Equipped with BYD’s fifth-generation DM hybrid system, Qin L Beijing Auto Show was officially unveiled.

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Niuche. com learned from BYD officials that BYD’s new compact car, Qin L, will officially meet with consumers at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25, and the new car will be equipped with BYD’s fifth-generation DM hybrid system. It is understood that the price of the new car will be around 120,000 yuan.

In design, BYD Qin (parameter picture) L adopts the latest family design of "New Country Tide and Beauty Aesthetics", which is younger and more refined visually. The interior of the huge middle net adopts dot matrix design, and the grille on both sides stretches the width of the whole front face. At the same time, the headlights of the new car are very sharp and connected by light strips, which is visually very scientific and technological.

The side line of the new car runs from the headlights to the back door, and the B-pillar and C-pillar are designed in a hidden way, combined with the slip-back design, which makes the whole car younger. At the same time, the new car is equipped with multi-frame wheels, which is more visually sporty. In terms of vehicle size, the length, width and height of Qin L are 4830mm, 1900mm and 1495mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2790mm. Compared with Qin PLUS currently on sale (length, width and height: 4765/1837/1495mm, wheelbase: 2718mm), Qin L is larger as a whole.

At the rear of the car, the new car adopts a penetrating taillight group, and the rear enclosure is also treated in a sporty style. It is worth mentioning that the tail of the new car is also equipped with a luminous "BYD" English logo. In terms of car body color matching, BYD Qin L will provide four car body colors: Bingpo Green, Jianyao Purple, Runyu White and Tea Crystal Grey.

In terms of interior, Qin L adopts the latest design concept of the family, which is visually simpler and more layered. The interior of the three-position multi-function steering wheel is decorated with brown elements, which looks good. The full LCD instrument panel is embedded in the central control panel, and the 15.6-inch central control large screen supports rotation. At the same time, it is equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system, which supports functions such as customized navigation in Gaode, karaoke function, Himalayan music, cool me/cool dog music, BYD market, car WeChat/Tik Tok and so on.

It is worth mentioning that the new car does not completely cancel the physical buttons. The physical buttons such as start, driving mode, air conditioning control and volume adjustment are integrated around the new BYD Heart crystal ball head shift lever, which is convenient for users to operate quickly.

In terms of power, Qin L will be equipped with BYD’s fifth-generation DM-i hybrid technology, in which the maximum power of the 1.5L engine is 74kW and the maximum power of the motor is 160kW. The new car is equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery from Fudi, Zhengzhou. The battery provides 15.874kWh and 10.08kWh for consumers to choose, and the corresponding pure electric cruising range is 90km and 60km respectively. It is understood that the comprehensive battery life of the new car can reach 2000km.

2024 Beijing Auto Show: Jetway Traveler’s Seven-seat Edition debuted.

  [car home New Car Launches] At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, the (|) seven-seat model made its debut. The body length of the new car reached 5034mm, and the wheelbase was still 2800 mm. The car adopted a seven-seat layout. In terms of power, the new car was equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 187 kW.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  As Chery’s version of "Land Rover Defender", Jetway Traveler’s extended 7-seat version adopts the idea of Land Rover Defender’s 130 version, and the car body size is extended by 249mm to 5034mm under the condition of unchanged wheelbase, so that the length, width and height of the whole car are 5034/2006/1880(1915)mm and the wheelbase is 2800mm respectively, and the 7-seat layout is adopted in the car, further broadening the user group of Jetway Traveler.

Home of the car

  In appearance, the front face of the car is consistent with the five-seat version on sale. The net is inlaid with the brand logo of "JETOUR" and connected with the headlights. The distinctive headlight group style is impressive. The posture of the whole vehicle is vigorous, with sharp lines and full profile coexisting. The tail is also equipped with a classic "small schoolbag", while the vertical taillights are wrapped in a black frame, showing off-road temperament.

Home of the car

  According to the application information, the car can choose special traction devices including towing hook hole, connecting ball head, electric connector, etc. The approach angle/departure angle is 28 degrees /17 degrees, and the maximum total traction mass is 1600kg. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 2.0T engine of model SQRF4J20, with a maximum power of 254 HP (187kW) and a declared fuel consumption of 9.83L/100km. (Compile/car home Duandi)

The first OTA heavy upgrade! Yu Chengdong: The M5 intelligent driving version AEB active braking is far ahead.

On August 2nd, a few days ago, AITO’s M5 Smart Driving Edition ushered in the first OTA upgrade, including the opening of NCA in five cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Chongqing, the full opening of cruise assistance in urban lanes, and the upgrade of intelligent parking assistance.

Today, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and CEO of BU, a smart car solution, issued a document introducing the highlights of this OTA upgrade, such as "The LCC of the national expressway city is fully open, so that the car can follow the car, start and stop independently, and handle traffic jams as skillfully as an’ old driver’".

Yu Chengdong also pointed out that the intelligent driving version of Wujie M5 not only has the far-ahead AEB active braking ability, but also can identify dangers and avoid obstacles in advance in the intelligent driving mode.

It is understood that the Wujie M5 Intelligent Driving Edition was launched in April this year, providing two kinds of power options: extended program and pure electricity. Among them, the price of the extended program intelligent driving edition is 278,900 yuan, and the four-wheel drive intelligent driving edition is 299,800 yuan; The pure electric version is 289,800 yuan for the rear-drive intelligent driving version and 309,800 yuan for the four-wheel drive intelligent driving version.

Compared with the old M5, the intelligent driving version complements the short board of assisted driving. The car is the first to be equipped with Huawei ADS 2.0 intelligent driving system. The hardware consists of 1 laser radar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 11 camera groups and 12 ultrasonic radars, which can achieve 360 full coverage and all-weather perception, and the farthest detection distance reaches 200 meters.

Huawei’s 600kW super-charged pile exposure can replenish 100 kWh in 10 minutes, which is more than twice as fast as Tesla.

In recent days, Huawei’s new overcharge station in Bantian, Shenzhen has been exposed. There are 8 super-filled piles in this site, which are only used for Huawei’s internal testing at present. The nameplate of super-filled pile is very scary, which impressively says that the output voltage range is 200-1000V, the maximum output current is 600A, and the maximum output power is 600kW. Moreover, Huawei didn’t "steal and play tricks" like some new forces. It used two guns to "make up" 600kW, and adopted a single-pile single-gun design.

When competitors are still rolling 800V voltage and 360kW charging power, Huawei directly pulled to 1000V and 600kW, which can be said to increase the power of over-filled piles by one dimension.

How does Huawei achieve greater charging power by leaps and bounds? What does the appearance of 600kW over-filled pile mean? Let the Kung Fu car show you around.

(1) 100 degrees in 10 minutes, more than twice as fast as Tesla V3?

First of all, we have to figure out what is the concept of 600kW overcharge. Let’s just say that ordinary household slow charging is generally 7kW, and Huawei’s overcharging speed is nearly 100 times that of household slow charging. The power of State Grid charging piles is generally 40 ~ 60 kW, and 600KW is more than ten times that.

Tesla V3, which is talked about by fans, is overcharged, with a maximum power of 250kW, which allows Model 3 to travel 250 kilometers in 15 minutes. The charging speed of Huawei’s 600kW overcharge is more than twice that of V3. Theoretically, it can charge 100 kWh in 10 minutes, and it can fill the Qian Shan Cui of Han EV with a battery life of more than 700 kilometers in a little more than 10 minutes.

Since the advantage of overcharge is so great? Then why don’t other car companies do the 600kW overcharge like Huawei? Of course, I don’t want to do it, but I can’t do it.

To increase the charging power, it is necessary to increase the charging voltage or current. Increasing the voltage will make the arc problem more serious, and at the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the performance of high voltage DC relay, such as withstand voltage grade and current carrying capacity. Increasing the current will lead to thicker cables and greater heat loss, and even female drivers may not be able to carry charging piles.

The technical difficulty is too high, which is also the reason why the ultra-high power overcharge can not be popularized.

Judging from the current situation, Huawei, as a technical madman, seems to have initially found the answer. According to Huawei official website’s introduction, this new type of over-charged pile is called "FusionCharge DC Super Fast Charging Terminal", and a special liquid cooling structure is introduced to solve the problem of excessive heating under high current, and at the same time, the cable weight is reduced by 50%, which can be easily controlled by ordinary drivers.

In terms of high voltage realization, Huawei has developed a set of "kilovolt high voltage" full-stack power domain solution, which not only includes electric drive boosting and high voltage thermal management at the automobile end, but also includes ultra-high voltage realization at the charging pile end. After all, Huawei itself started as a power electronic device, and it is also an authority in the field of inverter servo. It can be said that it is a great advantage to make super-filled piles.

Other car companies are miserable. They rely more on suppliers, but suppliers are less likely to vigorously develop new technologies to impact their existing businesses. In this way, Huawei’s 600kW may be super-charged and exclusive for a long time.

(2) Ask M9 to take the lead, and Aouita and Polar Fox will have soup?

Now that the 600kW over-filled pile has come out? So which cars can be used? At present, the polar fox Alpha S and Aouita 11, which adopt Huawei HI technology, should bear the brunt.

According to the previous news, the Extreme Fox Alpha S Huawei HI Edition is equipped with an 800V high-voltage fast charging platform and a 480kW low-temperature pulse speed heating function, which can enter the state at the moment when the charging gun is inserted. Because Aouita 11 is compatible with the design of single motor, it adopts a 750V high-voltage fast charging platform, which can also charge for 10 minutes and increase the battery life by 200km.

These two models are the highest-end models of Huawei, but strictly speaking, they can’t play the full strength of 600kW overcharge, which is determined by the electrification platform of the model.

Not surprisingly, the first model to take the 1000V high-voltage platform will be Huawei’s flagship SUV M9. With the 600kW overcharge blessing, its recharge ability is naturally no longer worrying.

For the first time, the M9 will be equipped with a complete Huawei advanced assisted driving solution, which is the advanced version of the set on Huawei HI Edition of Extreme Fox Alpha S.. With the help of a new generation of lidar and intelligent driving chips, the computing power and perception ability have been greatly improved, and with the help of more mature algorithms, there is no doubt that it will stabilize the first echelon of intelligent driving in China.

The new car will also be pre-installed with HarmonyOS OS3 system, which can realize the functions of super desktop, PC dual-screen collaboration, adaptive adjustment of HUD height, intelligent car search and so on. The HUD can be adjusted adaptively according to the driver’s sitting posture, the PC dual-screen cooperation can make the new car "mobile office" in seconds, and even the Tik Tok can be controlled through the steering wheel, and the time dynamic wallpaper will change actively according to the climate and time.

In short, if you are interested in smart technology after all, Huawei’s new flagship SUV will never be disappointing. It is the ceiling.

(3) The journey and power exchange are all gone, and Huawei is playing with the bottom of the pot?

The greater significance of Huawei’s mass production of 600kW overcharge may lie in the impact on other "transition" routes. It has to be said that although the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China has exceeded 30%, the growth rate of pure electric vehicles is not as good as that of plug-in hybrid and extended-range electric vehicles, and many car companies are eager to change the power mode.

The most critical point is the "mileage anxiety" of electric vehicles. The battery life of a new generation of electric vehicles is not low. Take the deep blue SL03 as an example. For less than 200,000 yuan, you can buy a pure electric version with a battery life of 705km. Even if the battery life is discounted under special circumstances, it is not a problem to run 600km.

Can a fuel truck run 600km with a tank of oil? In fact, it is also very mysterious. Take "Divine Car" Sylphy as an example, its fuel tank volume is 47L, and the fuel consumption in urban areas is about 7.5L/100km, so the battery life will exceed 600km. But this is one of the most fuel-efficient A-class family cars. In fact, most of the best-selling cars and SUVs can only run about 550km per tank of oil.

In other words, the battery life of electric vehicles is actually not weak, and the real difficulty lies in replenishing energy. On the one hand, charging stations are not as ubiquitous as gas stations, on the other hand, the charging speed can’t keep up. One car often occupies the charging pile for more than an hour, and other cars can only stare.

Changing electricity can solve this problem to a certain extent, but at the cost of higher requirements for battery design and greater investment in infrastructure, just changing the battery reserve of the power station is not a small expense.

Distance can also solve some problems. Usually, electricity is used in urban areas, and oil is used in high-speed situations, so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries. However, the two systems of oil and electricity take up a lot of space and cost in parallel, and most people will choose to use electricity mainly (after all, electricity is cheap), so the pressure on the battery will be greater and the frequency of charging will increase greatly.

Comparatively speaking, ultra-high power overcharge may be a better answer. The charging sales volume of Huawei’s 600kW fast charging station is more than ten times that of ordinary State Grid charging station and more than twice that of Tesla V3 fast charging station, which means it can accommodate more electric vehicles. At the same time, it can replenish 400km in 5 minutes, and consumers’ confidence will be more sufficient, and their anxiety will be greatly reduced.

From this perspective, Huawei has actually come to the bottom of the pot. It seems that you are engaged in technical climbing inadvertently, but actually you are indirectly attacking your opponent.

(4) Kung Fu is angry

Finally, many people think that 600kW over-filled piles can only be used by specific vehicles, but this is not the case. Charging piles can be "backwards compatibility", whether it is 250kW, 350kW, 450kW overcharge or 600kW overcharge, they can be synchronized and compatible.

In other words, don’t worry about Huawei’s overcharge. The biggest suspense now is what advantages Huawei can achieve through this technology.

I have to say that after Huawei entered the market, it added more scientific and technological ideas to the automobile industry.

China won the world’s top championship first, and foreign drivers were scolded for waving five-star red flags.

[Text/Observer Network Xu Ganang]

Recently, a great event happened in the domestic automobile circle: at the Moroccan station, the first stop of the 2019 World Touring Car Competition (WTCR) which ended on April 7, the first place was a China brand car: Geely Link.

It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that China automobile brand has entered the stage of the top international RV race.China won the first place at its first show.The Swedish driver bjork, who was driving this Lectra racing car, exclaimed that it was "completely unexpected", climbed onto the roof of Thed Bj?rk after the race and waved a five-star red flag.

Bjork standing on the Lectra 03 waving a five-star red flag is from WTCR.

Video/Observer Network Zhang Yiqing

For his behavior, some netizens made a discordant voice and thought that this flag was "arranged" by Geely.

Today, Weibo certified @ Geely Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Automobile Group, to come forward, and called a netizen who questioned this matter alone, saying: The national flag was not prepared by Geely, but was brought by the spectators on the spot; When interviewed after the race, bjork said that he felt the fans’ love for racing and their support for the team and him, and he waved the five-star red flag happily without hesitation. "If you don’t applaud, there is no need to boo."

According to Autosport, the media in the field of racing, in the first race of WTCR 2019 held at Marrakech circuit in Morocco from April 6 to 7, four drivers of Swedish Cyan Racing team drove four Geely Racing cars.In the three races, Lectra 03 was on the podium.: I won the runner-up in the first race and the third place in the second race.In the end, he won the championship in the third race.

According to China Racing Miscellaneous Affairs, before this WTCR, no car brand from China dared to challenge the international top touring car race, but Lectra took the lead in taking the first step, winning the first championship this season in the world’s top race, which also made China manufacturing further reach the world peak.

Link 03 Figure from WTCR

After the game, judging from the video pictures circulating on the Internet,Bjork, holding a five-star red flag, stood on the roof and held his head high.In the end, bjork and Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely, jointly took the stage to receive the award.

Figure from Twitter

This incident attracted the discordant voice of some netizens on Weibo. On the 10th, Weibo certified Vice President of Geely Automobile Group @ Geely Yang Xueliang.Alone @A netizen, the latter said on the 9 th, "These days, it’s almost time to brush the screen for any world champion. No one from China in the whole team has called a foreigner to wave a five-star red flag." This netizen believes that the five-star red flag was provided by Geely to the drivers, and the latter also spent 100 million yuan, which was "quite worthwhile".

The netizen wrote a message under the Weibo: "I can’t see others being better than myself, but I think it’s natural to see foreigners being better than myself." "You can do it!" "Let’s rub the heat in another way."

Yang Xueliang replied that it is not a day’s work to participate in the world’s top events and build a successful team, nor can it be achieved by just paying money. No long-term comeback, no progress, no broad-minded mind,It is difficult for foreigners to wave the flag.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Yang Xueliang once again issued a document to respond to the "foreign drivers holding five-star red flags".

Observer Network has noticed that many foreign auto media and self-media are also very concerned about winning the championship. Even the official Twitter of WTCR sent a message to congratulate China automobile brands.

WTCR official Twitter

Dutch RTL TV station

Since the media in the field of racing, this number of fans is 34,000.

In 2010, Geely Group acquired 100% equity of Volvo Car and related assets for US$ 1.8 billion, and the latter, including intellectual property rights, was owned by Geely Group. The engine of the Lectra 03 was also jointly developed by Geely and Volvo.

Observer. com noted that bjork also expressed his recognition of China automobile brand in an interview with WTCR after the game.

Bjork was interviewed from WTCR video screenshot

Bjork mentioned the problem of Link 03. In the third race of this competition, Cyan Racing team had two Lectra 03 cars that did not finish the race for some reason. Bjork expressed a little worry. "Because all four cars are the same car, problems in one car may appear in another car immediately."

This article is an exclusive manuscript of Observer. It cannot be reproduced without authorization.

"Actor in Place" From Shi Baiyu to Chen Youwei, it is really important to have a good play.

It is a great challenge for the idol Chen Youwei to participate in Actor in Place. In previous programs, from YeHua in to the sky kingdom to King Guo in Empresses in the Palace, Chen Youwei was criticized by the director, but the latest program ushered in a reversal.

Successfully joined the crew directed by Chen Kaige, and Chen Youwei played "Pass the Customs" with Ren Min and Dong Siyi. In this clip, Ren Min and Chen Youwei were actually two smugglers with goods under the cover of students.

Although "Pass the Customs" is not long, it contains a lot of information. Teenagers’ rebellion, young people’s love entanglements, and teenagers’ reckless bravery are all presented in this clip.

After the performance of "Pass the Customs", it was well recognized by the director and the audience, especially the picture of Chen Youwei running, which was very emotional. Therefore, after the latest issue of "Actors in Place" was broadcast, many viewers also said that Chen Youwei really chose the right role this time.

Not only that, Tung shing Yee also bluntly said in the program that the positioning of the three actors in the whole "Pass" is very accurate, and the harmony of the whole segment is the main reason why "Pass" successfully attracts the audience’s attention.

After the review, Tung shing Yee suggested that Chen Youwei should hug the two actresses around him. This time, Chen Youwei also had no idol burden at all, and gave Ren Min and Dong Siyi a "straight man" hug.

Indeed, in the process of an actor’s acting, a good "play partner" is still very important. Undoubtedly, Ren Min, born in 1999, is a young actress. Her performance this time is not only to let the audience see her own brilliance, but also to be more rare, her own light is dazzling, but it will not hide the brilliance of her opponent’s actors. This is really not easy.

In the first episode of "Actor in Place", Ren Min’s partner Shi Baiyu starred in Better Days’s segment, and Ren Min’s acting skills were also quite recognized. Her market was initially rated as S-class. After Better Days’s performance, she still got the S card, and even watched Better Days’s segment. It was an intuitive feeling that, to some extent, Ren Min was driving Shi Baiyu’s emotions. In the end, Ren Min and Shi Baiyu were also a win-win situation, and both of them kept up.

The same is true of this "Pass", and Chen Youwei’s progress is obvious to all. When Chen Youwei plays with other young actors, the effect is that Chen Youwei is dragging down his teammates. But this time, in Pass, Ren Min, Dong Siyi and Chen Youwei all perform their own personalities, and they complement each other, which finally makes the whole picture very amazing.

As a young actor, although Ren Min’s face value is very "idol", from Yi Yao in the movie "A River of Sorrow" to Princess Hui Rou in the TV series "Qingpingle", the role played by Ren Min is not a simple idol. Perhaps it is the positioning when she debuted that she has never played a silly idol drama. Therefore, Ren Min’s acting skills are not flattering and will not make the audience feel that she is using her face value to make up for her acting skills.

However, it is precisely because idol dramas are rarely performed that Ren Min’s popularity in the entertainment circle is not very high. Even compared with Chen Youwei, her popularity is slightly inferior. This time, it is also a good thing for Ren Min to participate in the program "Actor in Place". Because of the popularity of the program itself, the popularity of the actors has also increased and attracted more attention. In the program, some producers bluntly said that Ren Min is very aura.

A good film and television drama actually needs the actors to fulfill each other, and a popular variety show actually needs to be "mashed up" to attract the audience’s attention. A good play partner like Ren Min, coupled with Chen Youwei’s controversial points, and their mix and match combination, finally presents a good screen effect.

In this kind of competitive performance program, the actors can collide with each other and eventually the audience will buy it. For example, in previous programs, Yan Zidong and Caiqi Yang performed "The Kiss of Pranks". At that time, when it was broadcast, both the director and the audience felt that the performance was very real and the effect presented was very comfortable.

In "Pass the Customs", Ren Min relies on acting skills, Chen Youwei relies on the advantages of facial features and movements, and Dong Siyi relies on the simple temperament of the girl next door. The highlights of each other are integrated without conflict, which makes a relatively successful work. Whether it is Chen Youwei, Dong Siyi or Ren Min, they can present such a work, which is also a kind of mutual fulfillment for three people. Text/Chen Wei is cool

Xiaomi Auto Mysterious Leak, Insider Reveal!

The secret leak of Xiaomi automobile caused a heated discussion, and a fine of 3 million will become a reality? Recently, Xiaomi Automobile suffered a secret leak and continued to ferment. The media and individuals involved successively issued statements and disclosed the details of the leak. Although some people regard this as a marketing tool, we should pay more attention to how to treat confidentiality agreements and think about the criteria for disclosing information. Relevant persons of Xiaomi Automobile have confirmed the leaked media, and will be held accountable according to the confidentiality agreement, with a fine of up to RMB 3 million. However, no party made a statement in this incident. Until last night, Xiaomi issued a statement identifying relevant media and internal employees. This incident highlights the importance of confidentiality, and Xiaomi’s "leakage history" can not be ignored, involving information leakage in many aspects such as price, configuration, battery and store decoration.

So, how did the secret leak of Xiaomi Automobile happen? The media involved leaked the shooting content of Xiaomi Automobile without permission, which led to the leak. Relevant persons of Xiaomi Automobile said that they have locked in the leaked media and will pursue the responsibility according to the Confidentiality Commitment Letter of RMB 3 million signed by the confidentiality agreement. This move once again highlights the importance of confidentiality agreements and the seriousness of leaking secrets. Leaking has a great impact on the business interests and reputation of enterprises, so it is particularly urgent to protect business secrets. In the public statement, Xiaomi Automobile pointed out the involved media and internal employees, and emphasized its serious attitude towards confidentiality responsibility.

The employees of the media involved still disclose the contents of the confidential shooting after signing the Confidentiality Commitment, and this behavior will be subject to corresponding accountability and punishment, including public apology and fines. This move sends a clear signal to the outside world: once you violate the confidentiality agreement, you will face severe legal sanctions. Xiaomi Automobile also demonstrated its determination to strictly enforce the confidentiality agreement through this move. The "leak history" of Xiaomi Automobile can not be ignored. As early as the beginning of this year, the media broke the news about the price, configuration, battery and other aspects of Xiaomi’s first new car, which seriously damaged the business interests of the company. The leakage of this information not only disturbs the market order, but also affects the normal operation of enterprises.

Protecting trade secrets is not only an internal management problem of enterprises, but also the need to maintain market order and fair competition. The importance of confidentiality agreement is self-evident, and how to better implement confidentiality work is also a problem that enterprises need to seriously consider. Strengthening the training and publicity of employees’ confidentiality awareness, establishing a sound confidentiality management system, and implementing strict supervision and accountability for violations of confidentiality agreements are all measures that enterprises can take. At the same time, strengthening communication with the media and improving the media’s attention and understanding of confidentiality are also important links for enterprises to protect trade secrets. The leak reminds us once again that the importance of protecting trade secrets cannot be ignored. Enterprises and the media should face up to confidentiality agreements, strengthen the attention and management of confidentiality work, and jointly safeguard market order and a fair competition environment.

Then, in your opinion, what other experiences and practices can enterprises learn from in protecting trade secrets? Welcome to leave a message to share your opinion. Xiaomi Automobile Storm: Frequent leaks have caused concern that Xiaomi Group is preparing to enter the automobile industry, which has caused heated discussions in the industry. However, with the continuous exposure of relevant information, the design and cooperation details of Xiaomi Automobile have frequently become the focus of public attention. The occurrence of a series of leaks has caused concern and speculation about Xiaomi Automobile inside and outside the industry. On February 2nd, a spokesman of Xiaomi Company reported the handling result of a leak incident, claiming that the early design draft of the front and rear bumpers of Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd. in Beijing was leaked due to poor management.

Xiaomi Group said that it had dealt with the involved partners seriously according to the confidentiality agreement, including imposing economic compensation of 1 million yuan, demanding to strengthen information security management and deal with the leaked perpetrators seriously, and instructing to formulate detailed rectification plans and comprehensively upgrade confidentiality measures. At the same time, Xiaomi Group has shown a "zero tolerance" attitude towards the leak, and hopes that all supplier partners will conscientiously implement the confidentiality agreement. The result of this incident triggered public concern and discussion on Xiaomi’s security measures. In July of this year, a blogger posted a photo of suspected battery information of Xiaomi car on social media, which triggered a heated discussion among the public about information about Xiaomi car. On November 3, another blogger broke the news that he met the "skeleton" of Xiaomi car on the road and described some details of the vehicle.

However, this information was also taken off the shelves for allegedly leaking business secrets, which triggered doubts about Xiaomi’s information confidentiality. In addition to leaks, information about Xiaomi Auto is frequently exposed on social media. Some car bloggers released the design picture of Xiaomi MS11, the first model of Xiaomi Automobile, and the details of cooperation between Xiaomi and BAIC, which triggered a hot discussion on the Internet. In response to these exposure incidents, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, responded that the leaked documents are indeed confidential design documents of secondary suppliers, and they are the design drafts of the very early bidding process, not the final documents. The exposure of this series of information has aroused the public’s expectation and curiosity about Xiaomi Automobile, and also questioned the confidentiality of Xiaomi Automobile.

In addition, Xiaomi’s mobile phone has also suffered many leaks, and some leakers have been claimed for millions. The exposure of the decoration plan of Xiaomi Home Direct Store shows that the area where Xiaomi car is displayed has also aroused public concern about Xiaomi car. The constant occurrence of these leaks has undoubtedly intensified the public’s speculation and concern about Xiaomi Automobile. To sum up, Xiaomi Auto has attracted much attention, but it has also frequently become the focus of leaks. Xiaomi Group’s serious handling of leaks reflects its emphasis on information confidentiality. However, frequent leaks undoubtedly cast a shadow over the development of Xiaomi Automobile. In the face of constantly exposed information and leaks, how will Xiaomi Automobile ensure the confidentiality of information in the future? At the same time, how will the public’s speculation and expectation of Xiaomi Automobile affect the development direction of Xiaomi Automobile?

It is hoped that Xiaomi Automobile can adopt stricter information confidentiality measures to ensure that the future development can continue to move forward in the public’s expectation and attention. What do you think and suggest about this? Let me know! Xiaomi’s mobile phone leaks frequently, and the interest game and moral boundary behind it. Today, the competition in the technology industry is becoming more and more fierce, which is followed by many incidents about product leaks. Recently, the leak related to Xiaomi’s mobile phone has aroused widespread concern. From Xiaomi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition to Xiaomi MIX4, a series of information is exposed in advance, which makes us wonder what kind of interest game and moral boundary are hidden behind these leaks? In the digital age, the release of mobile phone products has attracted much attention.

A teardown video, a subway photo and a PDF document, seemingly harmless leaks may affect the company’s business plan, marketing strategy and even the stock price. After many product leaks, Xiaomi Company not only sued the relevant bloggers and claimed millions of dollars, but also obtained corresponding compensation through the Arbitration Commission. After the leak was exposed, bloggers also issued apology statements and assumed corresponding responsibilities. This series of events has caused people to think deeply about the leaking behavior: what caused these events? Who will be the beneficiary of the leak? First, let’s look at the time nodes of these leaks. From Xiaomi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition to Xiaomi MIX4, as well as the upcoming Xiaomi car, leaks always happen one after another on the eve of product release.

Does this mean that the leak is a pre-heating marketing tool? Or is it malicious speculation by competitors? Does the frequent occurrence of these incidents mean that there is a more complicated interest game in the industry? We can’t help but ask, what kind of impact will the interest dispute behind it have on consumers? Secondly, we need to re-examine the moral boundary behind the leak. The competition in science and technology industry is fierce, and information confidentiality between enterprises is particularly important. Leaking may not only reveal the product design and hardware configuration, but also damage the company’s business reputation and interests. In the information age, the definition of moral boundary becomes particularly important. What factors have driven these bloggers to abandon the moral bottom line? Who will be their supporters?

In this wave of leaks, the bloggers related to Xiaomi Company and its product leaks have become the focus. On the one hand, Xiaomi Company has safeguarded its own interests and trade secrets through legal channels; On the other hand, bloggers also bear corresponding responsibilities through apology and compensation. However, leaks are frequent, and it seems that only legal and moral sanctions can’t completely solve the problem. We need to think more about what drove these events. Who is silently supporting all this? To sum up, the competition in the technology industry is fierce, and the frequent product leaks have undoubtedly brought many influences to enterprises and consumers. We need to think more about what caused these events. Who will be the beneficiary of the leak?

We expect that the technology industry can find a more reasonable way of competition while fierce competition, so that consumers can understand products more clearly, and we also expect more relevant people to stand up and jointly safeguard the fairness and justice of the industry. What is your opinion on this issue? Welcome to leave a message to share with us. The preheating method of Xiaomi Automobile has caused controversy. Recently, the preheating method of Xiaomi Automobile has once again triggered a heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens think that the preheating method of Xiaomi car belongs to the old routine and seems to be self-directed. They pointed out that this situation is not uncommon in the field of electronics and technology products, and many games and other mobile phone brands have also had leaks. What are the reasons for these leaks? Why is it common for Xiaomi’s products to leak?

Is there any leak related to marketing preheating? Let’s explore these issues together. Leaks occur frequently, probably because manufacturers invite some media to take photos in advance before releasing their products, and then release these photos after the press conference. However, some media may be too competitive, unable to resist showing off and want to get a head start, which leads to the leakage of product information. This has also led us to take the confidentiality agreement seriously and think about the distinction between disclosure and confidential content. After all, some pre-emptive information, whether deliberately released by enterprises or leaked by others, needs to be treated with caution. After all, safety always comes first, and we should also protect our own money bags. At present, the attention of Xiaomi Automobile is not low, and the competition between the media is also fierce.

Therefore, we might as well believe that this is not a marketing warm-up, but a leak caused by competitive pressure. I hope Xiaomi Automobile can get better sales after its official release. To sum up, the leak may have occurred because of the excessive competitive pressure, and the media failed to resist showing off or wanted to get a head start. We need to be more careful about the confidentiality agreement and the distinction between disclosure and confidential content. Finally, we have to think about how to find a balance in the highly competitive market, not only to meet the needs of consumers, but also to protect the confidential information of enterprises. What do you think of this?

Investigation on the black chain of "online celebrity" and "Huangbo" for profit: 10 million yuan in one hundred days.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 21st Title: 10 million yuan in a hundred days — — Investigation on the black chain of "online celebrity" and "Huangbo" for profit

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Shi Jingnan

  The network female anchor "Northeast Narcissus Ersao" was arrested recently.

  The female anchor was once "a smash hit" because of her obscene performance on the platform of "Wolf Friends Live". In just three months, the "Wolf Friends Live" platform has attracted 177,000 registered members from all over the country and more than 1,000 female anchors involved in pornography, involving more than 10 million yuan; There are more than one million people browsing the live broadcast platform related to pornography, covering the whole country.

  This extraordinary case of spreading obscene pornographic online live broadcast platform for profit was solved, which also revealed the truth about the profit of pornographic live broadcast — — Behind the "Yellow Broadcasting", there is a well-designed black chain of scale, organization and industrialization.

  "Yellow Broadcasting" network covers the whole country and attracts users by obscene performances.

  With the emergence of the live broadcast industry, many ordinary people have become "online celebrity" and tasted the taste of being a star, and quickly made a fortune through the popularity gathered on the Internet. However, this kind of live broadcast platform with low threshold and wide audience is full of mud and sand, and chaos is frequent.

  In June this year, the masses reported "Wolf Friends Live Broadcasting" and "Spicy Eyes", and the National Office for Combating Pornography immediately followed up and listed the case as a supervised case.

  Law enforcement officers examined and analyzed the contents of the forensic video, and found that the platform has more network anchors, which live broadcast obscene pornographic performances in real time, attracting a large number of users to pay for watching and rewarding. Its live APP covers mainstream Android and Apple mobile operating systems, and users can watch and share it anytime and anywhere across terminals.

  After investigation, the average number of viewers in the live broadcast room of the platform is more than 3,000, and the number of registered users is huge, and the anchor is online 24 hours a day. The platform has produced and disseminated more than 200,000 obscene performance video files. According to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the amount of obscene articles disseminated by it is "especially serious".

  With the in-depth investigation of the case, the iceberg that sank under the sea of the network gradually emerged. Case handlers went to Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Hunan, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang and other places to collect and retrieve data and information about criminal suspects from telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, banks and related property management companies according to law, and a network live broadcast platform for spreading obscene pornography across many provinces surfaced — —

  Its server is in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, and maintained in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The storage and live broadcast are provided by a technology company in Shanghai and operated by a technology company in Yueyang, Hunan Province. The "family leader" who provides female anchors related to pornography is in Nanchong, Sichuan Province. The network of the live broadcast platform related to pornography covers the whole country, and there are registered members and people browsing the live broadcast platform related to pornography everywhere.

  Interest-driven, it is forbidden to change the "vest" frequently to escape the blow.

  Webcast, a new form of communication, is developing rapidly, but at the same time, various problems are constantly appearing. Behind the proliferation of illegal and illegal content is interest.

  Li Zehong, deputy director of the case supervision department of the National Office for Combating Pornography, said that the main profit model of the webcast platform is based on rewards of virtual gifts. Fans spend money to buy virtual gifts for anchors, and the anchors are divided into live broadcast platforms accordingly. "Because of the existence of relevant interests, the anchor will have the driving force to do something illegal. The website will let this behavior go because of the need of traffic or related interests. "

  Under the impulse of profit-seeking, some platform operators and network anchors ignored the rules and the bottom line and repeatedly involved in pornography. There are also some anchors involved in pornography who are linked with criminal organizations and black gangs to form a community of interest grabbing and distribution, in order to earn a lot of money in a short time and dream of "becoming bigger and stronger" together.

  According to the investigators, although the state strictly prohibits "yellow broadcasting", the criminals hide in Tibet and continue to take risks. They adopt the method of constantly changing platforms to escape supervision and attack, seeking only short-term profits and quick realization. In just 30 days, the platform of "Wolf Friends Live Broadcasting" has been upgraded three times, and the domain name and software download address have been changed more than 10 times. The name has changed from the original "Wolf Friends" to "Dream" and then to "Adversity". In addition, people engaged in obscene live performances are registered with false information, and most bank accounts are also registered under other people’s account names.

  According to reports, many of the audience of "Yellow Broadcast" are minors. In this regard, Tong Lihua, director of the Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research Center, said that the live broadcast involving pornography is a cancer in the Internet space, and a large number of audio-visual information containing obscene and pornographic content is spread on the Internet, which seriously damages social morality, poisons the physical and mental health of young people, and easily induces juvenile delinquency.

  Establishment of anchor "blacklist" system with multi-pronged network anti-vice

  The flood of pornography has cast a shadow over the live webcast. Since the beginning of this year, dozens of yellow-related live broadcast platforms such as Night Charming Community, Smile Live, LOLO, Steamed Bread, Tiger and Honey Live have been investigated.

  Xue Songyan, full-time deputy director of the National Office for Combating Pornography, said that the Internet has become the main channel for the dissemination of harmful information such as obscenity and pornography. Although most of the live broadcast platforms involved in these cases have not been in operation for a long time, the amount involved is large and the social harm is great.

  "The nature of webcasting determines the difficulty of supervision." Hu Gang, Deputy Secretary-General of internet society of china Law Committee, believes that the diversity, anonymity, instantaneity, variability and concealment of live broadcast platform services are important supports for the live broadcast platform to deal with pornography. The management of webcasting involving the Yellow River needs to adhere to the "multi-pronged approach" such as special rectification, comprehensive management, source management and collaborative management.

  Tong Lihua said that in terms of network supervision, government departments, Internet companies and specialized social organizations should strengthen cooperation and jointly respond.

  It is understood that the national "anti-pornography and illegal publications" office has taken the lead together with the National Network Information Office to coordinate multi-departments of the central government and some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to establish a long-term mechanism such as the online work joint meeting system, forming a strong working force. At the same time, all localities have strengthened industry supervision, strictly implemented 24-hour monitoring requirements, and immediately closed down illegal live broadcasts, and established a "blacklist" system for anchors and an industry notification mechanism to ban illegal anchors from the whole industry.

  "For illegal acts such as live broadcast involving pornography, ‘ Eradicate pornography and illegal publications ’ The department has always maintained a severe crackdown. Once it is discovered that it will be traced to the end, the verified platforms and personnel will be severely punished according to law and will never be soft. " Xue Songyan said.

With a price of $11.5 per share and a total market value of $9.724 billion, LI wants to ring the bell on the American Stock Exchange with Li (LI).

Text | Car Story Green Lemon

At 21: 00 on July 30th, Beijing time, the LI built by Li Xiang was officially listed on NASDAQ. The issue price is $11.5 per share, with a total market value of $9.724 billion, 95 million shares in circulation and 846 million shares in total. LI became the second new car-making force to successfully IPO in the United States after Weilai.

It is reported that the subscription of LI in the pre-listing period was very good, which not only ended the subscription in advance, but also rang the bell on Nasdaq one day earlier.

At 21: 00 p.m. on July 30th, Beijing time, LI was officially listed on NASDAQ. The stock code is LI, and the issue price is $1.15/share. The pre-market value is $9.724 billion, the circulating market value is 1.092 billion yuan, the circulating share capital is 95 million shares, and the total share capital is 846 million shares.

So far, apart from Weilai, LI has become the second new car-making force to successfully go public in the United States. At the same time, for Li Xiang, the founder, his second personal entrepreneurial project was listed on Nasdaq after the car.

In fact, since the day LI was born, IPO has been no secret, but what has not been confirmed is where it will be chosen.

It was not until July 10th this year that LI officially submitted a prospectus to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States, and the listing location was really hammered.

According to this prospectus, in terms of ownership structure, LI is divided into A shares and B shares. Among them, Li Xiang, as the largest natural person shareholder in LI, holds about 356 million A and B shares, accounting for about 25.1% of the total share capital and having 70.3% of the voting rights; Wang Xing (and Meituan) is the second largest shareholder in LI, holding 332 million A shares, accounting for 23.5% of the total share capital, but only 9.3% of the voting rights; Shen Yanan, co-founder and president of LI, holds 1.1% A shares and has 0.4% voting rights; Li Tie, the co-founder and CFO, holds 1.0% of A shares and has 0.4% of voting rights.

In addition, in terms of institutional shareholding, Amp Lee Ltd (which Li wants to enjoy through trust) holds 25.1% of Class A shares; Zijin Global Fund holds 8.9% shares and has 3.5% voting rights; Rainbow Six Limited holds 6.1% shares and has 2.4% voting rights; Inspired Elite Investments Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meituan) holds 14.5% of the shares and has 5.8% of the voting rights.

Through the AB-share structure design, Li wants to achieve absolute control over LI. This is also conducive to the flat operation of this innovative company in the operation process and helps to achieve extremely fast response.

Based on the calculation of initial public offering, LI raised 1,092.5 million US dollars. For this fund, LI said in the prospectus earlier that it will be used for the research and development of new products and the company’s working capital.

According to sales data, in the second quarter of this year, LI delivered a total of 6,604 new cars, an increase of 128% compared with 2,896 in the first quarter. Its revenue in the second quarter also increased by 128.6% compared with the first quarter. The gross profit margin increased from 8% in the first quarter to 13.3% in the second quarter.

Better-than-expected data also made investors optimistic about LI.

Just at the time of LI’s official listing tonight, Jingwei Zhang Ying said on the social platform: "Congratulations to Li Xiang, congratulations to the ideal. For early investors, the most important thing is always people, and excellent founders are greater than everything."

As the main investor of LI A round, Cao Yi, the founding partner of the source code, also said in an interview: "The huge industry, the big bottom changes are gestating, the S-class entrepreneurs, the excellent business natural attributes, etc. are all in LI. You can see it on this company."

Of course, listing is only a phased goal in the initial stage of LI’s Long March. Its achievement does not mean that LI can breathe a sigh of relief. There are still more problems waiting for Li Xiang (LI) in product quality control, new vehicle research and development, and the expansion of intelligent network. In addition, compared with the product side, how to improve the soft power of the server also tests the comprehensive strength of how LI grabs orders from competing products.

"Yin Yang Shi" sent a lawyer’s letter to "the glory of the king", and the two sides were "noisy" and searched for the first place.

K diagram 09999_0

K diagram 00700_0

  If the commercial battle between Yuan Meng Xing and Egg Party in the past few months is still in the dark, the glory of the king and Yin Yang Shi put the war of abuse on the stage this time, and the focus of controversy is material plagiarism. Behind it is Tencent andThe two largest in ChinaCompany, continuously boarded several hot searches.

  On the evening of March 22nd, its mobile game "Master of Yin and Yang" sent a letter to the glory of the king, accusing the glory of the king of plagiarism.

Lawyer's Letter from Netease's Yin and Yang Division

  The lawyer’s letter lists some characters, saying that "Li Bai Broken Moon Sword Heart" in the glory of the king is suspected of infringing the role design of "SUSANOO" in Teacher of Yin and Yang, and "Priestess of Death" material is suspected of infringing the "SP God" in Teacher of Yin and Yang.

  According to the contents of the lawyer’s letter, according to the Copyright Law, the Anti-Unfair Competition Law and relevant judicial provisions, the above acts are suspected of copyright infringement and unfair competition. Subsequently, # Yin Yang Shi wrote a letter to the glory of the king, a lawyer #, ranking first in the hot search, with nearly 100,000 discussions as of press time and over 80 million readings.

  More than four hours later, the glory of the king responded urgently in the middle of the night, referring to "a series of malicious acts of some games today and in the past", arguing that "Yin and Yang Shi" repeatedly published false content defaming "the glory of the king" through official accounts, trying to gain attention; Secondly, "the glory of the king" also believes that "Yin Yang Shi" publicly releases commercial incentive tasks to guide creators to make malicious video content at a price suspected of 20 yuan; It is also mentioned that "according to the authentication standards of some games, they have been suspected of copying our popular characters many times".

  The glory of the king said that the investigation and evidence collection have been completed and legal measures will be taken to seriously fight back. "It is not advisable to touch porcelain at high frequency, and it is the right way to focus on yourself." On March 23rd, # the glory of the king said that he would seriously fight back # # the glory of the king, the teacher of Yin and Yang, rushed to the hot search, and the reading volume exceeded 100 million.

The glory of the king official response.

  As two classic games that have been online for eight years, Tencent’s the glory of the king and Teacher of Yin and Yang have gathered many fans, and their "interaction" from a distance has also attracted a lot of attention.

  A game commentator believes that the significance of this matter is to let major game manufacturers know that many players hate plagiarism, so when they play games in the future, they may pay more attention to this aspect for word of mouth. In addition, after repeated pulling by both sides, we may find that there may be some imperfections in some laws and regulations related to plagiarism in China, and then optimize or improve them.

  The above game commentary expresses the hope that there will be less and less plagiarism in this circle, so that a really good game can appear. For this battle, whether you can win or not is second. "The most hope is that the two sides will fight with real swords and guns, and they will not spray each other on the Internet. Even if they want to spray, they will focus on indictments, judgments and related laws and regulations, rather than playing rice circles."

  In fact, it is not uncommon for the game circle to argue about material plagiarism. In April 2022, Netease’s game "Drawing Travelers in Time and Space" was officially released.Posted a message, saying that Tencent’s mobile game "the glory of the king" copied its original design, and then related keywords quickly rushed to the top of the hot search list.

  Shortly after the incident fermented, the glory of the king suppliers announced on the Internet at full speed that "the column bulletin board designed for the glory of the king may be similar to other product bulletin boards, and the actual situation of the design creation is being urgently investigated".

  In October, 2021, the poster of the glory of the king’s new IP tour "Code: Zero Three" was regarded as copying "The Original God", and the official issued an apology the next day, saying that this incident was mainly caused by the outsourcing company that made the poster, and the relevant personnel of this incident would be dealt with seriously.

  Up to now, "the glory of the king" is still one of Tencent’s mobile games with the strongest ability to attract gold, and it is also the Top1 in the domestic game revenue list all the year round. According to the latest China APP Store mobile game revenue ranking released by SensorTower in February, the glory of the king continues to rank first, while Netease’s Going Against the Water ranks fifth.

  However, the glory of the king, a domestic evergreen mobile game, may also face the pressure of extending its life cycle. On March 20th, Tencent released its annual financial report for 2023. The annual revenue of the game part was 179.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.4%. Among them, the overseas market revenue was 53.2 billion yuan, up 14% year-on-year, while the local market game revenue was 126.7 billion yuan, up only 2% year-on-year. In China, Tencent urgently needs a new explosion to replace the glory of the king and stimulate growth.