Chen Bairong, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and Shede Wine Industry, suggested strengthening the "smart transformation" of the food manufacturing industry and accelerating the development

On March 5, the Second Session of the 14th National People’s Congress was grandly opened in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In his second year in office, Chen Bairong, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and wine designer of the wine design department of the Shede Wine Industry Production Technology Center, brought 5 suggestions in the fields of new quality productivity, Baijiu internationalization, and regional development, actively responding to industry and social concerns. Among them, "Suggestions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Traditional Alcohol Industry with New Quality Productivity" and "Suggestions on Strengthening the Work of Intelligent Reform and Digital Transformation in the Food Manufacturing Industry" are closely related to the high-quality development of the food manufacturing industry.

Chen Borong, a deputy to the National People’s Congress and Shede Wine Industry

At present, the food manufacturing industry is in a critical period of development from traditional to modern, from artificial to intelligent, and from experience to science. These topics that Chen Berong focuses on not only reflect the industry’s in-depth thinking on moving towards high-quality development, but also reflect the determination and responsibility of the wine industry to promote the intelligent upgrade of the wine industry, develop new quality productivity, help China Baijiu go global, and promote social and economic development.

Focusing on cultivating new quality productivity and gathering new impetus for high-quality development

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has made important arrangements to accelerate the construction of a digital China, emphasizing the construction of a modern industrial system, the promotion of new industrialization, and the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy.

As one of the basic industries of the national economy, the food manufacturing industry is constantly accelerating the process of digital intelligence. In particular, the Baijiu industry has vigorously carried out informatization and digital construction in the past ten years, and comprehensively improved the intelligence level of R & D, production, marketing, management and service. Among them, Baijiu leading enterprises have accumulated a lot of practical experience.

As a frontline worker in Baijiu’s scientific research, Chen Berong deeply understands the key role that "smart transformation and digital transformation" plays in the development of Baijiu’s industry. In order to improve the intelligent level of the industry and promote the full-link transformation and upgrading of enterprises, Chen Berong put forward the "Suggestions on Strengthening the Smart Transformation and Digital Transformation of the Food Manufacturing Industry" at the two sessions this year. When it is implemented, it is recommended to take the Baijiu industry first and choose parks with better basic conditions to carry out pilots, such as Sichuan Tuopai Green Ecological Food Industrial Park. She suggested building industry traceability standards, guiding enterprises to build traceability systems, improving industry service quality, and opening up industry data assets, ensuring intelligent manufacturing levels, improving industry production efficiency, and strengthening national policy guidance and talent training. She also suggested actively exploring and promoting the Chuanjiuyuan universe project to enhance the industry’s innovative layout.

At the same time, Chen Berong is concerned about the current imbalance in the level of digital intelligence promotion in the industry, and the high participation threshold for small and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized wine merchants, which is a pain point related to the overall high-quality development of the industry. To this end, she put forward the "Suggestions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Traditional Alcohol Industry with New Quality Productivity". She suggested that we should increase the policies and financial support for the digital intelligence transformation of the alcohol industry and the circulation industry, support the establishment of public DataRocks in the wine industry, and strengthen cooperation between industry, academia and research, and cultivate professional talents. At the same time, we should formulate and improve relevant standards for the digital intelligence transformation of the alcohol industry to ensure the standardization and safety of

It is worth noting that a number of wine industry representatives put forward suggestions on the development of new quality productivity at the two sessions, which is undoubtedly a positive reflection and response to the higher level and more sustainable development of our country’s wine industry. It is foreseeable that with the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and all sectors of society, new technologies and new models will be more widely used in the wine industry, injecting new impetus into the sustainable prosperity and development of the industry.

Fosun and Yuyuan are deeply empowered and willing to forge new engines for the development of the wine industry

The development history of Baijiu is the history of innovation in winemaking technology. In the current wave of intelligence and digitalization, China’s wine industry focuses on technological innovation, technological research and development, and enhances its core competitiveness. Among them, famous wine enterprises play a leading role.

As a famous wine enterprise in China and one of the six golden flowers of Sichuan wine, Shede Wine Industry has taken "science and technology innovation drive" as one of the top strategies under the guidance of the science and technology innovation strategy of Fosun and Yuyuan. From hiring chief scientists, cultivating scientific research talents, building high-energy scientific research teams, to building the three major industry-university-research innovation platforms of "China Shede Aging Wine Research Institute", "China Ecological Brewing Industry Technology Research Institute" and "Sichuan Wine and Grain Industry Technology Research Institute", Shede Wine Industry has provided strong technical support for the development of science and technology innovation work.

In recent years, Shede Wine Industry has actively promoted the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence. By continuously optimizing the production supporting facilities and equipment such as three-dimensional warehouses, new water purification workshops, wine storage equipment, and filling equipment, Shede Wine Industry has improved the level of factory intelligence and promoted the improvement of production and operation quality and efficiency. Not only that, Shede Wine Industry closely combines "ecological brewing" with the concept of green, low-carbon and environmental protection, and is committed to empowering the green development of enterprises with technological upgrades. For example, in 2022, the company invested in the biogas purification of biological natural gas in wastewater treatment stations. Since it was put into operation, it has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 6,000 tons every year, effectively purified and utilized about 3 million cubic meters of natural gas, and saved about 6 million yuan in gas purchase costs. Due to its good results in carbon reduction and efficiency, the project was successfully selected into the "2023 Model Case of China’s Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction Synergy" by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

At the same time, Shede Wine Industry is also committed to applying digital means to create a deep consumer experience, not only pioneering "dynamic wine age" in the industry, but also realizing the visualization, dynamics and transparency of wine age through digital means. It also pioneered the innovation and implementation of the high-quality Baijiu full-link grading traceability system based on blockchain technology, realizing the traceability and closure of Shede Old Wine from raw grain, brewing, storage, packaging, circulation to consumption, etc., bringing users a high-quality consumption experience of true vintage and true old wine.

Thousands of sails are competing for the "new" line, and the tide is surging in the east like a rainbow. As a contemporary advanced productive force, the new quality productive force will continue to release strong momentum with the in-depth promotion of scientific and technological innovation. Represented by Shede Wine Industry, many leading enterprises have anchored technological research and development and are committed to promoting the technological progress and digital intelligence transformation and upgrading of the industry, and together contribute more to accelerating the cultivation and development of the new quality productive force.