Xi ‘an Lintong First National Fitness Table Tennis Invitational Tournament kicked off.

Original title: Xi ‘an Lintong First National Fitness Table Tennis Invitational Tournament kicked off.
Workers’ Daily-Zhonggong. com reporter Mao Nongxi
Build a friendship bridge in the name of pomegranate, and show the local charm with the practice of cultural travel. On December 16th, the first national fitness table tennis invitational tournament of "Pomegranate Cup" in Lintong District, Xi ‘an started in Xi ‘an Institute of Technology (Lintong Campus).
In addition to the participation of local table tennis fans, the tournament also attracted more than 200 table tennis players from 48 teams in more than 20 provinces and cities including Hainan, Shanxi, Tianjin and Shanghai to compete for the title of "King of the Ball" for two days.
Serve and attack, sliding stroke, short ball near the net, forehand and backhand side spin … Athletes waved their rackets, flicked around and smashed, and small table tennis shuttled back and forth on the stage, performing wonderful smash and wonderful catch. Cheers and shouts came and went in the venue. At the same time, many network experts came to the competition site for live broadcast and paid attention to the hot scene of the invitational tournament together.
Outside the stadium, the road flags with the theme of "Pomegranate" are arranged in an orderly manner and spread in the wind. Lintong pomegranate 8 categories and series products are displayed on site and tasted for free. We warmly welcome table tennis players and amateurs from all corners of the country.
Lintong District has also carefully arranged activities such as "watching the cultural tourism with the competition", invited contestants and technical officials to taste pomegranate and pomegranate series agricultural special products, watch the fine performances of cultural tourism such as Song of Eternal Sorrow and Revived Legion, and fully display and promote the development achievements of Lintong cultural tourism, agriculture, ecology and urban construction with pomegranate as the medium.
In recent years, around the national strategy of national fitness, Lintong District has successively held a series of sports activities, such as the Chess Master Wheel Competition, the 9th Badminton Competition, the 12th Basketball League, the 19th Table Tennis Competition and the "National Fitness Month", among which badminton and table tennis competitions have become excellent events in Xi ‘an.
Source: Workers Daily Client