Deep integration of data and reality empowers thousands of industries

The "digital doctor" came to the door for "consultation", found 281 "crux" from 6 business data streams and 22 business modules, and issued a diagnostic report, helping "Old Nanning Taste" Nanning Food Co., Ltd. to open up the whole process data node, realize the efficient coordination of sales, production, supply chain and after-sales, and greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises.
Digitally empowering local enterprises to build an energy digital factory for Guangxi Rongxing Zhongke Development Co., Ltd., so that all aspects of production can be "visible", traceable and early warning, and it is expected to reduce the cost of electricity by more than 1 million yuan per year.
Nowadays, more and more "made in Nanning" have been plugged into the wings of the digital economy and are rapidly moving towards "made in Nanning".
The digital economy is the "first move" to grasp the future. Nanning City is taking digital industrialization and industrial digitalization as the main line, relying on key parks such as China-ASEAN Artificial Intelligence Computing Center and China-ASEAN Geographic Information and Satellite Application Industrial Park to build key digital economy industrial chains such as artificial intelligence, spatial information, and Xinchuang; improve the efficiency of Huawei-Nanning Digital Economy Industry Innovation Center Cloud as a Service, carry out the "Fertile Soil Plan" of digital transformation, promote the construction of digital factories and intelligent factories, and promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy. Continue to inject surging impetus into the high-quality development of the capital’s economy and society.

"Digital doctor" takes the pulse for companies

In March this year, Guangxi Chunjiang Food Co., Ltd. welcomed a group of special "digital doctors". "Digital doctors" carry out digital diagnostic services for enterprises by knowing the real situation, research, discussion, analysis, diagnosis, etc. After in-depth analysis and accurate matching of enterprise needs, guide enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation and digital transformation.
"It is with their on-site diagnosis that we have a’good prescription ‘for our digital transformation." In the opinion of the person in charge of the company, the digital transformation of the enterprise faces many business difficulties and pain points, mainly in the lack of comprehensive digitization of business processes, data islands between various systems, and the lack of big data platforms. "Chunjiang is a food processing enterprise, and’Chunjiang pickled pepper duck paw’ is well-known both inside and outside the region, but the current market competition is becoming more and more intense. How to use digital and information technology means to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise is exactly what we need to think about."
At this time, under the guidance of the Nanning Municipal Big Data Development Bureau, Huawei – Nanning Digital Economy Industry Innovation Center sent a "timely rain" to the enterprise – dispatched a digital diagnostic service team to go deep into the enterprise, pointed out the "crux", and designed an overall digital factory solution according to the needs of the enterprise.
"At present, we are accelerating the construction of the Chunjiang digital factory. After completion, the factory can be processed and digitally managed through the App, and the overall visual management and monitoring of production can be realized. It is estimated that the equipment failure rate can be reduced by 30%, and the production capacity and revenue of the enterprise can be increased." Long Tingting, regional director of Huawei-Nanning Digital Economy Industry Innovation Center, introduced.
Promote the digital transformation of traditional industries, empower industrial transformation and upgrading with digital technology, and rejuvenate more and more "Nanning Manufacturing". Since 2019, Nanning City has joined hands with Huawei to jointly build Huawei – Nanning Digital Economy Industry Innovation Center. Focusing on digital scenarios such as enterprise production, marketing, and R & D, from digital diagnosis to providing core digital solutions, the center has served more than 450 enterprises in the past 4 years, helping local enterprises such as 6:30, CRRC Aluminum, and Chunjiang to achieve digital upgrading and cost reduction and efficiency increase.
85% of companies achieve positive annual sales growth, with an average growth rate of 15%.

"Fertile Soil" helps industrial digital transformation

In March this year, after a digital transformation, the production workshop of Guangxi Rongxing Zhongke Development Co., Ltd. was transformed – the energy digital factory allows information interconnection between equipment, real-time monitoring of operating energy consumption, accurate data analysis and traceability early warning, so that the operation status of each paper production line can be "one network".
"Shangyun in all aspects of production not only reduces costs and increases efficiency, but also enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise." Huang Bingyan, the general manager of the company, calculated an account. After the energy digital factory is put into use, the company can reduce the cost of electricity by more than 1 million yuan per year, and increase the grinding capacity of 100 tons per month. The product quality is also more guaranteed. "In order to expand production capacity, we have built a new production line. It is expected that after the completion of September this year, the four production lines will form an annual output of 60,000 tons of tissue paper." Huang Bingyan is full of confidence in the future development of the company.
Rongxing Zhongke’s gorgeous turn is a digital model of energy efficiency management created by our city’s active digital transformation "Fertile Soil Plan".
In recent years, Nanning City has taken digital industrialization and industrial digitalization as the main line, relying on Huawei-Nanning Digital Economy Industry Innovation Center and other platforms, penetrated into counties (cities, districts) and development zones, covered all aspects of enterprise production and operation, and helped Nanning industrial enterprises to solve the pain and difficulties encountered in the process of transformation. Selected representatives of enterprises to support, continue to implement the "fertile soil plan" of digital transformation, and transform and upgrade a number of smart workshops and smart factories around key industries such as industrial equipment manufacturing. This year, it plans to cultivate more than 8 intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, create fertile soil for Nanning’s industrial digital transformation, accelerate the formation of benchmarking demonstration effect, and drive more Nanning industrial enterprises to complete digital transformation.
"Digital transformation is not simply to provide an ERP software, it requires not only technical investment, but also a return to business dominance. It is a long-term system engineering." Li Qing, deputy general manager of Huawei Cloud in Guangxi, told reporters that after years of deep cultivation, Huawei-Nanning Digital Economy Industry Innovation Center has become the first digital transformation promotion center in Nanning. It has created more than 25 benchmark enterprises in various industries, covering software information, industry, papermaking, machinery manufacturing, business services and other industries.
In addition, Huawei-Nanning Digital Economy Industry Innovation Center deepens the integration of production and education, and cooperates with 25 universities including Guangxi University for Nationalities, Nanning Vocational TechAcademy, and Guangxi University of Finance and Economics to carry out professional construction. Currently, more than 3,200 professionals have been trained, which strongly supports the demand for digital transformation and development talents.

The vitality of the digital economy continues to be released

The China-ASEAN artificial intelligence computing center has been put into practice running, providing services to 26 enterprises and institutions, with a computing power utilization rate of more than 70%; the China-ASEAN New Smart City Collaborative Innovation Center focuses on the digital economy, attracting more than 50 domestic and ASEAN enterprises and research institutes such as iFLYTEK, Inspur, and Yunbaobao to settle in; the China-ASEAN Digital Economy Industrial Park has opened and operated. As of June this year, 44 enterprises have entered the park, covering intelligent manufacturing, domestic operating systems, databases, middleware, commercial passwords and other fields… Walking in the land of Yongcheng, digital enterprises gather wood into forests, and the vitality of the digital industry is bursting. You can feel that the booming digital economy is accelerating its embrace of thousands of industries.
In recent years, the Nanning Big Data Development Bureau has vigorously promoted the integrated development of the digital economy, actively built a key industrial chain of the digital economy, and vigorously promoted the construction of the China-ASEAN Information Port Nanning core base to a new level. As of now, 55 Nanning core base projects have been completed, China Mobile (Guangxi Nanning) data center, China Telecom ASEAN International Information Park and other projects have been put into operation one after another, and the digital economy industry agglomeration effect has gradually formed.
Data show that in 2022, there will be more than 7,290 digital economy enterprises in Nanning, accounting for 48.3% of the total in the region, ranking first in the region. A number of digital economy leading enterprises such as China Eastcom, Shuguang Group, Runjian Shares, and Yunbaobao have settled in, and the digital economy has become an important force for the city’s economic growth.
Accelerate the construction of digital Nanning, strengthen digital empowerment, accelerate the process of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, and promote the transformation of the manufacturing industry to intelligent manufacturing, so as to seize the opportunity in the development of industrial upgrading and achieve leapfrog development.
"Next, we will focus on the transformation and upgrading of Level 3-5, focusing on the key industrial clusters of new energy, new energy vehicles and parts, electronic information, new metal and chemical materials, advanced equipment manufacturing, aluminum deep processing, forest product processing, food processing and other key industrial clusters built by Nanning City. We will select some more representative and intelligent enterprises to carry out digital diagnosis and digital transformation, and continuously expand the talent echelon to build a competitive and highly innovative talent training system, promote the intelligent upgrading of enterprises, and build a new ecosystem of digital economy." Li Qing said.
According to the plan, by the end of 2024, the Huawei-Nanning Digital Economy Industry Innovation Center will serve more than 800 enterprises, train more than 5,000 digital talents in Nanning, create more than 30 benchmarking projects, hold more than 50 technical salons, and contribute more digital power to the economic and social development of Nanning City.
Our reporter Wei Jing, intern Wen Wen