Jietu hard-core SUV travelers officially listed: starting from 139,900 yuan.

On September 26th, Jetway Traveler officially went on the market, with a price of 1399-184900 yuan, showing the style of hard-core SUV and equipped with XWD intelligent four-wheel drive system.

Jetway Traveler is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, and its design adheres to the concept of hard-core SUV. Its rectangular headlight group and the brand English logo "JETOUR" embedded in the black air intake grille show personality, and the large front bumper reserves the eye-catching trailer hook position. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the traveler reach 4785*2006*1880mm and the wheelbase is 2800 mm.

The side of the traveler’s body is outlined in a straight line, emphasizing the identity of the hard-core SUV. The wide side pedals are connected with the blackened wheel arch, and the exhibition car is equipped with original AT all-terrain tires. The rear door adopts side opening mode, and the rear door is equipped with an indispensable spare tire.

In terms of interior, Traveler is unique, abandoning the existing design of Jietu family and adopting a brand-new floating central control screen and embedded LCD instrument panel to make the interior layout more concise. There are thick handrails in the central armrest area, and the front A-pillar is also equipped with handrails to assist boarding.

In terms of power, Voyager is equipped with a 2.0T+8AT power combination, with a maximum power of 187kW and a peak torque of 390 N m.. As a hard-core SUV, travelers are also equipped with XWD intelligent four-wheel drive system, and the driving form can be adjusted to adapt to various road conditions through the knob behind the gear handle. In addition, in order to meet the diverse needs of consumers, Traveler also provides a plug-in hybrid version with a 1.5T engine, matching Chery’s own 3-speed DHT transmission.

Three questions directly hit the soul. Is N7 really that awesome?

  [car home Information] (|), a car that has been on the market for half a month but is still worth talking about. After all, before looking up to the ground, it is basically a collection of BYD’s top technology achievements at this stage.

  Its new technology, "Fast Charge with Two Guns", attracted the comments of friends and business executives: "Cool is cool, but …".

  Its assisted driving level is in line with the first echelon such as Wei Xiaoli Huawei, which makes Di Fen proud.

  Its cloud chariot -A was well received, and even the well-known roll king Zhang Chaoyang commented on it as "a roll to the end".

   To sum up, today, let’s not talk about rhetoric, but order dry goods, and look at the three core highlights of N7, which are also controversial points-Double gun fast charging, assisted driving and cloud chariot technology,Look at the magic market with 300,000-350,000 volume kings. Is Tengshi N7 playing well?

Home of the car

■ Fast charging of double guns is not a technical problem, but actually a "moral problem"?

  The media person @ 中中中中 commented on the double-gun fast charge: "This is a philosophical question whether a person can occupy two toilets at once with two bottoms. Very profound. ". I think it is very accurate, so I quoted it directly. The following is a simple popularization of this technology. Let’s see if this evaluation is correct.

  On the issue of fast charging of pure electric vehicles, major manufacturers have rolled up the high-voltage and high-rate battery solution of "800V+3/4C battery" in unison, and the representative models are G6 and G9 owned by Tucki, which together can achieve the maximum charging time of 5 minutes and battery life of 200 km (data of S4 overcharge of G9 4C models). It is officially claimed that the maximum charging power of 4C battery can reach 480kW, and 3C can also reach 280kW (S4 super-charged pile is required).

Home of the car

"Publicity map of G9"

  However, BYD just didn’t take the usual road, and put a "double-gun fast charging" technology on Tengshi N7. The "double-gun fast charging" is not a fast charging and a slow charging at the same time, but a fast charging port on the left and right and two fast charging ports at the same time. If you don’t know, you can look at the real shot of car home below.Tengshi N7 has charging ports on the left and right sides of the car body, and one side is a combination of 9-hole fast charging and 7-hole slow charging, just like ordinary new energy vehicles. On the other side is a separate 9-hole fast charge.

Tengshi Automobile Tengshi N7 2023 Long Endurance Max Edition

"One side of N7 has 9 holes for quick filling"

Tengshi Automobile Tengshi N7 2023 Long Endurance Max Edition

"One side of N7 has 9-hole fast filling port +7-hole slow filling port"

  In terms of data, the official claims to charge 300km for 15 minutes, with a maximum power of 230kW for two guns and 150kW for a single gun. Of course, this power also needs the support of the station. You should not fantasize about the power of 150kW on the pile with a calibration of 60kW in the State Grid.

Home of the car

  The technology of fast charging with two guns is not difficult to realize. The pure electric version of Tengshi D9 is equipped with this technology, but the maximum power that N7 can support has increased.Double-gun fast charging has long been applied in new energy buses, and it is reasonable for BYD to transfer its technology to passenger cars. Weilai’s wet nurse car has also used this technology. It can even plug three guns into a car to replenish electricity, which is very overbearing.

Home of the car

  The biggest problem of fast charging with two guns may be "morality". This charging mode requires one person to occupy two piles. As we all know, charging piles are scarce resources. Especially on the high-speed holidays, some grumpy brothers have to scold a few words when they look at the ideal or plug-in cars occupy one pile to charge. Excuse me, are the oil in your tank and the engine in the front cabin furnishings? Let them see you take advantage of the situation. You can’t fight, can you?

Home of the car

  Imagine this scene, because of the length of the charging cable, you may need to park your car between two charging parking spaces, accept the eyes of the car owners, and some good things will ask you a few words, which is simply stinging for me. In addition, there is a soul question-does ——App support double opening? This question is similar to whether a computer can log in to two WeChat, which deserves serious consideration. Of course, at present, some apps such as special calls support double opening, but some don’t. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring a lively friend when charging, which can not only help scan the code, but also charge the car owners with two guns.

  As for the fast charging power of two guns, the measured data of car home on D9 show that the maximum charging power on a 120kW charging pile is 101.8kW when the power is below 80%, and the power drops to 55kW when the power is above 85%. Measured on N7, when the battery charge is 39%, the power reaches 176.7kW. In addition, some users actually measured that N7 was charged from 20% to 80%, and it took 21 minutes for a single gun and 14 minutes for a double gun.

Home of the car

"Measured data of car home on D9"

Home of the car

"Measured data of car home on N7"

  We emphasize that the charging speed and power are related to many factors, such as the situation of the station and the battery capacity. Generally, the highest power advertised by the manufacturer cannot be reached, and everyone’s test data is not necessarily the same. Tesla explained this problem clearly, so you can refer to it.   

  Home of the car

  To sum up, the advantages and disadvantages of "high-voltage fast charging" and "double-gun fast charging" are theoretically better than that of "double-gun fast charging", but it needs the support of exclusive charging piles and batteries, which is difficult to spread in a short time. For example, Tucki’s S4 is overcharged, and the P7 of the non-800V platform cannot reach that high power; Even the Tesla V3, which is paved more now, cannot be compared with ordinary charging stations in quantity. The fast charging with two guns can make better use of the resources of the station, and can improve the charging speed under the same conditions without modifying the station. In other words, if everyone is in the same State Grid station, the charging speed of two guns together is better than Xiaopeng G9. After all, 800V has nothing to play in this scene.

  As for some comments on the internet, it is actually a question of "ass decides head", so you can refer to it selectively. For example, Zhao Changjiang of Tengshi once spoke out, "Charging 800V has been fooled by some enterprises in the industry." He said that BYD can achieve a charging peak of more than 700V in 2018, but double-gun fast charging can double the charging efficiency even on a 240V ordinary public charging pile.

Home of the car

  He Xiaopeng and Li Xiang, who are fast charging the Party, are naturally fans of 800V, and their attitude is shown by the over-charging stations and overwhelming publicity.

   Shen Fei, a seemingly neutral Weilai executive who mainly changes electricity, commented that the double-gun fast charging is "in practice, it is not as convenient as expected" based on the car experience of his own wet nurse car.Being cool is cool, but there are not many occasions that can make you cool.”。 At the same time, he also believes that the charging power is not a problem, and the voltage is not a problem. The key is "whether users have demand or not, and whether enterprises are willing to invest huge sums of money to build super-filled piles".

  In other words, Tucki and Ideality chose to build their own overcharge station, and Weilai chose to build and replace the power station. BYD didn’t have these ideas, but also hoped that your recharge would be more comfortable and smooth, so it arranged a double-gun quick charge. Everyone is trying their best to serve the owners and help the rapid development of new energy vehicles.

  At this point, the discussion on "double gun fast charging" has come to an end. Do you think this technology is easy to use? How does it compare with 800V? Welcome to discuss in the comments section.      

■ city/high-speed NOA has to wait for OTA?

  Let’s talk about assisted driving. Now, the new car-making force headed by Wei Xiaoli is crazy with rhythm, that is, about 300,000 electric vehicles must be driven with advanced assisted driving, otherwise it will not be luxurious enough, not smart enough, and it still seems to be behind the times. At present, it has been rolled into the city NOA. And BYD, in these years, has been lacking in this respect.

  Tengshi N7 "Tengshi Pilot" can be described as making Difen proud.This fusion scheme of laser/millimeter wave/ultrasonic radar+camera+high-precision map can provide high-speed NOA, urban NOA, AVP parking service and full-scene NOA software, which is in line with the current level of head enterprises in theory.

Home of the car

   However, Tengshi N7 can’t realize high-speed NOA at present, and it is expected to be realized in Q4., including the ability of point-to-point automatic driving at high speed and handling sudden traffic jams. By March next year, it can realize the functions of avoiding high-speed obstacle cars, driving on ramps with large curvature and parking across floors.NOA driving support in 20 cities is expected to be realized next year.

   At present, N7 only has high-speed ACC, lane change with lights, multi-scene automatic parking and so on.. Therefore, if you want to use NOA immediately and experience the happiness of intelligent driving, we suggest choosing Tucki or Aouita. Now they can let you enjoy NOA.

  As for the actual experience of Tengshi N7 assisted driving, please watch the measured video of car home. To sum up briefly, the basic function is great, and I look forward to higher-level functions!

More exciting videos are all on the car home video platform.

   Tengshi Pilot is divided into standard and high-order, which is also very common. Basically, the number of chips and sensors is different. The standard version is equipped with 5 cameras, 5 millimeter waves /12 ultrasonic radars. The chip comes from the horizon, and its functions are the ACC mentioned above. Now people generally call them "L2". The high-end version needs to spend 23,000 yuan (limited time discount) to choose and install, and gave a NVIDIA Orion-X with a computing power of 254TOPS. This chip is also an old friend of everyone and is familiar with it; As well as a camera and two laser radars, the functions include high-speed NOA, urban NOA, HPA memory parking, AVP parking service and so on.According to Zhao Changjiang, 20% of the scheduled car owners chose this set of advanced assisted driving.

Home of the car

  Regarding this set of assisted driving, because it has not yet landed, everyone is concerned about some theoretical issues, such as the low-priced double horizon journey 3, with a computing power of 10TOPS. At this time, someone jumped out and said, why don’t more than 300,000 cars even give a journey 5? You see, the low match of people’s ideal L7 is Journey 5! Finally, 128TOPS! However, Double Journey 3 has also been put into use in many models, such as Nezha S and Deep Blue SL03. It is no problem to realize the basic functions, and it can be used in other places with some cost savings.

  There is another melon. The N7 is a very rare vehicle that uses a single NVIDIA Orin-X to realize a series of high-order driving assistance functions (we have reason to suspect that dual Orin-X will be expected). At present, manufacturers that can realize NOA in cities, except for Huawei’s Wenjie and Aouita, all adopt the scheme of two Orin-X, and Weilai ES6 even rolled out four Orin-X, which is not low in cost estimation … So the N7 is in. However, in view of the fact that canoe Zhixing has been able to make a city NOA (no mass production) on a journey 5(128TOPS), I think an Orion-X (254 TOPS) is not impossible. The partner chosen by BYD is Momenta, a supplier who has worked with Zhiji and has rich experience.

Home of the car

   At the launch conference of Tengshi N7, BYD also released the "Eye of God" high-order intelligent driving system, which has several innovations, such as the integration of the vehicle’s perception and execution mechanism with software, and a set of hardware, that is, the vehicle-mounted computing platform and the self-developed software vehicle control system BOS.

  The on-board computing platform is not just the NVIDIA chip, it contains hardware and software. We can watch the video released by BYD. The on-board computing platform is a bit like a circuit board welded by engineering students, which contains hardware and software, and the hardware integrates multiple CPUs and GPUs. There are more layers of software, and BOS is one of them.

More exciting videos are all on the car home video platform.

   Having said so much above, I want to emphasize BYD’s self-research ability. At present, automobile manufacturers have different degrees of participation in the self-research of in-vehicle computing platforms. For example, Tesla can develop its own operating system, functional software and even chips. Tucki has realized self-research of various functions, and some manufacturers choose to package suppliers directly. At present, a trend is that as a vehicle manufacturer, it is an ideal path to start self-research from the development of application layer software, then go deep into the self-research of system software architecture, and then develop its own special chip like Tesla to realize self-research of software and hardware. BYD has achieved self-research of operating system, which is still relatively excellent.

Home of the car

   Speaking of a thousand words and ten thousand words, the assisted driving thing is still worth seeing in the actual measurement. We also hope that Tengshi will quickly push the advanced driving assistance and prove its strength with the measured data.    

■ Can Yunqi -A compare with the magic carpet of Mercedes-Benz?

   If you are a qualified "Difen", you are certainly no stranger to Yunxiao. In April this year, the cloud system was released.It includes four sets of body control systems with different orientations (Yunqi -C, Yunqi -A, Yunqi -P and Yunqi -X).

  Here we focus on Tengshi N7′ s first ride.Yunnian -A, this is an intelligent air body control system.It is Yunnian -C (Variable Damping Shock Absorber) with air spring, which can change the suspension height, spring stiffness, shock absorber damping and active adjustment of seat wing. We know that the subsequent Yunqi -A supports multi-cavity air springs, and can be monitored by OTA camera and lidar, which is similar to the active sensing function of Mercedes-Benz "magic carpet".

Home of the car

  In recent years, domestic new energy vehicle companies have been involved in a crazy way, and more than 300,000 vehicles can also enjoy the beauty of air suspension, such as Krypton 001 (Weiback single cavity air suspension), Tucki G9 (Weiback double cavity air suspension) and Zhiji LS7 (mainland single cavity air suspension); Coupled with the efforts of domestic products Kong Hui (ideal supply) and Baolong (supply Tengshi N7), air suspension is almost "flying into the homes of ordinary people", and people are increasingly fond of discussing air suspension.

  Not long ago, there was a great controversy about whether the ideal L9 suspension could be called "magic carpet". The reason is that some people think that the ideal L9 system can’t scan the road conditions in advance and actively adjust, but passively adjust, which is simply touching the porcelain magic carpet. Some people think that no one has set a standard to say what a magic carpet is. Why can’t an ideal say that it is a magic carpet?Let’s talk here. Do you think N7 can compare with Mercedes-Benz’s "magic carpet" after OTA camera and lidar detection?

Home of the car

"The ideal" magic carpet "hangs in the air"

Home of the car

"Magic carpet technology of Mercedes-Benz"

  In addition, the single/double-cavity air spring is also the focus of discussion. For example, Tucki G9 uses the double-cavity air suspension from an old foreign supplier, which gives almost the same price at once, but the ideal and momentum of using the domestic single-cavity spring N7 is shocked. Of course, from the known information, the ideal and soaring double-cavity suspension and sensing technology are working overtime.

  The ideal engineer said well in an interview with the media, "Under the same price range, if you don’t short the spring, the product will not be competitive;" Today, when you use a single-cavity air spring, you see that others use a double cavity. Everyone doesn’t care what the double cavity and the single cavity bring to the car. Even if they are equivalent, they will feel that the double cavity has one more cavity than others, and the performance is good. It is rolled up. " In fact, we consumers should focus on the actual experience rather than focusing on single cavity or double cavity, magic carpet or CDC. The following is the driving experience video of Tengshi N7, which you can refer to or test drive yourself.

More exciting videos are all on the car home video platform.

■ A small egg-6 nm chip

   Tengshi N7 conference site, there is also a fun little egg-car chip. This chip is special in the 6nm process. We know that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 used by high-end players at present is 7nm, while the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295, the next-generation product used for integration, is 5nm. So what is this magical "6nm" process chip?

Home of the car

  At that time, everyone generally speculated that it was a domestic chip, but later, Zhao Changjiang said in an interview with the media that it was actually a customized Qualcomm chip, which focused on the whole ecology and was suspected to be pluggable, that is, it was very convenient to replace it with a stronger chip later.

  Tengshi N7 has six screens, which can be driven by this chip. Compared with 8155, its data also has obvious advantages. At present, some car winder manufacturers, such as Ideal, use double 8155. However, for BYD, a conservative car company, Tengshi D9 still uses Qualcomm 7325 when people are crazy about Qualcomm 8155. Such a customized chip can also show sincerity. As for the specific performance and characteristics of the chip, we expect Tengshi to be revealed slowly.

■ Edit comments

  Tengshi N7 is a car worthy of a special book in terms of significance, products, technology and market. This paper only focuses on its three product points, without much analysis on its significance to BYD and Tengshi, and the future after entering the highly competitive Red Sea market. We also welcome more friends who are interested in this car to actively participate in the discussion in the comment area. (Text/car home Xing Yueyang)

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Vehicle/Commercial Diesel 8AT, life and family can be satisfied.

As a well-deserved leader in the domestic leather industry, Great Wall pickup truck has ranked first in the sales volume of the same industry for 22 consecutive years. Its products not only have good sales results in China, but also are loved by consumers in overseas markets. Today, the cumulative global sales volume of Great Wall pickup truck has exceeded 1.8 million units, and its influence is self-evident. With the upgrading of Fengjun series, and the great wall gun, commercial and off-road pickup trucks, the great wall pickup truck is moving towards becoming the top three pickup truck brands in the world alongside Ford and Toyota.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family Can Be Satisfied-Figure 1

On September 12th, the highly anticipated diesel 8AT for the Great Wall Gun passenger/commercial pickup truck was officially launched, completing the final puzzle of the Great Wall Gun Fuel Edition series. Since then, the Great Wall pickup truck will form a more powerful and complete product pedigree, which will continue to lead the pickup truck industry in China to a new high. So, what is the product strength of diesel 8AT for the Great Wall Gun/commercial pickup truck? Let’s take a look at its actual performance.


The exterior interior is the same as the gasoline version.

This time, we test-drive two cars, namely, the pickup truck diesel 8AT and the commercial pickup truck diesel 8AT, which have just been listed. In terms of styling interior, the new car has not changed compared with the current models on sale. The biggest change is that it has been equipped with a 2.0T diesel +8AT gearbox power combination. Therefore, this test drive only briefly reviews the appearance and interior design of the Great Wall Gun, focusing on the power system and driving experience.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family Can Be Satisfied-Figure 1

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family Can Be Satisfied-Figure 3

In terms of configuration, there is not much difference between the Great Wall gun pickup truck and the commercial pickup truck. It has many high-end configurations such as 9-inch central control large screen, Bosch version 9.3 ESP, keyless entry/one-button start, tire pressure monitoring, reversing image, and the only boarding ladder at the same level, which ranks among the top in the domestic pickup truck industry. However, the commercial gun has reduced the configuration such as front radar, 360 panoramic image, L2 autopilot system and LCD instrument panel, further reducing the cost of the whole vehicle and making it more in line with the needs of commercial users.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family can be satisfied-Figure 4

In addition, the changeable rear seat form of the Great Wall Gun is also the characteristic that the cockpit is different from the previous pickup truck products. In the previous pickup truck models, the second row of the backrest or cushion can only be lifted up or down as a whole, which has great problems in the coordination of space utilization. However, the backrest and cushion of the second row of the Great Wall Gun can be lowered or lifted up according to the ratio of 4:6 and can be directly fixed, making the use of the rear space more convenient.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family can be satisfied-Figure 5

In a word, the exterior design and interior configuration of Great Wall Gun are quite excellent, which is not much different from middle and high-grade luxury. It has upgraded the overall product strength of domestic pickup trucks to a higher level, which is very suitable for the passenger demand of pickup trucks emerging in the domestic market, and can well meet the daily car demand of passengers, elite business people and private owners, taking into account the passenger business experience.

Diesel 8AT is stronger than gasoline.

The Great Wall gun passenger/commercial pickup truck diesel 8AT we test-drive is equipped with the same power system. The engine is a 2.0T diesel turbocharged engine of GW4D20M, with a maximum power of 120kW and a peak torque of 400 N m. The transmission system is matched with ZF 8AT manual transmission, and equipped with a four-wheel drive system with rear axle Eton electronically controlled differential lock. The overall hardware configuration is very attractive. The power system of the diesel version of Great Wall Gun is among the best in domestic pickup trucks, and it has the largest torque among domestic pickup trucks at present.mass productionDiesel pickup truck is also the first power system to push the torque of domestic pickup truck to 400N·m level.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family can be satisfied-Figure 6

This test drive mainly paves the road for the city, which is in line with the positioning of the Great Wall Gun Ride/Commercial Pickup, that is, the riding property is added on the basis of the utility demand of the tool car, so as to meet the high-value loading demand of the city merchants, such as wine, flowers, furniture, etc., and the household demand of the city residents, such as traveling and walking, etc., and show the dual-purpose characteristics of business and riding.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family can be satisfied-Figure 7

First of all, the driving experience of the diesel 8AT version of the Great Wall Gun passenger/commercial pickup truck is more exciting than that of the gasoline version. The low-torque property of the diesel engine and the adjustment of ZF 8AT gearbox make the Great Wall Gun behave more calmly than the gasoline version in the starting, acceleration and low-torque stages, with the power being stepped on, the output form is quite linear and soft, and there is not too much sense of suddenness and frustration. The adjustment of accelerator pedal and brake pedal is quite different from that of pickup trucks in the past, and the whole process is linear and efficient. With the continuous improvement and progress of Great Wall Gun models, the strength of accelerator pedal and brake and the sense of travel feedback are more biased towards passenger cars, and the light pedal and power output setback in the first test drive have been effectively improved, which can bring a good first impression to drivers.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family can be satisfied-Figure 8

The adjustment of the steering wheel strength of the new car is also in line with the positioning of the vehicle. The pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun is equipped with electric power steering as standard, and the steering feel is relatively light, but it does not lose the composure of a big car. The commercial pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun adopts the traditional hydraulic power steering. For the commercial version positioned for industrial and commercial use, this can effectively reduce the cost, at the same time, it can also increase the sense of control over the steering wheel and improve the stability of the vehicle during heavy transportation.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family can be satisfied-Figure 2

thatSecond, it must be said that with the growth of the Great Wall gun model, the Great Wall pickup truck has become more and more skilled in the configuration adjustment of this ZF 8AT gearbox. In the case of daily urban road driving, the gearbox upshifts actively, and it can be upgraded to the eighth gear at about 80km/h, and the speed is always maintained in the maximum torque output range of 1500-2500 rpm during this process, which can ensure the continuity of power. In the process of speeding up overtaking, this gearbox can also respond appropriately, and realize the power explosion by continuously downshifting. Although the downshifting process is still not as agile as that of a passenger car, it is quite excellent for a pickup truck.Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family can be satisfied-Figure 9

And as the first domestic pickup truck product to adopt 8AT gearbox, the combination of Great Wall Gun 2.0T+8AT not only brought changes in power output mode to consumers, but also opened the prelude for domestic pickup trucks to approach passenger cars. Since then, various domestic pickup truck products exposed have taken 8AT gearbox as the main selling point, highlighting the position of the pioneer and leader of Great Wall Gun in the industry, and promoting the ride and internationalization of domestic pickup trucks.Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family Can Be Satisfied-Figure 10

Furthermore, the four-wheel drive system of the Great Wall Gun is also a commendable highlight. As we all know, the Great Wall Gun uses the TOD four-wheel drive of Borg Warner, that is, the torque on demand four-wheel drive. Many people think that this TOD four-wheel drive is timely and cannot provide the hard-core attributes of part-time 4wd, and is not suitable for heavy off-road and bad road scenes. In fact, this kind of cognition is biased and preconceived. part-time 4wd does have certain structural advantages, but the TOD four-wheel drive is not so unbearable, otherwise the Raptor, herdsman and Tyrannosaurus Ram 1500 will not adopt it.Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family Can Be Satisfied-Figure 11

Accord to that practical application, the intelligent four-wheel drive system is a special four-wheel drive mode between timely four-wheel drive and part-time 4wd. TOD system is usually driven by rear wheels, but when the road conditions change, the corresponding mode can be selected as needed to transmit torque to the front wheels to provide sufficient grip. TOD is faster and more accurate than manual part-time 4wd, and more cost-effective than full-time four-wheel drive system. At the same time, intelligent four-wheel drive is also the development direction of the automobile industry in the future. We recognize the classics of part-time 4wd system, but we also need to recognize the changes brought by the TOD four-wheel drive of Borg Warner.Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family Can Be Satisfied-Figure 12

Compared with timely four-wheel drive, TOD four-wheel drive provides 4L and 4H modes, which can realize driving in complex road conditions. Take the Great Wall Gun as an example. The pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun and the commercial pickup truck have four modes: 4L, Sport, Economy and Standard. The off-road pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun has three additional driving modes: snow, mud and sand. Although there is no clear 4H mode, six special driving modes except 4L can provide 4H equivalent effect and full-time 4WD effect through comprehensive regulation of engine, gearbox and 4WD system, not just adjusting the throttle response. Moreover, it is more subdivided according to the specific road conditions, which is not as fixed as the 4H in part-time 4wd. It is more effective than the four-wheel drive intervention in time, which can be said to be very simple and convenient, and is suitable for novice drivers and wider users.Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family Can Be Satisfied-Figure 13

The hydraulic locking of multi-disc clutch is the same. The characteristic of Ford Raptor and Ram 1500 Tyrannosaurus Rex is that there is a traditional 4H mode for everyone to choose from. Therefore, the TOD four-wheel drive of Bogwarner is relatively reliable as a whole, and it is not necessary to worry too much about the overheating problem that the majority of riders are worried about. Its durability is trustworthy. Of course, if you take the Great Wall Gun pickup truck and commercial pickup truck to cross-country, you really need to be cautious, because compared with the Great Wall Gun off-road pickup truck, the main scenes of passenger and commercial models are still urban sections and poor.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family Can Be Satisfied-Figure 14

In addition, the quietness of the GW4D20M diesel engine carried by the Great Wall Gun is also quite commendable. The sound insulation performance of the Great Wall Gun diesel 8AT model is quite excellent, and the engine noise control is in place. It is difficult to intuitively feel that this is a diesel vehicle when sitting in the car. This has been reflected in the previous test drive of the Great Wall Gun commercial pickup diesel 6MT model, and it will only be felt that it is a diesel vehicle when it is occasionally accelerated at medium and low speeds and parked.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family Can Be Satisfied-Figure 16

Finally, the diesel version launched this time also adopts the suspension system of the models currently on sale. The pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun is a structure of front double wishbone independent suspension+rear multi-link integral bridge-type dependent suspension, and the commercial pickup truck of the Great Wall Gun is a structure of front double wishbone independent suspension+rear leaf spring. Multi-link rear suspension can make it have better performance in comfort, which is also a major feature of the pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun, while the leaf spring rear suspension conforms to the positioning and use of the commercial pickup truck for the Great Wall Gun. There is not much difference between them in specific driving experience, but the biggest difference lies in the different degree of bumps.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family can be satisfied-Figure 17

And on the new car listed this time, we can see that the Great Wall pickup truck has reinforced the trailer hook of the Great Wall Gun, and the reinforcement scheme can be said to be quite reliable. We have also made corresponding explanations and reports before. The Great Wall pickup truck also stuck a trailer hook usage specification on the driver’s side, which can help the owner to better use the trailer hook for rescue, which is very intimate.

Test-drive the Great Wall Gun Passenger/Commercial Diesel 8AT Life and Family can be satisfied-Figure 18

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The Great Wall pickup truck has always been original, putting quality first, and the propaganda slogan is "Let the pickup truck become popular", and the real basis for opening the pickup truck in spring is a product with good product strength and strong reliability. The Great Wall Gun is indeed superior to the same level products in terms of configuration, interior, appearance design and power. It is in the leading position in terms of high-grade sense and scientific sense, but it can be called a good car. Compared with Ford Raptor and Toyota Hyrax, the Great Wall Gun passenger/commercial pickup truck diesel 8AT model has been launched, and the Great Wall pickup truck product line has been improved and enhanced. In the future, the Great Wall pickup truck will try to subvert the international market structure with greater strength and become a veritable one.

The press conference of CCTV’s 2017 rule of law figure selection activity and award ceremony was held in Beijing.

  CCTV News: On November 9, 2017, "The Spirit of the Constitution and the Power of the Rule of Law — — The press conference of CCTV’s 2017 rule of law figure selection activity and award ceremony was held in the Ministry of Justice.

  CCTV’s annual selection of rule-of-law figures is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Justice, the National Law Popularization Office and CCTV, and undertaken by the Social and Legal Channel of CCTV. For a long time, with the strong support of the Central Political and Legal Committee, the General Office of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC), the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, china law society and other units, this activity has become an important window for the legal education of the whole people and an important platform for CCTV to publicize the law. Especially since the implementation of the great strategy of ruling the country by law, the selection activities have kept pace with the times and made continuous contributions to the construction of China ruled by law.

  In 2017, the selection and awarding activities coincided with the successful convening of The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which was a major event in the field of publicity and education on the rule of law after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and an important opportunity to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  On the day of the press conference, leaders from various ministries and commissions, representatives of members of this year’s supervision committee for the selection of legal figures, and more than 40 media in Beijing gathered together to learn more about the specific content of this event.

Moderator Wang Xiaolei

Moderator Wang Xiaolei

Press conference site

Press conference site

  With the theme of "the spirit of the Constitution and the power of the rule of law", CCTV’s 2017 annual selection campaign selected 24 groups of candidates for "the rule of law", 5 groups of candidates for "the most influential network of the year", 1 candidate for "the media of the year" and 5 candidates for "the hero of the year". The deeds of these short-listed candidates represent the achievements made in the construction of CCTV2017 rule of law candidates’ photos in the past year in various fields of rule of law, such as legislation, law enforcement, justice, law popularization, etc., and show and interpret the pace of the rule of law process in China in 2017 from different angles, focusing on grassroots legal workers who are "grounded, dare to take responsibility and do something" in ordinary posts.

CCTV2017 rule of law candidate photo wall

CCTV2017 rule of law candidate photo wall

Photo wall of CCTV2017 Rule of Law Person Selection Supervision Committee

Photo wall of CCTV2017 Rule of Law Person Selection Supervision Committee

  Among them, there is Hu Binyong, an economic investigation policeman who directed the detection of major financial cases such as the Xu Xiang case; Chen Changyi, a judge who has the courage to take responsibility, dare to innovate and handle conscience cases; Bi Dongyun, a people’s prosecutor who is physically disabled and determined to return lost children to society with love; Lin Jiande, a 95-year-old man who has been compulsory for 30 years; Peng Xubang, a lawyer who leads the team to take root at the grassroots level and is committed to serving the people in difficulty in the frontier; Shi Weidong, who is willing to pave the way for the reform of the judicial system; Solve thousands of troubles and be a confidant of the people; Miao Zhibin, the guardian of the "tip of the tongue" of ordinary people; Yang Huizhi, National Model People’s Mediator; Chen Yanli, who earnestly safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the people by correcting illegal and improper administrative acts in ordinary administrative reconsideration jobs; Shi Fumao, a lawyer who has defended migrant workers’ rights for thirteen years and took nothing, and so on. In them, we feel the pulse of China ruled by law.

24 groups of candidates for "Rule of Law Person of the Year"

24 groups of candidates for "Rule of Law Person of the Year"

  In this year’s selection of people ruled by law, the award of "People with the Most Network Influence of the Year" was also set up. The candidates include Meng Qingtian, deputy director of the Anti-kidnapping Office of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Guo Lin, the first prosecutor of the Yuhuan case in Liaocheng, Shandong Province, the "Guardian Plan 2017" anti-fraud public welfare action, the Internet security volunteer alliance, and the "online celebrity" police group portrait who popularized the law through the Internet.

Five groups of "the most influential online candidates of the year"

Five groups of "the most influential online candidates of the year"

  In addition, WeChat official account, the WeChat of People’s Daily, was selected as the candidate of "Tribute to the Media of the Year" because it adhered to its own value orientation, and was "distinctive" in terms of stand, viewpoint and judgment, which reflected the characteristics different from those of grassroots accounts, played a guiding role in public opinion, conveyed mainstream values and aroused netizens’ thinking.

One candidate for "Tribute to the Media of the Year"

One candidate for "Tribute to the Media of the Year"

  Among the candidates for the rule of law in CCTV in 2017, there are several heroes who have sacrificed their jobs, including: Tang Honglin, the director of the Sixth Prison District of Bazhong Prison in Sichuan Province, who suddenly fell ill while going to handle the work related to the party organization in the prison area and died after being rescued, at the age of 37; Cai Songsong, a policeman stationed in Shiqiao Police Station by the Traffic Police Brigade of Luxian Public Security Bureau in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, died unfortunately to save two children from drowning during the Spring Festival, at the age of 31 … … Life is gone, and faith lives on. Their choice at the critical moment is worth remembering and paying tribute to.

Five candidates for "Honor Hero of the Year"

Five candidates for "Honor Hero of the Year"

  Starting from November 9th, 35 groups of propaganda films of candidates (units) will be broadcasted on CCTV Social and Legal Channel, and publicized on CCTV, Legal Network, China Police Network, China Court Network, Justice Network, Sina Weibo, Tencent Video, Iqiyi and other online platforms. The final winners will be announced on December 4th, National Constitution Day.

  In order to expand the influence of this event, from November 9, the official WeChat public platform of "CCTV Society and Law" and "CCTV Rule of Law Person of the Year" Weibo will comprehensively launch the online interactive activities of "CCTV2017 Rule of Law Award Ceremony", including the cross-platform dissemination and promotion of candidates’ deeds, posters and videos; Interactive H5 (helping the rule of law in China and praising the rule of law figures) participation and forwarding; Two new media live broadcasts of the press conference and the award ceremony; Watch the multi-screen interaction of the award ceremony "WeChat Shake", and cooperate with CCTV to conduct online publicity and broadcast of candidates. Professional websites such as China Law Popularization Network will also make special topics for the short-listed candidates and promote them. The major video live broadcast platforms will also make special topics for this selection activity and promote it.

The live broadcast of new media on eight platforms lasts for 180 minutes. The picture shows the electronic sign-in session of guests.

The live broadcast of new media on eight platforms lasts for 180 minutes. The picture shows the electronic sign-in session of guests.

  At the press conference, Wang Xiaoguang, the representative of the organizer and director of the Legal Publicity Department of the Ministry of Justice, and Wang Guangling, director of the social and legal channel of CCTV, delivered speeches respectively. Tong Ning, deputy director of the Social and Legal Channel of CCTV, explained the overall design of this award ceremony. Cha Qingjiu, director of the Propaganda Classroom of the Central Political and Legal Committee, Zhong Xuequan, inspector of the Information Bureau of the General Office of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC), Ye Jian, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Political Department of the Supreme People’s Court, Chen Youxian, Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Political Department of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Guo Qiang, Deputy Director of the Press Center of the General Office of the Ministry of Public Security, Xin Tian, Deputy Director of the Administrative Reconsideration Department of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, and Lv Xinghuan, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of china law society Organs, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Director of the Personnel Department, respectively made detailed introductions on the selection of candidates this year. Zhang Yi, member of the Selection Supervision Committee, deputy director of the Political and Cultural Department of People’s Daily, and Cai Xiaolin, director of Voice of China in china national radio, were invited to participate in the activities as representatives of the current members and made speeches.

Speech by Wang Xiaoguang, Director of the Legal Publicity Department of the Ministry of Justice

Speech by Wang Xiaoguang, Director of the Legal Publicity Department of the Ministry of Justice

Speech by Wang Guangling, Director of Social and Legal Channel of CCTV

Speech by Wang Guangling, Director of Social and Legal Channel of CCTV

Tong Ning, Deputy Director of Social and Legal Channel of CCTV, spoke.

Tong Ning, Deputy Director of Social and Legal Channel of CCTV, spoke.

Cha Qingjiu, director of the Propaganda Classroom of the Central Political and Legal Committee, spoke.

Cha Qingjiu, director of the Propaganda Classroom of the Central Political and Legal Committee, spoke.

Zhong Xuequan, inspector of the Information Bureau of the National People's Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) General Office, spoke.

Zhong Xuequan, inspector of the Information Bureau of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) General Office, spoke.

Ye Jian, Minister of Mission Department of the Supreme People's Court Political Department, spoke.

Ye Jian, Minister of Mission Department of the Supreme People’s Court Political Department, spoke.

Chen Youxian, Minister of Propaganda Department of the Supreme People's Procuratorate Political Department, spoke.

Chen Youxian, Minister of Propaganda Department of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Political Department, spoke.

Guo Qiang, Deputy Director of the Press Center of the General Office of the Ministry of Public Security, spoke.

Guo Qiang, Deputy Director of the Press Center of the General Office of the Ministry of Public Security, spoke.

Xin Tian, Deputy Director of the Administrative Reconsideration Department of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, spoke.

Xin Tian, Deputy Director of the Administrative Reconsideration Department of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, spoke.

20. Lu Xinghuan, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of china law society, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Director of the Personnel Department, spoke.

20. Lu Xinghuan, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of china law society, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Director of the Personnel Department, spoke.

The organizer's representative issued a letter of appointment to the judge's representative.

The organizer’s representative issued a letter of appointment to the judge’s representative.

  After 17 years’ growth, the "CCTV Person of the Year under the Rule of Law" selection activity has become the first brand in the field of CCTV’s rule of law propaganda. Inspired by the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, this activity will surely adhere to the great concept of "Do not forget your initiative mind, remember the mission", hold high the great banner of Socialism with Chinese characteristics, win the decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way, win the great victory of Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and make unremitting efforts to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Launching ceremony site

Launching ceremony site

  "The spirit of the Constitution and the power of the rule of law — — CCTV’s 2017 Award Ceremony for Rule of Law Persons will be broadcast on CCTV-1 and CCTV-12 in prime time on the evening of December 4.

Won the first place in quality, and the reliability of M5 in the industry market was double certified.

 In recent years, China’s new energy vehicle industry has developed at a high speed, and many new energy vehicles launched in the market have also been closely watched by consumers. When it comes to new energy vehicles, battery safety is definitely the most concerned factor for users. Among them, M5, a subsidiary of AITO, has conquered many consumers with its good battery safety strength, which has been fully affirmed by the market once it is listed. So, how safe is this car? Let’s explore it together!

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 provides a better travel experience.

With the gradual enrichment of the functions of advanced assisted driving system, adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, lane keeping and other advanced assisted driving functions are also carried on more and more vehicles, and the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is no exception. It is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system and has 27 sensing hardware, including 1 overhead laser radar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 lateral and backward vision sensing high-definition camera sets and 12 ultrasonic radars, which can accurately identify vehicles, pedestrians, traffic facilities and signs, piles and so on, making travel safer, easier and more enjoyable. Moreover, in the AEB night limit test in car home before, the version of Wujie M5 Zhijia realized accurate identification and braking at a high speed of 80km/h in the side rollover scene, which perfectly avoided collision and was far ahead of the opponent.

Even in the face of complex scenes such as night, rain, snow, fog and dimly lit tunnels, the laser+millimeter wave radar equipped with the M5 version of Zhijie can easily identify moving and static targets. The longest detection distance reaches about 200m, and the maximum horizontal detection angle reaches 120. Simply put, the rapid intervention reaction can be recognized within 200 m, so that the car can see and understand, stop and drive better. In this way, whether you encounter pedestrians crossing the road, children entering the street from parked cars, or cyclists jumping out from the guardrail, with the blessing of such an active safety system, the M5 intelligent driving version can easily avoid it and prevent accidents.

"Five-star" safety battery, forming a different safety fortress

The reliability and safety of batteries have always been the focus of consumers of new energy products, and the M5 has obvious advantages in this respect. The battery of Wenjie M5 is the first in the industry to implement the technical standard for covering the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, and the covering performance of the battery core is fully inspected, thus ensuring the safety performance of the battery to the greatest extent.

On this basis, relying on the design requirements and acceptance standards of Huawei Intelligent Vehicle Selection which are higher than the industry standards, Wujie M5 adopts a five-fold protection structure design in the battery pack of the whole vehicle, which can effectively resist the impact energy of obstacles when the vehicle collides with the bottom, so as to protect the internal battery cells from deformation to the greatest extent, and the single battery cells will not catch fire when deformed. In case of single battery failure, the whole vehicle will be cut off, the liquid cooling will be active, the exhaust valve will be opened and the subsequent spread will be prevented, and an open flame will never be seen. In the research and development stage, the battery pack will undergo 150+ rigorous tests, covering many usage scenarios such as safety, life and storage. Among them, 25 rigorous safety and reliability tests and 10 safety and reliability tests have far exceeded the national standard requirements. There is no need to worry about battery safety in daily high-pressure car washing, speeding bumps, and rubbing accidents.

In addition to these passive safety, the M5 Smart Drive Edition is also equipped with cloud battery health management. So, what is a cloud battery management system? Generally speaking, this system can realize intelligent monitoring and management remotely in the cloud. With it, which battery of the car has a problem and which battery is abnormally powered off, it will give an early warning reminder in advance, and it will not wait until the battery failure alarm of the whole vehicle suddenly falls on the road, causing an accident, which is extremely intimate.

Recently, China Automobile Quality Network published the "Quality Ranking of New Energy Medium-sized SUV in 2023" list, and the M5 won the first place in the list, and its reliability was once again certified by the authority at the industry level. Jinbei Silver Cup is not as good as users’ reputation, and its strong security strength has been quickly recognized by the market and the public, which is also embodied in the sales volume. According to the official data, in 2023, the M5 has achieved a cumulative sales volume of 120,000+,which is very popular among consumers.

In order to enable consumers to drive their cars as soon as possible, the M5 series has been decided recently. It can be picked up in less than two weeks without going through a long waiting period, and a new car can be driven before the Spring Festival to get an intelligent and reliable travel experience. If you want to buy a safe and reliable new energy vehicle, the M5 series will be a good choice!

The first OTA heavy upgrade! Yu Chengdong: The M5 intelligent driving version AEB active braking is far ahead.

On August 2nd, a few days ago, AITO’s M5 Smart Driving Edition ushered in the first OTA upgrade, including the opening of NCA in five cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chongqing, the full opening of cruise assistance in urban lanes, and the upgrade of intelligent parking assistance.

Today, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, issued a document introducing the highlights of this OTA upgrade, such as "The LCC of the national expressway city is fully open, so that the car can follow the car, start and stop independently, and handle traffic jams as skillfully as an’ old driver’".

Yu Chengdong also pointed out that the intelligent driving version of Wujie M5 not only has the far-ahead AEB active braking ability, but also can identify dangers and avoid obstacles in advance in the intelligent driving mode.

It is understood that the Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition was launched in April this year, providing two kinds of power options: extended program and pure electricity. Among them, the price of the extended program intelligent driving edition is 278,900 yuan, and the four-wheel drive intelligent driving edition is 299,800 yuan; The pure electric version is 289,800 yuan for the rear-drive intelligent driving version and 309,800 yuan for the four-wheel drive intelligent driving version.

Compared with the old M5, the intelligent driving version complements the short board of assisted driving. The car is the first to be equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system. The hardware consists of 1 laser radar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 camera groups and 12 ultrasonic radars, which can achieve 360 full coverage and all-weather perception, and the farthest detection distance reaches 200 meters.

Looking back on Shi Hai: The first computer was born on Valentine’s Day (Figure)

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  Dr. Moakley (Source: World Wide Web)


    The world’s first electronic computer "Eniac"

  On February 14, 1946, at Moore Institute of Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, there was a festive atmosphere everywhere. Many guests come here with excitement, because they will attend the unveiling ceremony of the first modern electronic computer in human history. What is presented to people is a monster with a strange shape and shining all over. It is the world’s first modern electronic computer "ENIAC". This monster covers an area of 170 square meters and weighs 30 tons. At the unveiling ceremony, "Eniac" performed its "unique trick" for the guests-5000 additions and 500 multiplications were performed in one second, which was more than 1000 times faster than the fastest relay computer at that time. This perfect appearance made the guests applaud. However, who knows, in the process of the birth of this behemoth, how many people have devoted countless efforts to it!

  A monster born of war.

  Although the emergence of electronic computer is only 60 years, its birth is the accumulation of hundreds of years of human efforts. As early as the 17th century, a group of European mathematicians began to develop computers. In 1642, in order to assist his father, who was the director of taxation, Pascal, a 19-year-old French mathematician, successfully built the first mechanical computer with a clock gear, but he could only do addition and subtraction. On this basis, the German mathematician Leibniz invented a computer that can do multiplication and division in 1678. However, the performance of these mechanical computers is too backward to meet people’s needs. More than a hundred years later, the British mathematician Babbage designed a more advanced computer in 1822. Unfortunately, Babbage’s design could not be realized because of the limited industrial level at that time.

  In the next 100 years, mankind has made great progress in the fields of electromagnetism, electrotechnics and electronics, laying a solid foundation for the emergence of electronic computers. After the outbreak of World War II, the U.S. Army Ordnance Department set up a "Ballistic Research Laboratory" in Aberdeen, Maryland to research and develop new artillery. The extremely heavy computing task is a big headache for the researchers there. Although the laboratory employs more than 200 computing Aauto Quicker, it is still stretched. They urgently need a new computing machine to improve work efficiency. Just when people were at their wits’ end, Dr. Moakley from Moore School of Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania put forward the idea of trial-producing the first electronic computer. His idea attracted the Army Ordnance Department, who immediately asked Moore College to draw up a development plan.

  According to the scientists’ estimation, the cost of manufacturing an electronic computer was $150,000, which was a huge sum at that time, so it was resolutely opposed by many people in the military. Seeing that the plan to develop an electronic computer is about to die, Dr. Wilbur, a famous American mathematician, firmly stood in the ranks of supporters, and he finally persuaded the US military. After more than two years of intense development, the first electronic computer finally came out on February 14, 1946. And its development funds have been increased several times, and finally reached $480 thousand.

  This electronic computer, called "Eniac", now looks like a monster. There are thousands of electronic tubes, diodes, resistors and other components inside, and there are as many as 500 thousand welding points in the circuit; On the surface of the machine, there are meters, wires and indicator lights. What makes people laugh and cry is that it consumes more than 174 kilowatt hours, and it is said that the lights in the whole town will dim when it is used; Moreover, its electron tube burns out every 15 minutes on average, and scientists have to keep changing it in a big sweat. However, the calculation speed of "Eniac" is 200,000 times that of manual calculation and 1,000 times that of relay computer. The U.S. military has also tasted the sweetness, because it only takes three seconds to calculate the trajectory of artillery shells, while before that, it took 200 people to calculate it manually for two months. In addition to conventional ballistic calculation, it later involved many scientific research fields and played an important role in the development of the first atomic bomb.

  On October 2, 1955, Eniak was declared "retired" and was displayed in a museum in Washington.

  Three electronic computers compete for the title of "the first in the world"

  Interestingly, the halo on the head of "Eniac" has been controversial for many years. In fact, quite a few people think that the "Giant" computer developed by Britain in 1943 is the world’s first electronic computer, but it has been kept secret. It was not until 1975 that the British authorities declassified the relevant files that people understood this inside story.

  It turned out that in the Second World War, in order to decipher a mechanical code of the Germans, British intelligence agencies and mathematics,

  With the cooperation of electronics experts, a large-scale electronic computing device was developed in 1943, and it was called the "giant" machine. Before the invention of the "Giant" machine, it took six to eight weeks for Britain to decipher the German high-level passwords, but it only took six to eight hours after using the "Giant" machine. Since it was put into use, a large number of German high-level military secrets were quickly deciphered, which greatly accelerated the process of Nazi Germany’s downfall. Because of the need of war, Britain regards it as "super secret". It is said that in order to keep secrets, Britain did not hesitate to secretly destroy 10 similar computers after the war. However, some people think that the "giant" computer is not a real electronic computer, but is between relay computer and modern electronic computer.

  There is another saying that atanasoff, a Bulgarian-American physicist, was the inventor of the first electronic computer. As early as December 1939, he built the world’s first electronic computer, but because it was World War II, he didn’t apply for a patent or publish the information. Despite different opinions, "Eniac" is still recognized by most people as the world’s first electronic computer, and Valentine’s Day 60 years ago has been recorded in the history of human invention forever.

  Electronic computers became famous overnight because of the presidential election.

  At the beginning of its birth, "Eniac" could not be widely used because of its many defects. It was not until 1951 that Moakley and eckert developed UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer) on the basis of "Eniac" that electronic computers began to move from the laboratory to the society. Soon, an accident happened, and its popularity increased rapidly.

  In 1952, it coincided with the American election. In order to process the election data, CBS rented UNIVAC to predict the election results. Just 45 minutes after the election, UNIVAC calculated that Eisenhower would win with an absolute advantage of 438 votes. But before the election, almost all experts and the media predicted that the two sides would be evenly matched. Therefore, the broadcasting company refused to report the prediction results of the computer. Engineers had to recalculate, but the computer still insisted that Eisenhower would win by a wide margin. When the election results were officially announced, everyone was shocked: Eisenhower actually got 442 votes, and UNIVAC’s prediction had an error rate of less than 1%! Since then, the whole world has begun to have a new understanding of the functions of electronic computers, and the development of electronic computers has entered a new era.

  From then on to today, the development of electronic computers can be described as leaps and bounds. It is not only widely used in people’s social life, but also directly guides the development of today’s information society. There is no doubt that the electronic computer is one of the greatest inventions in human history. Nowadays, it has become an indispensable part of modern society and will continue to play an important role in the future. (Yang Honglin)

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Huawei’s 600kW super-charged pile exposure can replenish 100 kWh in 10 minutes, which is more than twice as fast as Tesla.

In recent days, Huawei’s new overcharge station in Bantian, Shenzhen has been exposed. There are 8 super-filled piles in this site, which are only used for Huawei’s internal testing at present. The nameplate of super-filled pile is very scary, which impressively says that the output voltage range is 200-1000V, the maximum output current is 600A, and the maximum output power is 600kW. Moreover, Huawei didn’t "steal and play tricks" like some new forces. It used two guns to "make up" 600kW, and adopted a single-pile single-gun design.

When competitors are still rolling 800V voltage and 360kW charging power, Huawei directly pulled to 1000V and 600kW, which can be said to increase the power of over-filled piles by one dimension.

How does Huawei achieve greater charging power by leaps and bounds? What does the appearance of 600kW over-filled pile mean? Let the Kung Fu car show you around.

(1) 100 degrees in 10 minutes, more than twice as fast as Tesla V3?

First of all, we have to figure out what is the concept of 600kW overcharge. Let’s just say that ordinary household slow charging is generally 7kW, and Huawei’s overcharging speed is nearly 100 times that of household slow charging. The power of State Grid charging piles is generally 40 ~ 60 kW, and 600KW is more than ten times that.

Tesla V3, which is talked about by fans, is overcharged, with a maximum power of 250kW, which allows Model 3 to travel 250 kilometers in 15 minutes. The charging speed of Huawei’s 600kW overcharge is more than twice that of V3. Theoretically, it can charge 100 kWh in 10 minutes, and it can fill the Qian Shan Cui of Han EV with a battery life of more than 700 kilometers in a little more than 10 minutes.

Since the advantage of overcharge is so great? Then why don’t other car companies do the 600kW overcharge like Huawei? Of course, I don’t want to do it, but I can’t do it.

To increase the charging power, it is necessary to increase the charging voltage or current. Increasing the voltage will make the arc problem more serious, and at the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the performance of high voltage DC relay, such as withstand voltage grade and current carrying capacity. Increasing the current will lead to thicker cables and greater heat loss, and even female drivers may not be able to carry charging piles.

The technical difficulty is too high, which is also the reason why the ultra-high power overcharge can not be popularized.

Judging from the current situation, Huawei, as a technical madman, seems to have initially found the answer. According to Huawei official website’s introduction, this new type of over-charged pile is called "FusionCharge DC Super Fast Charging Terminal", and a special liquid cooling structure is introduced to solve the problem of excessive heating under high current, and at the same time, the cable weight is reduced by 50%, which can be easily controlled by ordinary drivers.

In terms of high voltage realization, Huawei has developed a set of "kilovolt high voltage" full-stack power domain solution, which not only includes electric drive boosting and high voltage thermal management at the automobile end, but also includes ultra-high voltage realization at the charging pile end. After all, Huawei itself started as a power electronic device, and it is also an authority in the field of inverter servo. It can be said that it is a great advantage to make super-filled piles.

Other car companies are miserable. They rely more on suppliers, but suppliers are less likely to vigorously develop new technologies to impact their existing businesses. In this way, Huawei’s 600kW may be super-charged and exclusive for a long time.

(2) Ask M9 to take the lead, and Aouita and Polar Fox will have soup?

Now that the 600kW over-filled pile has come out? So which cars can be used? At present, the polar fox Alpha S and Aouita 11, which adopt Huawei HI technology, should bear the brunt.

According to the previous news, the Extreme Fox Alpha S Huawei HI Edition is equipped with an 800V high-voltage fast charging platform and a 480kW low-temperature pulse speed heating function, which can enter the state at the moment when the charging gun is inserted. Because Aouita 11 is compatible with the design of single motor, it adopts a 750V high-voltage fast charging platform, which can also charge for 10 minutes and increase the battery life by 200km.

These two models are the highest-end models of Huawei, but strictly speaking, they can’t play the full strength of 600kW overcharge, which is determined by the electrification platform of the model.

Not surprisingly, the first model to take the 1000V high-voltage platform will be Huawei’s flagship SUV M9. With the 600kW overcharge blessing, its recharge ability is naturally no longer worrying.

For the first time, the M9 will be equipped with a complete Huawei advanced assisted driving solution, which is the advanced version of the set on Huawei HI Edition of Extreme Fox Alpha S.. With the help of a new generation of lidar and intelligent driving chips, the computing power and perception ability have been greatly improved, and with the help of more mature algorithms, there is no doubt that it will stabilize the first echelon of intelligent driving in China.

The new car will also be pre-installed with HarmonyOS OS3 system, which can realize the functions of super desktop, PC dual-screen collaboration, adaptive adjustment of HUD height, intelligent car search and so on. The HUD can be adjusted adaptively according to the driver’s sitting posture, the PC dual-screen cooperation can make the new car "mobile office" in seconds, and even the Tik Tok can be controlled through the steering wheel, and the time dynamic wallpaper will change actively according to the climate and time.

In short, if you are interested in smart technology after all, Huawei’s new flagship SUV will never be disappointing. It is the ceiling.

(3) The journey and power exchange are all gone, and Huawei is playing with the bottom of the pot?

The greater significance of Huawei’s mass production of 600kW overcharge may lie in the impact on other "transition" routes. It has to be said that although the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China has exceeded 30%, the growth rate of pure electric vehicles is not as good as that of plug-in hybrid and extended-range electric vehicles, and many car companies are eager to change the power mode.

The most critical point is the "mileage anxiety" of electric vehicles. The battery life of a new generation of electric vehicles is not low. Take the deep blue SL03 as an example. For less than 200,000 yuan, you can buy a pure electric version with a battery life of 705km. Even if the battery life is discounted under special circumstances, it is not a problem to run 600km.

Can a fuel truck run 600km with a tank of oil? In fact, it is also very mysterious. Take "Divine Car" Sylphy as an example, its fuel tank volume is 47L, and the fuel consumption in urban areas is about 7.5L/100km, so the battery life will exceed 600km. But this is one of the most fuel-efficient A-class family cars. In fact, most of the best-selling cars and SUVs can only run about 550km per tank of oil.

In other words, the battery life of electric vehicles is actually not weak, and the real difficulty lies in replenishing energy. On the one hand, charging stations are not as ubiquitous as gas stations, on the other hand, the charging speed can’t keep up. One car often occupies the charging pile for more than an hour, and other cars can only stare.

Changing electricity can solve this problem to a certain extent, but at the cost of higher requirements for battery design and greater investment in infrastructure, just changing the battery reserve of the power station is not a small expense.

Distance can also solve some problems. Usually, electricity is used in urban areas, and oil is used in high-speed situations, so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries. However, the two systems of oil and electricity take up a lot of space and cost in parallel, and most people will choose to use electricity mainly (after all, electricity is cheap), so the pressure on the battery will be greater and the frequency of charging will increase greatly.

Comparatively speaking, ultra-high power overcharge may be a better answer. The charging sales volume of Huawei’s 600kW fast charging station is more than ten times that of ordinary State Grid charging station and more than twice that of Tesla V3 fast charging station, which means it can accommodate more electric vehicles. At the same time, it can replenish 400km in 5 minutes, and consumers’ confidence will be more sufficient, and their anxiety will be greatly reduced.

From this perspective, Huawei has actually come to the bottom of the pot. It seems that you are engaged in technical climbing inadvertently, but actually you are indirectly attacking your opponent.

(4) Kung Fu is angry

Finally, many people think that 600kW over-filled piles can only be used by specific vehicles, but this is not the case. Charging piles can be "backwards compatibility", whether it is 250kW, 350kW, 450kW overcharge or 600kW overcharge, they can be synchronized and compatible.

In other words, don’t worry about Huawei’s overcharge. The biggest suspense now is what advantages Huawei can achieve through this technology.

I have to say that after Huawei entered the market, it added more scientific and technological ideas to the automobile industry.

Buckyball, Crystal Mud … Watch out for the "online celebrity" children’s toys that hurt people.

In the "Children’s Companion Home" in Nanbian Village, Gongfang Town, Le ‘an County, Jiangxi Province, the "Children’s Companion Mom" took the children to play with toys. Xinhua news agency

  [Talking about health]

  Magnetic buckyball, jelly-like crystal mud, luminous balloon … … These "online celebrity" toys, which have sprung up in recent years, are likely to become "sharp weapons" to hurt children. According to media reports, in the past summer vacation, many children in Guangdong, Hubei, Xinjiang and other places suffered gastrointestinal injuries due to swallowing buckyball by mistake, and even needed surgery. What other children’s toys need attention? Where are their security risks? Our reporter sorted out the consumption tips issued by the Defective Product Management Center of the State Administration of Market Supervision, selected some children’s toys that are currently popular in the market but have hidden dangers, analyzed their safety hazards, and called on the whole society to pay more attention to the safety of children’s toys.

  My two-year-old daughter often has a stomachache recently. Her parents thought it was a gastrointestinal problem. As a result, she was sent to the hospital for examination and found that there were four intestinal perforations in her body. Parents are both afraid and puzzled. Why do children have intestinal perforation? It turned out that there was a magnetic bead toy named "buckyball" at home that was swallowed by the girl by mistake, and the hospital finally took the magnetic beads out of the girl through emergency surgery … … This is a recent report in the media. This hospital has treated 7 children who swallowed buckyball by mistake in the last month or so.

  This is not the only report that children’s toys hurt people, and buckyball is not the only children’s toys that hurt people. Magnetic buckyball, jelly-like crystal mud, luminous balloon … … These "online celebrity" toys, which are novel or fun, are ignited by online social platforms, and often become dangerous goods that hurt children.

  The Defective Product Management Center of the State Administration of Market Supervision is responsible for the defect investigation and public opinion monitoring of all kinds of products on the market, and issues consumption tips to recall the defective products. The reporter found that children-related products, including toys, accounted for almost two-thirds of the consumption tips released by official website. The Quality Development Bureau of the General Administration of Market Supervision introduced at the theme activity of children’s products safety education on June 1st this year that since 2008, China has carried out 1,189 recalls of children’s products, accounting for 49.6% of the recalls of consumer goods, involving nearly 6 million pieces, and one recall of children’s products is every two recalls of consumer goods on average.

  These toys and other children’s products with defects in design or quality, in order to attract children, excessively pursue fun and ignore safety. In particular, the security risks of the novel toys that attract attention on the Internet and have the "online celebrity" effect cannot be ignored.

  Buckyball and the small magnetic beads of the magnet pen, "wearing the intestines and breaking the stomach"

  Buckyball is a kind of magnetic beads with a diameter of about 5mm. Many buckyball can be combined into various shapes at will with the help of magnetic force, which has been advertised by merchants as "educational toys" and is very popular with children and parents. There is also a magnet pen with a similar design with buckyball, which is also a new online celebrity product in recent years. In addition to the normal writing function, this pen is inlaid with magnets at both ends, and with matching steel balls, it can realize a variety of combined games by magnetic force. However, buckyball and the magnetic pen, which are fun and creative products, actually have great security risks.

  The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision once published a case in which a 13-year-old boy in Guizhou sucked a magnet into his mouth while playing with a magnet pen in class, and then used another magnet to attract the magnet in his mouth. As a result, the two magnets successively entered the abdomen along the esophagus. When I went to the hospital for examination, I found that the two magnets were attracted tightly across the stomach muscle layer, and a 0.1 cm perforation was chiseled.

  "There are not a few cases of such magnet injuries, and most of them are concentrated in children aged 1 to 10." The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision pointed out in the consumption tips that small magnetic parts such as magnetic beads are more likely to be swallowed by children by mistake, and if they enter the trachea, they will cause the danger of suffocation; If it enters the digestive tract, it will cause vomiting and abdominal pain, and it will lead to gastrointestinal damage; Especially when two or more magnets are swallowed, the magnets will adsorb each other through the gastrointestinal wall in the digestive system, and continue to generate pressure, which may cause gastrointestinal perforation or intestinal obstruction, which may be life-threatening in severe cases. In general, these small magnetic parts can only be removed by surgery, which will cause permanent damage to children’s digestive system.

  The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision reminds that there are many kinds of magnet pens sold in the market, but most of them are three-no products. Not only do they have no factory name, address and product certificate, but also there are no warning instructions on the pen body and packaging, so the safety cannot be effectively guaranteed. It is recommended not to buy such products.

  Borax poisoning of "mud" toys such as crystal mud should not be underestimated.

  The charm of magnet toys lies in the creative experience of combination play, and similar to it, "mud" toys also have such functions. In recent years, all kinds of soft, sticky, jelly-like "mud" toys have become popular around campus and online platforms. They have different names, such as Crystal Mud, slime, Bubble Mud, Cotton Mud, Poke Mud and Snowflake Mud, but they have common characteristics — — Colorful, soft to the touch, can change various shapes, and can also be used to blow bubbles, draw pictures, etc., which is deeply loved by children.

  However, they are not real mud, but are made of many chemicals. These "mud" contain a substance that may be harmful to health — — Borax.

  According to the introduction of the Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision, polyvinyl alcohol, a polymer material dissolved in water, reacts with borax (also known as coagulant aid), and the dissolved polyvinyl alcohol is pulled together by the anions of borax to form a hydrogel with a network structure; On this basis, hand sanitizer, emulsion, pigment, beads, clay, etc. are added to make various "mud" toys such as crystal mud.

  These "mud" toys are brightly colored, similar to jelly, and usually have their own straws, which can blow bubbles nominally. When children blow bubbles with straws, the product comes into close contact with the mouth, which may lead to the risk of borax poisoning. The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision explained that borax is extremely harmful to human health. Excessive intake in a short period of time will cause nausea, vomiting, depression, convulsions, skin flushing, circulatory failure and other symptoms. Excessive intake for a long time will lead to cumulative poisoning of multiple organs, causing damage to organs such as liver, kidney, brain and lung. The toxic dose of borax is 1 to 3 grams for adults, 15 to 20 grams for adults and 5 grams for children.

  At present, borax is prohibited as a food additive in many countries, and the intake of boron is limited. The national standard (GB5749-2006) of Hygienic Standard for Drinking Water in China stipulates that the limit of boron in drinking water is 0.5 mg/L. The EU’s requirement for boron content in toys made of liquid, pigment, jelly and other materials is limited to 300mg/kg. The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision has tested 10 kinds of finished crystal mud products randomly purchased, and found that the boron content of 8 kinds of products exceeded 300mg/kg, and the highest one reached 1336mg/kg, far exceeding the safety limit of boron content in various countries. Once children eat by mistake when blowing bubbles with these crystal mud, there may be a danger of borax poisoning.

  Perhaps it is realized that this toy with borax directly added is easy to be found, and some merchants have introduced the so-called "non-toxic crystal mud" products, adding some daily chemical products to the glue containing polyvinyl alcohol instead of borax, such as washing powder, laundry detergent, shower gel, guar gum and so on. "This is actually very confusing, because these daily chemical products actually contain borax ingredients, and children also have the safety hazard of eating poisoning during playing." The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision pointed out in the consumption tips that any toy containing borax does not meet the requirements of our country.

  The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision also specially reminded that homemade "mud" toys are more dangerous than finished products, and children will be directly exposed to large doses of borax and other chemical ingredients during play. Skin exposure to these chemicals for a long time is likely to cause chemical burns, allergies or cumulative poisoning; If children abuse the preparation container during play, such as drinking water from a glass filled with borax, or not washing their hands in time after play, it is easy to eat borax or other chemical ingredients by mistake, leading to the danger of poisoning.

  For toys such as crystal mud, especially homemade "mud" toys, the advice given by the Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision is: Don’t buy!

  Online celebrity balloons will glow or explode.

  On this summer night, you can often see sparkling balloons with colorful light in squares or parks, which are very popular with children. This kind of balloon first attracted attention on online social media, and was called online celebrity balloon by many people. However, although the online celebrity balloon is beautiful, it has hidden dangers. According to media reports, there was a balloon explosion in online celebrity somewhere in Jiangsu province, and four people were hospitalized with different degrees of burns.

  How can a balloon explode? How serious is the harm?

  According to the Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision, this luminous balloon is mainly composed of transparent balloons, multicolored light strips and battery boxes, and its structure is very simple. A string of thin multicolored LED strip is wrapped around the surface of the transparent balloon, and a small battery box is tied to the tail end of the traction rope. The battery is placed in a plastic box, and the power supply is directly connected to the light strip, and the light can be emitted when the switch is turned on.

  The balloon itself is a pressure vessel, and with this design and construction, the safety risk is higher. Testing by the Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision found that balloons in online celebrity are mostly made of plastic, and once they come into contact with high-temperature heat sources (such as stoves) or open flames (such as lighters), balloons may explode. On the one hand, the surface temperature of the melted plastic is very high at high temperature, and the plastic liquid dripped from the melted plastic will cause serious burns and scalds if it sticks to human skin. On the other hand, balloon deflagration will produce irritating toxic gas, which may cause burns and other injuries to human respiratory tract. In addition, due to the bare wires, sparks may be generated during use, which may cause the balloon to explode.

  Some experts pointed out that the gas inside the online celebrity balloon may also become a safety hazard. For safety reasons, balloons are generally filled with inert gases such as helium, and hydrogen has long been prohibited from being used to inflate balloons because of its flammability and explosiveness. However, because hydrogen is cheaper than helium, some unscrupulous merchants may still use hydrogen to inflate online celebrity balloons. In a online celebrity balloon explosion reported by the media, experts pointed out after analysis that "judging from the power of the balloon explosion described by the injured, the balloon they bought is likely to pass off hydrogen as helium".

  The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision reminds that children should play such balloons under the care of their parents; Stay away from fire sources, heat sources and sharp objects when playing with balloons, and don’t use lighters to burn the traction line of balloons; It is best not to buy such balloons when the weather is very hot, because high temperature weather is more likely to cause balloon explosion; Don’t take a balloon in a car, subway, elevator, etc. Once an explosion occurs, the impact of a closed space will be very great.

  Laser pen can cause permanent damage to eyes. Don’t play with children.

  The light is dazzling and dangerous. Online celebrity balloon, laser pointer.

  I don’t know when, the laser pointer used as an indicator in classroom teaching, conference explanation and other places has become a toy for many children and a dangerous toy. As a result, there have been many reports in the media: "When a laser pointer shines, the eyes of a 7-year-old boy can’t see", "When an 8-year-old boy plays with a laser pointer, his eyes are permanently damaged", and "The sampling tests of online shopping for children’s laser pens all exceed the standard, and the harmful visual damage is irreversible" … … According to the Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision, according to the product injury monitoring and network public opinion monitoring, injury accidents involving laser pens have occurred frequently in recent years.

  Laser pointer, also called laser pointer, is a portable device that uses battery and laser module (light emitting diode) to emit visible light beam, which is mainly used to accurately indicate the target at a long distance. In China, according to the degree of radiation hazard from low to high, laser products are divided into the following grades: class 1, class 1M, class 2, class 2M, class 3R, class 3B and class 4. The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision pointed out that if laser products are not used properly, it will cause serious damage to human body, especially for products of 3R and above. Laser pens sold on the Internet usually have very high power and can even light matches, cigarettes, clothes and so on.

  The power is so high that it can ignite clothes. If you irradiate your eyes, the consequences can be imagined. According to experts, due to the characteristics of eye imaging, when the laser passes through the eye, it will be focused on a very small point on the retina, which will lead to an instantaneous increase in temperature and destroy the photosensitive cells of the retina. If the laser energy is strong enough, it will cause permanent damage without causing blink reflex (usually less than 1 second). It should be noted that low-power laser may also cause harm to eyes, and some high-intensity lasers still do great harm to eyes even after scattering from the surface of objects. Children in the developmental stage have delicate eye tissues and thin retinas, which are more vulnerable to injury.

  Laser pointer will not only cause direct damage to eyes, but also interfere with normal vision, which may lead to other accidents. For example, illuminating vehicles, airplanes, etc. with a laser pen may affect the normal vision of drivers and pilots and cause serious accidents.

  Of course, the laser pen is not unusable, but should be used scientifically and safely. According to different use occasions and users, the laser pen with corresponding radiation level should be carefully selected. The Defective Product Management Center of the General Administration of Market Supervision reminds that laser pen products can be used in situations such as classroom teaching and conference explanation. The laser in children’s toys should meet the requirements of Class 1 laser radiation power limit.

  "The laser pens sold as toys in the market are mostly higher than this limit, which has great security risks and cannot be bought and played for children." The defective product management center of the General Administration of Market Supervision stressed.

Can Aouita from Huawei enter the channel of Yu Chengdong?

Wen | Lu Jiu Business Review

There are more and more new energy vehicles with Huawei as their selling point, from the polar fox to the world and then to Aouita. 

Lu Jiu Business Review learned that Aouita will start a test drive in the near future. In early September, its mass production vehicles will arrive one after another, and a centralized test drive meeting will be held in Beijing. At present, the shops in Aouita are still displaying non-mass production engineering vehicles.

Aouita’s official entry into the market will mark the emergence of another car company that has deeply branded Huawei.

However, the biggest question now is: Can Aouita enter Huawei’s sales network and enjoy the same treatment as the media? After all, Aouita now has too few stores of its own, only 11.

According to national business daily, Tan Benhong, CEO of Aouita, said in an interview, "We are talking about the way of channel cooperation with Huawei, but not on behalf of sales. When the scale of our channels has not been fully reached, (Huawei) will help us, but it is not a substitute."

However, everyone who knows Huawei knows that Huawei’s terminal belongs to Yu Chengdong’s sphere of influence, while Aouita’s cooperation is Xu Zhijun on the platform.

How much weight does Aouita have in Huawei?

Since its birth, Aouita has always brought its own aura and attracted much attention. 

According to public information, Aouita was jointly built by Changan, Huawei and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. Changan led the vehicle design and development, Huawei was responsible for intelligent electric technology, while Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited was responsible for providing batteries. The three companies jointly built a CHN platform to empower Aouita.

However, it is strange that there is no Huawei among the shareholders of Aouita Company.

According to Aiqicha’s data, Aouita Science and Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. is backed by eight companies, including Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Chongqing Changan and Shanghai Weilai. The capital contribution of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited is RMB 280 million, Chongqing Changan is RMB 275 million and Weilai is RMB 13.3 million.

I didn’t see the shadow of Huawei, that is to say, in Aouita’s case, Huawei only gave technology and didn’t pay.

There is a big difference between Aouita’s external release and the press. Whether it is the strategic signing conference of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Huawei and Changan Automobile, or the Chongqing Auto Show on June 25th, the specifications attended are quite high. In addition to Tan Benhong, Chairman of Aouita, Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Changan Automobile, Xu Zhijun, Chairman of Huawei, and Zeng Yuqun, Chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited often come out of the platform.

In addition, Aouita’s product launch can also show another clue.

At the Aouita 11 product launch conference on August 8th, Tan Benhong, the chairman, came out to introduce Aouita 11, and three bosses stood on the platform by video.

In contrast, the press conferences of M5 and M7 were introduced by Huawei’s Yu Chengdong as the leading actor, and Selis’s presence was not high.

On June 25th, when Aouita signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei, Chi Linchun, president of BU Marketing and Sales Service Department of Huawei’s smart car solution, said that Aouita was the heavyweight model of Huawei’s full-stack smart car solution.

According to Lu Jiu’s business review, before and after the product launch on August 8th, Wang Jun, chief operating officer of Huawei BU and president of intelligent driving solution product line, also visited Chongqing Times Tianjie Experience Center in Aouita and introduced Aouita 11.

In terms of leadership specifications, Xu Zhijun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, endorsed the platform, and the relevant person in charge of Che BU also came forward to promote it vigorously; In the depth of cooperation, Aouita and Huawei have cooperated heavily in the whole stack, and Aouita also has the trademark authorization of Huawei HI, but whether Aouita can enter the Huawei channel has not been confirmed.

Previously, the media reported one after another that the two sides were actively implementing the preparations for entering their store channels. On August 30, national business daily reported that Tan Benhong said: "We are talking about the way of channel cooperation with Huawei, but not on behalf of sales. It is when the number and scale of our channels have not been fully reached, (Huawei) will help us, but it is not a substitute."

Lu Jiu’s business review found that the so-called two sides are actively implementing the store channel, which was unilaterally announced by Aouita, and Huawei has never spoken to the outside world.

Intriguingly, we haven’t seen the shadow of Yu Chengdong in the cooperation activities between Huawei and Aouita.

On important occasions such as cooperation signing and press conference in Aouita, Xu Zhijun, rotating chairman of Huawei, and heads of various departments of Auto BU attended, but Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei BG, CEO of smart car solution BU and director of IRB of smart terminal and smart car parts, never showed up.

Lu Jiu’s business review noted that there was a similar situation in the cooperation with BAIC. Huawei cooperated with BAIC very early, and signed a contract in 2017, and then signed three contracts. Huawei was mainly attended by Xu Zhijun and Wang Jun, and Yu Chengdong never showed up. Yu Chengdong didn’t appear until the release of Alpha S, the polar fox. Yu Chengdong attended the cooperation between Huawei and the international community.

Therefore, do Aouita and Wen Jie belong to different spheres of influence within Huawei?

"China content" is high, but it can’t enter the Huawei channel?

Huawei’s channels have always made car companies drool.

On the evening of September 1st, according to Sellers’ production and sales express, the sales of Jiejie automobile, which cooperated with Huawei, exceeded 10,000 in August.

Asking for big sales is inseparable from Huawei’s channel empowerment.

According to public data, as of August 25, there were 781 sales centers in 190 cities, including 163 user centers and 618 Huawei sales stores.

Huawei also regards its own channels as an important part of empowering automobile brands. According to the data learned by Lujiu Business Review in Huawei in July, Huawei has 12 flagship stores, 116 smart life houses, 5,000 authorized experience stores and more than 60,000 retail positions. Importantly, these stores are all in shopping centers, which are highly matched with the demand of new energy automobile stores.

Whether it can enter Huawei’s sales channels or not, for a long time, there has been no exact news from Aouita, and the caliber of store sales is different.

The salesperson of a Huawei store in Beijing believes that it is impossible for Aouita to sell through Huawei’s channels. "People are an independent brand, and Huawei is the model of HUEWEI Inside. Huawei is only its supplier, so it is impossible to sell through Huawei’s channels."

Aouita’s Suzhou sales staff also said that it is impossible for Aouita to sell in Huawei stores for the same reason as Huawei stores. "Because Aouita is a brand new brand, it will still sell itself."

"Our major shareholders are Changan and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, and Huawei is not a major shareholder. Why do you sell it in his store?" The person in charge of Aouita’s Beijing sales store said.

"Huawei actually doesn’t have a few good shops. Many people want to buy Huawei mobile phones. They will search Huawei’s stores in the shopping malls and go directly. Huawei stores don’t have to find the location of big passengers. But the car is different. The new brand still needs a big passenger flow position to attract customers to see the car. " The person in charge of Aouita Suzhou Store said.

Although it is indicated that the channel will not borrow Huawei, the sales in Aouita emphasize the relationship with Huawei and their own "Chinese content".

"We use a complete set of HUAWEI Inside solutions, including car systems, assisted driving, laser radar, as well as Huawei’s motors and Huawei’s drive system. Now there is no second company in the industry that has such a deep cooperation with Huawei." The sales person in charge of the Beijing store said. He believes that the cooperation between Huawei and the international community is not as deep as that of Aouita.

In order to strengthen the content of Chinese, the Suzhou store manager particularly emphasized the hierarchical relationship between Yu Chengdong (pushing the question circle) and Xu Zhijun (platform Aouita). "Huawei’s boss platform is only Aouita. After our conference, many people asked why there was no Yu Chengdong, but later found out that Yu Chengdong’s level was actually lower than Xu Zhijun."

Behind Aouita and Wen Jie

In a phone minutes of Huawei’s in-depth interpretation of intelligent driving, Huawei introduced that there are three modes of cooperation: Tier1 (traditional parts supplier mode, supplying intelligent parts for car companies), HI mode (Huawei Inside mode) and intelligent selection mode.

Among them, Huawei’s intelligent selection mode is the fastest, because almost the layout of the whole vehicle is coordinated by Huawei, and the gross profit contributed by the intelligent selection mode is relatively high. In contrast, "HI mode will have less gross profit, because the cost of HI mode itself is high, but the pricing cannot be particularly high."

According to the data, the current cooperation between BAIC and Huawei is HI mode, and may consider participating in the intelligent selection mode in the future. Moreover, there are many car factories that cooperate with Huawei in HI mode, including GAC and Audi.

According to this summary, HI mode is the main mode of ADS (Huawei Autopilot). But HI is not the most prominent module for intelligent selection. Therefore, from the perspective of the entire car BU, Huawei currently attaches the most importance to smart selection, while ADS attaches the most importance to HI.

Based on these paragraphs, we can see that the gross profit of HI mode is low, and Huawei pays more attention to smart selection, which may be the reason why Aouita has made slow progress in entering Huawei’s channel.

Moreover, the autopilot data of the model will be open to Huawei, but in HI mode, the cooperative manufacturers will carry the corresponding data in their own data closed loop and will not share it with Huawei.

In the cooperation mode, the intelligent selection mode is far from the HI mode.

Lu Jiu’s business review learned that Huawei Automotive Intelligent Selection and HI belonged to different departments at the earliest.

In May 2019, Huawei’s Smart Car Business Unit (IAS BU) was formally established. This department was originally affiliated to the ICT Management Committee, with Wang Jun as its president and Xu Zhijun as its top leader. On September 2, 2021, Huawei was re-appointed, and Yu Chengdong became the CEO of Huawei’s smart car solution BU.

Prior to this, Huawei’s smart cockpit business belonged to IAS BU, HiCar, vehicle-mounted 5G communication and other businesses, belonging to the consumer business group and under the control of Yu Chengdong. Huawei combined these two businesses into one, and both of them were placed under Yu Chengdong. According to the analysis of people familiar with the situation, the main purpose of this move is to improve the implementation and operational efficiency within the group.

The source said that the earliest signing subjects of Huawei’s cooperation with BAIC and Aouita were Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.; And the cooperation with Xiaokang Sailis, the signing subject is Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd.. Behind this are two companies.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., which provides software and hardware solutions, has a great weight in HI mode, and is the business that Xu Zhijun was in charge of before; The Huawei terminal resource Hicar Huawei Intelligent Selection is led by Yu Chengdong and belongs to the consumer BG. Although it is now under the control of Yu Chengdong, there is inevitably a difference in the relationship between "biological and adoption".

Whether Huawei’s full-stack car solutions can be sold in Huawei’s terminal channels depends on Yu Chengdong.

Huawei has a rotating chairman system. During the rotating period, the rotating chairman is the top leader of the company. Each rotating chairman has a term of six months, so it is difficult to have a lasting influence on the following departments. Therefore, whether the channel sells Aouita or not depends on Yu Chengdong.

About cars, Xu Zhijun and Yu Chengdong have different ideas, which are on the table and have been reported by the media. Yu Chengdong wants to build a car, but Xu Zhijun doesn’t want to build a car.

It is Yu Chengdong’s specialty to engage in consumer business. Huawei has so many channels that it has great advantages in making cars. However, if Huawei goes out on its own, car companies will be more jealous, and Huawei’s car solutions will be even harder to sell. This business was in the charge of Xu Zhijun before.

Rong Hui, former vice president of Beijing Automotive Group New Technology Research Institute and CEO of Huihui Technology, once revealed that Huawei’s smart car solution will cost about 40,000 pieces in cooperation with Huawei. He estimated that Huawei’s profit will be at least 15,000 pieces.

How much can Huawei earn by selling a car?

According to media reports, according to the information disclosed by Huawei executives before, the share between Huawei and Sellers is about 1:9, and the price of M5 is around 300,000. Huawei can get 30,000 for a car, of which 20% is the technology licensing fee, which is about 6,000 yuan, and the rest is the store income.

HI mode Huawei earns a lot, but the investment in intelligent driving research and development has been very large, and many car companies are jealous of Huawei. In contrast, the smart selection model is easy to earn, and car companies are also willing. Huawei was blocked by the United States, and there was no mobile phone to sell in the store. With a car, it just met the shopkeepers who had no goods to sell.

In August, in an article in Huawei’s internal forum, "The management policy of the whole company should shift from pursuing scale to pursuing profit and cash flow", Ren Zhengfei mentioned that smart car solutions should not spread a complete front, and it is necessary to reduce the research budget and strengthen the business closed loop.

Huawei BU has invested a lot in autonomous driving. To achieve a closed-loop business, it is obvious that the pressure of intelligent selection mode is less.

Self-built channels are difficult to support sales.

So far, there are only 11 stores in Aouita.

On August 8, 2022, when a press conference was held in Aouita, Tan Benhong said that the first batch of sales centers in Aouita will land in 10 cities and will officially open on August 8. This year, experience centers and service outlets will be stationed in 100 cities.

On September 1st, Lujiu Business Review was found in official website, Aouita. It is still the original 10 cities, and there are two in Chongqing, with a total of 11 direct stores. According to interviews and telephone calls, most of these stores opened in August. The person in charge of Suzhou sales told Lu Jiu Business Review that the Suzhou store only has an outreach booth at present, and the store will not open until October.

Offline stores have a great impetus to automobile sales, and the speed of building offline stores in Aouita is somewhat slow.

Although new energy car companies are now learning Tesla and booking cars online, offline experience stores are extremely important support. Without the experience of offline stores, it is difficult for car owners to book cars directly online.

Li Xiang once said that with or without stores in a city, the market share will be eight times different.

According to public reports, by September, 2022, LI had 265 retail stores covering 118 cities in China, and 316 after-sales maintenance centers and authorized car body and painting centers covering 226 cities. Weilai official website shows that Weilai has 402 service outlets nationwide.

Just eleven stores, certainly difficult to support Aouita’s ambition, the number of existing stores is far from enough.

As early as June this year, Aouita said that in terms of channels, it will adopt the modes of self-construction and partner joining, and plans to cover 110 cities in the year, and simultaneously promote the entry into Huawei stores.

But now it seems that this progress is a bit slow.

Large shopping centers are currently the best choice for new energy car companies to sell stores. However, it will not be fast to find a suitable shop in the shopping center, negotiate with the shopping center, decorate and move in.

Changan Automobile, behind Aouita, can’t help in the channel. First of all, Aouita is an independent company, and Changan Automobile is not a major shareholder. In addition, the main channel of Chang ‘an is in 4S stores, and the tonality of new energy vehicles owned by Chang ‘an is quite different from that of Aouita.

According to the survey of CMB International Securities, the ability of shopping centers to absorb new energy sales stores is also limited. First, because the stores of new energy auto companies are on the ground floor, the supply area is limited. In addition, new energy auto stores do not contribute much to passenger flow, so shopping centers must maintain the correct combination to increase passenger flow.

"When you go to the mall now, you can see that as long as there is a large flow of people, cars are basically contracted. Now the better bunks have actually been chosen almost, and it is more difficult to find a berth now. " The person in charge of the Suzhou store told Lu Jiu Business Review on the phone.

Since it is difficult to support the ideal sales volume by its own channels at present, Huawei’s channels are more and more important for Aouita. Can we get in or not? Aouita and the industry are waiting for Huawei’s answer. How to coordinate the resources between HI mode and Smart Choice mode and build Huawei’s core competence in the new energy automobile industry? This is also a proposition that Huawei must face seriously.