What should we pay attention to when playing badminton well?

Badminton is a sport that many people like, because it can exercise their bodies, and it is also a way to entertain themselves at ordinary times. But many times, we will find that some people often get injured when playing badminton, especially if they don’t pay attention to hand change or back retrogression, they may strain their ligaments. So what problems do you need to pay attention to if you want to play badminton well?

In fact, not only do we play badminton and do all kinds of physical exercises, but we should also pay attention to the fact that if we don’t pay attention to some small details, it will easily bring harm to our health, so I hope everyone can pay attention to these problems during the exercise.

1. Wrist: This is the most critical part of badminton hitting. According to the standard power action, the wrist should bear the force of forearm internal and external rotation, which is similar to the force when unscrewing the lid of a teacup. If your wrist hurts after exercise, it’s probably because your wrist bears the force in the wrong direction, such as when you twist the throttle of a motorcycle. The muscles of the wrist are stretched by violence, resulting in pain. Please remember the correct power action, the wrist should be rotating, not feeling overstretched.

2, forearm and elbow: When hitting the ball, it mainly depends on the contraction of forearm and elbow muscle groups, resulting in the strength of internal and external rotation.

3, big arms and shoulders: First, when exerting force, we should make full use of the waist and abdomen strength, and rely solely on the shoulder muscles to forcibly drive the arm to swing; The second is to let the arm swing naturally after hitting the ball, instead of forcibly braking the arm with the contraction of the shoulder muscles.

4, waist and back: often when the movement is not in place, it is forced to exert force when it is in an excessive backward or lateral twisting state. This causes the muscles of the back to contract forcibly in a twisted state, which is easy to cause strain pain.

5. Hips and thighs: The muscles in this part are relatively thick and strong. If there is abnormal pain, it may be that the return movement after striding to save the ball is incorrect. Generally, after striding to save the ball, do you habitually keep your feet in a big lunge, and force your body to stand straight quickly with one leg in front of you? In this state, because people’s center of gravity is extremely forward, they basically rely on the unilateral gluteus maximus and triceps femoris to contract violently, so that the center of gravity rises until it returns to its original position.

The above is an introduction to the problems that need to be paid attention to by the beautiful woman Maoqiao. I hope that through these introductions, everyone can pay more attention to it in daily life. If you want to exercise better and enhance your body’s immunity, then these details can never be ignored during the exercise, which will bring more adverse effects to yourself first.

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