Schwarzenegger, the new Terminator, leads the creative team in SDCC Comic-Con.

Schwarzenegger and Hamilton

1905 movie network news On July 18th, North American time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, linda hamilton, director tim miller and many other masters brought their new films (provisional translations) to SDCC Comic-Con. In addition to a brand-new behind-the-scenes production special, the Terminator crew also announced that edward furlong, who plays kate connor in the film, will return to play in the headquarters for the first time.

In this special edition, directors tim miller, Schwarzenegger and linda hamilton appeared in turn to recommend the highlights of the film for fans. The whole film continues the hard-core fighting style of the series, and has been upgraded on this basis. Various blasting melee scenes are dazzling and shocking. Although James Cameron was absent from the event, in the special edition, Cameron said that the latest Terminator would bring "adrenaline rush" to the audience, and "Card God" also praised director tim miller for filming the original style of the series.

Terminator: Dark Fate also announced another heavy news in SDCC activities: edward furlong, the actor who plays the young kate connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, will return to Terminator: Dark Fate this time. This is the first time that edward furlong has returned to star in this series of films after Terminator 2.

Creative group photo

In Terminator: Dark Fate (tentative translation), Arnold Schwarzenegger, the soul figure, made a heavy return as the "Terminator T-800" for the sixth time. Linda hamilton will once again play the role of Sarah Connor, the first female host. As the "father of the Terminator", Cameron is the screenwriter and producer himself. The reunion of the series of golden triangle also makes this terminator’s latest work more exciting.


In this SDCC activity, Arnold, who is about to celebrate his 72nd birthday, is full of energy, not only in a good mood, but also praises the SDCC comic exhibition as a good place to promote movies. And linda hamilton, the heroine, is still in excellent spirits. At the event, Linda was domineering, and she kissed the "governor" on her own initiative, causing an uproar. I wonder if the two of them will join hands to fight against the villains again.

Mackenzie davis, a former actor, plays the biochemical Grace in Terminator: Dark Fate, protecting Dany, a dark-haired girl played by Natalia Reyes. Mackenzie spoke highly of linda hamilton in the interview. When asked who would win the battle for the actress in the cast, Mackenzie replied without hesitation; "Linda will win because she has a strong inner spiritual strength."

Mackenzie Davis

It is reported that Terminator: Dark Fate (temporarily translated) follows Terminator 2: Judgment Day in the plot and forms Cameron’s orthodox Terminator Trilogy together with the first two films. The film will be released in North America on November 1, 2019. I believe that it will once again set off a classic frenzy, which will bring new shock and emotion to thousands of fans.