"China Star Jump" Wen Ya trained hard and his thighs were blue.


Wen Ya training chart


Wen Ya practices diving.

  A few days ago, @ Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue @ China Star Jump triggered a new diving boom. During the visiting classes of fans and the media, we found that Wen Ya’s body had been seriously overdrawn after many days of training. In order to complete the strict training again and again, not only was her thigh bruised by water spray, which was worrying.

  Among the many stars who appeared in "China Star Jump", Wen Ya is the first female star to start diving training. With her own efforts, she also has a very good reputation among the staff. According to the staff, Wen Ya is the earliest to arrive at the training ground every day and the latest to leave. Girls love beauty, but Wen Ya has made painstaking efforts for training, which made her thighs covered with bruises caused by diving. Many fans expressed their anxiety after watching it, but Wen Ya didn’t mind it. She said that these efforts can let everyone see her beautiful diving process on TV, which is very worthwhile for her.

  In the interview, Wen Ya didn’t disclose more information, but some fans in Wen Ya said that Wen Ya’s nose had lost its sense of smell for a week because of a strong water impact during training, except for a thigh injury. Although the doctor said that this loss of sense of smell was not permanent, Wen Ya’s efforts to overdraw her body for the audience were really touching.