Does domestic OA software enter the 3.0 era? Huatian Power OA system has already released its 4.0 advantage.

OA office system plays an important role in modern enterprise operation. With the change of market and the diversification of office demand, OA office system is facing the challenge of experience upgrade. Insiders pointed out that the domestic OA software industry has now entered the 3.0 era, and OA vendors are "shuffling" in the fierce competition. However, market observation found that the requirements for OA software in the 3.0 era are not high, and brands such as Huatian Power have already released the advantages of 4.0.
3.0 era cooperated with OA to realize the integration of technology and demand.
"The OA system in the period of 1.0 is only a concept, mainly based on the application of reports and documents. In those years of 2.0, the OA system solved the basic cooperative office problems of enterprises. Nowadays, in the era of 3.0, multi-party system integration and data fusion are pursued, and the mobile office mode is realized. The pressure on manufacturers is not small, and a large number of cooperative management OA system brands at the low end of technology will be eliminated in the process."
The opinions of the insiders have been affirmed by some people, and it can be seen that the popular collaborative management OA system brand has indeed reached the 3.0 standard. Taking Huatian Power Collaborative OA System as an example, the system uses EAI technology to establish application interface layer, application integration layer, process integration layer and user interaction layer. When a document is filled in the collaborative management OA system, it will automatically flow to the ERP system to extract the required data, and then it will be approved in the collaborative management OA system, and then it will flow to the ERP system for processing, thus realizing data integration with CRM, ERP, HRM, SCM and financial software.
However, as far as Huatian Power Collaborative OA system is concerned, the requirement of collaborative management OA system in the 3.0 era is not a challenge. The system allows users to upgrade their software systems independently and flexibly, and at the same time, obtaining service guarantee is the key to breakthrough development.
Huatian Power Collaborative OA System Releases the Efficiency of 4.0 Era
Huatian Power OA believes that whether it is big data or cloud office, for operators, these interconnected technologies support office efficiency, but the enterprise user experience lies in whether a set of collaborative management OA system can be used for a long time at a reasonable or even reduced cost, which requires the flexibility and independent upgrading strength of collaborative management OA system.
"Huatian Power Collaborative OA System is currently able to surpass the above-mentioned experience needs of the 3.0 era system."
Huatian Power Collaborative OA System adopts J2EE+SOA+MVC+WebService technology, and forms "Rubik’s Cube Architecture" with framework+component system. Users can build personalized business modules by themselves, realize dynamic deployment, upgrade and expansion without code-level operation, and realize on-demand management.
In addition, the pages developed by Huatian Power Collaborative OA System based on interfaces are separated from the complex page logic of the old framework by refining the interfaces, and the calling relationship between each page module is well sorted out, which combines the approval process with the process management. It is an open business modeling tool and realizes the unified management and continuous optimization of office processes and business processes.
Huatian Power goes deep into service to enhance user experience.
Consumption upgrading is being reflected in all walks of life, and users are pursuing consumption quality, which also means that product quality is guaranteed and services should be in place in time. In this regard, Huatian Power, which entered the 4.0 era, made in-depth innovation in service.
Among the specific services, Huatian Power provides "six service contents", such as customized service, which can analyze the logical changes of data according to the specific office mode of customers and help users organize them into practical, personal and low-cost solutions for free; And "upgrade service" is the advanced product that Huatian Power and OA system can achieve, so that customers can enjoy the upgraded service with the system upgrade; Other services such as "secondary development", "consultation" and "tracking" are all aimed at ensuring the in-depth service of users, so that the collaborative management OA system project application can really land. If there is still demand, Huatian Power can cooperate with users at a higher level, not only becoming a supplier of customers, but also becoming a strategic partner that customers can trust.
It is not difficult to see that Huatian Power Collaborative OA not only meets the system standards of the 3.0 era, but also has gradually released the office efficiency of the 4.0 era from the aspects of operation upgrade and service experience, and users have the right to speak in their own upgrade operations. Perhaps this is the important reason why Huatian Power Collaborative OA has been favored by enterprise users in recent years.