"Actor in Place" From Shi Baiyu to Chen Youwei, it is really important to have a good play.

It is a great challenge for the idol Chen Youwei to participate in Actor in Place. In previous programs, from YeHua in to the sky kingdom to King Guo in Empresses in the Palace, Chen Youwei was criticized by the director, but the latest program ushered in a reversal.

Successfully joined the crew directed by Chen Kaige, and Chen Youwei played "Pass the Customs" with Ren Min and Dong Siyi. In this clip, Ren Min and Chen Youwei were actually two smugglers with goods under the cover of students.

Although "Pass the Customs" is not long, it contains a lot of information. Teenagers’ rebellion, young people’s love entanglements, and teenagers’ reckless bravery are all presented in this clip.

After the performance of "Pass the Customs", it was well recognized by the director and the audience, especially the picture of Chen Youwei running, which was very emotional. Therefore, after the latest issue of "Actors in Place" was broadcast, many viewers also said that Chen Youwei really chose the right role this time.

Not only that, Tung shing Yee also bluntly said in the program that the positioning of the three actors in the whole "Pass" is very accurate, and the harmony of the whole segment is the main reason why "Pass" successfully attracts the audience’s attention.

After the review, Tung shing Yee suggested that Chen Youwei should hug the two actresses around him. This time, Chen Youwei also had no idol burden at all, and gave Ren Min and Dong Siyi a "straight man" hug.

Indeed, in the process of an actor’s acting, a good "play partner" is still very important. Undoubtedly, Ren Min, born in 1999, is a young actress. Her performance this time is not only to let the audience see her own brilliance, but also to be more rare, her own light is dazzling, but it will not hide the brilliance of her opponent’s actors. This is really not easy.

In the first episode of "Actor in Place", Ren Min’s partner Shi Baiyu starred in Better Days’s segment, and Ren Min’s acting skills were also quite recognized. Her market was initially rated as S-class. After Better Days’s performance, she still got the S card, and even watched Better Days’s segment. It was an intuitive feeling that, to some extent, Ren Min was driving Shi Baiyu’s emotions. In the end, Ren Min and Shi Baiyu were also a win-win situation, and both of them kept up.

The same is true of this "Pass", and Chen Youwei’s progress is obvious to all. When Chen Youwei plays with other young actors, the effect is that Chen Youwei is dragging down his teammates. But this time, in Pass, Ren Min, Dong Siyi and Chen Youwei all perform their own personalities, and they complement each other, which finally makes the whole picture very amazing.

As a young actor, although Ren Min’s face value is very "idol", from Yi Yao in the movie "A River of Sorrow" to Princess Hui Rou in the TV series "Qingpingle", the role played by Ren Min is not a simple idol. Perhaps it is the positioning when she debuted that she has never played a silly idol drama. Therefore, Ren Min’s acting skills are not flattering and will not make the audience feel that she is using her face value to make up for her acting skills.

However, it is precisely because idol dramas are rarely performed that Ren Min’s popularity in the entertainment circle is not very high. Even compared with Chen Youwei, her popularity is slightly inferior. This time, it is also a good thing for Ren Min to participate in the program "Actor in Place". Because of the popularity of the program itself, the popularity of the actors has also increased and attracted more attention. In the program, some producers bluntly said that Ren Min is very aura.

A good film and television drama actually needs the actors to fulfill each other, and a popular variety show actually needs to be "mashed up" to attract the audience’s attention. A good play partner like Ren Min, coupled with Chen Youwei’s controversial points, and their mix and match combination, finally presents a good screen effect.

In this kind of competitive performance program, the actors can collide with each other and eventually the audience will buy it. For example, in previous programs, Yan Zidong and Caiqi Yang performed "The Kiss of Pranks". At that time, when it was broadcast, both the director and the audience felt that the performance was very real and the effect presented was very comfortable.

In "Pass the Customs", Ren Min relies on acting skills, Chen Youwei relies on the advantages of facial features and movements, and Dong Siyi relies on the simple temperament of the girl next door. The highlights of each other are integrated without conflict, which makes a relatively successful work. Whether it is Chen Youwei, Dong Siyi or Ren Min, they can present such a work, which is also a kind of mutual fulfillment for three people. Text/Chen Wei is cool