Precautions for swimming

Prevention of athlete’s foot The water quality in the public swimming pool may be unclean, and swimming may cause athlete’s foot or cause pinkeye. It is best to take a bath, rinse your mouth and drop eye drops in time after swimming.

Pay attention to protect your hair. If you use a tight silicone swimming cap when swimming, your hair will be damaged. It is best to wear a swimming cap suitable for your head shape and avoid wearing it for a long time. You can take off your swimming cap and rest after swimming for a while, which can let your hair breathe and help your body recover.

To prevent cramps and drowning, get ready to go into the water before swimming. First, do warm-up exercises for the body. Second, let the body adapt to the water temperature to avoid cramps when entering the water. In addition, swimming consumes a lot of energy to avoid excessive exercise, and physical exhaustion can also cause drowning.

People who swim for a long time to prevent otitis media may have otitis media because their ears are soaked in water for a long time or there are many bacteria in the water. In addition, soaking the body in water for a long time is easy to cause discomfort such as arthritis.

It is best to swim three times a week. If you swim too many times, your body will not get enough rest and recovery, which is not good for your health.