Learn about all badminton brands in the world! Suggest collection!

As a badminton enthusiast, what other brands do you know besides Unix, VICTOR and Li Ning? Today, let’s learn about badminton brands around the world with Aiyuke Xiaobian. Some of them may be the first time for many people, so it is recommended to collect them!

I. Malaysia

Although Malaysians are crazy about badminton, the Japanese brand Yonex still has the highest brand influence, and Malaysian local brands mainly include Huili, Yapai, Pod and YANG YANG.

After the Tokyo Olympics, Huili sponsored Wu Jialang, the top ten player in the world. He used VERSION2 and entered the China market in 2020. Yapai once sponsored Li Xuanyi, a Korean veteran, and in 2014 tailored the apacs LHI series rackets for him; Protech’s brand spokesperson is Zhang Weifeng, who is familiar to everyone; YANG YANG is a brand founded by YANG YANG, a player from China, which is popular in Southeast Asia. Daren Liew once endorsed Yang Yang.

Second, Britain

As the birthplace of badminton, Britain has many badminton brands. Carlton was founded in 1946, and plastic badminton ranks first in global sales, but its products are mainly at the low end. Danish men’s singles player Witting Haas once endorsed Carlton. Founded in 1928, Yashilong is one of the most qualified badminton brands in the world. Later, it cooperated with China Company and entered the China market. The badminton No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6 and No.7 produced by Yashilong has become one of the first choices for fans to play.

Wesson trademark was first registered in Britain, but strictly speaking, it is a China brand. The best-selling badminton rackets include Kirin 80, Blade 7000, Jinghong 7 and Dragon Shadow. Deng Lupu is very famous in the fields of tennis, squash and golf. With its advanced technology and strong strength in rackets, he later began to set foot in badminton supplies.

Yehlex is a badminton brand registered in Britain by people from Taiwan Province, China.

Third, Germany

Adidas is the most famous sports brand in Germany. Founded in 1949, Adidas is a very famous sports brand in the world. In recent years, it has started to set foot in the badminton industry. Although it is aimed at low-end users, the designs of sneakers and rackets are still very beautiful.

Suopai SOTX originated in Germany, and entered Chinese mainland and Hongkong to explore the badminton market in 2002. What impressed me most was the Aegis badminton racket launched by Suopai, which attracted a large number of fans with its excellent offensive performance and cool all-plating appearance. Oliver, founded in 1936, was first famous for his squash equipment. Since he entered the China market in 2002, he has been deeply loved by the majority of golfers with low prices and a wide variety of entry-level badminton rackets, but now it is very small.

Talbot-Torro are two badminton brands. Talbot was founded by former British badminton player Derek Talbot in the 1980s, and was later acquired by Torro brand.

Fourth, Japan

There are many famous badminton brands in Japan. Unix, founded in 1946, is the best-selling and most famous badminton brand in the world, and has an unshakable king position in the badminton racket and badminton shoes market. Its series of rackets, such as bow and arrow, NR, double-edged, VT, Jiguang and Tianqi, have almost led the revolution of badminton racket in the world. At present, it has sponsored many world-class stars such as Lin Dan, Li Zongwei, Arceloró n and Ma Lin, as well as many national teams such as China, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia, and also sponsored many world-class events such as the Japan Open and the All England Tournament, as well as various amateur events.

Gaoshen was founded in 1951. At first, it produced and sold synthetic fiber fishing lines, cables, fishing nets, etc. Later, it expanded its business and began to produce badminton rackets. The industry is famous for its ball lines. Gaoshen is a company that once loved playing black technology on badminton rackets. Yawen pole, (inner) conical pole, octagonal pole and oval racket frame give Gosen a unique feel, which also causes people to have different opinions on Gao Shen. At present, there are mainly the following series of high-god rackets available in the market: Roots/ Stem Power, Ryoga/ Overriding, MiracleLight/ Miracle Light, Gungnir/ Eternal Gun, etc.

Founded in 1906, Mizuno is the largest manufacturer of sporting goods and sportswear in Japan. Mizuno has sponsored badminton players such as Ashan/Hendra and Aohara Hope. Xunfeng brand was founded in Japan in 2001, and later entered the domestic market, dedicated to the production of cost-effective badminton products.

Yasushi is a world-famous brand of running shoes founded by Yasushiro in Oni Tsuka, Japan. Yasushi has always been relatively low-key, but at the same time it has many loyal supporters. The price of the top jogging shoes he launched is generally more than 1,000 yuan. Arthur has a good reputation in indoor sports shoes. In recent years, Arthur began to enter the badminton market and launched a number of series of professional badminton shoes.

V. United States

Wilson, founded in 1913, is the most famous tennis racket brand in the international market, but he also owns badminton rackets. Prince is a tennis brand established in the United States, which also produces badminton rackets, but it is relatively small in the field of badminton.

Aoshiwei Ashaway has a history of nearly 200 years. It is an American brand founded in 1824. They first made fishing lines. In 1949, they began to make badminton racket lines. In 2009, it was said that the thinnest badminton racket line ever was launched.

VI. France

The famous badminton brands in France are Burberry and Decathlon. Baibaoli is a famous tennis brand, which was founded in France in 1875. Later, it began to set foot in badminton. Nelson, the former top ten mixed doubles player in the world, used Baibaoli racket, and Kentai, the Japanese mixed doubles player, also used Baibaoli. Decathlon is a world-famous shopping mall for sporting goods. They also have their own brand of badminton rackets, which have been evaluated by Aiyuke APP.

VII. Denmark

FZ FORZA is the largest badminton brand in Denmark. In 1990, Mark Christensen, a bronze medalist in the All England and World Championships, founded FZ FORZA, and its headquarters is located in Slyu, brenner, northern Denmark. In 1996, FZ FORZA was awarded the title of the first brand in Denmark. FZ also enjoys a high reputation among top players. Danish men’s singles player antonsen and women’s singles player Mia have all endorsed the FZ brand.

Eight, China

As the largest badminton market in the world, there are many badminton brands in China. Due to the limitation of space, this article only lists some well-known brands.

Li Ning Company is a sporting goods company founded by Li Ning, a well-known "Prince of gymnastics" in China in 1990. In 2009, Li Ning officially signed a contract with the China Badminton Team, which opened the way for Li Ning’s badminton to take off, and also sponsored many world-class badminton events such as the China Open.

VICTOR (Victory) is a brand in Taiwan Province, China, which has sponsored Danish and other national teams, as well as many World Badminton Federation competitions. In the early days, it focused on low-end rackets with high cost performance.

Kaisheng fans have the most contact with TSF series classic rackets named after Tang Xianhu, F9 rackets used by Fu Haifeng and C7 rackets used by Cai Yun. Kaisheng was founded in 1991, and its brand name comes from the sportsmanship of fighting bravely to win the championship, which means that China badminton players will wave Kaisheng’s racket, sing triumphantly and be invincible. Kaisheng Badminton was acquired by Li Ning in 2009, and now it is a brand owned by Li Ning, and serves as the equipment sponsor of the national youth team.

Boli, founded in 1982, is a Taiwan Province enterprise that manufactures carbon fiber tennis rackets, squash rackets, badminton rackets and other sports equipment. Boli’s classic racket series is very popular among amateur golfers, and the 1982 racket series is one of the outstanding masterpieces.

Kawasaki brand was founded in Japan in 1896 and began to set foot in tennis badminton in 1915. As early as 1973, Kawasaki made the first carbon racket in the world, which also marked the formal entry of this badminton equipment into the carbon age. Kawasaki was acquired by China enterprises in 2008. Kawasaki is famous for its high cost performance. Li Mao’s signature spear series, Spider-Man series and other rackets have high popularity among amateur fans.