From tomorrow, these new rules will bring great changes to your life!

  Central adjustment of pension funds, sharp reduction of import tariffs on daily necessities, and cancellation of "roaming" of traffic … … July is approaching, and a number of new regulations will be implemented soon. It’s about your life and mine. Come and get to know it ~

  Central adjustment of endowment insurance fund

  Pension payment is more secure.

  On July 1st, China officially implemented the central adjustment system of endowment insurance funds. After the implementation of the new system,As enterprises and individual employees, the payment is still implemented in accordance with the current policy, and there is no need to pay extra, and it will not affect the personal treatment of retirees.

  Prior to this, the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees in China was implemented at the provincial level. As far as the whole country is concerned, the income of the old-age insurance fund exceeds the expenditure. However, due to the unbalanced economic development and large population structure differences in various regions of China, the income and expenditure and balance of the basic old-age insurance fund in all areas are also unbalanced.

  Therefore, the implementation of the central adjustment system of endowment insurance funds can increase the overall anti-risk ability of the endowment insurance system, make the timely and full payment of pensions in various places more secure, and thus help promote the sustainable development of the basic endowment insurance system for enterprise employees nationwide.

  Central Bank targeted cuts to required reserve ratios 0.5 percentage points

  Release about 700 billion yuan of funds.

  Since July 5,The central bank lowered the RMB deposit reserve ratio of large state-owned commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, postal savings banks, city commercial banks, non-county rural commercial banks and foreign banks by 0.5 percentage points, further promoted the market-oriented and legalized "debt-to-equity swap" and increased support for small and micro enterprises.

  Targeted cuts to required reserve ratios, which supports the market-oriented rule of law and "debt-to-equity swap", can release about 500 billion yuan; Targeted cuts to required reserve ratios, which supports small and micro enterprises, can release about 200 billion yuan, which is mainly used to support relevant banks to explore the small and micro enterprise market and issue loans to small and micro enterprises, further alleviating the problem of financing difficulties and high financing costs for small and micro enterprises.

  2018 edition of foreign investment access

  Negative list release

  From July 28,A series of restrictions on foreign investment in banking, securities, automobile manufacturing, power grid construction, railway trunk road network construction and chain gas station construction will be lifted.The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce recently released the negative list of foreign investment access in 2018, and launched a new round of opening-up measures in 22 fields including finance, infrastructure, transportation and trade circulation.

  The Special Administrative Measures for Foreign Investment Access (Negative List) (2018 Edition) is a revision of the negative list of foreign investment access in the Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (revised in 2017) and is published separately. In 2018, the length of the negative list was reduced from 63 to 48, and a series of major opening measures were introduced.

  Import tariffs on daily necessities have been greatly reduced.

  Consumers get benefits.

  From July 1st, the import tariffs on consumer goods will be lowered to a large extent to better meet the diversified consumption needs of domestic residents.Reduce the average import tariff rate of clothing, shoes and hats, kitchens and sports and fitness products from 15.9% to 7.1%; Reduce the average import tariff rate of household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators from 20.5% to 8%; Reduce the average import tariff rate of processed foods such as aquaculture, fishing aquatic products and mineral water from 15.2% to 6.9%; The average import tariff rate of washing products, cosmetics such as skin care and hairdressing and some medical and health products will be reduced from 8.4% to 2.9%. The downward adjustment is basically above 50%.

  These kinds of daily necessities are mainly concentrated in the field of imported consumer goods with characteristics and advantages where China people’s demand is relatively concentrated, which will undoubtedly bring great benefits to the people, and will also force relevant manufacturers in China to speed up supply-side reform, improve product quality and promote industrial upgrading. Foreign enterprises will also gain a bigger market from it, which will be a win-win result.

  Import tariffs on automobiles have been considerably reduced.

  The tax on car purchase has been significantly reduced.

  Since July 1, 2018, China will significantly reduce the import tariffs on automobiles. Reduce the tariffs on automobiles with tax rates of 25% and 20% respectively to 15%;Reduce the tariffs on auto parts with tax rates of 8%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% to 6%.. The reduction of import tariffs on automobiles is an important measure to further expand China’s reform and opening up. After the tax reduction, the average tax rate of China’s automobile is 13.8%, and the average tax rate of parts is 6%, which is in line with the reality of China’s automobile industry.

  Take an imported car with a customs declaration price of 300,000 yuan as an example. Under the previous tariff rate of 25%, its tariff was 75,000 yuan. Based on the tax rate of 15%, the tariff is 45,000 yuan, and the consumption tax and value-added tax will be reduced accordingly, and the overall tax and fee can be saved by more than 40,000 yuan.

  National railway readjustment map

  The maximum fare discount is 6.5%

  Three months after the last map adjustment, the railway department will implement the train diagram adjustment in the second phase of this year from July 1, with the overall policy of "to meet the requirements of high-quality economic and social development". At the same time, from July 5, some high-speed train emus will be optimized and adjusted.

  After this map adjustment,The "EMU Train Marketization Plan" will be implemented, and daily maps, weekend maps and peak maps will be arranged. At the same time, flexible fares are implemented.From July 5th this year, we will optimize the published fares of high-speed trains running at speeds of 200-250km/h on the six sections of lines from Hefei to Wuhan, from Wuhan to Yichang, from Guiyang to Guangzhou, from Liuzhou to Nanning, from Shanghai to Nanjing and from Nanjing to Hangzhou, and announce the fares as the maximum price limit, with the maximum discount of 6.5%. Compared with the current situation, the adjusted executive fare has generally increased and decreased.

  In addition, after this map adjustment, the daily number of national railway "Fuxing" EMUs will increase from the current 114.5 pairs to 170.5 pairs, and 16 long-formed "Fuxing" EMUs will also be put into operation for the first time.

  Regulations on Operation and Management of Urban Rail Transit

  It will be implemented on July 1.

  The "Regulations on the Operation and Management of Urban Rail Transit" issued by the Ministry of Transport will be implemented on July 1 this year. The Regulations put forward requirements for the operation and management of urban rail transit in China from four aspects: management, service, safety and emergency.

  The "Regulations" refine the content of the special article on operation services and straighten out the connection between operation and preliminary planning. Establish a safety assessment system for urban rail transit before the initial operation, before the formal operation and during the operation. Clarify the management of employees, access to facilities and equipment, operation and maintenance management, management and control of potential risks and other related requirements.

  The "Regulations" also clarify the relevant procedural requirements for operations within the scope of urban rail transit protection zones, requiring operating units to formulate safety protection plans and dynamically monitor the areas affected by operations. Clarify the relevant requirements for the operation inspection of protected areas, stipulate the disposal of obstacles and violations of buildings (structures) along the ground and overhead lines, and strengthen the protection of urban rail transit lines.

  Traffic roaming will be cancelled.

  You don’t have to change your number when you live outside your home.

  China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom announced that the roaming charges (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan traffic) will be cancelled from July 1st, and the traffic of mobile phone users in the province will be upgraded to domestic traffic.Mobile phone traffic will no longer distinguish between the province, outside the province/local and national.. Since the "long-distance" call fee was completely abolished in September last year, there will be no difference in the main fees generated by the use of mobile phone numbers in all parts of the country (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) except the difference in attribution. Users who go to work and study outside the number home can save the trouble of changing their mobile phone numbers.

  At the same time, some package traffic does not support upgrading to national traffic: regional preferential packages based on base station positioning (the largest range is smaller than the local network), including community packages, subway traffic packages and airport traffic packages, are not included in this adjustment.

  Degree of higher education in China

  The fees for certification services were completely cancelled.

  According to the notice jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance,From July 1st, China will completely cancel the fees for domestic higher education degree certification services.

  After the cancellation of the domestic higher education academic degree certification service fees, the academic degrees that have been registered in the relevant databases of college students’ academic information management system and degree information management system will be subject to online inquiry and electronic certification in principle. Previously, the Ministry of Education has connected the academic degree information database to the national data sharing and exchange platform.

  In the next step, the Ministry of Education will vigorously promote the electronic inquiry authentication service, further simplify the service process, improve the service quality, and better meet the social needs such as data inquiry of domestic higher education degree certificates.

  Individual tax policy encourages researchers.

  Recently, State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China issued the Notice on the Collection and Management of Individual Income Tax on the Cash Rewards for Scientific and Technological Personnel Obtaining Post Scientific and Technological Achievements, in order to implement the Notice on the Individual Income Tax Policy on the Cash Rewards for Scientific and Technological Personnel Obtaining Post Scientific and Technological Achievements issued by the Ministry of Finance, State Taxation Administration of The People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology at the end of May this year.

  According to the Notice,Cash rewards given to scientific and technical personnel from the income from the transformation of post scientific and technological achievements can be reduced by 50% and included in the "salary and salary income" of scientific and technical personnel in the current month.. The "Announcement" further clarified the relevant operational issues, so that taxpayers can accurately understand and enjoy policies and standardize tax returns in time. The Announcement shall come into force on July 1, 2018. (Comprehensive People’s Network)