Live broadcast with goods and rules, industry chaos should be changed.

  Beijing Daily reporter Sun Qiru

  "Live broadcast with goods" is the inevitable outlet at present, but under the brutal growth and rapid expansion, the industry is also facing many chaos caused by mixed quality and lack of supervision. Recently, China Advertising Association issued the Code of Conduct for Webcast Marketing (hereinafter referred to as the Code). As the first special self-discipline regulation on online video marketing activities in China, it will be officially implemented from today, and the live broadcast will have rules to follow for the first time.

  Advertising in the live broadcast room must also abide by the advertising law.

  "Z-largest winery in the world", "Z-low price in the whole network", "Drunk and popular" and "the only winery in China" … … In the vibrato video of a wine blogger, the anchor will hear the sound of "beep" and "beep" from time to time during the introduction of goods.

  The reporter found that in order to avoid mentioning the word "most" such as "the lowest price" and "the world’s largest", some anchors chose to play the edge ball, hiding the sensitive word "most" directly through the beep sound, and using homophonic words or initials such as "drunk" and "z" in the subtitles to make consumers in the live broadcast room have relevant associations.

  The Code clearly states that those who publish commercial advertisements in online live marketing shall strictly abide by the provisions of the Advertising Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC). However, the Code does not provide a detailed reference for the anchor behavior in the live broadcast room, which belongs to commercial advertising and which belongs to marketing behavior. Liu Junhai, a professor at the Law School of Renmin University of China, believes that anchors don’t simply read advertisements and introduce products in the live broadcast room, but what they do to consumers is an invitation to offer, which belongs to the category of advertisements. Once consumers agree, a "contract" is established.

  In addition, for special commodities such as drugs, medical devices and health foods, the regulations are clear. When selling special commodities such as drugs, medical devices, health foods and formula foods for special medical purposes, merchants should obtain corresponding qualifications or administrative licenses according to law.

  The anchor should be authenticated by real name and must not be faked.

  With the popularity of live broadcast, in order to increase popularity, brushing bills and buying powder have become the default hidden rules of some industry participants.

  The "Code" proposes that anchors should ensure that the information is true and legal in live broadcast activities, and must not make false propaganda on goods and services to deceive or mislead consumers. The anchor shall not defraud the merchant’s commission by means of false purchase or after-the-fact return, and the online live broadcast marketing subject shall not use traffic fraud methods such as swiping the bill and speculating the letter to fabricate or tamper with the transaction data and user evaluation.

  In addition, the anchor should be authenticated in real name when entering the webcast marketing platform, and the front-end presentation can adopt nicknames or other names that meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

  However, yesterday, the reporter searched for keywords such as "live broadcast service" and "live broadcast viewing" on the e-commerce platform, and still found many merchants who provided the service of buying powder in the live broadcast room, and said that they provided "fans on all platforms, popular service" and "fan promotion, heat promotion, service first and payment later".

  "Interested babies can buy with a V letter". In some live broadcast platforms, the reporter saw that many anchors will guide consumers to buy privately in the live broadcast.

  In this regard, the "Specification" proposes that the operators of webcasting marketing platforms of content platforms should strengthen the trading behavior norms of merchants and anchors stationed in the platform, prevent anchors from taking link jumps and other ways to induce users to conduct offline transactions.

  The platform should establish an anchor credit management system.

  On June 29th, according to the "618" public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection released by China Consumers Association, the Fashion Shopping Community Gaining App was named for selling fake and shoddy products, and Luo Yonghao live broadcast with goods overturned. Yesterday, Luo Yonghao responded to the roll call of China Consumers Association, saying that the description was objective and thanked him for his supervision. Luo Yonghao explained that after the "take some time" flowers on the shelves in its live broadcast room withered after arrival, they immediately contacted all consumers who bought the product for a refund and double indemnity.

  In fact, in Luo Yonghao and other high-profile head anchor broadcast rooms, once the products with goods have problems, under the supervision of online public opinion, after-sales service is relatively guaranteed. The reporter noticed that among the problems reflected by many consumers, in the live broadcast rooms of small and medium-sized anchors on various platforms, problems such as merchants refusing to deliver goods after buying low-priced goods, and goods bought in the live broadcast room not supporting 7 days of unreasonable return still frequently appear.

  This time, in view of the problem that some consumers have no place to make after-sales complaints after experiencing quality problems in the products purchased in the live broadcast room, the Code requires the platform to establish a convenient complaint and reporting mechanism, disclose information such as complaints and reporting methods, and handle complaints and reports in time. The "Code" also proposes to formulate a catalogue of goods or services prohibited from being promoted in this platform and corresponding rules; Establish credit management systems such as credit evaluation, rewards and punishments for merchants and anchors, and strengthen their awareness of compliance and trustworthiness; Improve the information preservation system of goods and services transactions, and preserve the relevant contents of online live marketing transactions according to law.