Sixteen years’ performance of duties is the drum of "reading for all" and the use of reading to build the spiritual realm of the nation

  Sixteen years have passed, and to Zhu Yongxin’s delight, the concept of reading has been accepted by more people, the atmosphere of reading for all is getting stronger and stronger, and the trend of continuous decline in reading rate has been curbed.

  Beijing, March 11th (Reporter Yang Peiying) In an interview with Committee member Zhu Yongxin for nearly an hour, the two most frequently mentioned words were "reading".

  From "the image spokesman of reading for all" to the active explorer of new education, to launching the "Reading for the Future Plan" and calling on more reading promoters, the personal practice of reading and the drum call for reading for all have become a part of Zhu Yongxin’s life. Whether busy at work or on a business trip, reading and writing at 5 o’clock every morning is his unshakable habit.

  Since the two sessions in 2003, Zhu Yongxin, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, has called for the establishment of a "national reading festival" for 16 consecutive years, taking reading for all as a national strategy, establishing a national reading fund, establishing a national reading promotion committee, and strengthening the construction of community libraries … … A series of proposals and suggestions on reading.

  In order to make children grow up better, Zhu Yongxin, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, wrote "an initiative to be a happy scholar." Photo by Future Network reporter Yang Peiying.

  Sixteen years have passed, and to Zhu Yongxin’s delight, the concept of reading has been accepted by more people, the atmosphere of reading for all is getting stronger and stronger, and the trend of continuous decline in reading rate has been curbed.

  For 16 years, we have consistently carried out the "Reading Festival" to the end.

  It has been consistent for 16 consecutive years, and there are really not many representatives or members who advocate a topic.

  At the two sessions this year, Committee member Zhu Yongxin once again put forward a proposal on establishing a national reading festival. He said that the National Reading Festival is to promote reading in daily life to a ceremony. "Just as the two sessions are the political Spring Festival of China people, the National Reading Festival should also become the spiritual Spring Festival of China people."

  After sixteen years of consistent persistence, Zhu Yongxin clearly knows the important role of reading in life. His most classic sentence "A person’s spiritual development history is his reading history, and a nation’s spiritual realm depends on its reading level." This paper profoundly expounds the important significance of reading to human growth and national development. Zhu Yongxin believes that there are many paths and methods to improve national quality, but the cheapest, most direct and most basic one is reading.

  At present, the proposal to establish a national reading festival and advocate reading for all has been jointly appealed by more than 100 members of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

  In order to promote comprehensive reading, this year, Zhu Yongxin also submitted a proposal on "promoting high-speed rail reading". In Zhu Yongxin’s view, high-speed rail has become a part of people’s lives, but at present, the reading materials provided on high-speed rail are very limited, and the quality and quantity are not optimistic. "These public readings are an important way to spread reading culture, which can effectively enhance people’s reading awareness and encourage people to develop reading habits." Zhu Yongxin believes that China is the largest and most advanced high-speed rail country in the world, and the high-speed rail carriages are comfortable, hygienic and safe, providing a good reading environment. At such a time, you can read with peace of mind, and the establishment of such a system can enable the people to develop better habits.

  Although the concept of reading has been accepted by more people, in Zhu Yongxin’s view, in-depth reading may not be enough. The most fundamental reason is that the whole society’s understanding of reading has not really reached the designated position. In terms of education, examination is still regarded as an important direction to a great extent, and reading has not received due attention.

  But Zhu Yongxin believes that the efforts will not be disappointed. In the diary of member Zhu Yongxin published in the newspaper of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, he wrote — — Carry the reading festival to the end, and I will continue to work hard for reading drums and shouts.

  Children’s reading determines the future of the nation.

  In life, Zhu Yongxin also practices the habit of reading every day with such persistence and perseverance.

  Get up at about five o’clock every morning, insist on writing and reading, and you must take all kinds of books you read with you every trip, and recommend a good book worth reading in Weibo every day.

  Zhu Yongxin told the reporter of that good habits are the best wealth in a person’s life. "It’s basically very quiet from five in the morning to eight in the morning, and no one bothers you, no work, no phone calls. You can calm down and write."

  There is still a long way to go to get people to develop the habit of reading. At the end of 2017, Zhu Yongxin’s Institute of New Education and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League launched the "Reading the Future, Children’s Reading Program". Zhu Yongxin said that he hopes to train more promoters who take teenagers to read, so that more people can become reading volunteers and promoters.

  Zhu Yongxin believes that "the length of childhood determines the height of a country. The depth of children’s reading determines the height of national spirit. In this sense, children’s reading determines the future of the nation. "

  Reading ability is very important for children’s growth. "By reading, he can go to a wider world, see things outside him, and see from ancient times to the present, from the middle to the outside, and he will see farther, which will give him a better vision. Secondly, his writing ability is not only writing, but also thinking ability. Real writing begins with thinking and writing.

  However, in the era of mobile internet, mobile phone reading can be seen everywhere, and many people don’t have a lot of time to settle down and read and write. For teenagers known as "Internet aborigines", it has become the norm to acquire knowledge through mobile phones and mobile terminals.

  In Zhu Yongxin’s view, the trend of digital reading is irreversible, and it is understandable for children to accept digital reading. However, he still advocates that paper reading should not be thrown away, especially primary and secondary school students should learn to read paper books quietly as much as possible and form such a habit, because excessive dependence on electronic media will make it difficult for children to really concentrate, and in addition, it will have some adverse effects on eyes, thinking and attention.

  Promote children and adults to read together, and the government promotes bibliography development

  In reality, many primary and middle school students have a heavy academic burden and don’t have much time to settle down and study. A reading survey for primary and secondary school students, teachers and parents shows that 74.85% of children like reading, but more than half of them have no time to read. In the question "What is the reason that prevents you from reading?" In the middle school, 50.59% of the children said that they had "heavy studies and no time and energy" to read, and "the problem of heavy extracurricular burden of primary and secondary school students" was even written into the 2018 government work report.

  In this regard, Zhu Yongxin believes that the heavy academic burden is on the one hand, and the key point is that many parents don’t realize the importance of reading. They prefer to spend their time in tutoring and learning a lot of repetitive content in the classroom. From the perspective of school education, there are a little more simple exercises and repetitive exercises, which really makes students have less time to study. It is also necessary to change our classroom and change our working methods.

  In order to let children know what good books are, since Zhu Yongxin became the provost of Suzhou University in 1993, he has promoted reading in the whole school by recommending bibliographies. Over the years, Zhu Yongxin has been doing the research and development of recommendation books.

  Since April, 2011, Zhu Yongxin and his new reading research have successively published basic reading books for primary school students in China, basic reading books for children in China, basic reading books for middle school students in China, basic reading books for entrepreneurs in China, basic reading books for primary and secondary school teachers in China and basic reading books for parents in China.

  Zhu Yongxin thinks that the development of bibliographies is a particularly important task. In the information age, the richer the information, the easier it is for people to get lost. The development of bibliography is to provide a scientific catering plan with comprehensive nutrition for a person’s spirit, which is convenient for people to follow the map. He suggested that the government further promote the research of various reading majors, promote the development of bibliographies, purchase services for the research results of various professional non-governmental organizations, and promote the deepening of reading in time.

  In the face of the current situation that more and more children prefer online games to reading, Zhu Yongxin believes that no child is born to like this and that, which requires parents’ guidance and parent-child reading to cultivate children’s reading habits.

  "This is the most effective way. Many of our mothers buy a lot of books and throw them to them. He may not be interested in reading them. You can discuss them with your children, inspire them together, ask him questions, and discuss them with him. You may take him to study. In addition, you should look for books he likes. Every child has a different appetite. If you can find books that suit his appetite, you may take him to the book world. If you find them from the beginning, you are not interested.

  In this year’s proposal, Zhu Yongxin also suggested taking children as the center and promoting children’s reading with adults. Zhu Yongxin hopes that children can love paper reading through parent-child reading, teacher-student reading and team reading, so that reading promotion can directly and effectively influence the development of reading habits of adults around children through children’s influence and supervision.

  In Zhu Yongxin’s view, it is also very important to guide parents’ education. Zhu Yongxin pointed out that the most important thing is that parents should be role models for their children, parents should grow up with their children, and parents should know what kind of education is good.

  Advocating reading for all is the spiritual index to cultivate cultural self-confidence and realize national rejuvenation. More persistent watchmen are needed to drum up and shout around the atmosphere of reading for all.