More than 100 players in the 9th Henan "Public Servant Cup" Table Tennis Finals.

Let’s compete with each other with passion and exchange ideas. On December 9th, the 9th Henan "Public Servant Cup" table tennis competition finals started in Huiji Campus of Zhengzhou University. More than 100 table tennis fans from 20 teams who stood out from the provincial and provincial competitions gathered here to discuss and exchange ideas and enjoy the health and happiness brought by participating in table tennis.

The 9th Henan Public Servant Cup Table Tennis Finals was hosted by Henan Provincial Sports Bureau, directly under the authority Working Committee of Henan Provincial Party Committee and Henan Provincial Sports Association for the Elderly, and undertaken by Zhengzhou University Sports Institute, Henan Table Tennis Association and Table Tennis Committee of Henan Provincial Sports Association for the Elderly. Like previous competitions, this competition adopts the system of regional trials and finals. The provincial competition was held in Zhengzhou in mid-October, and 10 teams including the Provincial Finance and Taxation United Team, the Provincial Table Tennis Association and the Provincial Third Division United Team were selected to enter the finals. The provincial city division was held in Nanyang in mid-November, and 10 teams including Xinyang, Xinxiang and Kaifeng were selected to enter the finals. Among them, the players of the provincial team are civil servants at or above the deputy department level, including retired; The players of the provincial municipal teams are civil servants at or above the deputy municipal level, including retired.

Small silver balls, full of strength, unite and promote friendship. Founded in 2014, Henan Public Servant Cup Table Tennis Tournament is held once a year. In the past ten years, the majority of leading cadres who participated in the "Public Servant Cup" table tennis tournament have exchanged handshakes in the table tennis arena, actively and actively kept fit after work, and promoted the cadres and workers around them to participate in fitness and scientific fitness. The event also effectively promoted the promotion and popularization of table tennis in our province, attracting nearly 4000 people to participate in it, becoming an important sports brand event affecting Henan and even the whole country.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Henan Senior Sports Association, the conditions of the ninth "Public Servant Cup" table tennis tournament have been adjusted. Compared with previous competitions, there are more teams participating, and the number of participating units in the two division trials exceeds the previous ones. All localities and units pay more attention to it, providing better service guarantee for the contestants. The competitive level of each participating team is stronger, and a number of new forces have emerged through this competition, and the competition scene is more intense.

Zhengguan journalist Chen Kai correspondent Wang Jinbang Wen/Tu