A probe into the "nightlife" after work of Fuxing of China EMU

A probe into the "nightlife" after work of Fuxing of China EMU

  After the "Fuxing" was put into storage, the first process was cleaning. The picture shows the staff taking a bath for the Fuxing. Photo by Sun Guangzhe

  On June 26th, 2017, Fuxing, the EMU train with the highest speed in China, was officially put into operation, which opened the new speed of China high-speed railway. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the reporter from Zhongxin. com came to the operation office of Jinan East EMU in Shandong to visit the "nightlife" of Fuxing after work.

  "Good traction rod, good air duct and good axle … …” In the maintenance depot, Wang Xiao, the foreman of the special maintenance team of Jinan East EMU, is leading more than 10 colleagues to do a "physical examination" for a train of Fuxing, which just got off work.

  The picture shows the EMU warehousing. Holding professional lighting and video equipment, the staff crouched on both sides of the car for a series of procedures such as watching, smelling and listening. Sha Jianlong photo

  The "Fuxing" that is being "physically examined" has 16 carriages, which are parked on the trench track about 2 meters deep. The maintenance personnel are located in the front, sides, roof, under and inside the car for operations.

  Wendy Wang told reporters that "Fuxing" must pass the tread diagnosis and pantograph detection before entering the maintenance depot. Just like CT, infrared detection equipment conducts all-round detection on the tread of the wheelset and the high-voltage power receiving equipment at the top of the train, and transmits the monitoring data to the professional computer for "expert consultation".

  "After warehousing, the first process is cleaning." Wendy Wang said that after the power failure and bow lowering of the EMU, the special car wash liquid for the EMU was sprayed from the water outlet, and the professional "SPA masseur" beside the track was "Fuxing" and "taking a bath". Under normal circumstances, EMUs should be disinfected and cleaned by outdoor automatic washing machine before entering the warehouse. However, due to the cold weather in winter, the cleaning work must be carried out indoors by professionals to prevent the EMU from catching a cold.

  After cleaning, professional "doctors" will start a "full physical examination" of the EMU. According to the technical regulations and technological requirements, Harmony and Fuxing should enter the motor depot every 4,400 kilometers or 48 hours and every 6,000 kilometers or 48 hours for first-class operation and maintenance.

  "To ensure that ‘ Fuxing ’ The motor train runs at a high speed and smoothly, and every bolt and every part of the train must be accurate. " Xu Qingji, the "post-90s" ground mechanic of Jinan East EMU Operation Institute, is a member of the maintenance team, having repaired CRH2, 5, 380A, B and other vehicles. He told reporters that if problems are found during maintenance, they need to call superiors through real-time intercom equipment for diagnosis and maintenance.

  "Fuxing" is an independent research and development emu with independent intellectual property rights in combination with China’s application needs, which is more perfect and superior than the emu models that it overhauled before. Xu Qingji said that it unified the operation interfaces, passenger pages and operation modes of different OEMs, and also completely unified all interfaces and parts, established a brand-new China high-speed train standard system, and realized mutual standby, reconnection, rescue and hot standby of trains.

  In addition to the overhaul of the running gear, traction, braking, pantograph and in-vehicle facilities of Fuxing, its "brain" — — The maintenance of "ATP" system is particularly important. According to Wang Weina, chief of the ATP analysis work area of Jinan East EMU, the ATP system on board the high-speed rail is equivalent to a "black box", which is not only a monitoring system, but also records the running status of the high-speed rail in real time and transmits it to the monitor. It is also a traffic control system, which can command the safe operation of vehicles according to the track information ahead.

  Wang Weina said that when overhauling, professionals should clean up the dirt on the transponder of vehicle-mounted equipment to ensure that the transponder responsible for receiving and sending information is always in good working condition. "After ensuring that all equipment and facilities are kept in normal condition, the train can be put into operation."

  "Although the work is hard, I am very proud whenever I see a train of EMUs running normally after team maintenance." During the period of Spring Festival travel rush, the professional "doctors" of Fuxing will still stick to their posts and "escort" people’s travel. (End)

  Author Sha Jianlong