat official account, the tweets of school uniforms exceeded 10,000.


  The 2019 All England Badminton Open ended, and China won three championships. 

  The 2019 All England Badminton Open ended in Birmingham, England on the 10th local time (the early morning of 11th Beijing time). China won the women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles in five events, becoming the biggest winner of this competition.

  After the Winter Olympics, there was another breakthrough, and the China wheelchair curling team won the first World Championship. 

  On the evening of 10th local time (the early morning of 11th Beijing time), China’s wheelchair curling team defeated the host Scottish team 5-2 in the final of the World Wheelchair Curling Championships and won the gold medal in the 2019 World Wheelchair Curling Championships. After winning the first gold medal of the China delegation in the Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the China wheelchair curling team made a new breakthrough.


  On March 9, the referee Fu Ming (third from right) after the game.

  [Fu Ming] The referee of Luneng Jianye War was suspected of plagiarism and responded.

  On the afternoon of March 9th, in the second round of the Super League, Shandong Luneng drew 2-2 with Henan Jianye. During the game, Fu Ming, the international referee on duty, was punished several times, which caused dissatisfaction among the home team. After the game, some netizens exposed the plagiarism of Fu Ming’s paper, and checked the weight as high as 54.84%, and boarded the hot search. In this regard, Jincheng College of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (China Southern Airlines Jincheng College) responded that it will continue to pay attention and will respond and deal with it according to the investigation conclusions of its degree-granting units.

  It is worth noting that at the new season mobilization meeting held by the China Football Association in February 2019, the China Football Association confirmed that a team of professional referees of the China Football Association would be formed by domestic excellent referees and foreign professional referees. The first batch of professional referees of China Football Association consisted of six people, including Fu Ming.

  [Quan Douhuan] The former president of South Korea was tried on suspicion of damaging his reputation.

  Former South Korean President Quan Doo-hwan was tried again as a defendant in Gwangju District Court on the 11th for allegedly damaging the reputation of the participants in the "5.18 Gwangju Incident". According to Yonhap News Agency’s report on March 10th, Quan Douhuan and former President Lu Taiyu were accused of initiating civil strife during the "December 12th Military Rebellion" and "May 18th Gwangju Incident", and were prosecuted in December 1995 and tried and sentenced in 1996.

  [O ‘Sullivan] A thousand strokes broke the 35th crown of a hundred wins career and opened a new era of snooker. 

  In the early morning of 11th Beijing time, the 2019 Snooker Players Championship ended in Preston, England. "Rocket" O ‘Sullivan defeated Robertson 10-4 in the final and successfully defended his title. This is O ‘Sullivan’s 35th ranking champion, just one step away from "Billiards Emperor" Hendry. At the same time, with the help of three shots in this game, O ‘Sullivan broke a hundred times in his career, an unprecedented achievement.

  [Liu Xinglei] One-armed courier: I can do what others can do.

  Liu Xinglei, who lives in Zhongzhou Street, Zhongxian County, Chongqing, is a courier who has been working for more than half a year. At the end of last year, a photo of him carrying a parcel for delivery was photographed by a customer and sent to the Internet, which swept the circle of friends of Zhongxian people — — The sleeve in the first half of the right arm is empty, and the parcel is supported only by the end. "Although I am a disabled person, I can support myself as long as I have a little more strength and sweat than a healthy person."

The second on the left is Kelly Catlin.

  [Kelly Catlin] The 23-year-old American Olympic medalist committed suicide.

  The American Cycling Association (USA Cycling) announced on the 10th local time that Kelly Catlin committed suicide on the 8th at the age of 23. She is an American cyclist, who won the World Championship three times and helped the United States win the silver medal in the cycling women’s team event in Rio Olympic Games.

  See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!

Qunxing Toys: At present, the company has not cooperated with Huafu Fashion.

K diagram 002575_0

  Every time I pass the AI ? ? newsletter, some investors ask questions on the investor interaction platform: Does the company follow?Cooperation? Without cooperation, can the company participate in the project now?

  ( On March 13th, it was indicated on the investor interaction platform that the company has not cooperated with up to now. Please pay attention to the company’s relevant announcement for details.

Guangzhou strengthens epidemic prevention and control in public cultural tourism places, and closed entertainment places are closed.

CCTV News:On the evening of the 8th, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism issued a notice saying that it would strictly prevent and control the epidemic situation in public cultural tourist sites. All kinds of public cultural tourism places in medium and high-risk areas and areas under closed and closed management are closed down. Closed entertainment places in other areas of Guangzhou, such as cinemas, theaters, KTV and Internet service places, are closed; The outdoor part of public cultural venues and tourist attractions is restricted by 50%. 

Guangzhou, Guangdong: Open the fast lane of nucleic acid testing for truck drivers

In order to ensure the supply of basic living materials, Guangzhou has opened a fast lane for nucleic acid testing for truck drivers, and the results can be produced in 6 hours at the earliest. Jiangnan market in Guangzhou is one of the wholesale markets with the largest sales volume of fruits and vegetables in China and even in Southeast Asia, and it also bears the heavy responsibility of supplying "vegetable basket" in Guangzhou. At 9 o’clock every morning, truck drivers who come to the market for delivery can take the nucleic acid test sheet to the market nucleic acid test point for testing.

Truck driver Liu Bo:We are from other places, strangers here, and now the epidemic, there will definitely be concerns. Now, as soon as I enter the market, I am given a free receipt, and there is a special point in the market to detect nucleic acid. Otherwise, it is not convenient for me as a foreigner to find this nucleic acid monitoring point.