The dark horse in the market under the fitness craze-light coconut water, the leader of the new trend of healthy drinks

When YOLO opened the year, it became the king of both topic and box office; When hot topics about Jia Ling keep emerging, when articles about Jia Ling’s successful weight loss of 100 pounds are overwhelming, it is destined that March, the first weight loss season at the beginning of the new year, will not be too ordinary.

According to the statistics of Xinhong. com as of February 25th, the popularity of fitness topic Xiaohongshu # reached 74,776,300, exceeding 92.03% of the keywords in the whole station.

During the Spring Festival, the trading index of sports equipment on Tmall platform surged, among which the trading index of kettle bell increased by more than 430% month-on-month, the trading index of skipping rope increased by more than 280% month-on-month, while the trading indexes of fitness gloves and boxing gloves increased by 220% and 120% respectively.

More and more consumers’ enthusiasm for fitness has been ignited, not only in the sales of sports equipment, but also in the selection of meal replacement and fitness drinks. Especially under the popular science blessing of professional fitness bloggers on major platforms, drinks such as electrolyte drinks as a supplement after exercise have gradually attracted consumers’ attention.

However, at present, most electrolyte water on the market uses sugar to provide energy, which can not meet the health needs of many consumers, making coconut water as a natural and healthy drink, gradually favored by fitness enthusiasts. With the advantage of being rich in natural electrolyte, it can realize heat explosion, and with its low calorie and electrolyte-rich characteristics, it has replaced the traditional sugary sports drink, which has become an ideal choice for many consumers to replenish water and electrolyte after fitness. Moreover, it does not add a lot of synthetic raw materials, which deeply meets the health needs of consumers and releases huge consumption potential.

The production and research team of the light brand showed a keen sense of market smell and quickly launched a 100% coconut water with a formula of 0 sucrose and 0 fat to meet the needs of exercise and weight control. And choose Thai perfume coconut and sunshine coconut as raw materials, break through the traditional barriers, upgrade the taste of products, and at the same time upgrade the product packaging, with exquisite "diamond bottle" innovative packaging, create product differentiation and seize the minds of users. When the product was launched, it focused on summer exercise to quench thirst and replenish natural electrolytes through high-frequency content marketing and product planting, which opened consumers’ awareness of coconut water and made 100% coconut water a little red book and a vibrating explosion, achieving a leap in performance.


Of course, 100% coconut aquatic products that are lightly branded can break the circle. In addition to innovative content marketing, the market penetration is deepened, and the product strength behind it cannot be ignored. Light on the modern production base, the introduction of German fully automatic aseptic production workshop and advanced aseptic production technology, equipped with eight international standard fully automatic production lines, the annual output can reach 2 million tons, and the daily production of beverages can reach 24 million bottles. The mature and perfect industrial chain allows the light on the brand to break through the supply chain restrictions such as unstable raw material procurement, difficult production and transportation, short shelf life and easy deterioration, with stable quality, lower than the traditional high-priced coconut water, with content marketing, to stimulate consumers’ interest and successfully pry it open.


With the rise of healthy diet, coconut water, as a substitute for traditional sugary sports drinks, has risen against the trend and become a potential stock in the beverage industry. With multiple benefits, the coconut water market in China has ushered in the rapid expansion of the track, which has risen from 513 million yuan in 2018 to 780 million yuan in 2022. However, compared with the relatively popular European and American markets, China is welcoming more market space. Let’s look forward to 2024, when such a powerful brand as Qingshang will bring more innovative products and bring new amount to the industry.