China won the world’s top championship first, and foreign drivers were scolded for waving five-star red flags.

[Text/Observer Network Xu Ganang]

Recently, a great event happened in the domestic automobile circle: at the Moroccan station, the first stop of the 2019 World Touring Car Competition (WTCR) which ended on April 7, the first place was a China brand car: Geely Link.

It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that China automobile brand has entered the stage of the top international RV race.China won the first place at its first show.The Swedish driver bjork, who was driving this Lectra racing car, exclaimed that it was "completely unexpected", climbed onto the roof of Thed Bj?rk after the race and waved a five-star red flag.

Bjork standing on the Lectra 03 waving a five-star red flag is from WTCR.

Video/Observer Network Zhang Yiqing

For his behavior, some netizens made a discordant voice and thought that this flag was "arranged" by Geely.

Today, Weibo certified @ Geely Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Automobile Group, to come forward, and called a netizen who questioned this matter alone, saying: The national flag was not prepared by Geely, but was brought by the spectators on the spot; When interviewed after the race, bjork said that he felt the fans’ love for racing and their support for the team and him, and he waved the five-star red flag happily without hesitation. "If you don’t applaud, there is no need to boo."

According to Autosport, the media in the field of racing, in the first race of WTCR 2019 held at Marrakech circuit in Morocco from April 6 to 7, four drivers of Swedish Cyan Racing team drove four Geely Racing cars.In the three races, Lectra 03 was on the podium.: I won the runner-up in the first race and the third place in the second race.In the end, he won the championship in the third race.

According to China Racing Miscellaneous Affairs, before this WTCR, no car brand from China dared to challenge the international top touring car race, but Lectra took the lead in taking the first step, winning the first championship this season in the world’s top race, which also made China manufacturing further reach the world peak.

Link 03 Figure from WTCR

After the game, judging from the video pictures circulating on the Internet,Bjork, holding a five-star red flag, stood on the roof and held his head high.In the end, bjork and Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely, jointly took the stage to receive the award.

Figure from Twitter

This incident attracted the discordant voice of some netizens on Weibo. On the 10th, Weibo certified Vice President of Geely Automobile Group @ Geely Yang Xueliang.Alone @A netizen, the latter said on the 9 th, "These days, it’s almost time to brush the screen for any world champion. No one from China in the whole team has called a foreigner to wave a five-star red flag." This netizen believes that the five-star red flag was provided by Geely to the drivers, and the latter also spent 100 million yuan, which was "quite worthwhile".

The netizen wrote a message under the Weibo: "I can’t see others being better than myself, but I think it’s natural to see foreigners being better than myself." "You can do it!" "Let’s rub the heat in another way."

Yang Xueliang replied that it is not a day’s work to participate in the world’s top events and build a successful team, nor can it be achieved by just paying money. No long-term comeback, no progress, no broad-minded mind,It is difficult for foreigners to wave the flag.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Yang Xueliang once again issued a document to respond to the "foreign drivers holding five-star red flags".

Observer Network has noticed that many foreign auto media and self-media are also very concerned about winning the championship. Even the official Twitter of WTCR sent a message to congratulate China automobile brands.

WTCR official Twitter

Dutch RTL TV station

Since the media in the field of racing, this number of fans is 34,000.

In 2010, Geely Group acquired 100% equity of Volvo Car and related assets for US$ 1.8 billion, and the latter, including intellectual property rights, was owned by Geely Group. The engine of the Lectra 03 was also jointly developed by Geely and Volvo.

Observer. com noted that bjork also expressed his recognition of China automobile brand in an interview with WTCR after the game.

Bjork was interviewed from WTCR video screenshot

Bjork mentioned the problem of Link 03. In the third race of this competition, Cyan Racing team had two Lectra 03 cars that did not finish the race for some reason. Bjork expressed a little worry. "Because all four cars are the same car, problems in one car may appear in another car immediately."

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