Guangzhou strengthens epidemic prevention and control in public cultural tourism places, and closed entertainment places are closed.

CCTV News:On the evening of the 8th, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism issued a notice saying that it would strictly prevent and control the epidemic situation in public cultural tourist sites. All kinds of public cultural tourism places in medium and high-risk areas and areas under closed and closed management are closed down. Closed entertainment places in other areas of Guangzhou, such as cinemas, theaters, KTV and Internet service places, are closed; The outdoor part of public cultural venues and tourist attractions is restricted by 50%. 

Guangzhou, Guangdong: Open the fast lane of nucleic acid testing for truck drivers

In order to ensure the supply of basic living materials, Guangzhou has opened a fast lane for nucleic acid testing for truck drivers, and the results can be produced in 6 hours at the earliest. Jiangnan market in Guangzhou is one of the wholesale markets with the largest sales volume of fruits and vegetables in China and even in Southeast Asia, and it also bears the heavy responsibility of supplying "vegetable basket" in Guangzhou. At 9 o’clock every morning, truck drivers who come to the market for delivery can take the nucleic acid test sheet to the market nucleic acid test point for testing.

Truck driver Liu Bo:We are from other places, strangers here, and now the epidemic, there will definitely be concerns. Now, as soon as I enter the market, I am given a free receipt, and there is a special point in the market to detect nucleic acid. Otherwise, it is not convenient for me as a foreigner to find this nucleic acid monitoring point.