Game Developers Conference is coming, pay attention to the game ETF(516010) opportunity.

The game developers’ conference struck, focusing on the game ETF(516010) opportunity. The intraday turnover exceeded 66 million yuan, and the net inflow in the past 10 days was nearly 100 million yuan.

The Global Game Developers Conference (GDC) was held in San Francisco from March 18th to March 22nd. The conference will hold hundreds of conferences covering AI, VR, AR, audio, vision, programming and other topics. The participating manufacturers include Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA, Meta, Adobe, EPIC, Unity, Roblox, Tencent and Netease.

In addition, many media reported recently that the national service of Blizzard Games is expected to officially announce its return within one month. It is understood that after the return of Blizzard National Service, Netease Entertainment Guangzhou will be responsible for the operation and Thunder Fire will be responsible for the marketing, which has aroused the concern and expectation of the majority of game lovers.

In addition, the continuous issuance of version numbers, the increase in number and the approval of heavy game version numbers have boosted industry development and market confidence, and driven the opening of new product cycles.

With the development of artificial intelligence, various tools such as art, music and copywriting have been initially implemented and iterated, and connected to the game engine for the convenience of developers. In terms of game development, some companies have initially integrated AIGC creative tools into their own art development process. In terms of gameplay innovation, AI native gameplay mainly focuses on medium and light products, but heavy products have been integrated with AI content in art design to enhance player experience and payment.

Investors who don’t have a stock account can grasp the investment opportunities of the game sector through the linked fund of the game ETF (012729).

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