(Figure) Star Fashion Classic: Xie Hui will dress more than a supermodel. Yu Tao only buys the most expensive.

  Although the level of playing football has not yet been in line with the international standards, many domestic football stars have a sense of touch in fashion. And the high income and frequent opportunities to go abroad also enable them to get in touch with the most cutting-edge things in fashion. Over time, these stars have gradually formed their own set of "fashion classics".

  Hui XieGood taste

  Dress up, the model wife listens to him.

  When it comes to players and fashion, everyone will think of Xie Hui first. This handsome star who just went to Germany to continue studying abroad is also recognized as a fashion gentleman in the circle, showing fashion elements from head to toe. Moreover, Xie Hui is also a frequent visitor to various catwalk activities, which is not something that ordinary people can do.



  Xie Hui and his wife walked the catwalk together.

  In terms of dress, Xie Hui doesn’t like to follow the crowd. "Many people think that as long as they buy the best brand, they are pursuing fashion. I don’t think so. While pursuing the brand, I prefer the brand that suits me. " As for shoes and bags, Xie Hui thinks it is very important to match clothes. "The choice of bags and shoes can play a very good role, otherwise the whole body will fail."

  Is Xie Hui’s wardrobe full of clothes? "I may have more clothes than others, because I like to buy clothes and keep up with the trend." Xie Hui said, "However, don’t think that I have too many clothes, or I often keep changing new clothes." Xie Hui buys clothes, and never buys clothes that are worn for one quarter and immediately eliminated the next year. "I like to buy some clothes that can last for a long time, no matter the brand or the style. Many of my clothes, whether in style or texture, can be worn for a long time. "

  Does Xie Hui’s fashion inspiration come from his supermodel wife Tong Chenjie? "On the contrary, I have more ideas than my wife. When we buy clothes together, I often give her advice and she listens to me." Not only clothing, including furniture, daily necessities and so on, if you need to make up your mind, it’s basically Xie Hui. "Because I have a good eye, Tong Chenjie also trusts me."

  Yu Tao is the most willing.

  Shopping, brand recognition regardless of cost

  Someone once said: "Pu Wei said that her bag brand was big, and Yu Tao smiled." Yu Tao really loves to buy bags, but Yu Tao likes to buy clothes more than bags.

  When Yu Tao was in the National Youth Olympic Team, he often had the opportunity to play abroad. At that time, Yu Tao chose luxury goods regardless of the cost. "At that time, he was young and casual, and he bought what he liked, regardless of whether he needed it or not." One more thing, when I bought clothes abroad, my best friend Qu Bo always stood on the side of the salesperson, so that Yu Tao couldn’t help but pay for it. "With the encouragement of Qu Bo, I bought a lot of things."

  LV and PRADA are the first choice for Yu Tao to buy bags, while Yu Tao prefers clothes designed by Italian designers such as PRADA, Cerruti1881 and ARMANI.

  What satisfied Yu Tao the most was a KENZO suit he bought when the Olympic team was training in Paris. At that time, Yu Tao took a fancy to this black suit when he was shopping, and it fit perfectly after trying it on. "It felt like it was made for me, so that a thin person like me could buy such a suit in Europe. I wanted it without thinking." As a result, this suit was really put to great use. Yu Tao took this KENZO suit as the second formal suit at the wedding with his wife Ren Ne.

  In fact, at the beginning of buying clothes, Yu Tao had no specific brand concept. "At that time, there was no brand awareness, so I felt that expensive things must be good. Later, I gradually got to know so many brands, and I really have something extraordinary in terms of workmanship and texture. " Today, Yu Tao’s wardrobe is full of brand-name clothes he bought from abroad and at home in the past two years.

  SunjiEmphasis on individuality

  Understanding, suitability is the best.

  Sun Ji, the elder brother of "Lucky Brothers", is good at matching different clothes according to different occasions, which is due to his frequent reading of fashion magazines and watching various top fashion shows regularly broadcast by TV stations. However, Sun Ji believes that it is not enough to just look at it. The key is understanding. "In addition to observing other people’s dressing styles, we must also find a feeling that suits us. Dressing that suits others may not suit us." Sun Ji’s friend said to him, "Ah Da, if you don’t play football, you can be a runway model. What a nice clothes rack." Sun Ji laughed heartily. "How can you say that? When I buy clothes, the shop assistants all say that."

  The brand of clothes is not Sun Ji’s most concerned point, but the texture and style of clothes are Sun Ji’s first consideration. Sun Ji prefers clothes that are casual and not stuffy, but have a little shape but don’t look fancy, such as standing collar, or the neckline is asymmetrical, left or right, which makes people look youthful and lively. Sometimes, on a whim, Sun Ji will also buy a dress with a jump color.

  Sun Ji not only pays attention to the collocation of clothes, but also the collocation of backpacks. Sun Ji always likes backpacks, and his favorite brand is GUCCI. Under the influence of Sun Ji, Sun Xiang, the younger brother who never used to carry a backpack, was also willing to carry a bag on his shoulder. During the trial training in Eindhoven, Sun Ji found that many local people carried backpacks, which made people feel relaxed and comfortable, so Sun Ji bought a backpack for himself. "Casual and generous, people’s mood is also comfortable."

Editor: Shuo Yang