Exercise can really fight cancer, The Lancet: Three kinds of exercise are cost-effective, and running is only the third.

After fighting cancer for five years, he beat cancer!

In 2013, Henan Youth Construction unfortunately detected esophageal cancer, which is already in the middle and late stage. The doctor told him to live for half a year at most.

In order to survive, he underwent surgery to remove his esophagus by 14 centimeters, leaving a scar of more than 30 centimeters on his body. He received more than 25 times of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and his weight dropped from more than 100 kilograms to more than 80 kilograms. His condition was finally barely stable. He was discharged from the hospital.

Leaving the hospital does not mean the success of anti-cancer, but the beginning of another battle.Generally speaking, a cancer is cured if it does not recur for 5 years after treatment.. On that day, Shi Jianshe wrote in his diary "This is the real beginning of anti-cancer".

Just discharged from hospital, he was in poor health. In order to improve his immunity, he decided to start running. Everything is difficult at the beginning, ordinary people can run easily, but for time construction, it is just like torture. On the first day of running, it was only three hundred steps on the road, and his heart was pounding, his legs were weak and he couldn’t breathe. ……

But he didn’t give up, and he still insisted on running the next day, although like the first day, he couldn’t breathe without "running" a few steps. In his view, it is enough to be lucky to make progress every day. He thinks, "As long as I run 3 to 5 meters more than the day before, it is victory."

In this way, he insisted on going out to run every day. After one year, he was able to run 5 kilometers every day, and even developed abdominal muscles afterwards. In 2017, by chance, he took part in the 24-kilometer race, which took 2 hours and 31 minutes. The runners who participated in the race simply didn’t see it, but Shi Jianshe turned out to be a cancer patient. Since then, he has never stopped running marathons and participated in one race after another.

In 2018, Shi Jianshe went to the hospital for review. The doctor told him that his condition was very stable and the probability of recurrence was very small. When the big stone in Jian Jian’s heart fell, he felt that running had changed a lot and gave him anti-cancer strength.

University of Copenhagen, DenmarkIn an experiment, the researchers divided the mice with cancer into two groups, one group did high-intensity exercise in the roller, and the other group did not do any exercise. It turns out that,Compared with the non-exercise group, the tumor in the exercise group has shrunk by nearly 50%.

In this regard, the researchers believe that the adrenaline secretion in mice can be greatly increased during exercise, and then NK cells in the blood can be activated. Once traces of cancer cells are found, they will be eliminated immediately. Moreover, interleukin-6 chemical signal will be produced in muscle during exercise, which can help NK cells locate cancer cells more accurately.

From the observational study, cancer patients with strong exercise ability also have longer survival time..

The National Institutes of Health selected 233,000 subjects aged 50-71 to conduct a questionnaire survey. The survey included whether there was any inconvenience in legs and feet, such as walking slowly and being unable to walk. Through the analysis, it is found that cancer patients are 42% and 24% more likely to walk slowly and be disabled than healthy people.Among patients with cancer, the risk of death of the slowest walker is more than twice as high as that of the fastest walker.

Since exercise can help fight cancer, what exercise is suitable for cancer patients? Or you can consider these three sports.

The Lancet.After a 10-year follow-up of 80,000 people, the magazine found three kinds of sports with high cost performance, such as tennis and badminton, which can reduce the cost.47%Risk of all-cause death; Swimming can reduce28%Risk of all-cause death; Aerobic exercise such as running can reduce27%All-cause death risk.

1. Swing movement

Swing can stimulate the shoulder muscles and arm muscles, which can strengthen the muscle strength of the two parts. And in the process of exercise, it is always in a state of rapid movement. This action requires the coordination of all muscles, which can make the leg muscles get a good exercise.

The brain also needs to think during the swing, which has a certain brain-strengthening effect, and the eyes need to be constantly adjusted during the exercise, which can help strengthen the blood supply and metabolism of eyeball tissue.

2. Swimming

Academician Tang Zhaoyou of China Academy of EngineeringIt is believed that swimming is the best anti-cancer exercise. In the process of swimming, it can promote the secretion of dopamine in the body, and dopamine has the function of inhibiting tumors and regulating immunity. However, attention should be paid to moderate swimming, and excessive swimming will have the opposite effect.

3. Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise can help improve myocardial antioxidant capacity, change related adipocytokines, improve blood lipid and enhance immune function, etc. During exercise, it can increase hormone secretion beneficial to physical and mental health and keep immune function in a good range.

Although exercise can bring many benefits to the body, we should pay attention to keeping scientific methods when exercising. These four things must be paid attention to.

1. Warm up before exercise.

You need to do it before doing any exercise.10~15 minutesWarm-up, including walking, muscle stretching and joint activities.

2. Achieve exercise intensity

To judge the intensity of exercise, it is necessary to take heart rate as an index, which generally needs to be achieved during exercise.60~85%The maximum heart rate, the reference value of the maximum heart rate of healthy young people is 220- years, and the elderly patients can use 170- years.

3, insist on exercise time

The exercise intensity of 70% maximum heart rate should be sustained.20~30 minutesAbove this intensity, it can be carried out for 10~15 minutes, and below it, it can be carried out for 45~60 minutes.

4. Keep exercising for a long time

The exercise frequency needs to be adjusted according to the intensity and duration. The higher the intensity and the longer the duration, the lower the frequency can be. Generally moderate-intensity exercise should be carried out at least once a week.3~4 timesInsist onMore than 12 weeksIn order to get better results.

There is no doubt that exercise can bring health benefits, but you must pay attention to keeping the right way to exercise. Have you learned all the above precautions? # Number One Weekly #


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