Brilliant! BYD Han’s brand-new color matching exhibition car is amazing at Shanghai Auto Show.

  Economic Daily-China Economic Net April 22-On April 19, at the BYD booth of the 19th Shanghai International Auto Show, BYD Han, the "global super-safe intelligent new energy flagship car", led the exhibition with new colors of "Energy White" and "Smart Blue", and decorated the interior with colored carbon fiber and traditional large lacquer panels respectively. Mastermind casting, integrating modern trends, paying tribute to traditional culture and conforming to the tonality of luxury products, BYD Han’s brand-new color matching exhibition car not only represents the latest achievements of BYD’s continuous improvement in design, but also highlights the self-confidence of Chinese aesthetics, which detonated the auto show scene at one time.

  Energy white with terracotta brown, writing BYD Han EV advanced texture

  The matte energy white used in the exterior decoration of BYD Han EV on the booth is inspired by Dehua white porcelain, which is dense in texture, glittering and translucent as jade, moist and greasy in glaze, and full of energy. In terms of technology, this Chinese EV adopts a special "fluorophlogopite" coating, which is more delicate and uniform, and the texture is bright and transparent. Together with matte varnish, it finally realizes the color change texture of silk metal.

  Matching with the white appearance of Han EV energy, it is a brand-new terracotta brown interior color. Its color inspiration comes from, "Top-grade terracotta sand, out of the mountains and stones of Chen Jin, above the white stone bed, with twelve pieces as one, looks like a bright day without a red lotus." The delicate luster of terracotta brown makes Han EV show the leather texture of top-grade leather, and its sense of luxury is further enhanced.

  In detail, this Han EV is decorated with carbon fiber on the C-pillar and the tail tail, and the matte carbon fiber is also added to the interior decoration, which echoes the color of terracotta brown, creating a very luxurious and sporty driving experience. Thanks to the brand-new color scheme, the exclusive sense of dignity of Chinese luxury of Han EV is strongly highlighted, and the performance of China mass-produced new energy cars represented by its 100-kilometer acceleration of 3.9s is further highlighted.

  Smart Blue with Sky Grey shows the multi-faceted nature of BYD Han DM.

  Since its listing, BYD Han’s appearance color has its own representative color from the space-time of the universe to the field of humanities and culture. The Han DM exhibited in this exhibition further adopted the wisdom blue which represents the creativity of human beings, and applied the painting process of two-color paint. The high-saturation blue hue presented in high-light illumination is gorgeous and colorful, and it will turn into a deep dark blue phase in dark environment. The strong contrast between light and dark gives people an extraordinary visual experience, which is very intriguing.

  On the interior, Han DM is equipped with BYD’s latest "Sky Grey" light-colored interior, and its design is inspired by China’s "elegant culture". The style, layout and detailed modeling combine the Chinese aesthetic concept and the essence of China culture, which is reminiscent of ink painting and painting, misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, elegant without losing style, showing the strong oriental elegance of Han, and embodying the profound cultural connotation and aesthetic interest of Chinese luxury. In addition to the brand-new color matching, Han DM also added the traditional big paint technology to the decorative panel, further sublimating the ancient charm of Chinese style.

  From the contrast between light and shade of wisdom blue to the collision between tradition and modernity of grey in the sky, the brand-new color matching of Han DM complements its diversified product personality. Han DM has five power modes that can be switched intelligently. It is mainly driven by electricity in daily commuting, which is quiet and fuel-efficient. When it enters the high-speed motor and cooperates with the engine, it can not only achieve the ultimate performance of generate, but also cruise efficiently, thus realizing the full-dimensional satisfaction for users.

  Decorating automobile accessories with large lacquer craft, BYD empowers lacquer art to revitalize.

  In the Han DM exhibition car, the decorative panels made of lacquer technology are particularly eye-catching. This is the result that BYD invited Mr. Fu Yizhou, the national inheritor of lacquer technology, as a consultant, and Mr. Wu Yongqiang, a lacquer expert from Guangdong Academy of Arts and Crafts, personally designed and produced for Han. It is a cross-border masterpiece that skillfully combines exquisite lacquer technology with interior design of new energy vehicles, and it is also a new exploration for BYD to practice the innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

  In the Han Dynasty, the splendid culture of the Chinese nation was transmitted to the world through the Silk Road, and lacquer reached its peak as a decorative craft in the Han Dynasty. Since then, lacquer craft, as a treasure of China culture, has been passed down in the thinking collision between artists and designers. Nowadays, BYD Auto reproduces the impression of the Silk Road in BYD Han through the continuation and innovation of culture, and the art is sublimated again, and the charm of traditional lacquer art will be appreciated by more consumers.

  As the flagship of BYD’s dynasty, BYD Han took luxury as the bone and tradition as the rhyme from the beginning of design, and opened up a harmonious but different way of Chinese luxury. The two brand-new color-matching exhibition cars at the Shanghai Auto Show have further increased and integrated traditional and modern elements, which fully embodies the inclusiveness and tension of BYD Han’s design.

  On April 13th, 2021, the results of German iF Design Award were announced, and BYD Han EV made the list, becoming the first award-winning car model of China brand, which further proved that BYD Han’s high-end aesthetic experience based on the profound connotation of Chinese luxury is leading the trend of new energy vehicle design.

The sales volume of M5 in Wenjie broke out, benefiting upstream suppliers such as Changying Precision.

  As one of the hottest models on the market at present, the M5 has been creating miracles since it was delivered in March this year.

  In March of this year, the M5, which was just delivered, got rid of 3045 sets of sales, ranking fifth in the mid-to-high-end electric SUV market of more than 200,000 units in that month, just ahead of Model Y, Li ONE, BYD Tang and Weilai ES6;

  In April this year, under the influence of the epidemic situation in COVID-19, the sales volume of M5 in the sector continued to climb, reaching 3,245 units, and it also rose to the third place in the middle and high-grade electric SUV market of more than 200,000 units in that month.

  In May of this year, the market sales of the M5 in Wenjie really broke out, with monthly sales exceeding 10,000 units, reaching 10,500 units, up by 273.97% year-on-year, and the delivery of a single model of innovative brand broke the fastest record of 10,000 units.

  One of the reasons why Wujie M5 has such an eye-catching market performance is that this model is the first car of AITO, a high-end brand jointly built by Celeste and Huawei. As a model jointly developed by Huawei and Celeste, AITO Wujie M5 is also the first car equipped with Huawei’s HarmonyOS cockpit. The core power comes from Huawei’s Drive ONE pure electric drive range extension platform, and the whole car is also deeply involved in R&D and manufacturing by Huawei.

  With the outbreak of M5, the related industrial chain enterprises will also usher in "spring".

  Recently, some media listed the supporting suppliers of M5 core components in the form of charts, including dozens of enterprises such as Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Changying Precision and Zhilv Technology, most of which are domestic manufacturers.

  According to the chart, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited mainly provides the battery CELL for Wujie M5, and Changying Precision provides the electric connection bus and the battery box for Wujie M5. It is estimated that the bicycle ASP will exceed 3,000 yuan.

  It is understood that in new energy vehicles, Changying Precision is not only a leading connector supplier in the industry, but also a leading manufacturer of power battery boxes. The lightweight all-aluminum structure pack box produced by the company can realize IP68 dustproof and waterproof, which is the "toon" purchased by various power battery enterprises.

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Volvo quality escorts the cockpit experience of novice dad.

Hugh, known as the "debris flow in the singles world", is a diamond bachelor who will remain unchanged for ten thousand years.

However, Hugh is still a brother. It seems that he has been quiet recently. Suddenly, there is a big movement: he suddenly announced that he would marry his wife and have children, and he was hot in Weibo overnight …

Countless unmarried young women of school age have expressed their love, wasting their time waiting so long. Others inexplicably feel sorry for Eddie Peng Yuyan, saying that he is the worst one who was "pigeon".

But then again, Hugh officially announced that how to arrange the daddy car is also the focus of everyone’s attention. After all, many models now feature the label of "daddy car". What will Hugh choose?

On this matter, I think Hugh can consult his good brother Eddie Peng Yuyan. After all, he has spoken for him. The safety and health issues that new dads are most concerned about are firmly grasped. For example, this car has never said that it is a daddy car, but the attributes of the daddy car are not lacking.

In our cognition, luxury is definitely more than what you can see. The health standard that can be "felt" is also a manifestation of luxury. Protecting the physical and mental health of drivers and passengers is an unremitting pursuit, especially the CLEANZONE? Nordic clean cockpit owned by XC60, which can provide women with full-cycle protection from pregnancy to raising children.

Ensure that pregnant women and children have a healthy and clean breathing environment at all times.

Specifically, the materials are strictly controlled from the source. The interior of the car is made of maternal and child-grade interior materials, and the chrome-plated metal ornaments of the interior are controlled by nickel leakage, which meets the jewelry certification standards. At the same time, all interior materials and textiles in XC60 have to undergo more than 100 kinds of harmful or allergic substances and emission tests, reaching the level that babies can directly contact. In short, harmful substances are never allowed to affect the health of pregnant women and babies in XC60 cars.

We should not only strictly control the materials, but also arrange a professional "nose team" to carry out human flesh inspection on the XC60 car, and carry out odor inspection at a high temperature of 65°C, which is 2.6 times higher than the national standard, so as to avoid the odor generated by the materials in the car at high temperature and affect the health of the passengers.

In addition, XC60 will build the whole cockpit into a green forest, so that the baby sitting in the car can enjoy the "forest breath" and grow up healthily like a Nordic elf. It is reported that XC60′ s car is equipped with air purification technologies such as AAC double-effect enhanced air purification system, which can detect the air quality inside the car at any time, completely isolate the harmful air and harmful particles outside the car, and create a truly healthy and fresh air environment.

Of course, cockpit health protection is only a part of XC60. As the safest car brand, XC60 is also rich in active and passive safety configuration. In terms of active safety, it has the Pilot Assist pilot assistance system, which is known as "the most reliable intelligent driving assistance function". This system has a wide range of application scenarios. Its ACC adaptive cruise control system, fatigue warning system and other functions can effectively help drivers share the pressure and ensure driving safety in many situations, such as commuting in cities, driving with children on weekends, and driving on highways. At the same time, XC60 comes standard with City Safety urban intelligent safety system, which can help drivers avoid most potential dangers in advance through 360 panoramic camera, BLIS blind spot information system and other functions.

In terms of passive safety, XC60 is equally outstanding. First, it has a high-strength cage-type safety body design, and a large proportion of it is made of high-strength boron steel. Together with SIPS side impact protection system and WHIPS head and neck protection system, it can minimize the accident harm in the event of passive collision. At the same time, its intelligent airbag can also determine the inflation degree of the airbag according to the collision strength, so as to avoid the secondary injury to the occupants in the car caused by the airbag ejection.

Always firmly believe that only love and life can live up to, and they always practice the principle of safety first in the process of building cars, and defend the dignity of luxury cars with safety performance. That’s why I said that it is the most standard "daddy car", and the sense of security and luxurious health experience it can bring should be standard for every novice daddy. So, if you are also a dad, or will soon become a novice dad, will you choose to start?

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

The reason for the purchase is that a number in Shenzhen is 95 thousand, and this Qin 80 is less than 150 thousand, and the car is equivalent to 50 thousand, which is worth it There is a car at home, and my wife drives the children to and from work. I take the subway every day. On that day, I went to see the car with my relatives, but they couldn’t shake the number, so I had to buy an electric car or a hybrid car. Perhaps the best choice is Qin, only a Qin 80, white, and there is no other choice in configuration. My wife asked me if I needed it. Of course I do. Driving is more comfortable than the subway. So buy. I am also afraid that new energy will have to be shaken in the future, but I can’t play with the government.

I paid a deposit of 5,000 yuan, saying that there is an existing car, and the new energy should be shaken, but it will be available soon in 3.5 days. Then I chose the number, which seems to be optional. I didn’t choose it, but I chose it from the five groups given by the website. Finally, I chose the one with 6 and 8, which was not bad and quite satisfactory.

Then I went to see the car selected for me in 4s, and the appearance was no problem. The car in December, the mileage was less than 10. Then go back and wait for the cards to come down. I have been waiting for a long time, and I will buy more cars at the end of the year. Today, on January 23, the iron card came down, which was slow enough, and the card was renewed once.

The car price is 146 thousand, the loan is half, interest-free, and the handling fee is 3000, which is 149 thousand in total. You can’t bargain.

I didn’t want to send chassis rust prevention, floor mats, perfume pillows or anything, but I also threw them away if I wanted them. There are ordinary charging cables and charging piles on board, but they are not installed. There is no spare tire, but there is tire repair liquid.

I also took photos when I picked up the car and brought big red flowers to the car. Although it is vulgar, it is interesting. And tied a red tape, and I threw it away.

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

Positive, more domineering.

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

The front side is 45 degrees, with daytime running lights. I like it.

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

On the side, the wheels and hubs are all black, which makes them feel suspended. Automatic folding rearview mirror. I like it.

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

45 degrees behind, controversial taillights.

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

Large tablet computer, can hold a lot of software, WeChat and so on, almost all operations can be done on the computer, colleagues say the screen is so big. Like Tesla.

Bought a Mijia driving recorder.

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

There are lights in the glove box. There are also lights in the front footsteps.

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

There are lights on the door, too.

BYD BYD hybrid car Qin 80 sun drying plus use evaluation

There is a lot of space in the back row.


Advantages are license plate delivery, many functions, I prefer automatic headlights, wiper spray is foggy, automatic folding rearview mirror, one-button start, large screen, automatic internal circulation when parking, one-button lifting window, skylight, front camera, rear camera, quiet when pure electricity, headlights left low and right high, saying that the other party will not be blinded when passing.

The disadvantage is that it takes more than 8 hours to charge slowly before running 80 kilometers. It is a bit more fuel-efficient to run with mixed oil, and it is louder and more expensive to charge with oil. In many places, there are charging piles, but there is no electricity, or you have to buy hundreds of pieces of double-ended wires yourself. Mixed power consumption is less than 40, and oil consumption is more than 40. I am afraid that the start of the channel will be bad for the engine. The community will not install charging piles, saying that it will be unified and safe in the future. I don’t know if it will wait until the year of the monkey. The unit and leaders said that it can be charged, which is more convenient. The workmanship is not particularly good, but at least it is worth the price. BYD is getting better and better and hopes to be strong.

Buying suggestions, big cities like Shanghai and Shenzhen can buy them if they can’t shake the number. After all, Shenzhen has a number of 95,000, and there is one worry. Is there radiation when using batteries? Is there much radiation? The first insurance is 3500 kilometers or half a year. At present, both oil and electricity are used. After all, the engine should be run in.

I’m tired of typing on my mobile phone. If you have any questions, you can leave a message. I’ll try my best to reply. I’m in a hurry and my level is limited. I may have left something unsaid or wrong. Please forgive me. I was the first in our company to buy BYD Qin, and there was no hybrid or electric car before. I believe there will be more and more in the future.

In terms of power, it only takes 5: 9 seconds to accelerate 100 kilometers. The power is strong, overtaking is powerful, and the acceleration is fast. I am satisfied. I’m 176, and the front row and back row are fine. A well-behaved car with high configuration and many functions is worth buying. The highest tone is the taillights and the big screen.

The interior is also luxurious.

The appearance is also relatively durable.

The chassis is a little low, so be careful of uneven roads. You’ll knock it.

A car with high cost performance, I hope to drive for a long time. If you spend 100,000 yuan to buy a license plate, and then 50,000 yuan to buy a car, you can’t buy anything new, and you can’t buy anything good second-hand, so I don’t think there are any rivals in Shenzhen within 150,000 yuan, and those who have seen Roewe will cost 180,000 yuan. I have seen Zhidou. Although it is 100,000, it is too small and unsafe.

After years of development, BYD is no longer BYD in the f3 era. It is good at grasping the government’s preferential treatment. Buses in Shenzhen are all BYD electric buses, and taxis are also electric e6. Even taxis in the mainland of China are e6. I hope that domestic cars and domestic mobile phones will be strong!

After playing bad cards for a year, Krypton threw the king bomb today.

A press conference made this new brand, which has just been established for more than a year, win the applause of the owners again after facing the trust crisis of the owners for more than half a year. Of course, many people say that this is just a promise to fulfill. The crotch that was once extremely embarrassing should really be explained to the owners, and this account of more than 20,000 owners has made them pay more than 300 million yuan in tuition fees.

Let’s look at the key contents announced by Krypton at this conference:

△ Qualcomm 8155 architecture cockpit, all car owners 0 yuan upgrade.

△ The new car introduces lightning switching function, and the dual-motor four-wheel drive model can cut off the front motor to realize power-saving driving with rear drive.

△ Intelligent anti-skid function upgrade, OTA comprehensive upgrade

△ A new version -ME version is launched, with a price of 349,000 yuan, which is 40,000 yuan cheaper than the top version of YOU.

△ Introducing smart Bluetooth keys, all car owners can get them for free.

As the first user of Krypton 001, I am undoubtedly excited. As for the excitement of other car owners, we can see that they have the same feelings as me from the extremely crowded app, the new travel app and the constant cheers at the press conference.

As the owner of Krypton 001, why are you a little excited this time?

After Weilai and Lantiu successively released the policy that old car owners pay to upgrade the 8155 chip, the pressure faced this time is unprecedented. The pressure is not a pricing strategy, nor is it the experience after 8155 optimization, but the car of the 820AP platform still has poor experience and bugs after many rounds of OTA, and the word-of-mouth crisis of extreme krypton is derived from this. If you choose to pay for the upgrade, users will obviously have the feeling of backstab.

Free 8155 upgrade is undoubtedly the best way to save word of mouth. And if the 8155 platform and the 820 platform coexist, there will undoubtedly be double pressure for the development of extremely krypton cockpit. Undoubtedly, it will be a more efficient choice to upgrade all the more than 20,000 kryptons to 8155, and only update one version of the system in the future.

It is reported that the cost of a set of 8155 control motherboard will come to about 2-3,000 yuan. At the press conference, Extreme Krypton also announced that the upgrade cost exceeded 300 million yuan. Extreme Krypton paid a high trial and error fee for this, but the word of mouth in return is undoubtedly more valuable. It will pave the way for the software team to focus on optimization in the future.

There is another point that you may overlook. The 8155 chip is also a necessary option for Krypton 001, because in the future, the high-order pilot-assisted driving ability of Krypton depends on the processing of perception by eyeQ5 chip, and the powerful display image processing of 8155 is also an element (vehicle display). Although 8155 does not participate in the algorithm of assisted driving, it will present the images of assisted driving in the cabin, and the computing power of 820 is obviously tight.

Therefore, whether from the user’s word of mouth, research and development costs and future driving assistance, this account is extremely clear, and this money must be spent, and this fee must be exempted.

About the experience of the 8155 car, we will also have a detailed video release soon.

The same situation as the previous smart cockpit was spit out is the assisted driving ability of the polar krypton 001. After the release of version 2.0 OTA in April, only ACC can provide polar krypton, and the single function and poor sense of body really can’t satisfy the majority of car owners.

In this OTA, the functions of LCC navigation assistance, antelope avoidance, matrix headlights and so on have been added. In addition, the previous AEB and FCTA pedestrian anti-collision functions have basically achieved L2-level assisted driving.

However, there are some regrets, for example, the rear blind spot reminder called by the majority of car owners is still not equipped, the auxiliary function of lighting and parallel line, and the ability to remotely enter and leave the parking space vertically promised by An Conghui before are still not equipped.

We will show you the specific experience of this L2-level assisted driving by video in these two days.

What I want to say here is that it seems that the assisted driving upgrade of Krypton 001 has no bright spot in the industry, but it also responds to the negative news of the previous cooperation between Krypton and Mobileye on the Internet.

Before, many people in the industry questioned eyeQ5′ s final driving assistance ability. Mobileye’s consistent black box OEM method represented extreme krypton and did not seem to take the initiative.

And Chen Qi, vice president in charge of intelligent driving research and development with Krypton (former founder of Huawei’s autonomous driving team and former minister of autonomous driving research and development department-what a big boss! In the communication, we learned that the cooperation between Mobileye and Krypton in eyeQ5 is not a simple OEM model, but the two companies jointly participate in the research and development of perception and algorithms and jointly promote the matching with Krypton 001.

The research and development progress of eyeQ5 has been delayed, and the test progress of Israeli R&D personnel and krypton engineers in Hangzhou has been affected by the epidemic, and personnel exchanges and experiments have been delayed to varying degrees. In order to solve this problem, Krypton has sent people to Israel, and people from Mobileye headquarters have also come to Hangzhou and Ningbo from Israel to work together to promote research and development.

Chen Qi said that Krypton’s current R&D team has a scale of 500 people, and the cooperation with Moileye has been carried out in an orderly manner. In the future, Krypton will indeed walk on two legs, and the cooperation with Mobileye will continue, and at the same time, it is also vigorously carrying out full-stack self-research.

He believes that Moileye is still the top autopilot solution company in the world, and hopes that everyone will maintain confidence in the next improvement of the assisted driving ability of Krypton 001.

I believe that Chen Qi’s presence will also give our riders a reassurance.

The focus of this conference is to launch a new version of ME, which can be understood as a simple version of YOU, dual motors, 100-degree battery, and cancel some high-end configurations (such as electric doors that have been criticized for a long time), with a price of 349,000 yuan. Combined with the lightning switching function just released by Krypton, this car can not only have the acceleration ability of 3.8 seconds in four-wheel drive, but also have the endurance ability of more than 700km in two-wheel drive.

Really fragrant, as an old car owner, I really envy it. I had to choose WE712 for battery life, but now, battery life and performance can be taken into account.

And the Bluetooth key, needless to say, the negative Bluetooth key of mobile phone has finally been freed this time, and it is also free.

Ok, let’s stop talking about this conference of Krypton 711. I haven’t sent a video about this experience yet, but I still hope to experience the 8155 car I just upgraded today and restore a "new" Krypton 001 to everyone as much as possible.

Won the first place in quality, and the reliability of M5 in the industry market was double certified.

 In recent years, China’s new energy vehicle industry has developed at a high speed, and many new energy vehicles launched in the market have also been closely watched by consumers. When it comes to new energy vehicles, battery safety is definitely the most concerned factor for users. Among them, M5, a subsidiary of AITO, has conquered many consumers with its good battery safety strength, which has been fully affirmed by the market once it is listed. So, how safe is this car? Let’s explore it together!

HUAWEI ADS 2.0 provides a better travel experience.

With the gradual enrichment of the functions of advanced assisted driving system, adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, lane keeping and other advanced assisted driving functions are also carried on more and more vehicles, and the M5 Intelligent Driving Edition is no exception. It is equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 advanced intelligent driving system and has 27 sensing hardware, including 1 overhead laser radar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 lateral and backward vision sensing high-definition camera sets and 12 ultrasonic radars, which can accurately identify vehicles, pedestrians, traffic facilities and signs, piles and so on, making travel safer, easier and more enjoyable. Moreover, in the AEB night limit test in car home before, the version of Wujie M5 Zhijia realized accurate identification and braking at a high speed of 80km/h in the side rollover scene, which perfectly avoided collision and was far ahead of the opponent.

Even in the face of complex scenes such as night, rain, snow, fog and dimly lit tunnels, the laser+millimeter wave radar equipped with the M5 version of Zhijie can easily identify moving and static targets. The longest detection distance reaches about 200m, and the maximum horizontal detection angle reaches 120. Simply put, the rapid intervention reaction can be recognized within 200 m, so that the car can see and understand, stop and drive better. In this way, whether you encounter pedestrians crossing the road, children entering the street from parked cars, or cyclists jumping out from the guardrail, with the blessing of such an active safety system, the M5 intelligent driving version can easily avoid it and prevent accidents.

"Five-star" safety battery, forming a different safety fortress

The reliability and safety of batteries have always been the focus of consumers of new energy products, and the M5 has obvious advantages in this respect. The battery of Wenjie M5 is the first in the industry to implement the technical standard for covering the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, and the covering performance of the battery core is fully inspected, thus ensuring the safety performance of the battery to the greatest extent.

On this basis, relying on the design requirements and acceptance standards of Huawei Intelligent Vehicle Selection which are higher than the industry standards, Wujie M5 adopts a five-fold protection structure design in the battery pack of the whole vehicle, which can effectively resist the impact energy of obstacles when the vehicle collides with the bottom, so as to protect the internal battery cells from deformation to the greatest extent, and the single battery cells will not catch fire when deformed. In case of single battery failure, the whole vehicle will be cut off, the liquid cooling will be active, the exhaust valve will be opened and the subsequent spread will be prevented, and an open flame will never be seen. In the research and development stage, the battery pack will undergo 150+ rigorous tests, covering many usage scenarios such as safety, life and storage. Among them, 25 rigorous safety and reliability tests and 10 safety and reliability tests have far exceeded the national standard requirements. There is no need to worry about battery safety in daily high-pressure car washing, speeding bumps, and rubbing accidents.

In addition to these passive safety, the M5 Smart Drive Edition is also equipped with cloud battery health management. So, what is a cloud battery management system? Generally speaking, this system can realize intelligent monitoring and management remotely in the cloud. With it, which battery of the car has a problem and which battery is abnormally powered off, it will give an early warning reminder in advance, and it will not wait until the battery failure alarm of the whole vehicle suddenly falls on the road, causing an accident, which is extremely intimate.

Recently, China Automobile Quality Network published the "Quality Ranking of New Energy Medium-sized SUV in 2023" list, and the M5 won the first place in the list, and its reliability was once again certified by the authority at the industry level. Jinbei Silver Cup is not as good as users’ reputation, and its strong security strength has been quickly recognized by the market and the public, which is also embodied in the sales volume. According to the official data, in 2023, the M5 has achieved a cumulative sales volume of 120,000+,which is very popular among consumers.

In order to enable consumers to drive their cars as soon as possible, the M5 series has been decided recently. It can be picked up in less than two weeks without going through a long waiting period, and a new car can be driven before the Spring Festival to get an intelligent and reliable travel experience. If you want to buy a safe and reliable new energy vehicle, the M5 series will be a good choice!

The first OTA heavy upgrade! Yu Chengdong: The M5 intelligent driving version AEB active braking is far ahead.

On August 2nd, a few days ago, AITO’s M5 Smart Driving Edition ushered in the first OTA upgrade, including the opening of NCA in five cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chongqing, the full opening of cruise assistance in urban lanes, and the upgrade of intelligent parking assistance.

Today, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, issued a document introducing the highlights of this OTA upgrade, such as "The LCC of the national expressway city is fully open, so that the car can follow the car, start and stop independently, and handle traffic jams as skillfully as an’ old driver’".

Yu Chengdong also pointed out that the intelligent driving version of Wujie M5 not only has the far-ahead AEB active braking ability, but also can identify dangers and avoid obstacles in advance in the intelligent driving mode.

It is understood that the Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition was launched in April this year, providing two kinds of power options: extended program and pure electricity. Among them, the price of the extended program intelligent driving edition is 278,900 yuan, and the four-wheel drive intelligent driving edition is 299,800 yuan; The pure electric version is 289,800 yuan for the rear-drive intelligent driving version and 309,800 yuan for the four-wheel drive intelligent driving version.

Compared with the old M5, the intelligent driving version complements the short board of assisted driving. The car is the first to be equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system. The hardware consists of 1 laser radar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 camera groups and 12 ultrasonic radars, which can achieve 360 full coverage and all-weather perception, and the farthest detection distance reaches 200 meters.

China won the world’s top championship first, and foreign drivers were scolded for waving five-star red flags.

[Text/Observer Network Xu Ganang]

Recently, a great event happened in the domestic automobile circle: at the Moroccan station, the first stop of the 2019 World Touring Car Competition (WTCR) which ended on April 7, the first place was a China brand car: Geely Link.

It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that China automobile brand has entered the stage of the top international RV race.China won the first place at its first show.The Swedish driver bjork, who was driving this Lectra racing car, exclaimed that it was "completely unexpected", climbed onto the roof of Thed Bj?rk after the race and waved a five-star red flag.

Bjork standing on the Lectra 03 waving a five-star red flag is from WTCR.

Video/Observer Network Zhang Yiqing

For his behavior, some netizens made a discordant voice and thought that this flag was "arranged" by Geely.

Today, Weibo certified @ Geely Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Automobile Group, to come forward, and called a netizen who questioned this matter alone, saying: The national flag was not prepared by Geely, but was brought by the spectators on the spot; When interviewed after the race, bjork said that he felt the fans’ love for racing and their support for the team and him, and he waved the five-star red flag happily without hesitation. "If you don’t applaud, there is no need to boo."

According to Autosport, the media in the field of racing, in the first race of WTCR 2019 held at Marrakech circuit in Morocco from April 6 to 7, four drivers of Swedish Cyan Racing team drove four Geely Racing cars.In the three races, Lectra 03 was on the podium.: I won the runner-up in the first race and the third place in the second race.In the end, he won the championship in the third race.

According to China Racing Miscellaneous Affairs, before this WTCR, no car brand from China dared to challenge the international top touring car race, but Lectra took the lead in taking the first step, winning the first championship this season in the world’s top race, which also made China manufacturing further reach the world peak.

Link 03 Figure from WTCR

After the game, judging from the video pictures circulating on the Internet,Bjork, holding a five-star red flag, stood on the roof and held his head high.In the end, bjork and Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely, jointly took the stage to receive the award.

Figure from Twitter

This incident attracted the discordant voice of some netizens on Weibo. On the 10th, Weibo certified Vice President of Geely Automobile Group @ Geely Yang Xueliang.Alone @A netizen, the latter said on the 9 th, "These days, it’s almost time to brush the screen for any world champion. No one from China in the whole team has called a foreigner to wave a five-star red flag." This netizen believes that the five-star red flag was provided by Geely to the drivers, and the latter also spent 100 million yuan, which was "quite worthwhile".

The netizen wrote a message under the Weibo: "I can’t see others being better than myself, but I think it’s natural to see foreigners being better than myself." "You can do it!" "Let’s rub the heat in another way."

Yang Xueliang replied that it is not a day’s work to participate in the world’s top events and build a successful team, nor can it be achieved by just paying money. No long-term comeback, no progress, no broad-minded mind,It is difficult for foreigners to wave the flag.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Yang Xueliang once again issued a document to respond to the "foreign drivers holding five-star red flags".

Observer Network has noticed that many foreign auto media and self-media are also very concerned about winning the championship. Even the official Twitter of WTCR sent a message to congratulate China automobile brands.

WTCR official Twitter

Dutch RTL TV station

Since the media in the field of racing, this number of fans is 34,000.

In 2010, Geely Group acquired 100% equity of Volvo Car and related assets for US$ 1.8 billion, and the latter, including intellectual property rights, was owned by Geely Group. The engine of the Lectra 03 was also jointly developed by Geely and Volvo.

Observer. com noted that bjork also expressed his recognition of China automobile brand in an interview with WTCR after the game.

Bjork was interviewed from WTCR video screenshot

Bjork mentioned the problem of Link 03. In the third race of this competition, Cyan Racing team had two Lectra 03 cars that did not finish the race for some reason. Bjork expressed a little worry. "Because all four cars are the same car, problems in one car may appear in another car immediately."

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Send 10,000 eyebrow pencils. Why does Hua Xizi get more angry when he apologizes?

Hua Xizi finally appeared.

On September 10th, Li Jiaqi’s phrase "What’s so expensive about 79 yuan" caused a heated discussion among netizens about the price of Hua Xizi’s eyebrow pencil. Nine days after the incident, Hua Xizi’s official Weibo account issued an "apology statement" and launched a prize collection in Weibo, planning to send out 100 beauty gift boxes and 10,000 eyebrow pencils.

Source: Hua Xizi official Weibo

However, for this belated letter, many netizens did not buy it. The words "Hua Xizi’s apology is not sincere enough" and "Hua Xizi’s apology letter does not need to repeatedly emphasize that he is a domestic product" were searched in turn, and the public relations department of Hua Xizi also reported the news of collective resignation …

What exactly does Hua Xizi’s "apology statement" mean? Can Hua Xizi win the "forgiveness" of consumers by sending 10,000 eyebrow pencils?

The more you apologize, the angrier you get?

Let’s disassemble and analyze Hua Xizi’s response letter first.

"Thank you for your attention to Hua Xizi" and "Hua Xizi received great attention from the whole network in the past week". These words show that Hua Xizi knew about the "eyebrow pencil incident in 79 yuan", but the brand choice was "silent" at the forefront, but "fearful and at a loss".

Now I’m sorry, but I didn’t say it in time because I was concerned, not for anything else.

As Hua Xizi said, during this time, they "constantly absorbed everyone’s criticisms, opinions and suggestions". Theoretically, the next paragraph should talk about how to put these suggestions into action.

However, I didn’t say.

Hua Xizi is still apologizing for taking up too many public resources. Thank you for your attention. He said that the team has fully recorded, compared, revised and improved the relevant opinions, but did not say a word about how to do it. It is not very clear what the initial heart is when you read it.

The last few paragraphs tell our own brand story, and the core point can be summarized as five words: We are made in China. This part accounts for almost half of the whole letter.

The full text did not mention the eyebrow pencil price incident, did not explain the eyebrow pencil price, and did not say how to improve it in the future. It just said sorry for occupying public resources and not making a sound in time, and emphasized its domestic identity.

Netizen’s Interpretation of Hua Xizi’s A Letter | Source: Xiaohongshu @ Berby 888 Video Screenshot

No wonder netizens don’t buy it, because the whole apology statement seems to imply a logic: I’m sorry, but I’m Chinese.

And this logic of "I’m sorry, but …" will, without exaggeration, ruin the whole apology.

Psychologically, this kind of sentence is called "fuzzy message". In the same sentence, there are two contradictory contents: I am wrong, but the reason is … This kind of description will make it difficult for the listener to understand and even misunderstand what you really want to express. After all, it is like trying to shift the responsibility to other reasons.

So some netizens asked Hua Xizi, "Can it be so expensive to sell domestic products?" Of course, domestic products can also be expensive, but the focus of this eyebrow pencil price storm is not whether the brand is domestic products.

Correct apology posture

So, what should an appropriate apology look like?

The Intercultural Speech Act Realization Project (CCSARP) has analyzed apologies in five countries and extracted five components of apologies:

(1) Acknowledge (sorry, sorry, embarrassed in language)

(2) explanation

(3) bear

(4) compensation

(5) Commitment

Other scholars have also put forward different apology models, all of which are similar to CCSARP model, with three basic components: recognition (mistake), commitment (responsibility) and commitment (compensation).

Admitting (mistakes) is easy to understand, focusing on "taking responsibility". Taking responsibility is the core of the apology model. Apologists should pay special attention to the artistry of words, and people should feel that they are willing to take the initiative to take this responsibility after self-reflection. Taking the principle of no excuse and no argument will play a icing on the cake.

In view of this, Sean Mala Tang’s response to the incident of selling "fake mutton" in its own franchise stores is a negative example.

In July this year, a consumer bought mutton in a store in Mala Tang, Sean. At that time, the clerk said it was pure mutton, but after the consumer sent the mutton for inspection, the ingredients of pork and duck were detected. For this matter, the customer service staff of Sean Mala Tang Headquarters responded that "after verification, it was found that the store involved had privately purchased the mutton rolls, and the mutton rolls tested in the video were not the products uniformly distributed by our headquarters".

On August 7th, the official micro-announcement of Sean Mala Tang announced the progress of incident tracking and subsequent rectification measures, but netizens did not buy it. It turned out that Sean Mala Tang simply said, "We are mainly responsible for lax supervision …", but in actual operation, it only deducted the deposit of the stores involved, and did not deal with the lax supervision of the headquarters.

There is no attitude of "taking the initiative to take responsibility, no excuses, no arguments", and there is no corresponding action. Just saying "we take the main responsibility" can’t fool consumers.

Not to mention Hua Xizi’s "A Letter" this time, he didn’t say anything wrong at all, let alone what responsibility he had to bear …

Finally, let’s talk about commitment (compensation). Whether an apology is sincere or not can be reflected at this point.

As far as apology is concerned, if you only say "I’m sorry" and "I’m sorry", without telling the cause and effect, and without proposing any punishment or remedy, then in the other party’s view, it is also a insincere apology.

For example, if you are late for a weekly meeting and say "I’m sorry, I forgot to attend the meeting" when you enter the meeting room, you will make everyone feel that you are a dereliction of duty and don’t pay attention to this meeting at all. When a fault occurs, no matter how small it seems to you, you need to take some remedial measures to make up for it, show your sincerity, and think of a solution after a good thing, so that the other party can feel your apology.

Hua Xizi’s approach is to send out 100 beauty gift boxes and 10,000 eyebrow pencils.

Not to mention the final cost of these gifts, Hua Xizi’s behavior is not sincere enough: it did not write this "gift-giving activity" in a Letter, but sent a Weibo alone, and characterized this behavior as a prize collection. If you want to have a chance to get a gift, you have to forward its lucky draw Weibo.

In this regard, the prizes are not released at one time. At present, only 200 eyebrow pencils have been released, and the rest, in Hua Xizi’s words, "will be drawn one after another from September 23 to September 24".

Source: Hua Xizi Weibo screenshot

It’s hard to say whether Hua Xizi’s operation is compensating consumers or taking the opportunity to promote his own brand … No wonder some netizens said that this prize collection activity was "insincere and full of scheming".

Beyond the three cores, whether an apology should include an explanation is also an easy point for an apology statement.

There are two views on this. Some people think that explanation is cover-up, and cover-up is unwilling to take responsibility and want to find excuses, and the offender should not have any excuses. Others think that explanation is to show that it is not intentional to offend, which can eliminate misunderstanding and guilt.

In fact, we can change our thinking. Besides the three basic components of apology, explanation can be used as an auxiliary means of apology.

This means that it can’t independently express the apology intention, can’t independently constitute an apology act, and doesn’t have to appear, but it can form an auxiliary part of the apology speech act to help express the apology intention more completely and achieve better communication effect. More importantly, it can’t account for too much. An apology letter, half of which is an explanation, is suspected of shirking responsibility.

Another thing to note is that it is better to apologize sooner than later.

Many people (brands) will feel that apologizing = admitting mistakes = admitting that I (brands) suck = being rejected by society. For this reason, many people don’t apologize when they should apologize, but hide in order to avoid the accusations of public opinion. However, no matter how long they hide, when they show up again, what should come will still come, criticizing and accusing, even with interest.

If I had known this, I might as well apologize.

Give an apology "model"

Some time ago, the mutton rolls of Banu’s sub-brand Chaodao Store were reported to contain duck meat, which attracted attention. For this matter, Banu responded quickly, apologizing, introspection, compensation and commitment were all done. To tell the truth, it is difficult for consumers to know whether the measures taken by relevant responsible persons and external partners are really implemented, but judging from this apology statement alone, it is indeed full of sincerity.

Source: Weibo @ Banu beef omasum hotpot

However, even if you apologize and apologize "perfectly", it does not mean that others must choose to forgive.

Some people will put pressure on each other after apologizing: "I have already apologized, but what if you don’t forgive me?" There is a logical fallacy here-not all apologies can bring forgiveness, and apologies are not an emotional kidnapping.

American psychologist Harriet Lerner pointed out that forgiveness is not a yes or no mechanism, but a "degree". You can forgive someone 10%, 50% or 90%, and more often, forgiveness is a process rather than a decision, which is why it often takes us a while to forgive someone. If the other party doesn’t forgive you this time, apologize a few times more and give the other party a little time, maybe it can promote the progress of the progress bar.

That is to say, if you want to apologize, you should recognize all the mistakes from beginning to end, and don’t always think about "I apologized, why don’t you forgive me?"

Besides, Hua Xizi’s "A Letter" response is not a successful apology statement from any angle.

But from the perspective of overall public relations, the effect of this letter is not bad. You see, now people are paying attention to its public relations team, and "Hua Xizi’s public relations department or collective resignation" and "Hua Xizi’s annual salary of 630,000 strokes of public relations" are hot searches in turn.

The starting point of the whole thing, Hua Xizi 79 yuan’s eyebrow pencil, seems to have been forgotten.

Major national science and technology projects help oil and gas development enter a new era.

  CCTV News:On April 27th, the national science and technology major special series news release activities — — The press conference of "Large Oil and Gas Fields and Coalbed Methane Development" was held in the Ministry of Science and Technology. Experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the head of the oil and gas development project and the technical chief attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters.

  Chen Chuanhong, director of the Major Special Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology, presided over the press conference, introduced the overall progress of major national science and technology projects, and pointed out that as an important starting point for implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, the oil and gas development project produced a number of major landmark achievements in the organization and implementation process, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits, which opened up a new industrial development direction in the oil and gas energy field, effectively supported the national energy security, and significantly improved the upstream scientific and technological innovation capability of the petroleum industry.

  Li Fanrong, deputy director of the National Energy Administration, introduced the overall implementation progress of the oil and gas development project. Oil and gas development project is the only major national science and technology project organized and implemented by enterprises. Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and under the organization and coordination of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance, we will adhere to the innovation-driven strategy, practice the scientific and technological research mode with enterprises as the main body and Industry-University-Research as the combination, gather the superior forces of the whole society for collaborative innovation, strengthen the combination of projects and demonstration projects, and comprehensively complete the overall goals and tasks of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan and the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. The three ministries and industry experts spoke highly of the organization, management and implementation of the special project.

  Since the implementation of the special project, significant progress has been made in six major areas, including onshore oil and gas exploration, onshore oil and gas development, engineering technology, offshore oil and gas exploration and development, overseas oil and gas exploration and development and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development, with remarkable results.

  First, six major technical series and 20 key technologies have been formed, 13 major equipment have been developed and 22 demonstration projects have been built, and China’s oil and gas exploration and development has entered a new era of innovation and development.

  The second is to ensure that China’s oil production is rising steadily and natural gas production is developing by leaps and bounds. The output of crude oil increased steadily from 185 million tons in 2007 to 198 million tons in 2016, and remained the fifth largest oil producer. Natural gas production rose rapidly from 67.7 billion cubic meters in 2007 to 137.1 billion cubic meters in 2016, making it the sixth largest gas producer in the world.

  Third, it has promoted the construction of national innovation system and enhanced China’s oil and gas independent innovation capability. It has formed a high-level R&D team with 100 enterprises covering the upstream technology of the petroleum industry, more than 50 universities of the Ministry of Education and more than 20 research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Construction of 9 national, 23 provincial key laboratories and R&D centers and other high-level innovation platforms. Related achievements won 3 national special prizes for scientific and technological progress, 5 first prizes and 19 second prizes, applied for 2,143 invention patents, formulated 185 national and industry standards, and registered 722 software copyrights.

  Academician Jia Chengzao, the chief technical engineer, mainly introduced the great progress in the exploration and development technology of marine and deep natural gas in China. Through special research, China has made substantial breakthroughs in marine and deep natural gas exploration and development technology, discovered and built a number of large gas fields, realized the leap-forward development of natural gas production, guaranteed national energy security, and promoted social and economic development and the construction of beautiful China.

  First, a series of international advanced natural gas exploration and development technologies have been formed, and a number of large gas fields have been discovered and built.

  First, innovative development of major technologies for marine carbonate oil and gas exploration and development, the discovery and construction of Anyue super-large gas field with the oldest geological age, Yuanba deep reef gas field and Puguang high-sulfur gas field in Sichuan Basin, and the growth of carbonate natural gas reserves in Tarim and Ordos basins.

  Second, the development of deep natural gas accumulation theory and exploration and development technology in foreland thrust belt, especially the conquest of major exploration technologies such as deep-seated wide-line large-scale seismic acquisition and prestack depth migration in complex mountainous areas, has expanded the depth of natural gas exploration and development in Kuqa thrust belt to 8,000 meters, and found six large gas fields with a production capacity of 26 billion cubic meters under extremely thick saline strata, ensuring the safe and stable gas supply of "West-to-East Gas Transmission".

  Third, major breakthroughs have been made in exploration and development technologies of unconventional natural gas such as tight sandstone gas and shale gas, and unconventional natural gas has become an important part of China’s natural gas production. For example, breakthroughs have been made in key technologies such as tight sandstone gas accumulation theory and reservoir fracturing reconstruction, which has realized the effective development of Sulige large tight sandstone gas field, with an output of 22 billion cubic meters in 2016; Technologies such as multi-stage fracturing and industrial development of horizontal wells have supported the effective development of shale gas fields such as Fuling and Changning-Weiyuan, with an output of 7.8 billion cubic meters in 2016.

  Fourth, China has made great progress in key technologies and equipment for offshore deep-water exploration and development, discovered large gas fields such as Lingshui 17-2, and successfully developed the first deep-water gas field in the South China Sea — Liwan 3-1.

  Since the implementation of the special project, China’s natural gas industry has achieved leap-forward development, and the accumulated proven geological reserves have doubled, from 6.1 trillion cubic meters at the end of 2007 to 12.98 trillion cubic meters in 2016, and the world ranking has risen from 14th to 9th. The annual output of natural gas in China has doubled, from 67.7 billion cubic meters in 2007 to 137.1 billion cubic meters in 2016, and the world ranking has risen from ninth to sixth. The proportion of natural gas in the primary energy consumption structure increased from 3% to 6%, and increased to 8.3 ~ 10% at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Make great contributions to China’s energy structure optimization and environmental improvement.

  In addition, the exploration and development of offshore deep-water natural gas in China has made great contributions to safeguarding China’s maritime rights and interests and implementing the national marine strategy; It has cultivated new industries such as the development of unconventional natural gas resources such as shale gas and coalbed methane in China, such as the development of marine shale gas in the south, which has guaranteed the gas consumption of local industries and residents and promoted the development of local economy; The large-scale development of coalbed methane has become an important clean energy in Shanxi Province, and has made important contributions to the development of low-carbon and green economy.

  During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, we will further strengthen the theoretical and technical research on natural gas exploration and development, constantly overcome the bottleneck technologies of deep-seated onshore, deep-water offshore and unconventional natural gas exploration and development, provide technical support for ensuring the steady growth of national natural gas reserves and production, and promote the further optimization of national energy structure and the sustained and stable development of national economy.