Xinhua News Agency: Basketball originated in 1891 and was invented by American PE teacher Dr. james naismith. At the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, the men’s basketball game was listed as an official event for the first time. Women’s basketball was not formally included until the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. There are only two gold medals for men’s and women’s teams in the Olympic Games.

  In the past 16 men’s basketball and 8 women’s basketball Olympic Games, the American men’s basketball team won 12 championships, the Soviet men’s basketball team won 2 championships, and the Yugoslav and Argentine men’s basketball teams won 1 championship each. The American women’s basketball team won five championships, the Soviet women’s basketball team won two championships and the CIS women’s basketball team won one championship. China’s best result in the Olympic Games is that men are eighth (26th Atlanta Olympic Games and 28th Athens Olympic Games) and women are second (25th Barcelona Olympic Games).

  Rules of the game: The Olympic basketball game consists of four sections, each of which lasts for 10 minutes. If the score is equal at the end of the fourth quarter, one or more 5-minute overtime will be needed to continue the game until the winner is decided. There is no limit to the number of substitutions for each team in the competition; Pause in the first half, each team can get 2 times; You can get 3 times in the second half; At any time in each overtime, each team may have a timeout.

  There are two kinds of violations of competition rules in basketball games: violations and fouls. Violations include: walking with the ball, illegal dribbling, punching or kicking the ball, returning the ball to the backcourt, and 3 seconds violation. In addition, it also includes the following:

  5-second violation: the attacking player must throw the foul ball within 5 seconds; Or when being closely defended, you must pass, throw or dribble within 5 seconds; When the referee hands the ball to the penalty player, the player must make a shot within 5 seconds.

  8-second violation: A team must make the ball enter the frontcourt (the opponent’s half) within 8 seconds from controlling the live ball in the backcourt.

  24-second violation: Every time a player gets a live ball on the court, the team must try to shoot within 24 seconds.

  Interference score: When the ball shot (free throw) falls in flight and is completely above the level of the hoop, the players of both sides must not touch the ball. When the shot ball touches the rim, neither team member can touch the rim or backboard, reach through the rim from below and touch the ball, and shake the backboard and the rim. If the attacker violates this rule, the basket will be invalid, and the ball will be awarded to the other side to throw the ball out of bounds in the extension of the free throw line; If the defender violates this rule, regardless of whether he hits the ball or not, the shooter (free throw) will be awarded points.

  Fouls include the following situations:

  1. personal foul: If a player who didn’t shoot is fouled, the non-foul team will throw the ball into the foul area near the foul place to restart the game. If the foul team is in the state of team foul punishment, it should be awarded two free throws to the players who have not shot, instead of throwing the ball into the bounds. If a player who is making a shooting action is fouled, if the shooting is successful, points shall be counted and an additional free throw shall be awarded; If you miss the shot, you will be awarded 2 or 3 free throws according to the location of the shot.

  2. Technical foul: it is a non-contact foul, such as ignoring the referee’s warning; Violate the referee, technical representative, record desk personnel or team seat personnel impolitely; Use language and manners that offend or incite the audience; Teasing the opponent’s team members or shaking hands near the eyes of the opponent’s team members will hinder their vision; Deliberately touching the ball after it passes through the basket to delay the game; Obstruct the rapid execution of throwing the ball into bounds to delay the game; Fake a fall to fake a foul, etc. The penalty for the technical foul is to award the opponent two free throws, and then throw the ball into the boundary at the extension of the center line opposite the recording table.

  3. Foul against sportsmanship: A player is not legally trying to grab the ball directly within the scope stipulated by the rules, and the contact foul is a violation of sportsmanship. After the foul, the opponent will be awarded a free throw, and then the ball will be thrown into the line at the extension of the center line opposite the recording table. If a player fails to make a shot, he should be awarded two free throws; A foul on a player who is shooting a basket, such as a middle basket, should be scored and awarded a free throw. If you don’t hit the basket; Two or three free throws should be awarded.

  Notes for watching the game:

  As the host, every spectator who enters the stadium to watch the game should watch the game in a civilized way and forbid vulgar words and deeds. Specific attention should be paid to the following points:

  (1) Visitors should enter and leave the venue in an orderly manner, and only bring soft-packed drinks into the stadium. Don’t sit on the steps of the passage when watching the game.

  (2) The audience should not smoke after entering the gymnasium; Don’t walk around at will during the game; The mobile phone should be turned off or set in vibration and mute state. You can’t use the flash at will, especially when the players perform free throws.

  (3) When the host introduces the players from both sides one by one, the audience should applaud each player. When the national flag of the participating countries is raised and the national anthem of the participating countries is played, the audience should stand up and pay attention.

  (4) Don’t use language that infringes on the opposing team in the game, applaud the wonderful performances of both sides, and don’t use boos to influence the game and suppress opponents; Don’t use provocative body language.

Editor: Qian Ruibin