# History

Bigan, the god of wealth, is a god of wealth in Chinese folk belief, expressing the good wishes of the working people in China to ward off evil spirits and disasters and welcome good fortune. His surname is Biganzi. Bi was born in Ganmoyi (now Weihui, Henan), the second son of Wen Ding, the Shang emperor, and the uncle of Di Xin (Shang Zhouwang), the younger brother of Di Yi.

Bigan was born in the Seventh Sacrifice of Yinwuyi Bingzi (the 4th day of April in the summer calendar in 1125 BC) and died in 1063 BC. He was an important official of the Shang royal family and worshipped Shao Shi (the prime minister). He assisted two emperors all his life. At the age of 20, he assisted Di Yi, the king of Shang, with a high position as a teacher, and Di Xin (Yin Zhou Wang) was entrusted with the orphans.

He assisted Wang Zhongjun, the emperor of Shang Dynasty, in patriotism, pleading for the people and daring to speak out and remonstrate, and was called "an eternal loyal minister". After Zhou Wang dug his heart, he became a careless person because his heart was hollowed out, so he was careless and impartial, and was regarded as the God of Wealth by later generations. He was the first God of Wealth worshipped by the people and widely praised and worshipped by the world.

Di Yi was assisted by Di Xin, who had been in politics for more than 40 years. He advocated reducing taxes and corvees, encouraging the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, advocating smelting and casting, and enriching Qiang Bing. At the end of the Shang Dynasty, Di Xin (Zhou Wang) was tyrannical and dissolute, extorting and extorting money, sighing for the Lord, refusing to remonstrate, not being loyal, fearing death, not being brave, remonstrating, not using it, dying, and being loyal, so he went to the Star Tower to remonstrate for three days.

He asked why he relied on benevolence and righteousness more than he did on dry days, so he relied on anger. He said that I heard that saints have seven minds and believe in everything. Then he killed Bigan and dissected his heart, at the age of 64. After Bigan’s death, Zhou Wang sent someone to Bigan’s home to exterminate his family. There were two pregnant concubines in Bigan’s family, and one was caught and brutally executed.

Bigan’s wife, Chen, managed to escape in order to save the baby in her womb. Soldiers who sympathized with them secretly released her and four handmaids. They left the capital together to sing songs and went to live in seclusion in the mountains. Later, they gave birth to a boy, and now they call this cave "Linmu Cave".

Soldiers in Zhou Wang searched the descendants of Bigan everywhere. When they found them, they asked what the child’s name was. Mrs Bigan lived in the forest, and there was a mountain spring around the forest, so they told the soldiers that the child was called Lin Quan. Later, Zhou Wuwang defeated Zhou Wang, found Mrs Bigan and her children, and named the child Lin Jian, who was the ancestor of Lin.