CCTV approved the rise of "pet blind box": this is a departure from human nature and alienation of entertainment.

CCTV News:On May 3, some netizens reported that a "pet blind box" was collected and delivered at a courier station in Chengdu, Sichuan, and the kittens and puppies in cages were dying. Some caring people in Chengdu immediately organized rescue. A caring person who participated in the on-site rescue said that the delivery place of these cats and dogs was Chengdu Sanlian Flower and Bird Market, and the merchants delivered live pets to the buyers in the name of selling "blind boxes".

At 22: 30 on May 3, the reporter arrived at Xiqiao West Street, Chengdu Railway Station. The scene was filled with the cries of cats and dogs, which came from cages on the ground.

Chen Yulian, head of Chengdu Love Home Animal Rescue Center:This car pulled a car (cats and dogs) over, and then we followed. They just (turn) the car (cats and dogs) onto this car. Let’s take a look at this van. It’s completely closed. Close the two back doors, and all the cats and dogs must be locked inside.

Subsequently, the two trucks were stopped by volunteers in the rescue center and called the police. The reporter saw that a woven bag was put on the outside of each cage, and ZTO Express’s express bill was posted on each bag. After stopping the van, the volunteers tore a piece of each woven pocket to give the kittens and puppies air and water to drink. Subsequently, the reporter found the person in charge of the express delivery site to understand the situation.

Soon, the police of the local police station and the staff of the street office have arrived at the scene. In the early morning of May 4, these kittens and puppies were safely transferred, and law enforcement officers began to verify the information.

Chengdu Postal Administration: It will be put on file for handling.

The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Postal Administration said yesterday (May 5) that the postal administration immediately launched an investigation after paying attention to the situation of "delivering blind boxes for pets". For the behavior of the courier outlet suspected of illegally receiving and sending live animals, it will be put on file and the handling of the case will be disclosed in a timely manner according to law. At present, the local animal inspection department in Chengdu has temporarily detained all cats and dogs according to law, and temporarily placed them for inspection.

In addition, the ZTO Express company involved also issued a notice saying that these live animals were sold online by e-commerce customers of the platform, and were illegally collected by Lotus Pond outlets in Chengdu, ZTO Express. At present, the express collection business of this outlet has been suspended, and the person in charge of delivery safety of ZTO Express Sichuan Provincial Management Center has been suspended for inspection.

The transportation and delivery of live animals has been clearly stipulated by law.

Since May 1 this year, the Law on Animal Epidemic Prevention has been implemented, and there are clear legal provisions on the transportation and delivery of live animals. On March 19th last year, the State Post Bureau also issued a notice, demanding to regulate the delivery of live animals, severely crack down on the illegal delivery of wild animals and their products, and strictly regulate the delivery of live animals other than protected wild animals. Then, whether the merchants and platforms selling "pet blind boxes" and the express delivery responsible for transportation are illegal, experts have given corresponding interpretations.

Respect the law and refuse the blind box "out of line"

The rise of blind box economy is largely due to satisfying consumers’ curiosity and surprise about uncertainty. However, using blind boxed animals to build some people’s happiness on the basis of animal suffering or even loss of life is a departure from human nature and alienation of entertainment. Merchants must abide by the relevant laws and regulations on the delivery of live animals, and courier companies should not knowingly commit crimes.Respect for human nature, respect for the law, and people’s hearts are not blind, so there will be no such bad and out-of-line blind box.