"Destroy" Hua Xizi, only need a Li Jiaqi?

Original title: "Destroy" Hua Xizi, only need a Li Jiaqi?

Weibo hot search list these two days, almost all occupied by Li Jiaqi.

From the live broadcast of netizens-crying and apologizing-continuing to lose powder, Li Jiaqi’s road popularity has gradually collapsed.

Moreover, Li Jiaqi’s mistake has pushed Hua Xizi to the forefront.


I believe many people have seen the video of Li Jiaqi live broadcast of netizens.

Brand Jun will give you a summary again. The reason is that when Li Jiaqi sold Huaxizi eyebrow pencil in the live broadcast room, some consumers questioned that Huaxizi was getting more and more expensive.

Originally, it was nothing. It is common for consumers to spit out that products are expensive or cheap. As a result, Li Jiaqi suddenly exploded and started a series of outputs, which directly silenced all the workers in the live broadcast room:

"Where is expensive? It has been this price for so many years, don’t talk nonsense with your eyes open. "

"Domestic brands are very difficult. Where is 79 yuan expensive?"

"Sometimes I find my own reasons. Well, after so many years, my salary has not risen, and I have worked hard."

Looking at these words alone has made people speechless, and it is really unique to match his impatient, preaching and got expression at that time.

Soon, Li Jiaqi suffered a lot of netizens’ strong spit: Why not eat minced meat here?

At the same time, Hua Xizi, who Li Jiaqi claimed "never raised prices", was also sent to the hot search list.

There is a high degree of discussion about whether 79 yuan’s eyebrow pencil of Hua Xizi is expensive, whether the price of Hua Xizi has increased or not, and whether the product value of Hua Xizi is worth the price. Some netizens have calculated that each gram of Hua Xizi’s eyebrow pencil is as high as 980 yuan, and they can buy two grams of gold.

Hua Xizi has also become the exclusive "monetary unit" for migrant workers, 1 Hua Xizi =79 yuan:

"I ate 1.1 flowers for dinner today and will continue to cook by myself tomorrow."

"I drank 0.2 flowers of milk tea today."

"If you add a class on Sunday, you can only earn 1.5 flowers."


I didn’t expect that after the entertainment star measurement unit "208W", there is also a measurement unit for exclusive workers!

So, is Hua Xizi, who was searched by Li Jiaqi, wronged?


When Li Jiaqi "shouted" for Hua Xizi in the live broadcast room, he said this sentence:

I have been following Hua Xizi for many years, and I know how it got up. I almost took Hua Xizi’s surname as Li.

Indeed, from no one cares about it to well-known domestic products, Hua Xizi can be said to be famous by Li Jiaqi.

Hua Xizi is a make-up brand that was born in 2017, and Hua Xizi in the initial stage is still in a state of no interest.

In 2018, the popularity of Li Jiaqi soared, and the core product "Air Honey Powder" of Hua Xizi also appeared in the live broadcast room of Li Jiaqi for the first time.

Since then, from honey powder to lipstick to other categories, Hua Xizi has appeared in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi more and more times, and her fame is getting higher and higher under the banner of "cheap domestic products".

In September 2019, Li Jiaqi became the chief recommender of Hua Xizi, and the cooperation between them became closer and closer.

According to the data, in 2020, there will be 77 Huaxizi in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and during June-December of the same year, Huaxizi is the brand with the largest sales volume of live broadcast.

From August to September this year, Hua Xizi still appeared frequently in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi with a frequency of five times a month.

Not only that, Li Jiaqi himself also directly participated in the design and development of Hua Xizi, and had a huge right to speak or even a veto over Hua Xizi’s products.

Even Fei Man, the co-founder of Hua Xizi, personally admitted that the sales growth of Hua Xizi could not be separated from the cooperation with Li Jiaqi.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration for Li Jiaqi to say that "Hua Xizi is almost surnamed Li".

The interest chain between Li Jiaqi and Hua Xizi is tightly bound, and the rebate to Li Jiaqi from Wang Chuan Hua Xizi is as high as 60%-80%, even more than 100%.

Although Hua Xizi’s official quickly denied the rumor, it is not difficult to see from the deep binding between the two over the years that Hua Xizi’s profit share to Li Jiaqi is more substantial than that of ordinary brands.


Hua Xizi is very dependent on Li Jiaqi, and to a great extent, both of them have formed a trend of "one glory and one loss".

Li Jiaqi glory, HuaXiZi followed with a lot of light, and Li Jiaqi’s words, also can almost kill HuaXiZi half-life.

Even the brand was aware of this problem and tried to break away from Li Jiaqi’s influence, but failed. Hua Xizi’s new product was launched and never left the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi.

In this storm, Hua Xizi was a little wronged, but not much.

What’s more, Huaxizi itself did not impress consumers with its strength in products, but put more energy into marketing.

Everyone spits out not only the eyebrow pencil, but also all kinds of makeup products of Hua Xizi.

"Lipstick is hard to use", "The same amount of loose powder is more expensive than Chanel" and "the product is overpriced" … Hua Xizi’s products have been complained by consumers, and it was not built in a day. 79 yuan’s eyebrow pencil is just the fuse.

In the final analysis, whether relying on the anchor KOL or relying on marketing to open up popularity, we will eventually return to the product itself and make a truly conscience product from the consumer’s point of view.

With the support of consumers and the confidence brought by excellent products, the brand can stand on its feet for a long time. At least, it won’t roll over because of a few words from others.

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