"Stealth": A different anti-drug movie, Andy Lau fought too hard this time!

1905 movie network feature The crime action movies of the four major Hong Kong film male gods have been set for December 29 and officially announced to land in the cinema for New Year’s Eve.

At present, "Stealth" has released key information such as the film trailer and plot introduction. In the film, Andy Lau challenges the role of the villain lawyer who is very difficult for the actor’s career. He uses the dark web to broadcast drug trafficking, and uses the law to get away with murder.

Just words alone, the thrill and murderous aura of "Stealth" can no longer be hidden. Apart from this scalp-tingling plot, what else can’t be missed in "Stealth"? "Today’s Film Review" takes you to see it!

"Stealth" is new enough!

"Stealth" is by no means a traditional anti-drug movie, but a new anti-drug movie that combines three elements: "curiosity theme", "extrajudicial fanatics", and "live drug trafficking".

The biggest innovation in "Stealth" is that the battlefield of drug trafficking and anti-drug has shifted to the dark and dangerous online world, and drug trafficking uses the dark web to broadcast drug trafficking. In such a large traffic entrance, how drug trafficking is secretly carried out and how the anti-drug operation will be advanced, it can be said that "Stealth" is not only about anti-drug, but also about the battle of wits and courage between cybercrime and sophisticated high-tech.

The "cat and mouse fight" that could not be avoided in the anti-drug genre films was also upgraded and evolved in "Stealth". Hackers were no longer the patent of bandits, and both the police and bandits in "Stealth" had high-IQ hackers in charge.

"Stealth" is ruthless!

The ruthlessness of "Stealth" is not only reflected in the bloody feeling of the crime action movie in the fighting scene, it is enough to dive down and explore the chilling ruthlessness behind human nature.

The lawyer played by Andy Lau, Lin Zhenan, has a gentle appearance, but his essence is "gentle scum". Whoever stands on the opposite side of him and who wants to share the interests with him, he will kill this person.

But in addition to this kind of ruthlessness of "killing without blinking an eye", Lin Zhenan’s ruthlessness is that he is not a pure cold-blooded person. Even if he betrayed himself when he treated his brother, he still missed his old love; when he treated his beloved wife and daughter, he was often emotional and burst into tears. The softness beyond ruthlessness makes the audience wonder how such a lawyer with tenderness and fraternity came to this state, and the thinking behind the doubts is enough to make people feel ruthless.

"Stealth" is awesome!

In addition to the film "Stealth", it has to be mentioned that Andy Lau himself has made a subversive transformation for "Stealth". In 2023, Andy Lau’s big screen image has changed as usual, and he has played the role of the villain many times in "Stealth", showing the other side of his acting skills.

In these two works, Andy Lau served as both the producer and the lead actor, and the producer’s identity gave him a heavier responsibility for the promotion and ultimate success of the film. This allowed him to prepare for the release of "Stealth" during his time in Hengdian, and also allowed him to do his best to play a good role in the film. At the age of 60, Andy Lau also opened himself up in the interpretation, willing to challenge the villain he played 16 years ago again, contributing new feelings to the audience, and leaving no regrets for himself.

He did indeed do it, and even after "Stealth", Andy Lau had the ability and potential to challenge more determined and extreme villains. Because Lin Jinan is a rare "bad and different" villain on the big screen, he has been so bad that he is close to madness, but this kind of bad is not facetious, but a natural development based on the exploration of his human nature. Andy Lau can play such an extremely complex role well, and with his age and experience, he will definitely have more courage to challenge more diverse images.

So far, there is "Stealth""If You Are the One 3"After a number of films were announced to be set for New Year’s Eve theaters, this year’s movie industry’s uncompromising "model worker" Andy Lau has another work in addition to "Stealth""Goldfinger."Also set the New Year’s Eve file.

In "Goldfinger", Andy Lau andTony LeungOnce again, the two films "Stealth" and "Goldfinger" were also called "the hope of the whole village" because of the strong cast and production team.

However, the revitalization of Hong Kong films is not simply determined by the degree of investment or the cast, but by the degree of integration with mainland audiences in terms of production concepts. In the new film market, audiences no longer expect purely shocking fighting scenes. In the hand-to-hand combat between you and me, audiences need deeper emotional exploration, more diverse audio-visual experiences, and fresher sensory impacts. We also look forward to the upcoming "Stealth" and "Goldfinger" to lead Hong Kong films out of the predicament and bring a "New Year’s gift" to the film industry and the market at the end of the year.