"Yin Yang Shi" sent a lawyer’s letter to "the glory of the king", and the two sides were "noisy" and searched for the first place.

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  If the commercial battle between Yuan Meng Xing and Egg Party in the past few months is still in the dark, the glory of the king and Yin Yang Shi put the war of abuse on the stage this time, and the focus of controversy is material plagiarism. Behind it is Tencent andThe two largest in ChinaCompany, continuously boarded several hot searches.

  On the evening of March 22nd, its mobile game "Master of Yin and Yang" sent a letter to the glory of the king, accusing the glory of the king of plagiarism.

Lawyer's Letter from Netease's Yin and Yang Division

  The lawyer’s letter lists some characters, saying that "Li Bai Broken Moon Sword Heart" in the glory of the king is suspected of infringing the role design of "SUSANOO" in Teacher of Yin and Yang, and "Priestess of Death" material is suspected of infringing the "SP God" in Teacher of Yin and Yang.

  According to the contents of the lawyer’s letter, according to the Copyright Law, the Anti-Unfair Competition Law and relevant judicial provisions, the above acts are suspected of copyright infringement and unfair competition. Subsequently, # Yin Yang Shi wrote a letter to the glory of the king, a lawyer #, ranking first in the hot search, with nearly 100,000 discussions as of press time and over 80 million readings.

  More than four hours later, the glory of the king responded urgently in the middle of the night, referring to "a series of malicious acts of some games today and in the past", arguing that "Yin and Yang Shi" repeatedly published false content defaming "the glory of the king" through official accounts, trying to gain attention; Secondly, "the glory of the king" also believes that "Yin Yang Shi" publicly releases commercial incentive tasks to guide creators to make malicious video content at a price suspected of 20 yuan; It is also mentioned that "according to the authentication standards of some games, they have been suspected of copying our popular characters many times".

  The glory of the king said that the investigation and evidence collection have been completed and legal measures will be taken to seriously fight back. "It is not advisable to touch porcelain at high frequency, and it is the right way to focus on yourself." On March 23rd, # the glory of the king said that he would seriously fight back # # the glory of the king, the teacher of Yin and Yang, rushed to the hot search, and the reading volume exceeded 100 million.

The glory of the king official response.

  As two classic games that have been online for eight years, Tencent’s the glory of the king and Teacher of Yin and Yang have gathered many fans, and their "interaction" from a distance has also attracted a lot of attention.

  A game commentator believes that the significance of this matter is to let major game manufacturers know that many players hate plagiarism, so when they play games in the future, they may pay more attention to this aspect for word of mouth. In addition, after repeated pulling by both sides, we may find that there may be some imperfections in some laws and regulations related to plagiarism in China, and then optimize or improve them.

  The above game commentary expresses the hope that there will be less and less plagiarism in this circle, so that a really good game can appear. For this battle, whether you can win or not is second. "The most hope is that the two sides will fight with real swords and guns, and they will not spray each other on the Internet. Even if they want to spray, they will focus on indictments, judgments and related laws and regulations, rather than playing rice circles."

  In fact, it is not uncommon for the game circle to argue about material plagiarism. In April 2022, Netease’s game "Drawing Travelers in Time and Space" was officially released.Posted a message, saying that Tencent’s mobile game "the glory of the king" copied its original design, and then related keywords quickly rushed to the top of the hot search list.

  Shortly after the incident fermented, the glory of the king suppliers announced on the Internet at full speed that "the column bulletin board designed for the glory of the king may be similar to other product bulletin boards, and the actual situation of the design creation is being urgently investigated".

  In October, 2021, the poster of the glory of the king’s new IP tour "Code: Zero Three" was regarded as copying "The Original God", and the official issued an apology the next day, saying that this incident was mainly caused by the outsourcing company that made the poster, and the relevant personnel of this incident would be dealt with seriously.

  Up to now, "the glory of the king" is still one of Tencent’s mobile games with the strongest ability to attract gold, and it is also the Top1 in the domestic game revenue list all the year round. According to the latest China APP Store mobile game revenue ranking released by SensorTower in February, the glory of the king continues to rank first, while Netease’s Going Against the Water ranks fifth.

  However, the glory of the king, a domestic evergreen mobile game, may also face the pressure of extending its life cycle. On March 20th, Tencent released its annual financial report for 2023. The annual revenue of the game part was 179.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.4%. Among them, the overseas market revenue was 53.2 billion yuan, up 14% year-on-year, while the local market game revenue was 126.7 billion yuan, up only 2% year-on-year. In China, Tencent urgently needs a new explosion to replace the glory of the king and stimulate growth.