Hu Ge’s new film "It’s Worth It" exposes a patch trailer, and Huang Lei is officially announced to participate

Time Network News is produced by Cao Baoping, directed and written by Liu Jiayin, starring Hu Ge, starring Wu Lei and Qi Xi, and Bai Ke’s special movie "It’s Worth It", today’s exposure of the sticker trailer and the role poster of Huang Lei, and the official announcement of Huang Lei’s special starring role.

The film tells the story of Wen Shan, an ordinary screenwriter who is "left behind", who accidentally changes to writing eulogies for a living. In his encounters with ordinary people of all kinds, Wen Shan comforts others, gains warmth, and finally finds his own life direction. In the film, Wen Shan, as the person who writes the eulogy, will stage a real and warm human story with multiple groups of clients. Huang Lei’s "Mr. Wang" is one of the clients. His story with Wen Shan will also be the opening story of the film.

In the film, Huang Lei plays one of Wen Shan’s clients, "Mr. Wang," who commissions Wen Shan to write a eulogy because of the death of his father. With a busy career, he is unsmiling and direct, and he is so busy that he is almost inhumane. When he talks about his father, he is even more alienated as an outsider. In this story, Wen Shan hides the regrets of his relatives’ life in the text, hoping to give Mr. Wang compensation and comfort.