[See you at 8: 00] The black box of the crashed passenger plane of Egypt Airlines has found many countries to stop the Boeing 737MAX8 passenger plane.

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  [Concern of the two sessions]

  At 9: 00 on the 12th, the Second Session of the 13th National People’s Congress held its third plenary meeting to hear Zhou Qiang, President of the Supreme People’s Court’s report on the Supreme People’s Court’s work and Zhang Jun, Procurator-General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s report on the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s work; After the plenary meeting, the second meeting of the presidium was held. In the afternoon, the delegation held a plenary meeting to review the revised draft of the foreign investment law and the work report of the "two highs".

  Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology: State-owned and private enterprises are treated equally regardless of their origins.

  On March 11th, the Ministry of Science and Technology answered a reporter’s question on "accelerating the construction of an innovative country". On the issue of encouraging private enterprises, Wang Zhigang said that from the perspective of the Ministry of Science and Technology, it is the same for state-owned and private enterprises to participate in innovation regardless of their origins. The rules are fair and the opportunities are fair. We try to have a good environment and good rules to provide equal opportunities. This is what we have to do.

  Li Ganjie, Minister of Ecology and Environment, talks about the construction of ecological civilization: related work cannot be said to be important or done to be secondary.







  The TD-SCDMA built by China Mobile’s 100 billion yuan began to withdraw from the network.

  On March 11th, the reporter noticed a news earlier in official website, Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government. According to the letter, "after research, it is agreed to cancel 6,535 TD-SCDMA base stations that your company has stopped using, seal the data of TD-SCDMA base stations in the database and recover the original radio station licenses". A technical staff member of an operator said that it is the general trend that 2G and 3G will drop out of the network, and China Mobile’s 3G communication industry chain has little support power to make way for 5G construction, so it is inevitable that 3G will drop out of the network. China Mobile has invested at least 300 billion yuan in 3G networks. At present, the three major operators are making preliminary preparations for the construction of 5G, clearing the frequency and withdrawing from the network.

  Is it affected for enterprises to reduce personal pensions in the future? Experts say this.

  In the package of tax reduction and fee reduction policies mentioned in this year’s government work report, a set of data attracts people’s attention: "Reducing the contribution ratio of urban workers’ basic old-age insurance units can be reduced to 16% in all places", and at the same time, "continuing to raise the basic pension for retirees" has achieved 15 consecutive increases so far. Between the "one reduction and one increase" of the pension, it means that less is paid and more is paid. Some people worry that when I retire, will the pension benefits be affected?

  In this regard, the government work report has a clear response: "It is necessary to reduce the burden of enterprise payment, but also to ensure that employees’ social security benefits remain unchanged, and pensions are reasonably increased and paid in full and on time, so that social security funds can be sustainable and enterprises and employees can benefit."

  Three departments: primary and secondary schools are not allowed to set up food business places such as canteens on campus.

  According to the website of the Ministry of Education, the "Regulations on the Management of Food Safety and Nutrition Health in Schools" formulated by the Ministry of Education, the State Administration of Markets, the National Health and Wellness Committee and other departments was recently announced and will come into force on April 1, 2019. The "Regulations" clarify that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are generally not allowed to set up food business places such as canteens and supermarkets on campus.


  The "black box" has been found, and many countries have called a time-out for Boeing 737MAX8.

  According to rescuers in front, the black box of flight ET302 that crashed yesterday has been found and brought back for testing by Ethiopian Airlines staff. Official website, Civil Aviation Administration of China, announced early on the 11th that the Civil Aviation Administration had asked domestic transport airlines to suspend the commercial operation of Boeing 737-8 (737MAX 8) aircraft before 18: 00 that day. At this time, the worrying Ethiopian Airlines crash happened only one day. Shortly after China released the relevant news, Indonesian and Mongolian countries also took similar grounding measures.

  The US Treasury Department announced sanctions against a Russian-Venezuelan joint venture bank. 

  On the 11th, the US Treasury Department announced the imposition of sanctions on a Russian-Venezuelan joint venture bank on the grounds that it provided relevant support and services to Venezuelan oil companies. Background information: On January 23rd, Guaido, president of Venezuelan Parliament and leader of the opposition, proclaimed himself as "interim president" and was recognized by the US government. On January 28th, the US Treasury Department announced the imposition of sanctions on Venezuelan oil companies. In order to force Venezuelan President Maduro to step down, the United States has continuously increased its sanctions against Venezuela. Venezuelan government condemns US sanctions against Venezuela.

  "Brexit" and "terrorist attack" anxiety, the British turned to "chicken soup for the soul"

  According to the report, in 2018, Britain experienced a series of blows, such as terrorist attacks, unsuccessful Brexit and the elimination of the World Cup. People tried to seek spiritual comfort and peace in the sea of books, so inspirational books were very popular. According to statistics, books such as Chimpanzee Paradox: Controlling Irrational Impulse, Stress Solutions: Four Steps to Make You Calm, Happier and Healthier, Digital Minimalism: Living Better with Less Technology, which provide advice on how to deal with negative emotions and teach people how to cope with life stress, have made the bestseller list.

  Get rid of "colonial color"! African independent countries want to change their names to avenge their shame.

  A few days ago, Cook Islands, a South Pacific island country, planned to change its country name, abandoning the country name taken from the surname of james cook, a British navigator in the 18th century, and replacing it with a new country name that can reflect Polynesian characteristics. In fact, it was very common for African independent countries to change their names in the 20th century, and most of them were aimed at getting rid of the "colonial color".

  40 years of global warming: the warming rate in the Russian Arctic is four times faster than that in the world.

  According to Sputnik, the average annual temperature in the Russian Arctic in 2018 was 2.48 degrees higher than the normal temperature. According to the data from the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology, the speed of warming in the Russian Arctic in recent 40 years is four times faster than that of global warming.


  Wechat platform will crack down on drug sales and help friends forward or be punished.

  Wechat Security Center recently announced that the use of WeChat personal account to publish sales information of "illegal contraband" violated the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and other relevant laws and regulations, and the WeChat security team will resolutely deal with and severely crack down on illegal activities.

  China Consumers Association released the list of car complaints last year: Mercedes-Benz BMW Audi was on the list.

  The China Consumers Association released a report on the 11th, saying that the data of automobile complaints accepted by the National Consumers Association in 2018 were analyzed, and it was found that BYD had the largest number of complaints from the top ten brands involved, and the three German luxury car brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi were all on the list. "The three German luxury car brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are all on the list, which also reflects the upward trend of automobile consumption. This complaint data is absolute, and consumers should consider it comprehensively because of the different sales volume and ownership of each automobile brand. " The report said.

  Shanxi police recovered a number of high-grade cultural relics such as the "drum-building seat with snake pattern" in the Warring States period.

  The reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department on the 11th that from January to February, 2019, Shanxi police cracked 110 cultural relics crimes, arrested 260 suspects, destroyed 24 criminal gangs and recovered 5,259 cultural relics, including 26 first-class cultural relics, 26 second-class cultural relics and 128 third-class cultural relics. Among the recovered cultural relics, a number of high-grade cultural relics belonging to the Warring States period, such as the "drum-building seat with snake pattern", shocked the academic community. At present, a number of recently recovered national treasures are being exhibited to all sectors of society in Shanxi Museum. Among the newly exhibited precious cultural relics, there are national first-class cultural relics, such as bronze reeds with animal face patterns, four-legged bronze reeds, bronze reeds with animal face patterns, etc. Among them, a bronze weapon of the Warring States period, "drum-building base with snake patterns", is exquisite and has attracted great attention from the archaeological and cultural circles.

  Guangxi informed that the cleaner was beaten by four men and women: three were arrested and one was reprimanded.

  According to WeChat WeChat official account, the port branch of Fangchenggang Public Security Bureau, Guangxi, on the 11th, the police informed the cleaners that they were beaten by four men and women: three people were punished by administrative detention for 10 days, and one was punished by admonition and education because of minor circumstances.

  12-year-old chubby neck is black and can’t be washed clean. Doctor: Be careful of diabetes. 

  Tao Tao, a 12-year-old elementary school student, was a picky eater since he was a child. He didn’t like vegetables, and he couldn’t live without meat. He especially liked fried chicken and hamburgers, and he didn’t like sports at ordinary times. He weighed more than 140 kilograms at an early age. Originally, the skin was white, but the neck was surrounded by a "black scarf" that could not be washed away. After the examination of endocrinology department in Houhu Hospital of central hospital of wuhan, it was found that this was acanthosis nigricans caused by obesity, and the doctor said that if it was not controlled, it might develop into diabetes.

  The 41-year-old master’s son is still unmarried, and his old father didn’t take him back to his hometown for the New Year for four years: he was ashamed to see anyone.

  Recently, a grandfather of Wansong Academy in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province said that he had come to Hangzhou from his hometown of Anhui to make a blind date for his 41-year-old son with a master’s degree. He said that he had not let his son go home for the New Year for four years, because his son had no face to see his elders in Jiangdong because he was afraid of jokes.

  Leather dress and boyfriend jacket … … Do you like this school uniform?

  Recently, five school uniform items designed by students of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University’s campus entrepreneurship team were officially launched as the periphery of the official campus. There are striped sweaters, boyfriends’ jackets and jackets, cool leather skirts, retro colors and school-specific logo. Isn’t it cool? On the first day of publication on WeChat WeChat official account, the tweets of school uniforms exceeded 10,000.


  The 2019 All England Badminton Open ended, and China won three championships. 

  The 2019 All England Badminton Open ended in Birmingham, England on the 10th local time (the early morning of 11th Beijing time). China won the women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles in five events, becoming the biggest winner of this competition.

  After the Winter Olympics, there was another breakthrough, and the China wheelchair curling team won the first World Championship. 

  On the evening of 10th local time (the early morning of 11th Beijing time), China’s wheelchair curling team defeated the host Scottish team 5-2 in the final of the World Wheelchair Curling Championships and won the gold medal in the 2019 World Wheelchair Curling Championships. After winning the first gold medal of the China delegation in the Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the China wheelchair curling team made a new breakthrough.


  On March 9, the referee Fu Ming (third from right) after the game.

  [Fu Ming] The referee of Luneng Jianye War was suspected of plagiarism and responded.

  On the afternoon of March 9th, in the second round of the Super League, Shandong Luneng drew 2-2 with Henan Jianye. During the game, Fu Ming, the international referee on duty, was punished several times, which caused dissatisfaction among the home team. After the game, some netizens exposed the plagiarism of Fu Ming’s paper, and checked the weight as high as 54.84%, and boarded the hot search. In this regard, Jincheng College of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (China Southern Airlines Jincheng College) responded that it will continue to pay attention and will respond and deal with it according to the investigation conclusions of its degree-granting units.

  It is worth noting that at the new season mobilization meeting held by the China Football Association in February 2019, the China Football Association confirmed that a team of professional referees of the China Football Association would be formed by domestic excellent referees and foreign professional referees. The first batch of professional referees of China Football Association consisted of six people, including Fu Ming.

  [Quan Douhuan] The former president of South Korea was tried on suspicion of damaging his reputation.

  Former South Korean President Quan Doo-hwan was tried again as a defendant in Gwangju District Court on the 11th for allegedly damaging the reputation of the participants in the "5.18 Gwangju Incident". According to Yonhap News Agency’s report on March 10th, Quan Douhuan and former President Lu Taiyu were accused of initiating civil strife during the "December 12th Military Rebellion" and "May 18th Gwangju Incident", and were prosecuted in December 1995 and tried and sentenced in 1996.

  [O ‘Sullivan] A thousand strokes broke the 35th crown of a hundred wins career and opened a new era of snooker. 

  In the early morning of 11th Beijing time, the 2019 Snooker Players Championship ended in Preston, England. "Rocket" O ‘Sullivan defeated Robertson 10-4 in the final and successfully defended his title. This is O ‘Sullivan’s 35th ranking champion, just one step away from "Billiards Emperor" Hendry. At the same time, with the help of three shots in this game, O ‘Sullivan broke a hundred times in his career, an unprecedented achievement.

  [Liu Xinglei] One-armed courier: I can do what others can do.

  Liu Xinglei, who lives in Zhongzhou Street, Zhongxian County, Chongqing, is a courier who has been working for more than half a year. At the end of last year, a photo of him carrying a parcel for delivery was photographed by a customer and sent to the Internet, which swept the circle of friends of Zhongxian people — — The sleeve in the first half of the right arm is empty, and the parcel is supported only by the end. "Although I am a disabled person, I can support myself as long as I have a little more strength and sweat than a healthy person."

The second on the left is Kelly Catlin.

  [Kelly Catlin] The 23-year-old American Olympic medalist committed suicide.

  The American Cycling Association (USA Cycling) announced on the 10th local time that Kelly Catlin committed suicide on the 8th at the age of 23. She is an American cyclist, who won the World Championship three times and helped the United States win the silver medal in the cycling women’s team event in Rio Olympic Games.

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