Before taking antibiotics, ask the doctor these 12 questions.

  Before you leave the doctor’s office or pharmacy, getting the answers to the following questions can make the antibiotics you take as effective as possible.

  Why should I take this medicine?

  Norman Tomaka, a spokesman for the American Pharmacists Association, believes that every patient should confirm and understand why doctors prescribe antibiotics for them. According to the research results published in the journal of the American Medical Association by researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from 2010 to 2011, nearly one-third of oral antibiotic treatment prescriptions in the United States were wrongly prescribed by doctors. Taking unnecessary antibiotics will make bacteria resistant to drugs, so have an open discussion with your doctor to make sure your prescription is the best choice.

  When should I take the medicine?

  Antibiotics have to reach a certain concentration in the blood to take effect, so take the medicine on time. Taking medicine when you wake up in the morning, before lunch and before going to sleep can ensure that you will not forget to take medicine to the greatest extent.

  Can antibiotics be taken with food?

  Eating while taking medicine will affect the way drugs are absorbed in the body, but it can also prevent nausea caused by drugs that may irritate the stomach. If the drug instructions state that you should take it on an empty stomach, follow the instructions, because food may hinder the absorption of the drug in the blood.

  Do you want to avoid eating certain foods when taking medicine?

  Some drugs may have adverse reactions to certain foods. For example, dairy products will reduce the efficacy of tetracycline, because calcium in food combines with antibiotics, resulting in a decrease in the body’s absorption. Make sure you are aware of any food that may hinder your recovery.

  Do you want to drink a large glass of water when taking the medicine?

  Water can dilute the contents of the stomach and help you absorb the effective components of antibiotics before the stomach is stimulated. While drinking enough water can help prevent nausea caused by most drugs, some antibiotics need to drink a whole glass of water to be completely absorbed. Antibiotics in capsule form can prevent it from being dissolved prematurely until it enters the stomach; Drinking more water will help these antibiotics to be completely absorbed.

  6 Do you want to eat probiotics while taking antibiotics?

  Not all bacteria in your body will make you sick. Some bacteria in your stomach are essential to keep your intestines or reproductive system healthy. However, antibiotics do not know which bacteria are good and which bacteria are bad; They will kill all bacteria, including those that are good for human health. When drugs attack good bacteria, you may have gastrointestinal discomfort, urinary tract infection or yeast infection. To prevent these side effects, the doctor may suggest that you eat yogurt rich in probiotics or take probiotic supplements.

  7 what should I do if I miss the medicine?

  Theoretically speaking, there is a fixed time interval for each medication. In real life, you may forget to take the medicine or take it late. If you miss the medication time, it’s important to know what to do in advance, so that you won’t look around for information in the dead of night. Some drugs should be taken in time after missing the correct time, while others should be taken normally next time when they are forgotten, so read the drug instructions carefully.

  When should I feel better after taking medicine?

  You should take the medicine completely as long as the doctor prescribes it, instead of stopping taking it once the symptoms disappear, because the bacteria in your body may still be at an unsafe level. However, it is important to know how soon you can recover. Generally speaking, if you don’t get better after taking the medicine for three days, you need to see a doctor again, because at this time, either the drug choice is incorrect or something else has happened.

  9 What side effects are expected from the antibiotics I take?

  Although only a small proportion of people have side effects after taking antibiotics, you need to know what adverse reactions your body will have. Some drugs may cause shortness of breath, while others may cause urticaria. If there are suspected side effects, you should consult your doctor whether to continue treatment or switch to another treatment.

  Can I crush the pills?

  If you have difficulty swallowing pills, consult your doctor before you plan to crush them, because antibiotics in pill form are absorbed in a different way from capsules. Some antibiotics are made in liquid form, which may be a better choice for some patients.

  Will this antibiotic interact with other drugs I take?

  The doctor may ask you what other drugs you have taken to avoid adverse reactions, but don’t forget birth control pills or over-the-counter supplements and vitamins easily. Some antibiotics may reduce the contraceptive effect, which means you may need to take another contraceptive method. In addition, iron-containing supplements combine with some antibiotics, making the latter unable to be absorbed.

  What should I do if I have a history of antibiotic allergy?

  Being allergic to an antibiotic not only means that you must avoid this drug, but also beware of other related drugs belonging to the same family. Therefore, after taking the medicine, you should observe it carefully, stop taking it immediately and ask the doctor for help if there is an allergic reaction. (Compile/Guo Shaofeng)

Can you tell these derivative models of the F-35 from the "Lightning II" family?

  According to the report of Flight International on April 16th, the US Navy and Marine Corps successfully completed the first test of the concept of "lightning carrier". Twenty F-35B fighters with short take-off and vertical landing took off from the US Navy "Tripoli" amphibious assault ship to perform fast-paced operations.

  The concept of "Lightning Carrier" was formally put forward in 2016, based on the existing "F-35B vertical takeoff and landing aircraft+amphibious assault ship" model of the US military. The name of "Lightning" in the concept comes from the F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, and F-35B is just one of the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) models.

  F-35 "Lightning II" Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) is a single-seat single-engine multi-role fighter and a low-order auxiliary aircraft of F-22. It has strong stealth capability, advanced avionics system and certain supersonic cruise capability, and is mainly used for frontline support, target bombing, air defense interception and other tasks. It is divided into three types: conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL)F-35A, short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL)F-35B and carrier-based (CV)F-35C. Undoubtedly, in the future competition for air superiority, F-35, as one of the world’s advanced fifth-generation aircraft, has a very high photogenic rate. So how do you distinguish them in appearance?


  plane emblem/logo

  The F-35 "Lightning II" Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) was mainly developed by Lockheed Martin of the United States, and eight countries including Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Australia and Canada participated in the development, with a total cost of $276 billion.

  In addition to R&D abroad, South Korea, Japan and Israel also vigorously purchased the F-35 to enhance the overall air combat capability. Therefore, according to the current data, a total of 12 countries have decided to equip the F-35:

  According to the above picture, there is Israel’s Star of David emblem above the wing, which is an F-35A. (Architecture A, called F-35I, shows the F-35A fighter equipped by Israel Air Force. )



  The U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps are equipped with three types of F-35 fighters, which are not a panacea according to their badges. If it is an F-35 equipped by the US military itself, it can be roughly distinguished by the characters in the belly position below the horizontal tail:

  1. Symbol of the United States Air Force (F-35A of the United States Air Force)

  2.NAVY (F-35C of the US Navy)

  3.MARINES (The United States Marine Corps purchased two models, F-35B and F-35C).

  In addition, there are several F-35Cs in the US Navy that also say "MARINES". But what should I do if I can’t see the military emblem or characters from the photo point of view? This uses the "shape resolution method".


  wing span

  Both F-35A and F-35B have a wingspan of 10.7 meters, while F-35C adopts a large wingspan design to reduce the landing speed, and the wingspan is increased to 13.1 meters and can be folded, which is the largest of the three sub-models.


  nose gear

  In order to withstand the impact of the ship, the F-35C has thickened the front landing gear, and changed from the basic single-wheel landing gear to the two-wheel landing gear, and the front landing gear has the unique ejection pull rod of the ejection take-off fighter. The following figure shows F-35A, F-35B and F-35C in turn.


  Landing tail hook

  The landing of the F-35C needs to be stopped, and a repeatedly used stern hook is equipped under the engine. Although the F-35A will also be equipped with crash landing tail hook, it is currently testing the tail hook crash landing, and even if it is installed, it will be one-off.



  The leading edge of the main wing of the F-35C is moved forward to increase the wing area, which leads to the strake wing in both the F-35A and the F-35B, but it is cancelled on the F-35C. The following figure shows F-35A, F-35B and F-35C in turn.



  F-35B is a short takeoff/vertical takeoff and landing type. Due to the special requirements of takeoff and landing mode, the engine of this type adopts a lift fan device. When viewed from the top, the rear of the cockpit is flat, and the upper cover of the lift fan and the cover plate of the auxiliary air inlet will open upward during the takeoff and landing.


  Machine gun

  The F-35A is the only one of the three sub-models, which adopts the built-in gun design and is equipped with a GAU-22/A four-tube 25mm gatling built-in gun. Therefore, there is an obvious protrusion on the front upper part of the left wing of the fuselage, which is a remarkable feature of the A-type aircraft. F-35B and F-35C are not equipped with fixed cannon, so it is enough to mount the cannon pod on the belly line when necessary.


  Verifier, test aircraft and

  Low speed initial production aircraft

  The test aircraft and the initial low-speed production F-35 are usually numbered on the fuselage. For example, before the mass production of the F-35A, the aircraft fuselage numbers AA-01, AF-01 to AF-07 were even directly marked with F-35A, all of which contained "A"; F-35B has BF-01 to BF-04 with "B" in them; F-35C has CF-01 to CF-05 before the first mass-produced CF-06, all with "C".

Does domestic OA software enter the 3.0 era? Huatian Power OA system has already released its 4.0 advantage.

OA office system plays an important role in modern enterprise operation. With the change of market and the diversification of office demand, OA office system is facing the challenge of experience upgrade. Insiders pointed out that the domestic OA software industry has now entered the 3.0 era, and OA vendors are "shuffling" in the fierce competition. However, market observation found that the requirements for OA software in the 3.0 era are not high, and brands such as Huatian Power have already released the advantages of 4.0.
3.0 era cooperated with OA to realize the integration of technology and demand.
"The OA system in the period of 1.0 is only a concept, mainly based on the application of reports and documents. In those years of 2.0, the OA system solved the basic cooperative office problems of enterprises. Nowadays, in the era of 3.0, multi-party system integration and data fusion are pursued, and the mobile office mode is realized. The pressure on manufacturers is not small, and a large number of cooperative management OA system brands at the low end of technology will be eliminated in the process."
The opinions of the insiders have been affirmed by some people, and it can be seen that the popular collaborative management OA system brand has indeed reached the 3.0 standard. Taking Huatian Power Collaborative OA System as an example, the system uses EAI technology to establish application interface layer, application integration layer, process integration layer and user interaction layer. When a document is filled in the collaborative management OA system, it will automatically flow to the ERP system to extract the required data, and then it will be approved in the collaborative management OA system, and then it will flow to the ERP system for processing, thus realizing data integration with CRM, ERP, HRM, SCM and financial software.
However, as far as Huatian Power Collaborative OA system is concerned, the requirement of collaborative management OA system in the 3.0 era is not a challenge. The system allows users to upgrade their software systems independently and flexibly, and at the same time, obtaining service guarantee is the key to breakthrough development.
Huatian Power Collaborative OA System Releases the Efficiency of 4.0 Era
Huatian Power OA believes that whether it is big data or cloud office, for operators, these interconnected technologies support office efficiency, but the enterprise user experience lies in whether a set of collaborative management OA system can be used for a long time at a reasonable or even reduced cost, which requires the flexibility and independent upgrading strength of collaborative management OA system.
"Huatian Power Collaborative OA System is currently able to surpass the above-mentioned experience needs of the 3.0 era system."
Huatian Power Collaborative OA System adopts J2EE+SOA+MVC+WebService technology, and forms "Rubik’s Cube Architecture" with framework+component system. Users can build personalized business modules by themselves, realize dynamic deployment, upgrade and expansion without code-level operation, and realize on-demand management.
In addition, the pages developed by Huatian Power Collaborative OA System based on interfaces are separated from the complex page logic of the old framework by refining the interfaces, and the calling relationship between each page module is well sorted out, which combines the approval process with the process management. It is an open business modeling tool and realizes the unified management and continuous optimization of office processes and business processes.
Huatian Power goes deep into service to enhance user experience.
Consumption upgrading is being reflected in all walks of life, and users are pursuing consumption quality, which also means that product quality is guaranteed and services should be in place in time. In this regard, Huatian Power, which entered the 4.0 era, made in-depth innovation in service.
Among the specific services, Huatian Power provides "six service contents", such as customized service, which can analyze the logical changes of data according to the specific office mode of customers and help users organize them into practical, personal and low-cost solutions for free; And "upgrade service" is the advanced product that Huatian Power and OA system can achieve, so that customers can enjoy the upgraded service with the system upgrade; Other services such as "secondary development", "consultation" and "tracking" are all aimed at ensuring the in-depth service of users, so that the collaborative management OA system project application can really land. If there is still demand, Huatian Power can cooperate with users at a higher level, not only becoming a supplier of customers, but also becoming a strategic partner that customers can trust.
It is not difficult to see that Huatian Power Collaborative OA not only meets the system standards of the 3.0 era, but also has gradually released the office efficiency of the 4.0 era from the aspects of operation upgrade and service experience, and users have the right to speak in their own upgrade operations. Perhaps this is the important reason why Huatian Power Collaborative OA has been favored by enterprise users in recent years.

The case of "Shanghai elderly people giving property to fruit stall owners" fell: the houses involved belonged to fruit stall owners.

  The latest progress has been made in the case of "Shanghai elderly people giving 3 million real estate to fruit stall owners"

  On December 15th, The Paper reporter learned from the lawyer team of Gao Mingyue, the agent ad litem of the fruit stall owner, that on December 14th, the team received the Civil Judgment from the Baoshan District People’s Court. The judgment of the first instance shows that the house involved and the property in the house belong to the plaintiff (fruit stall owner Liu).

  Civil Judgment of Shanghai Baoshan District People’s Court provided by Gao Mingyue’s team of lawyers.

  Earlier, according to many media reports, the wife and son of an old man in Baoshan District of Shanghai have passed away, and he lives alone, and he is taken care of by Liu, a fruit stall owner in the community. After that, the old man decided to entrust his old age and legacy to Liu, including his own property worth 3 million yuan, and the relevant support agreement was notarized. On December 31, 2021, the old man died, and his sister and other family members objected to the distribution of the estate, and the two sides went to court.

  The two sides signed an agreement, and the legacy of the old man was given to the fruit stall owner after his death.

  The Paper learned that the plaintiff in this case was Liu, a fruit vendor, and the defendants were the sister and nephew of the old man. The plaintiff’s main claims are as follows: 1. Request to order a real estate in Baoshan District of Shanghai and the property in the house to be owned by the plaintiff; 2. Request that the balance of bank deposits and fruits in the old man’s name be owned by the plaintiff.

  The defendant disagreed with the original request.

  The elder’s sister argued that before 2017, his elder brother had mental disorder and his capacity should be limited. When he was hospitalized in July 2017, the old man was diagnosed with cerebral infarction and Alzheimer’s disease. Later, because Liu took the old man away, he could not be further diagnosed. When the old man signed the Legacy Support Agreement, he did not have full capacity for civil conduct, and the signing of the agreement was invalid.

  The court found that in August 2017, the elderly (Party A, the legatee and the dependents) and Liu (Party B, the donee and the dependents) signed the Legacy Support Agreement.

  As stipulated in the above agreement, Party A is willing to bequeath all personal property in Article 1 of the agreement to Party B, and Party B shall bear the obligation to support Party A; Party B is willing to undertake the obligation to support Party A and accept the property bequeathed by Party A..

  According to the agreement, the property of the elderly includes a set of real estate in Baoshan District, deposits and property in the house. Liu is responsible for the elderly’s support obligations such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, medical care and old-age care, which means taking care of life, giving financial help and giving spiritual comfort.

  With regard to the transfer of the ownership of the bequest property, Party B shall not transfer or dispose of Party A’s personal property before Party A’s death, and Party B shall go through the ownership transfer formalities of the bequest property within 30 days after Party A’s death.

  On March 12, 2019, Shanghai Putuo Notary Office notarized the Legacy Support Agreement and issued a Notarial Certificate.

  The contents of the Notary Certificate show that, after investigation, in August 2017, when the Legacy Maintenance Agreement was concluded, both parties had the legal capacity for civil rights and capacity for civil conduct, and the meaning was true.

  For the audio and video recording of notarization of bequest and maintenance agreement, the plaintiff thinks that it can reflect the true meaning of the old man, while the defendant thinks that the old man has many expressions in the audio and video recording that are logically confused and inconsistent with the facts.

  During the trial, the original and the defendant confirmed that the disputed house belonged to the personal property of the elderly, with a value of 3.3 million.

  How was the old man’s physical condition before his death?

  The verdict shows that the old man was hospitalized for pneumonia in July 2017. The course record showed that the patient had intermittent gibberish attacks, so he applied for a consultation in neurology. The consultation opinion record is: "The patient has intermittent gibberish, clear mind, pertinent answers, senile dementia, and no special treatment for the time being." In June 2020, the old man was admitted to hospital because of a fall.

  In April 2021, the Institute of Forensic Science issued the Judicial Appraisal Opinion, and the appraisal opinion was: "Suffering from organic mental disorder, it should be assessed as having no capacity for civil conduct at present." In May 2021, the old man was declared as a person with no capacity for civil conduct by the court.

  Previously, the court also entrusted the Judicial Appraisal Institute of Shanghai Mental Health Center, the Institute of Judicial Appraisal Science, the Judicial Appraisal Center of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, and the Shanghai Fenglin Judicial Appraisal Center to appraise the civil capacity of the elderly in March 2019, all of which were rejected because they exceeded the capacity of the appraisal institution or the required materials were insufficient.

  Regarding the status of the elderly at the time of notarization, the investigation record of the notary public showed: "When I notarized, I reviewed the status of the elderly at the time of notarization, and whether the ability of the elderly to express their will was sufficient and true. This elderly man had a cerebral infarction in 2017, and the agreement was signed in 2017. I contacted him in 2019. The old man recovered well and his speech was very clear. Why do you want notarization, why do you do it, and why do you want to support and monitor Mr. Liu and his wife? It is clear and firm to whom to entrust the sick and the sick, and the property will not be given to their relatives ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  The court ruled that the house of the elderly and the property in the house belong to the fruit stall owner.

  The Baoshan District People’s Court of Shanghai held that after the beginning of inheritance, it should be handled according to legal inheritance, and if there is a will, it should be handled according to the will inheritance or bequest; If there is a legacy support agreement, it shall be handled in accordance with the agreement. A citizen may sign a legacy and support agreement with his/her supporter, who shall bear the obligation of living, supporting and burying the citizen, and enjoy the right to be bequeathed. The legacy and maintenance agreement is a legal act of both parties. The content of the legacy and maintenance agreement involved in this case is legal, and the legacy and maintenance agreement has also been notarized in the notary office, and its external formal requirements are in line with the law.

  The court pointed out that although the old man was declared as a person with no capacity for civil conduct in May 2021, there was no evidence to prove that he was already in a state of limited capacity for civil conduct or no capacity for civil conduct during the signing of the bequest and maintenance agreement. Therefore, the agreement is the true expression of both parties and is legally binding. The evidence provided by the defendant, such as the diagnosis of medical treatment and hospitalization, can’t draw the conclusion that the elderly have limited capacity when signing the bequest and maintenance agreement, and there is no evidence to prove that the bequest and maintenance agreement is not the true expression of the elderly.

  The court said that the existing evidence cited by the defendant could not meet the proof standard of the probability of civil evidence advantage and should bear the adverse consequences of proof. The court rejected the defendant’s opinion that the legacy and maintenance agreement was invalid, and held that the will of the decedent and his right to dispose of property should be respected, and the validity of the legacy and maintenance agreement involved should be recognized.

  On December 12, 2023, the court ruled in the first instance that the old man’s house, the property in the house and the balance of funds and fruits in three accounts under his name belonged to the plaintiff Liu.

  Lawyer Gao Mingyue said that the guardianship agreement was valid, and the fruit stall owner assumed the responsibility of guardian. The legacy support agreement was valid, and the fruit stall owner fulfilled the obligation of living, raising and burying.

  In his view, the elderly in Shanghai have legal awareness, and they have prepared legal arrangements for their intentional guardianship and bequest, defended their freedom and dignity, and realized the intentional inheritance of their wealth. Moreover, notarized documents have withstood severe doubts and challenges. The highly antagonistic judicial practice of family affairs fully shows that it is best to present both the intentional guardianship documents and the intentional inheritance documents (such as wills, bequest and support agreements, trust agreements, etc.) by means of notarized documents, which is the most responsible suggestion for the parties.

The project of designated supervision site for imported edible aquatic animals and imported fruits at Haikou Airport started.

On March 1st, haikou meilan international airport held the groundbreaking ceremony for the designated supervision site project (imported edible aquatic animals and imported fruits) at the International Freight Station. Photo courtesy of haikou meilan international airport
Haikou meilan international airport (hereinafter referred to as meilan airport) held the groundbreaking ceremony for the designated supervision site project (imported edible aquatic animals and imported fruits) at the International Freight Station on March 1st.
The project is located in the reserved area on the south side of meilan airport T2 International Cargo Terminal, with a total construction area of 2,172.2 ㎡, including two single buildings, namely designated supervision room and fumigation room, in which the designated single-storey supervision room is 2,064.2 ㎡ and the single-storey fumigation room is 108㎡, and it is equipped with inspection platform, cold storage, technical room, business room, equipment room and other supporting facilities and functional rooms.
After the completion of the project, on the one hand, it can meet the customs supervision conditions for the import of edible aquatic animals and fruit products, so as to open the air import channel for designated supervised goods; on the other hand, it can allow fish, crustaceans and soft products from Asia, Europe and North America, and fruit quality products from Southeast Asia, North America and Australia to enter the inland market through Haikou, further reducing logistics and time costs, and also enriching the categories of return goods of meilan airport international routes, stabilizing route operation and opening.
Meilan airport introduced that the project aims at the completion of construction in 2024, ensuring that the designated supervision site for imported edible aquatic animals and imported fruits will be put into operation as soon as possible, further expanding the overall function of the airport port of Hainan Free Trade Port, enhancing the convenience of customs clearance at the port, and making every effort to create a travel experience of "people enjoy their trip and things flow smoothly". (End)

The latest research confirms that eating more fruits and vegetables is beneficial to prevent diabetes.

  Beijing Science and Technology Daily, July 9th (Reporter Liu Yuanyuan correspondent Feng Yi) Can eating more fruits and vegetables really prevent diabetes? The latest scientific research gives the answer.

  The reporter learned from West Lake University that Professor Zheng Jusheng from the School of Life Sciences of this school, together with more than 40 nutritionists in Europe, proved from the perspective of blood nutritional markers that eating more fruits and vegetables is conducive to preventing diabetes (this article refers to type 2 diabetes).

  The study concluded that if you eat 66 grams of fruits and vegetables every day, the risk of diabetes will be reduced by 25%. This provides valuable suggestions and references for dietary guidance in the field of public health. The research results were published online in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on July 9th, Beijing time.

  "We have tracked and recorded more than 10,000 cases of diabetes in eight European countries, including Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark, and compared more than 13,000 healthy people. From the perspective of nutritional markers, we found that eating more fruits and vegetables really plays a positive role in preventing diabetes." As the first author of the paper, Zheng Yusheng said.

  In this study, the research team recorded seven kinds of nutrients in the blood of the experimental population, including vitamin C and six kinds of carotene. These seven blood indexes have been proved to be nutritional markers corresponding to the effective intake of vegetables and fruits. Generally speaking, the more fruits and vegetables are consumed, the higher the content of these seven indicators in the human body.

  Through regular measurement and tracking, the research team found that the higher the nutritional markers in the body, the lower the risk of diabetes, which shows that eating more fruits and vegetables can effectively reduce the risk of diabetes. Statistics show that the seven nutritional markers have increased by a standardized unit — — The risk of diabetes will be reduced by 25% if you consume 66 grams of fruits and vegetables every day.

  According to reports, more than 10,000 diabetic cases and 13,000 healthy control groups were screened from more than 400,000 people through nearly 10 years of follow-up, so there are long-term data to support the reliability and stability of the conclusion.

  "Many teams have done similar research before. Some teams use questionnaires, which may have the subjective will of the experimenters, so there may be errors in the experimental results. The samples of other research teams may be only a few hundred people, and the tracking time is relatively short, so the statistical data is not representative. This study has a large sample of participants and a long experimental time, and it is of great significance in the field of public health to verify the results through a more scientific method. " Zheng Yusheng said.

Xinhua All Media+Fufu "Rabbit" Celebrate Reunion "Yuan" Open a New Bureau —— Scan of Celebrating Lantern Festival in Various Places

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 5thTitle: Fu "Rabbit" celebrates reunion and Yuan "opens a new game — — Scanning of celebrating Lantern Festival in various places

  Xinhua news agency reporter

  In the year of Guimao Rabbit, the Lantern Festival in beginning of spring is happy. In the past few days, the splendid lanterns in Qingdao, Shandong Province have lit up Nanlao Street, the non-legacy fire dragon in Jianshi, Hubei Province has been very lively, and the fish lanterns in Shexian County, Anhui Province have been swimming to pray for good weather … …

  Having Lantern Festival and celebrating reunion, people use colorful activities to express their good expectations for the new year and start a new life full of vitality and confidence.

  The land of China is full of fun.

  Solve riddles on the lanterns, Ice Lantern Watching, Song and Dance Performance & HELIP; … The lanterns are bright and colorful, and they walk into the Chinese Baroque historical and cultural block in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. Although the weather is still a little cold, the enthusiastic and festive activities such as guzheng playing, fitness dragon dancing, yangko dancing and Tai Chi umbrella performance attract many tourists to cheer.

  "The festive atmosphere is really good. I feel the charm of this city with my family." Gao Jiajia, a tourist who came to Harbin from Henan, said.

  Thousands of miles away, as the main venue of Guangfu Temple Fair, Zhongyou Square, located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, is also very lively at the moment.

  At the Guangfu Temple Fair, which opened on the day of the Lantern Festival and lasted for 7 days, visitors can not only watch performances such as Han and Tang dances, acrobatics and martial arts, but also experience intangible items such as Guangcai and Landiao, and feast their eyes on the food area with rich characteristics.

  For this year’s Guangfu Temple Fair, Guangzhou citizen Xie Jiajun has been waiting for a long time: "Guangfu Temple Fair is a childhood memory of many young people, and now the temple fair has experienced more projects. Traditional festivals are just fun for everyone to spend together! "

  North and south of the great river, inside and outside the Great Wall, there are traditional Lantern Festival projects, but also local unique and jubilant folk performances.

  In the streets of Qingxu County, Shanxi Province, the vivid back stick performance makes people stare: I saw a burly man carrying an iron bar with soft steps and walking slowly, and the children lifted on the iron bar were dressed in gorgeous costumes, driving two long sleeves to dance … …

  On February 5 th, a back stick performance was performed on the streets of Qingxu County, Shanxi Province.

  In Wangmantian Village, Xitou Town, Shexian County, Anhui Province, the custom of playing with fish lanterns has a history of hundreds of years. With the gorgeous fireworks blooming in the air, and the sound of gongs and drums, the fish lights with flashing scales and fins are surrounded by the crowd, and they file out of their ancestral halls, and follow the lights to lead them through the streets and lanes, or jump up and down, or swing left and right … …

  In Tacheng, Xinjiang, which is located in the northwest border of the motherland, the social fire performance team composed of Han, Kazak, Uygur, Daur and other multi-ethnic people has a long queue, and traditional performances such as dragon dance, lion dance, yangko and dry boat take turns to compete. Yi Meihong, a Daur performer, said: "Nowadays, the people of all ethnic groups are getting more and more prosperous. We should pass on the traditional culture and express our beautiful vision for the future life in this way."

  The most delicious thing in the world is reunion.

  In Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou, colorful lanterns full of annual flavor are blooming under the cover of night: a large orange tree lantern symbolizing harmony, happiness and good luck, a blessing corridor decorated with hundreds of lanterns, and a lifelike jade rabbit theme lantern & HELIP; …

  Yang Ligang, a 28-year-old boy from Hubei province, took a photo with his parents next to a lantern with a blessing. "I took my parents to spend the New Year in Guangzhou for the first time since graduation and wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. I hope that the new year will be full of blessings. "

  In the custom of China people, they eat Yuanxiao and Tangyuan, which are round and full, and the products are reunion, happiness, harmony and peace.

  In Harbin, the "Ice City", dozens of international students from more than ten countries, such as Russia, South Korea, Pakistan and Thailand, went to solve riddles on the lanterns, made lanterns and watched traditional performances with local people.

  Mu Anwei, a Pakistani student who ate Yuanxiao for the first time, likes black sesame stuffing best. "Through this Lantern Festival, I learned more about the traditional culture of China. It turns out that this is the taste of reunion and has a feeling of home. "

  The full moon brings people together, brightening the whole of heaven.

  At 6 o’clock in the morning on the 5th, a large number of passengers waiting to open the gate for customs clearance had already gathered outside the gates of land ports such as Futian, Shenzhen Bay and Wenjindu. At the scene of Shenzhen Bay Port, the red lanterns hanging high are swaying with the wind, and the brisk pace and happy smile smell of reunion everywhere.

  Shenzhen Bay Port on February 4th.

  There is a kind of persistence for the reunion of more people.

  Shenzhen Huanggang Port, Luohu Port and Liantang Port will resume operation on the 6th, when the Shenzhen-Hong Kong land port will be fully restored. The resumption of customs clearance is just around the corner. On the 5th, the entry-exit inspection hall at Luohu Port was extremely busy, and staff in different positions were busy for safe and smooth customs clearance.

  More than 20 folk activities, such as lantern festival, non-legacy performance, drone light show and fireworks show, are being staged in the ancient county of Taiyuan.

  There are 32 large light groups in the ancient county, 210 street merchants supply power, and the lighting facilities in the street … … In order to let tourists experience the colorful Lantern Festival, State Grid Taiyuan Power Supply Company organized more than 30 power-saving employees to stay on the spot during key hours, strengthened the inspection of line equipment, assisted the scenic spot operating units in advance to investigate the hidden dangers of power consumption, and made every effort to ensure power supply safety.

  The New Year’s struggle is just in time.

  Lantern Festival is the end of the Spring Festival and the beginning of a new chapter.

  At 5 o’clock on the 5th, before dawn, Wang Anquan came to the morning market of Hongzhuan Street in Harbin, Heilongjiang, and put fresh live fish on the stall. At 7 o’clock, people in the morning market gradually increased. On the fifteenth day of the first month, many citizens came to buy goods, and many tourists came here to experience the morning market in Northeast China. "Business is good this year and there are many customers." He said.

  Various flavors of Yuanxiao, fried cakes just out of the pot … … Ms. Yang, a tourist from Shanghai, said excitedly: "I didn’t expect the morning market to be so lively. I bought fried dough sticks, frozen pears and big porridge to taste with my family."

  The Lantern Festival in the morning market of Hongzhuan Street in Harbin is popular. Xinhua News Agency reporter Dai Jinyu photo

  The world is warm in spring, and the struggle is at the right time.

  Although it is the Lantern Festival, all production lines are running in an orderly way in the workshop of CLP Wuhu diamond aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. located in Wuhu Aviation Industrial Park, Anhui Province. This is an enterprise that produces light navigable aircraft. Not long ago, the company’s 100th DA42NG aircraft rolled off the assembly line and was successfully delivered.

  "In order to speed up the research and development progress of domestic engines, many departments have worked overtime in recent days, and they have worked hard to overcome technical difficulties and seize the construction period." Huang Renjin, assistant director of the production center of the company’s Tongfei Division, said.

  On the land of China, a new picture of production and life is slowly unfolding:

  At the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, the labor market in various places has accelerated to pick up. After the Lantern Festival, the employment of enterprises and the job search of laborers are expected to reach a climax. As a populous county and a labor export county in Shanxi, there are more than 50 recruitment publicity materials in the employment service hall of Linxian County, Shanxi Province. The recruitment information of enterprises is scrolled on the big screen, and people come to consult in an endless stream.

  Ma Yongzhen, the head of a human resources company in Linxian County, is busy with recruitment. "In the past few days, 160 people have been transported to Qingdao and Nantong." Ma Yongzhen said that the third batch of migrant workers will be sent to other places on January 16.

  In the spring ploughing season, after the reunion dinner, the workers in the workshop of Xinjiang Tacheng Tianjin Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in water-saving irrigation equipment, worked overtime to produce at full capacity.

  "In January this year, farmers placed orders, two months earlier than in previous years. The production line of the enterprise has not stopped since the Spring Festival. " Li Tanping, the company’s production director, said.

  Full of vitality, strive to be a "rabbit".

  Under the bright full moon and bright lanterns, let’s unite and forge ahead in the new year and write the most beautiful times.

[Concern] How to taste glutinous rice balls healthily during the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month?

The following article comes from the language of nutrition and economy, written by Gao Yun.

Nutrition and economy.

Pure popular science nutrition

The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the Lantern Festival, also known as the "Shangyuan Festival", which existed in the Qin Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago. Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty ordered the 15th day of the first month to be the Lantern Festival. Eating Yuanxiao, enjoying lanterns, solve riddles on the lanterns, setting off fireworks and other activities have existed since ancient times and have been passed down to this day.






Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368)


I believe that many foodies have already prepared all kinds of dumplings at home, and I look forward to the scene of family members sitting together and eating dumplings. Whether in the north or the south, eating glutinous rice balls is an essential highlight of the Lantern Festival. The difference is that it is called "Yuanxiao" in the north and "Tangyuan" in the south. Many people who pay attention to customs think that "Lantern Festival is not counted without eating glutinous rice balls". How can we enjoy glutinous rice balls while taking care of our health?

Note the "stuffing" trap

The fillings of Yuanxiao are generally green red silk, peanuts, sesame oil, jam, sugar, etc. The fillings of glutinous rice balls are generally bean paste, black sesame, shepherd’s purse, pork and so on. The two methods are different, but the main component of the crust is glutinous rice flour, and the stuffing also contains more oil (nuts such as sesame seeds and peanuts, chocolate and lard, etc.), so whether it is Yuanxiao or Tangyuan, the heat is very high. As the folk song goes, "Tangyuan can be used as tea rice", and three medium-sized Tangyuan (1/2) are equivalent to the carbohydrate of half a bowl of rice. The energy of two black sesame dumplings is about 300 kilocalories, with 16.4 grams of fat and less other nutrients. Eating more will increase energy and fat intake. Moreover, the starch contained in glutinous rice is amylopectin, which is not easy to digest and absorb in the stomach. Therefore, no matter from the aspects of energy intake or digestion, it is not appropriate to eat dumplings as a staple food in large quantities.

Sugar control is very important.

Although compared with the traditional glutinous rice balls, sugar substitutes are used in making sugar-free glutinous rice balls, the glycemic index of white glutinous rice, black glutinous rice, sticky millet and rhubarb rice is around 100, and the blood sugar rises rapidly. Even sugar-free dumplings are recommended for diabetics to eat as little as possible. In addition, you can eat some vegetables or protein-rich food before eating glutinous rice balls, which will help reduce the blood sugar reaction after meals.

Prevent accidents

1. For the elderly, due to the gradual decline of digestive function, especially the slow swallowing reflex of the elderly, they may get stuck in their throats because they eat more urgently, resulting in difficulty in breathing and even suffocation. Therefore, the elderly must chew slowly when eating dumplings.

2. For infants, if the baby at home is under three years old, it is recommended not to let him try glutinous rice balls easily. After all, glutinous rice balls are mainly made of glutinous rice. If they are eaten by a baby under one year old, they may stick to the esophagus and have the risk of blocking the respiratory tract. If it is a one-or two-year-old baby, it is still not easy to bite peanuts and other fillings in the glutinous rice balls to prevent suffocation. In addition, because the baby’s digestive function is still weak and the swallowing reflex is not well developed, even if the baby over three years old is given glutinous rice balls, parents must look after them. It is best to divide the glutinous rice balls into small pieces in advance to prevent accidents. If your baby is suffering from respiratory diseases, such as cough, you should also eat dumplings as little as possible to prevent the illness from aggravating.

The glutinous rice balls that have just come out of the pot are steaming, so remember to taste them slowly and slowly to avoid burning your mouth. Just eat two or three medium-sized snacks at a time, and don’t be greedy for Doha! Finally, I wish you all a happy Lantern Festival, a happy family and a reunion!

Expert business card

Wu Ping

Tongji hospital affiliated to Tongji University

Director and chief physician of nutrition department

Tutor of medical doctor and master students

Expert clinic: Thursday morning

Director of Nutrition Department of tongji hospital, affiliated to Tongji University, expert of Oriental TV’s "Famous Doctors Keep Healthy" and major TV stations in Shanghai, top ten communication stars of nutrition science in China in 2019, member of the Standing Committee of Nutrition Committee of Chinese Women Medical Doctors Association, expert member of Shanghai Nutrition Quality Control Center, director of the Council of Shanghai Nutrition Society, and member of Chinese and Western Nutrition Group of Cancer Nutrition Committee of China Anti-Cancer Association. Member of the Second Committee of Weight Loss and Surgical Metabolism Branch of China Medical Care International Exchange Promotion Association, member of the Standing Committee of the First Committee of Nutrition and Rehabilitation Committee of China Rehabilitation Medical Association, member of Shanghai Branch of China Heart Rehabilitation Alliance, member of Shanghai Medical Doctor Association Medical Science Popularization Branch, member of Shanghai Heart Rehabilitation Committee, scientific consultant of People’s Network "Popular Science China", part-time professor of Hu Jinhua Health Education and Communication Research Center of Shanghai Health Medical College, He is a member of the Expert Volunteer Group of Hu Jinhua Health Education and Communication Research Center, a member of the Expert Group of Health and Medical Communication Center of School of Media and Communication of Jiaotong University, a member of the Medical Popular Science Committee of the Chinese Popular Science Writers Association, a member of the Medical Communication Committee of the Science Popularization Medical Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and a quality control leader of the nutrition specialty in Putuo District. More than 30 papers have been published in core journals by the first author or correspondent, including 4 papers in SCI English and 6 papers in Chinese series, and won the second prize of excellent papers in the 13th and 14th National Conference on Clinical Nutrition for two consecutive times.

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Guess you want to see it

Expectant mothers enjoy crabs well. When "fitness people" encounter mala Tang "double reduction", they will not reduce nutrition and supplement nutrients, which will help eye health.

Tongji hospital was founded in 1900 by German doctor erich Baolong, and tongji hospital is the only third-class first-class general hospital in Putuo District. The annual number of outpatient and emergency services exceeds 2 million. It has the most important disciplines of orthopedics and psychiatry in Shanghai, the key disciplines of cardiovascular medicine in Shanghai, the key specialties of spinal surgery, psychosomatic medicine and gastroenterology in Shanghai, and the demonstration department of traditional Chinese medicine in Shanghai. Realize the selection of emergency and critical care disciplines, geriatrics, laboratory medicine and clinical medicine disciplines into the Shanghai municipal platform discipline construction plan; There are three dominant disciplines in the hospital: sports-nerve-spirit discipline group led by orthopedics, circulation-respiration-chest discipline group led by cardiology, and digestive-general surgery-endocrinology discipline group led by gastroenterology. As well as hematology-tumor-imaging-pathology-laboratory discipline group led by hematology department and obstetrics-gynecology-urology-kidney-reproduction discipline group led by obstetrics and gynecology department. The hospital integrates the advantages of disciplines, and based on multidisciplinary cooperation, the treatment system for refractory and relapsed hematological malignancies established by the Department of Hematology was selected into the national key clinical discipline construction project. And successfully built three national-level centers-advanced stroke center, chest pain center and trauma treatment center, and became a large-scale comprehensive diagnosis and treatment center for critical and intractable diseases in northwest Shanghai. It has established a national-level international scientific and technological cooperation base-the International Joint Research Center for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, and the Sino-US Joint Research Base for Stem Cells.It has a high-level expert team represented by the national key R&D plan, the 973 chief scientist and the national 100 million talents project. Undertake more than 20 national key projects such as national key R&D plan and 973 plan. The achievements have been published in top international authoritative academic journals such as Nature, Science and Cell. Won the second prize of national natural science, the first prize of natural science of the Ministry of Education, the first prize of scientific and technological progress of the Ministry of Education, the first prize of Huaxia Medical Science and Technology Award, the first prize of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the first prize of Science and Technology Award of China Rehabilitation Medical Association, the outstanding contribution award of Shanghai medical development and the achievement promotion award of Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award.

As a century-old modern hospital, tongji hospital is dedicated to superb medical skills, and has formed a warm "home" culture with Tongji characteristics and a healthy communication culture that serves the people wholeheartedly. With the spirit of helping others and the world, he has given full play to Tongji people’s broad mind of "sharing the same boat with one heart and one mind" in previous major rescue and disaster relief, international aid and poverty alleviation, and spread Tongji’s patriotic feelings all over the earth.

Original title: "[Concern] How to taste dumplings healthily during the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month? 》

Read the original text

12-year-old children send 5-year-old children to the police station.

At 19 o’clock on February 21,

A boy in his early teens.With a little boy of four or five years old.

Came to Zhanyi Public Security Bureau

Jinlong police station duty room

Tell the police

"Uncle, this child is lost."

The police know the situation and know that

The big boy’s surname is Han

It’s Xiping Primary School in Zhanyi District.

A sixth-grade student

See this little boy in the street.

Standing alone in the street crying

Go forward and ask.

I learned that the little boy and grandma got lost when they went to the street.

He took him to the police station.

Hope the police uncle.

Can help the little boy find his grandmother

The police immediately gave a verbal praise to Xiao Han.

After seeing off Han provided.

The police brought oranges for the little boy.

And played a game with him.

After the little boy’s mood stabilized,

Information about him and his family

It was also successfully "set out" by the police.

The little boy’s surname is Dong.

I am five years old this year.

When I was working with my grandmother from Kirin to Zhanyi

Get separated in the street

The police then contacted the child’s family.

in a moment

The father of the child rushed to the police station.

After confirming the identity

The police handed the child over to his father.

After subsequent understanding

During the winter vacation

After school starts.

The police station and school will praise Xiao Han.