Geely Xingyue L configuration exposure, 148,000 yuan luxury is very fragrant.

Recently, Geely official website exposed the configuration information of the star model Xingyue L, which has attracted much attention. The new car will launch five models, equipped with two versions of 2.0T medium and high power, with a pre-sale range of 148,000-188,000 yuan. Judging from the order quantity of Geely Automobile Online Mall, it has reached more than 14,000 vehicles. Whether it is attention or car booking intention, consumers are very sought after by this Geely flagship SUV!

Star Road L is available in 6 body colors, including jet black, oyster white, Xuanwu gray, aurora silver, Mars red and Cuiyu magic color suit (optional at+5,000 yuan), and two interior colors, namely, brown and white double-fight luxury interior and Cuiyu double-fight suede interior (optional). The following is a detailed analysis of the configuration.

Compared with the 2.0T medium-power version, the luxury version is enough!

2.0T medium-power versions are all predecessor layouts, matching with 7DCT wet powershift, providing three configurations: luxury, distinguished and flagship.

In terms of appearance, all luxury models with low profile are equipped with 18-inch rims, inductive LED headlights +LED daytime running lights, and distance-sensitive electric tailgate. Both VIP and flagship models use energy matrix LED headlights and penetrating taillights with dynamic lighting effect;

In the interior, the luxury model provides brown and white two-color mosaic interior, 8-speaker audio, suede car roof, rear backrest 2-speed adjustment, and dual-zone independent automatic constant temperature air conditioning. The distinguished model is upgraded to 8-way electric adjustment of the main driver+6-way electric adjustment of the auxiliary driver, and 72-color breathing atmosphere lights are added. The flagship model is equipped with 10-speaker BOSS audio, ANC active noise reduction system, three-zone independent automatic constant temperature air conditioning, and front seat heating and passenger seat ventilation;

In terms of intelligent configuration, Luxurious offers a 10.25-inch LCD dashboard and a 12.3-inch touch control panel, which is very scientific and technological.

The distinguished model adopts IMAX panoramic triple screen, upgraded to a 12.3-inch LCD instrument, and added 4-tone voice recognition and ACC full-speed adaptive cruise. The flagship type adopts AR-HUD enhanced head-up display system;

In terms of safety configuration, the distinguished model is equipped with AEB urban anti-collision system, AEB-P pedestrian identification protection system, LDW lane departure warning system and SLIF speed limit sign recognition reminder. On this basis, the flagship model has added LKA lane keeping auxiliary system, BSD blind area monitoring system and other more comprehensive active safety configurations.

On the whole, the luxury model provides a more comprehensive configuration, and it is no problem to meet daily use!

Compared with the 2.0T high-power version, choose the four-wheel drive flagship in one step!

2.0T high-power versions are all horizontal four-wheel drive layout, matching the transmission, providing three configurations: luxury, distinguished and flagship. Compared with the 2.0T medium-power version, the engine has stronger power performance and matches the 8-speed Aisin automatic transmission. At the same time, the 6th generation HALDEX four-wheel drive system of Borg Warner is added, and other configurations are the same as those of two-wheel drive vehicles (four-wheel drive distinguished model is compared with two-wheel drive distinguished model, and four-wheel drive flagship model is compared with two-wheel drive flagship model). On the whole, the configuration level of Xingyue L is much higher than that of competing joint venture brands of the same level. If one step is considered, it is not bad to choose a four-wheel drive flagship with less than 200,000 yuan!

Editor’s comment:

From the configuration performance of Geely Xingyue L, all models show the comprehensive strength as the brand flagship SUV in terms of process quality, intelligent equipment, configuration level and power performance. Considering the comprehensive cost performance, the choice of two-wheel drive luxury model can meet daily needs.