Investigation on the black chain of "online celebrity" and "Huangbo" for profit: 10 million yuan in one hundred days.

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 21st Title: 10 million yuan in a hundred days — — Investigation on the black chain of "online celebrity" and "Huangbo" for profit

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Shi Jingnan

  The network female anchor "Northeast Narcissus Ersao" was arrested recently.

  The female anchor was once "a smash hit" because of her obscene performance on the platform of "Wolf Friends Live". In just three months, the "Wolf Friends Live" platform has attracted 177,000 registered members from all over the country and more than 1,000 female anchors involved in pornography, involving more than 10 million yuan; There are more than one million people browsing the live broadcast platform related to pornography, covering the whole country.

  This extraordinary case of spreading obscene pornographic online live broadcast platform for profit was solved, which also revealed the truth about the profit of pornographic live broadcast — — Behind the "Yellow Broadcasting", there is a well-designed black chain of scale, organization and industrialization.

  "Yellow Broadcasting" network covers the whole country and attracts users by obscene performances.

  With the emergence of the live broadcast industry, many ordinary people have become "online celebrity" and tasted the taste of being a star, and quickly made a fortune through the popularity gathered on the Internet. However, this kind of live broadcast platform with low threshold and wide audience is full of mud and sand, and chaos is frequent.

  In June this year, the masses reported "Wolf Friends Live Broadcasting" and "Spicy Eyes", and the National Office for Combating Pornography immediately followed up and listed the case as a supervised case.

  Law enforcement officers examined and analyzed the contents of the forensic video, and found that the platform has more network anchors, which live broadcast obscene pornographic performances in real time, attracting a large number of users to pay for watching and rewarding. Its live APP covers mainstream Android and Apple mobile operating systems, and users can watch and share it anytime and anywhere across terminals.

  After investigation, the average number of viewers in the live broadcast room of the platform is more than 3,000, and the number of registered users is huge, and the anchor is online 24 hours a day. The platform has produced and disseminated more than 200,000 obscene performance video files. According to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the amount of obscene articles disseminated by it is "especially serious".

  With the in-depth investigation of the case, the iceberg that sank under the sea of the network gradually emerged. Case handlers went to Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Hunan, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang and other places to collect and retrieve data and information about criminal suspects from telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, banks and related property management companies according to law, and a network live broadcast platform for spreading obscene pornography across many provinces surfaced — —

  Its server is in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, and maintained in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The storage and live broadcast are provided by a technology company in Shanghai and operated by a technology company in Yueyang, Hunan Province. The "family leader" who provides female anchors related to pornography is in Nanchong, Sichuan Province. The network of the live broadcast platform related to pornography covers the whole country, and there are registered members and people browsing the live broadcast platform related to pornography everywhere.

  Interest-driven, it is forbidden to change the "vest" frequently to escape the blow.

  Webcast, a new form of communication, is developing rapidly, but at the same time, various problems are constantly appearing. Behind the proliferation of illegal and illegal content is interest.

  Li Zehong, deputy director of the case supervision department of the National Office for Combating Pornography, said that the main profit model of the webcast platform is based on rewards of virtual gifts. Fans spend money to buy virtual gifts for anchors, and the anchors are divided into live broadcast platforms accordingly. "Because of the existence of relevant interests, the anchor will have the driving force to do something illegal. The website will let this behavior go because of the need of traffic or related interests. "

  Under the impulse of profit-seeking, some platform operators and network anchors ignored the rules and the bottom line and repeatedly involved in pornography. There are also some anchors involved in pornography who are linked with criminal organizations and black gangs to form a community of interest grabbing and distribution, in order to earn a lot of money in a short time and dream of "becoming bigger and stronger" together.

  According to the investigators, although the state strictly prohibits "yellow broadcasting", the criminals hide in Tibet and continue to take risks. They adopt the method of constantly changing platforms to escape supervision and attack, seeking only short-term profits and quick realization. In just 30 days, the platform of "Wolf Friends Live Broadcasting" has been upgraded three times, and the domain name and software download address have been changed more than 10 times. The name has changed from the original "Wolf Friends" to "Dream" and then to "Adversity". In addition, people engaged in obscene live performances are registered with false information, and most bank accounts are also registered under other people’s account names.

  According to reports, many of the audience of "Yellow Broadcast" are minors. In this regard, Tong Lihua, director of the Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research Center, said that the live broadcast involving pornography is a cancer in the Internet space, and a large number of audio-visual information containing obscene and pornographic content is spread on the Internet, which seriously damages social morality, poisons the physical and mental health of young people, and easily induces juvenile delinquency.

  Establishment of anchor "blacklist" system with multi-pronged network anti-vice

  The flood of pornography has cast a shadow over the live webcast. Since the beginning of this year, dozens of yellow-related live broadcast platforms such as Night Charming Community, Smile Live, LOLO, Steamed Bread, Tiger and Honey Live have been investigated.

  Xue Songyan, full-time deputy director of the National Office for Combating Pornography, said that the Internet has become the main channel for the dissemination of harmful information such as obscenity and pornography. Although most of the live broadcast platforms involved in these cases have not been in operation for a long time, the amount involved is large and the social harm is great.

  "The nature of webcasting determines the difficulty of supervision." Hu Gang, Deputy Secretary-General of internet society of china Law Committee, believes that the diversity, anonymity, instantaneity, variability and concealment of live broadcast platform services are important supports for the live broadcast platform to deal with pornography. The management of webcasting involving the Yellow River needs to adhere to the "multi-pronged approach" such as special rectification, comprehensive management, source management and collaborative management.

  Tong Lihua said that in terms of network supervision, government departments, Internet companies and specialized social organizations should strengthen cooperation and jointly respond.

  It is understood that the national "anti-pornography and illegal publications" office has taken the lead together with the National Network Information Office to coordinate multi-departments of the central government and some provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to establish a long-term mechanism such as the online work joint meeting system, forming a strong working force. At the same time, all localities have strengthened industry supervision, strictly implemented 24-hour monitoring requirements, and immediately closed down illegal live broadcasts, and established a "blacklist" system for anchors and an industry notification mechanism to ban illegal anchors from the whole industry.

  "For illegal acts such as live broadcast involving pornography, ‘ Eradicate pornography and illegal publications ’ The department has always maintained a severe crackdown. Once it is discovered that it will be traced to the end, the verified platforms and personnel will be severely punished according to law and will never be soft. " Xue Songyan said.