Shanghai focuses on "Eight Fashion Products" and builds "Fashion Capital"

Shanghai will focus on "Eight Fashion Products", that is, eight categories of fashion consumer goods, further strengthen the chain, build a high-quality innovative supply system, and strive to become a fashion production place, trend gathering place, innovation source and consumption leading place in 2025, and promote the scale of fashion consumer goods industry to reach 520 billion yuan.

The Action Plan for High-quality Development of Fashion Consumer Goods Industry in Shanghai (2022-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan) was announced yesterday, which clarified the path for Shanghai to build a "fashion capital".

Cultivate a group of leading enterprises of billions and billions.

Shanghai’s fashion consumer goods industry has always been profound and rich in atmosphere. "Shanghai brand" and "Shanghai goods" are well-known throughout the country and have strong capabilities in global consumption resource allocation and consumption innovation. In 2021, the scale of Shanghai’s fashion consumer goods industry reached 433.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%; The accelerated transformation and upgrading of industrial structure and the strong combination of fashion and scientific and technological advantages have laid a solid foundation for further building a "fashion capital".

The "Eight Fashion Products" that Shanghai will focus on in the next step refer to the top products of clothing, cosmetics, exquisite food, excellent sports products, smart products, quality products of life, exquisite crafts and digital fashion products. They are not only the key areas of all kinds of first stores, first shows and first exhibitions, but also an important component of the "total retail sales of social consumer goods", an important indicator of macroeconomic operation. Statistics show that in the first 11 months of this year, the city introduced 982 first stores of various types, most of which belong to the category of "eight fashion products"; At the same time, among the total retail sales of social consumer goods in the city in 2021, "fashion eight products" accounted for over 70%. Therefore, promoting the high-quality development of fashion consumer goods industry will play an important role in building an "initial economy" ecological chain, further enriching the supply of consumer goods market and accelerating the construction of an international consumption center city.

According to Shanghai’s new Action Plan, by 2025, we will strive to establish the status of "Fashion Capital" that leads the fashion and defines the trend, build a trillion-dollar consumer market of fashion consumer goods with demonstration and leading role, and realize an industrial scale of over 520 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 5%. The Action Plan proposes that by 2025, three to five leading enterprise groups with operating income of 100 billion yuan, 20 head enterprise groups with operating income of 10 billion yuan and 200 key enterprises with operating income of 1 billion yuan will be cultivated; Construction of 10 smart factories in the fashion consumer goods industry, 100 digital application scenarios of fashion consumer goods industry characteristics, and 1,000 integration scenarios of fashion consumer goods with shopping, service and culture; We will build three to five characteristic industrial parks for fashion consumer goods, develop a number of municipal-level boutique parks and fashion creativity demonstration spaces, and form national-level industry characteristic regions and industrial clusters.

"Ten Actions" to Enhance Core Competitiveness in an All-round Way

In order to achieve the above goals and comprehensively enhance the overall efficiency and core competitiveness of the fashion consumer goods industry, Shanghai will implement ten major actions around three special projects in the next few years.

In terms of "Special Project for Promoting Digital Innovation and Upgrading", Shanghai will implement "new strategic source action of scientific and technological research and development, new empowerment action of digital manufacturing, new leading action of brand building and new efficiency-enhancing action of creative design", focusing on key core technological breakthroughs and promoting the application of technologies such as digital twins in all aspects of consumer goods. In fact, digitalization will play a key role in the future development of Shanghai’s fashion consumer goods industry. Among the "Eight Fashion Products" that Shanghai focuses on, there are "smart products" mainly based on hardware and "digital fashion products" mainly based on software and service forms. The Action Plan makes it clear that Shanghai will encourage enterprises to develop virtual fashion, focusing on digital fashion, digital virtual people and personalized, high-flow and multi-interface virtual applications.

Around the "Special Project for Optimizing and Upgrading Carrier Scenes", Shanghai will implement three actions. First of all, according to the new version of Shanghai Industrial Map, we will build a "1+9" and "Fashion Nebula" industrial space with the central city as the core and nine surrounding cities such as Pudong and Minhang, and develop three characteristic parks: Oriental Beauty Valley Beauty Park, Xinshishang Urban Industrial Park and Jiangnan Zhizao International Design Port. At the same time, a new integration action of consumption scenes will be implemented to guide enterprises to carry out the integration layout of online and offline consumption scenes. In addition, support the traditional "national tide" to upgrade with new technologies and new ideas.

In order to build a perfect fashion ecosystem, Shanghai will also introduce and cultivate a group of leading talents in the fashion consumer goods industry, formulate the selection criteria for "Shanghai Fashion Products" and start the certification, and will also publicize and promote the overall image of "Shanghai IP" and the global new product launching place, so as to expand the industrial brand of fashion consumer goods as a whole.

Author: Zhang Yi

Editor: Shi Wei

Source: vision china