Lei Jun: Xiaomi Auto SU7 Wireless CarPlay is expected to be pushed by OTA in early May.

IT House reported on April 18th that Lei Jun, the founder and chairman of Xiaomi, started broadcasting at Xiaomi Auto Delivery Center today, and "talked with netizens about the sale of Xiaomi SU7 these days".

Lei Jun gave a more specific timetable when answering the netizen’s question "When will the wireless CarPlay function of Xiaomi SU7 go online": it is expected to get on the bus through OTA in early May.

Lei Jun asked the team to push OTA upgrade at least once a month, and planned to open NOA in 10 regions to users at the end of May and push NOA to the whole country in August.

Lei Jun also revealed that the current model plan of Xiaomi Automobile belongs to the confidential stage, and there is no plan to make an off-road vehicle. When talking about this topic, Lei Jun said that the Great Wall brand off-road vehicles have done a good job.

In addition, Lei Jun believes that if Xiaomi SU7 fails, it will definitely be caused by three reasons: cognitive error, inertia thinking and idol burden.

According to the previous report of IT House, Xiaomi Auto’s iPad car control function has been launched. Just go to the Apple App Store to search and download the "Xiaomi Auto Expansion Screen" app, and after connecting the car hotspots, you can enjoy the seat air conditioning adjustment, multimedia adjustment, audio-visual entertainment and other native car-like experiences. Lei Jun once said that Apple users also have a good experience in driving Xiaomi cars, and Xiaomi smart cockpit is compatible with Apple wireless AirPlay and Carplay.