Let the Daqing spirit glow with the brilliance of the times

  Autumn is refreshing and autumn is like wiping, and the core values of socialism have also borne fruit in the whole society. We turn our attention to the depths of the years and step towards a spiritual highland. For more than 50 years, on the vast land of Northeast China, Daqing Petroleum people have held high the common ideal of "I offer oil for the motherland", and the roaring oil flow has enriched the blood of the great country, flashing with the splendor of spiritual transformation into material. Today, the core values of socialism have come to fruition in Daqing, and the Daqing spirit that has continued for half a century has found a new era of fit. The irreplaceable energy base of the Republic once again resounds the exciting sound of jade and gold.

  The Daqing spirit carries the essence and essence of socialist core values and is the "Daqing expression" of socialist core values

  The Daqing spirit with "patriotism, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking and dedication" as its main content is a noble spirit nurtured and tempered in the fiery practice of socialist construction. The essence of Daqing spirit reflects the essential requirements of socialist ideology and morality, carries the essence and essence of socialist core values, and is highly compatible and consistent with the basic connotations and requirements of socialist core values.

  Patriotism is embodied in the responsibility and mission of "winning glory for the country and fighting for the people". "Patriotism" is the core of socialist core values, and it is the responsibility of every citizen that cannot be abandoned for a moment. Similarly, "patriotism" is the most distinctive mark of Daqing Petroleum people and the core content of Daqing spirit. Whether it is during the arduous war period or in the development stage of continuous and stable production, Daqing Petroleum people have always breathed and shared the same destiny with the motherland, insisted on integrating the needs of the country into everyone’s value pursuit, and turned patriotism into conscious actions of producing more oil and more gas. It has achieved high and stable production of crude oil with an annual output of more than 50 million tons for 27 consecutive years, and maintained continuous and stable production of 40 million tons for 11 consecutive years, with a cumulative production of 2.19 billion tons of crude oil.

  Dedication ethics is reflected in the entrepreneurial passion of "hard work and self-reliance". "Dedication" is the basic professional requirement of citizens, that is, always love and value the work and position you are engaged in, and thereby stimulate a strong sense of belonging and pride to the company and the country. The entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and self-reliance is the professional ethics of Daqing oil people. During the war, the tens of thousands of oil troops represented by the iron man Wang Jinxi, "would rather live for 20 years less, and desperately want to win the big oil field". In just three years, they won the big oil field at a high speed and high level, and threw off the hat of poor oil in our country in one fell swoop. Entering the new era, in order to maintain the national petroleum strategic security, Daqing Petroleum people have reflected their passion for "entrepreneurship" in innovative industries and market entry. There are 165 teams in the oil field, more than 4,570 people, and they have penetrated into 23 countries and regions.

  The quality of integrity is reflected in the realistic style of "three old and four strict" and "four alike". "Integrity" is the foundation of a person’s life and the necessary moral conduct, and it is reflected in the work of behavioral rules and codes of conduct. Daqing Petroleum people always regard integrity as the root of their life and the foundation of their business, emphasizing "three old and four strict" and "four the same" everywhere and at all times, treating their careers "as honest people, telling the truth, doing honest things", and having "strict requirements, strict organization, serious attitude, and strict discipline"; treating their work "night and day the same, bad weather and good weather the same, the leader is not on site and the leader is on site the same, no one checks and someone checks the same". In practice, they have formed the working standards of "I would rather have one good, not ninety-nine passable", "dry work can withstand the inspection of generations and grandchildren", which has become a true portrayal of the integrity and truth-seeking of Daqing Petroleum people.

  The concept of friendliness is reflected in the unremitting pursuit of "contributing energy and creating harmony". "Friendliness" is one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation advocated by the core socialist values. Daqing Petroleum people regard dedication to the country and society as the due meaning of practicing the concept of friendliness, always adhere to the corporate tenet of "contributing energy and creating harmony", adhere to the development of collusion, responsibility sharing, urban and rural construction, and stability sharing, promote the construction of "Harbin-Daqi" industrial corridors, and build the province’s oil and gas economic circle; jointly develop 21 peripheral oil fields with local governments to create favorable conditions for their accelerated development; vigorously support urban public construction and socialist new rural construction, and use industrial advantages to drive regional economic development and promote harmonious relations between enterprises and land. In June this year, the China National Petroleum and Natural Gas group company signed the "Deepening Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with Heilongjiang Province, and Daqing Oilfield will make new contributions to improving people’s livelihood, increasing employment and promoting local economic and social development.

    The inheritance and innovation of the Daqing spirit ensured that the core values of socialism took root

  Inherit without losing roots, innovate and keep the soul. The Daqing spirit has come along the history, and the shedding brilliance has nourished the growth of generations of Daqing people. Non-stop, not confused, re-learning and re-education, the Daqing spirit has become an important breakthrough point for cultivating and practicing socialist core values.

  Grasp education and strengthen spiritual inheritance. Oilfield regards Daqing spiritual education as an important content of employee entry, party and group education and employee training, and has carried out theme education activities such as "Cherish honor, hold high the banner, create the future", "Learn iron man, make new achievements, stabilize oil and increase gas as a pioneer", "Study Daqing spirit again, inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the war" throughout the oilfield; compiled and issued dozens of books with tens of millions of words, such as "Dictionary of Daqing Oilfield Corporate Culture" and "Compilation of Daqing Oilfield Literature and History Materials", and opened an iron man lecture hall, academic report hall, etc., so that leading cadres and post workers can board the podium to exchange knowledge and experience of inheriting the Daqing spirit.

  Grasp the position and enrich the cultural carrier. It has successively built 22 national patriotic education bases such as the Ironman Wang Jinxi Memorial Hall and the Daqing Oilfield History Exhibition Hall, and the China Petroleum Enterprise Spirit Education Base. It organizes employees to visit and study in batches every year, and has become a "holy place" for employees’ children to study and leave their hometowns, so as to experience the charm of Daqing spirit in a subtle way. In addition, the oilfield has successively improved more than 50 corporate culture construction demonstration sites such as the 206 oil production team, developed more than 20 industrial heritage sites such as the first crude oil transportation site, built more than 30 oilfield plazas named "Iron Man" and "Entrepreneurship", and held "Square Culture Week" and "Battle Songs Everyone Sings" and other mass cultural activities. A total of more than 230 events have been held in three years. He also created film and television dramas such as "Daqing Soul" and "Iron Man Wang Jinxi", and a large number of literary works such as "Iron Man" and "Daqing People in the New Era", which were deeply popular and had a wide impact.

  Grasp models and highlight demonstration and leadership. The oilfield pays attention to the selection of advanced models, and has successively cultivated and selected more than 5,000 models of various types. After the iron man Wang Jinxi and the iron man Wang Qimin in the new era, trees have been selected to publicize the third generation of iron men – Li Xinmin of "Daqing New Iron Man" and a number of major models such as "Five Red Flags" and "Five Pioneers" in the new era. The oilfield also selects a number of models such as meritorious employees and meritorious collectives every year. Duan Fuhai, an employee of the fourth oil production plant, engaged in innovation based on his position, solved more than 300 problems, and won 16 major technological innovation awards in the oilfield, 10 national patents, and achieved more than 31 million yuan In recent years, Duan Fuhai and a group of grassroots innovation experts have given a series of lectures to more than 5,000 grassroots employees in the "Iron Man Lecture Hall".

  Grasp the key points and improve the quality of young workers. In response to the fact that the proportion of "post-80s" and "post-90s" young workers in the team is close to 20% in recent years, and the proportion of market-oriented and part-time employees accounts for more than 30%. Mentoring and apprenticeship assistance and vocational mentors are widely promoted among young workers. Combined with the characteristics of modern youth, nearly 700 official certified Weibo such as league organizations at all levels, ironman pavilions, and oilfield newspapers have been opened, and the number of fans is nearly 30,000. With the theme of "Colorful Youth, Brilliant Interpretation", a WeChat communication platform has been built, and more than 20,000 mobile phone users have reached. At the same time, a Weibo contest and a micro-movie contest have been widely launched, and a large-scale educational TV quiz program "Answering

  Grasp the grass-roots level and summarize the promotion experience. Respect the pioneering spirit of the grass-roots people, and let the Daqing spirit take root. Adhere to the "soul of the post responsibility system is the post responsibility", mobilize employees to start from bit by bit and start with details, and consciously strengthen the post responsibility; advocate the concept of "learning to work, work to learn", naming achievements such as "Wang Chunrong hot washing method" and "Shaochun wrench" to stimulate employees’ enthusiasm for learning skills and strengthening quality; build a harmonious interpersonal relationship of unity, friendship, equality and mutual assistance, and open a "psychological adjustment room" to make the grass-roots level a "home" for employees’ attachment.

  Grasp innovation and adapt to the characteristics of the times. Using oilfield TV media, we have successively launched two "Moving Oilfield Characters" selection, "Daqing Dream – We are in Action" patting competition, mass technology competition, "Technology Champion" young workers’ skills PK competition, "Dream Sailing" TV host competition and other activities. At the same time, we have organized and carried out "Who is the King" table tennis competition and badminton TV competition and other activities, with more than 100,000 direct participants, who have been warmly welcomed by the oilfield workers.

  Through a series of education and guidance, the cadre and staff team has effectively achieved "three never forget, three never lose", that is, the working environment has been improved, the battle style has not been forgotten, and the tradition of being meticulous and serious has never been lost; living standards have been improved, and the "fighting spirit" has not been forgotten, and the tradition of diligence and thrift has never been lost; with the development of the oil field, the process of hard work and entrepreneurship will not be forgotten, and the tradition of fighting for oil will never be lost.

  III. The radiation and dissemination of the Daqing spirit has promoted the universal recognition of socialist core values

  Crossing the Songnen Plain and the waters of the Longjiang River, the Daqing spirit, which was born on the black soil, has long since left the Daqing Oilfield, and has widely and deeply influenced Chinese people’s thinking, playing a positive role in cultivating and practicing socialist core values.

  Adhere to the brand of "breaking into the market" and use the Daqing spirit to build the image. Wherever the market expands, the Daqing spirit will be radiated to. Over the years, the Daqing team tempered with the Daqing spirit has not only won by superior technology in the domestic and foreign markets, but also by fine traditions, excellent work style and advanced culture, calling the "Daqing" brand. "Daqing New Ironman" Li Xinmin led the DQ1205 team to fight in Sudan and Iraq with the fighting spirit of "I would rather go through all kinds of difficulties and risks, but also to contribute oil to the motherland". In the new era, Daqing people connected with international management, integrated into regional culture, relied on tenacious style and strength, and relied on excellent quality to break into the market, establishing the image of Daqing overseas and raising the red flag of Daqing.

  Since 2010, the Oilfield has organized a tour to preach the "Oil Soul" Daqing spirit, with a total of 345 lectures and a total travel distance of more than 200,000 kilometers. The direct audience exceeded 200,000 people, and more than one million people learned through various forms. In 2012, the Preaching Corps was awarded the National Workers’ Pioneer by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. In recent years, Daqing Oilfield has also concentrated publicity through the central mainstream media, participated in important national conferences and high-level forums, and actively carried out visiting and exchange activities to spread the Daqing spirit, so that it has been widely recognized by all sectors of society. After listening to or visiting Daqing, many people gave high praise to the Daqing spirit, saying that learning to understand the Daqing spirit, the iron man spirit, touched the mind, shocked the soul, and accepted a profound spiritual baptism. In the future, we must behave like iron men and do things, and use practical actions to realize the Chinese dream.

  Adhere to the "tree of three virtues" to do public welfare, and light up life with the spirit of Daqing. Su Xiuqin, deputy head of the Oilfield Chengxin Community Community Party Member Contact Service Station, is a retired cadre over 60 years old. In 2010, in response to the reality that there are many retirees in the community and few cultural activities, she led the establishment of "Chengxin Art Troupe", "Chengxin Calligraphy and Painting Garden" and other groups, and also established the "Love Sister Studio", which took the 22 empty nesters in the community as a key aid object, and carried out psychological comfort activities together with the property and neighborhood committees, creating a harmonious and stable community environment. The "Love Transfer" Volunteer Association organized by Bai Chunhai, an employee of the Drilling Engineering Company, has organized more than 580 public welfare activities over the past seven years, developed more than 2,000 members, and raised a total of more than 2 million yuan for various donations. The Daqing Volunteer Alliance, chaired by Duan Yide of the Second Oil Production Plant, the Love Association named after Zhu Hua of the Fourth Oil Production Plant, and the "Charity Donation" group established by the employees of the natural gas branch, all integrate the core socialist values into the hearts of the people and turn them into a reality of life.

  The voice of Huang Zhong and Dalu of socialist core values has been sung in China. Daqing Petroleum people will continue to inherit the spirit of Daqing and the spirit of iron man, and sing all the way and have great ambitions.

  (This article is excerpted from the 19th issue of "Red Flag Manuscript" in 2014.)

Women find a substitute driver offline for 1.5 kilometers and spend 109 yuan. Reporter investigation: Billing software can set the payment amount at will

Half a month ago, Ms. Li, who was on a business trip to Jinan, used the chauffeur service. After checking out, she found that she had charged 109 yuan for a 1.5-kilometer trip. Recently, many car owners reported to the New Yellow River reporter that they had been charged high prices when looking for a chauffeur, suspecting that they might have encountered a "black chauffeur".

The reporter visited and investigated and found that most of the suspected "black drivers" wore regular imitation clothes and "squatted" drunk passengers on the scene. They borrowed billing software to set the payment amount at will, and even some billing software did not require identity verification and only charged membership fees.

Citizens spend 109 yuan to find a driver for 1.5 kilometers, which is nearly double the cost of other platforms

On November 9, Ms Li arrived in Jinan from Zibo on a business trip. That night, she had a drink with a friend at a bar on Luoyuan Street. After the show ended at 2am the next day, she called a chauffeur at the scene. "He was wearing platform clothes and said he was driving on behalf of Shi Cheng. I thought it was not far from the hotel where I stayed, so I asked him to send me back to the hotel." After arriving at the destination, the driver said that the weather was cold and he would increase the price, charging 109 yuan, Ms Li said. "I drank a lot at that time, so I paid him the money. The more I thought about it the next day, the more wrong it was."

Women find a substitute driver offline for 1.5 kilometers and spend 109 yuan. Reporter investigation: Billing software can set the payment amount at will 1

Ms. Li said that the map from the bar to the hotel showed a distance of 1.5 kilometers, and a well-known driving platform only cost 55 yuan to drive 8 kilometers, and the fee of 109 yuan was too high. "Later, I didn’t find the Shicheng driving platform from the mini program, and I suspected that I encountered a’black driving ‘." Subsequently, the reporter checked the fee of a well-known driving platform, and the starting price from 0:00 to 6:00 was 55 yuan within 8 kilometers. The fee charged by the "driving" that Ms. Li encountered was nearly double that of the platform.

The screenshot of the payment order provided by Ms. Li shows that the recipient of the order is "Shicheng Auto Service", which is a personal account number. The reporter did not check the relevant information of the company through Tianyancha.

Coincidentally, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, also encountered a similar situation. "At the end of the liquor store, I found a chauffeur at the door of the hotel, and the chauffeur showed me with his mobile phone, indicating that he was a regular chauffeur, and the platform automatically billed him. It was not until after payment that I found out that the recipient was the chauffeur himself, not the regular chauffeur platform." Mr. Zhang also said that such "chauffeurs" are specifically aimed at passengers who are half-awake and half-drunk, "which is easier to’start ‘."

Reporter investigation: There are offline driving agents using billing software, and prices can be set at will

Regarding the situation reported by the citizens, the reporter launched an investigation near several hotels in the evening of the past few days. In the Impression Jinan business district, the reporter asked a driver after observation. The driver said that he was cheaper than the regular driving platform. The reporter showed that after arriving near IKEA, the driver’s platform order showed 100 yuan, so he urged the reporter to place an order. The reporter opened a regular driving platform to inquire, and the cost was only 35 yuan. So he asked the driver why the price was so high. The driver immediately locked the screen of his mobile phone and rode in the other direction.

Women find a substitute driver offline for 1.5 kilometers and spend 109 yuan. Reporter investigation: Billing software can set the payment amount at will 2

At a barbecue compound on Olympic Sports Middle Road, several chauffeurs in formal attire stopped at the door of the hotel waiting for passengers. When asked by a reporter, the chauffeur said that he could directly transfer money on WeChat without going to the platform at the same price as the platform. "The platform needs to deduct our service fee, or I am a little cheaper than the platform, you can directly transfer it to me." The driver said.

A driver revealed that there are currently driving software on the market that can modify the price at will, and many data can be adjusted by the driver. Among these driving billing software, an app called "driving billing" is quite popular.

Subsequently, the reporter downloaded the "driving pricing" app in the Apple App Store and found that the software does not require identity authentication, as long as you enter your mobile phone number and verification code to log in. On the software, registrants can set their own pricing template, starting price and starting mileage, waiting time charges, return fees, etc. After exceeding the starting mileage, the price per kilometer can also be set by themselves, and all prices can be set from 1 yuan to 151 yuan.

Women find a substitute driver offline for 1.5 kilometers and spend 109 yuan. Reporter investigation: Billing software can set the payment amount at will 3

The reporter edited the billing template in the "Driving Price" App. The starting price for the whole day is 151 yuan. The software shows that after starting the order and then ending the order, the driving fee of 151 yuan can be charged.

The driver revealed that in addition to using the software to arbitrarily price, there are also some personal driver drivers who buy driver clothes online to hide people’s eyes and ears. On the Taobao platform, the reporter entered "driver’s vest", and you can see a large number of clothes that are exactly the same as the regular driver’s platform appeared in the search results. The reporter randomly clicked on a store to ask about the driver’s vest. The customer service of the store said that the store’s driver’s vest is the same as the regular driver’s platform, and the font and logo can be changed. It will be shipped within 48 hours.

Women find a substitute driver offline for 1.5 kilometers and spend 109 yuan. Reporter investigation: Billing software can set the payment amount at will 4

There are more than ten types of driving billing software, and the starting price limit can be unlocked by software payment.

The reporter learned that at present, the main drivers are registered drivers of various driving platforms and personal drivers who do not have any guarantees and operate independently. Some personal drivers do not want to pay platform fees or share with the platform, so they rely on billing software for pricing. The reporter searched for software related to driving and pricing in the Apple Store and found that there are more than ten downloadable billing software. Some software can be downloaded and used, and some software shows that the network connection is unstable and cannot be used when registering.

The reporter randomly downloaded a software called "Driver", and the software introduction stated that "Driver" is a traffic navigation and billing application. Regardless of the driver or the owner, you can customize the billing template. After starting the service, according to the current billing rules, calculate the mileage and the price corresponding to the mileage in real time. You can set the mileage correction function, estimate the price of the mileage, accurately calculate the positioning, travel trajectory, and one-click navigation. It is a necessary metering tool for driver drivers.

Later, when the reporter changed the starting price of the software to the maximum limit of 120 yuan, the software reminded "The starting price you set has exceeded the current city price too much. In order to avoid disputes with customers, please set it carefully. If you need to unlock, pay 299 yuan to permanently unlock the starting price limit."

Women find a substitute driver offline for 1.5 kilometers and spend 109 yuan. Reporter investigation: Billing software can set the payment amount at will 5

In the market, a variety of billing software is used by drivers to slaughter customers, and even become a kind of "convenience". How should the rights and interests of consumers in question be protected? A staff member of the market supervision department told reporters: "’Black driving’ belongs to the chaos of the industry. We mainly supervise the driving company, such as whether the platform clearly labels the price to consumers and whether the billing basis is informed to consumers. ‘Black driving’ is based on personal pricing, or using some billing platforms to charge consumers unreasonable driving fees. It is difficult for market supervision departments to supervise and enforce personal charging behavior."

According to a staff member of Jinan 12345 transportation special seat, driving is an emerging industry. At present, there are no laws and regulations in our country to prevent individuals or units from engaging in driving activities, and there are no laws and regulations to stipulate driving standards, qualifications and qualification restrictions.

Industry insiders say the industry lacks supervision and the market order still needs to be standardized

A person who has been engaged in the driving industry for many years said that the driving industry currently lacks professional standards and the norms of relevant institutions, and is in a state of unsupervised. According to his understanding, "personal driving" in Jinan mostly exists near the Olympic Sports Area and the High-tech Zone. " For example, during peak periods, when orders are issued very intensively, passengers can’t find a chauffeur on the platform. At this time, such’personal chauffeurs’ start to’attract customers’. Most of them are mobile squatting stations, and some drivers wear regular platform clothes, and they can’get back their money ‘by taking an order in one night; there is another situation, the regular platform will deduct 2% of the driver’s service fee. Some drivers are unwilling to go to the platform, and the asking price is the same as the platform price, but when encountering a driver with poor driving skills, it is difficult to find someone to hold accountable for an accident. "

The industry insider cautioned, "The most reliable way is to call the driver through the regular platform. The regular platform has the driver’s information. If there is a safety problem, each driver has insurance, and the owner can find the driver to be held accountable. The driver is bound by the corresponding regulations of the platform and will not ask for the price at will."

The reporter searched and found that from September 20th to October 19th, the Jinan Municipal Transportation Bureau publicly solicited opinions and suggestions from the public through the website of the Jinan Municipal People’s Government on the "Notice on Regulating the Order of the Driving Market (exposure draft) ". One of the solicitation opinions mentioned the threshold for employment and the government’s introduction of pricing standards: There are no special laws and regulations in our country to regulate and restrict the entry threshold for engaging in driving services. At present, it mainly relies on the self-discipline of each driving service operator (platform or enterprise, the same below). Each driving service operator independently determines the recruitment standards and regulations for car drivers according to their own operating conditions. Secondly, according to the "Price Law of the People’s Republic of China" and the "Shandong Province Pricing Catalog", the government pricing project implements directory management. The driving service is not included in the "Shandong Province Pricing Catalog", and the price is subject to market-adjusted prices. The specific price standards are independently formulated by the operator according to their own costs and market supply and demand.

Women find a substitute driver offline for 1.5 kilometers and spend 109 yuan. Reporter investigation: Billing software can set the payment amount at will 6

Huang Xiwen, a lawyer at Shandong Zhengdu Law Firm, also reminded consumers that there are currently no unified regulations on surrogate driving across the country. The management of surrogate driving is mainly due to the internal supervision of the company and the self-discipline of the surrogate driver. Therefore, when choosing a surrogate driver, try not to be convenient. You can directly find a surrogate driver at a restaurant, bar, etc. to solicit business. You must check the other party’s driver’s license, confirm the basic information and leave your contact information. It is best to place an order through a regular surrogate driving platform to prevent accidents.

New Yellow River Reporter: Yan Xiaoyu

The music synthesis has come up with a new trick! The official publicity lineup of "Come and See Our Concert" has caused controversy

In the current variety show market, music variety shows were not uncommon, and even began to appear homogeneous. In order to attract more audiences, the music comprehensive program team had created different concepts, which were mostly divided into rock, folk, pop, electronic music, and so on according to the type of music.

The recent broadcast of a music synthesis "Come and See Our Concert" has innovated in the form of performance, emphasizing that "Full Open Mai" gives the audience a closer experience of live music. At the moment of the epidemic, people have not walked into the stadium for a long time to feel the power of the chorus at the concert, and the program concept is to capture the audience’s miss for live music, which naturally has an advantage over other music complexes.

The lineup of the show has also been announced recently, covering Chinese singers of all ages, including old, middle-aged and young, and performing in the form of a combination. Zhang Xinzhe, Wu Sikai, Dai Penny and other classic singers and songwriters come together to believe that they can evoke many people’s youthful memories. Pin Guan, who once played a popular short video platform with the song "The Door Is Not Locked", will also be on the stage with his friends.

Most of these singers are representatives of the popularity of songs, and their songs have spread all over the streets, but no one cares about the singers themselves. In such a collection that focuses on the strength of the scene, I don’t know if they can become popular again.

However, when it comes to "turning red", the 07 fast men who are also in the show lineup may have more experience. After the draft fever more than ten years ago faded, familiar names such as Chen Chusheng, Land Rover, Wang Yixin, and Zhang Yuan were gradually forgotten by people. Some of them adhered to their musical dreams, some switched to filmmaking, and some gradually retired… It was only recently that the fast men returned to the public eye with a reality show. The originally unpopular slow variety show exploded, and the Douban score was as high as 9.7, which also gave the 07 fast men unprecedented attention.

Regardless of the singing ability, the plot of the brothers’ reunion on the stage for many years is enough to attract the audience. After going through their own complicated lives, the brothers can still get together, and the "brotherhood" between them is the key to the recent popularity, and it is also the focus of the program’s promotion. The slogan of the fast man of the year on the promotional poster is also to attract a wave of nostalgic fans and expand the audience.

The show gathered a lot of powerful singers, and naturally also needed traffic blessing, so the new generation of singers was indispensable. However, after the official announcement of the lineup, the appearance of Zhou Zhennan and the little devil caused a lot of controversy. Zhou Zhennan and Cai Weize of the same company formed a "47" group to perform together. Due to the previous incident of Zhou Zhennan’s father being sued, many audiences did not have a good impression of him. The comments even called it "mouse shit spoiled a pot of porridge", and such a poorly reviewed artist had a more or less negative impact on the show’s ratings.

Due to his irrational fans and exaggerated costumes and makeup, the little ghost Wang Linkai has also been controversial from all sides. His performance style on the stage is exaggerated, and the action of "air guitar" is mocked out of the circle, and most people say they cannot appreciate it. The punk style image that the little ghost has maintained for a long time is not very suitable for the positioning of the show "All Open Mai Power Singing General", and his singing skills are not the focus of his performance. In fact, his performance form is greater than the content. The lack of nutritious lyrics has been criticized, and most fans are attracted by the appearance of niche subcultures. If the little ghost still performs in the show in the usual unoriginal way, it will inevitably lead to a wider discussion and criticism.

However, the program team also put a lot of effort into arranging the lineup, and the partners of the two traffic students are Cai Weize and Zhang Bichen. Although Cai Weize also made his debut in the Son of Tomorrow series, as the lead singer of the band at the same time, he has good singing skills, and Zhang Bichen is recognized by the circle and the audience as a strong singer. The cooperation of partners during the performance can also enrich the stage effect to a certain extent, and more importantly, the collision of different types of musicians can increase the topic and accumulate heat for the program.

Such an attempt to make a real "concert effect" is undoubtedly ambitious, and inviting a group of veteran singers is proof. While the controversial artists have a negative impact on the show, they have actually attracted more attention to the show, virtually creating momentum for go LIVE. With the cooperation of the artists’ own traffic and the promotion of the show, many people have noticed this new music synthesis that is about to go LIVE. And whether the concert can be moved into the variety stage as mentioned in the promotion, we will see after the show goes LIVE.

"Love’s Driving" Exposed Special, Wang Chengsi Becomes "Happy Manufacturing Machine"

1905 movie network news On August 25, a comedy and romance film that is about to hit cinemas across the country released a special cast. Director Xu Lin and chief producer Liang Wei took the lead in creating "Wang Chengsi Kuaqu Group" to reveal the story behind the shooting of "Driving for Love" for the first time, showing fans from multiple angles how Wang Chengsi was polished into a "joy maker" in the film, so that the public can see the fancy opening of an excellent comedian. The film is directed by Xu Lin, and Wang Chengsi is the lead actor, and Xu Huiqiang, Ai Ran, Feng Qinchuan, the lead actor, and the friendship actor. It will be staged this Friday. See you in theaters this weekend. The film is on hot pre-sale!

The special issue changes in seconds! How many ways does Wang Chengsi open it?

In the latest release of Wang Chengsi’s special, the beginning of the "Salt can be sweet, amiable, humble, and dedicated" is the film director Xu Lin and chief producer Liang Wei’s high evaluation of the male lead Wang Chengsi, which makes people feel like they have entered Wang Chengsi’s "praise group"? Behind all this is a comedian who has come with more than ten years of persistence and hard work, which is reflected in all aspects of the play inside and outside the play.

First, the director’s certified acting skills! Director Xu Lin said of his most impressive scene that "there was a scene where he ate steak in a western restaurant. In just ten seconds, Wang Chengsi could perform four levels". From never eating steak, to feeling delicious, to devouring, and finally trying to maintain elegance, a piece of steak can be eaten in four states. Unknowingly, the comedy tension of a little person is fully released. Second, the commendable professionalism! Chief producer Liang Wei talked about the filming of the film in winter. When the hot spring scene was filmed early in the morning, the extras could not stand it for 30 minutes, and Wang Chengsi stayed in it all the time. His dedication was admirable. Third, the all-round performance of delicate emotions! In this film, Wang Chengsi not only shows his funny ability, but also the delicate handling of emotional scenes, which allows people to see Wang Chengsi’s deeper performance skills. When filming the crying scene where Zhong Chengkui saw his daughter regain her eyesight, the director Xu Lin asked Wang Chengsi if he needed to prepare eye drops. Wang Chengsi refused, proving that "a strong man also has a tender side" with an excellent crying scene. When Director Xu recalled the filming of this film, he also praised Wang Chengsi’s precise handling of emotional scenes. His performance will definitely make people feel the change of Zhong Chengkui’s mood when watching the movie, and be healed and moved by the family interaction between father and daughter. How many ways does actor Wang Chengsi have to open up? Let’s meet at the theater this Friday to find out.

The director called out for choosing the right person! Wang Chengsi writes with love and becomes a late bloomer

"Driving for Love" tells the story of Zhong Chengkui, the water delivery brother, who is involved in a carefully planned "stand-in love" because he looks like Li Jiahao, the young director of the design company. As Wang Chengsi’s first male lead film work, he is facing the difficult challenge of one person playing two roles at the same time. In an interview, he admitted that "there is a lot of pressure". The most difficult scene in the whole shooting process is that Zhong Chengkui has to pretend to be Li Jiahao to speak on stage, and Li Jiahao pretends to be Zhong Chengkui to cooperate in order not to be exposed. In actual shooting, the transition of the two roles is very easy to be confused. How to deal with the different states of the characters and complete the performance naturally and smoothly, Wang Chengsi has made a lot of effort for this. As for Wang Chengsi’s performance, the director Xu Lin bluntly said that "he chose the right person", and the chief producer Liang Wei said that "he will always give you some surprises".

As a meritorious actor of Happy Twist, Wang Chengsi embraces his love for acting. It took seventeen years to slowly move from the stage of the drama to the big screen, and to accumulate energy from each and every role. Finally, in "Driving for Love", he realized his dream of being the leading man in the movie. Zhong Chengkui, a poor boy in the play, wants to fall in love with Huo Qixin, a rich daughter, and Wang Chengsi outside the play also turns around and has his own male lead. Actor Wang Chengsi staged a "double-line counterattack", writing his own late bloomer with love and perseverance.

"China Star Jump" Wen Ya trained hard and his thighs were blue.


Wen Ya training chart


Wen Ya practices diving.

  A few days ago, @ Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue @ China Star Jump triggered a new diving boom. During the visiting classes of fans and the media, we found that Wen Ya’s body had been seriously overdrawn after many days of training. In order to complete the strict training again and again, not only was her thigh bruised by water spray, which was worrying.

  Among the many stars who appeared in "China Star Jump", Wen Ya is the first female star to start diving training. With her own efforts, she also has a very good reputation among the staff. According to the staff, Wen Ya is the earliest to arrive at the training ground every day and the latest to leave. Girls love beauty, but Wen Ya has made painstaking efforts for training, which made her thighs covered with bruises caused by diving. Many fans expressed their anxiety after watching it, but Wen Ya didn’t mind it. She said that these efforts can let everyone see her beautiful diving process on TV, which is very worthwhile for her.

  In the interview, Wen Ya didn’t disclose more information, but some fans in Wen Ya said that Wen Ya’s nose had lost its sense of smell for a week because of a strong water impact during training, except for a thigh injury. Although the doctor said that this loss of sense of smell was not permanent, Wen Ya’s efforts to overdraw her body for the audience were really touching.

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris goes to sea and goes to the west. High-end intelligence goes to the world | Steam cover

Steam potential Auto-First| Zhang Chi

History is a cycle. Zheng He’s voyage to the Western Ocean 600 years ago opened China’s eyes to the world and made the world know about China. Today, 600 years later, many industries in China have started a brand-new "voyage to the West".

For most of the past century, cars have been imported, and China people can only look up and follow them.

Taking the automobile industry revolution led by new energy and intelligence as an opportunity, China brand cars have an excellent time to change lanes and overtake.

In the first quarter of this year, China’s total automobile export volume reached a new high, surpassing Germany and Japan, and became the world’s first in export.

Chery, as a leader in China’s automobile export, recently created the column "See the World with Eta Ursae Majoris" by its high-end brand Xingtu, which made more overseas consumers know about China automobile and raised a strong sense of national pride in China people’s hearts. This overseas column created by Starway has created many firsts of the brand: driving a Chinese blue brand vehicle in the Middle East for the first time; The first China international live broadcast; The first outdoor international broadcast of Gobi Desert; The first outdoor international live broadcast of Kuwait Sea.

At present, the total exposure of the project has reached more than 900 million times, attracting more than 16 million user interactions, setting off a car boom in China overseas, and the charm of intelligent manufacturing in China has been greatly demonstrated.

Starway takes the domestic market as the cornerstone and the international market as the transition. The two main lines fight side by side, and the two potential energies empower each other. With the multi-dimensional cooperation of market and brand, it will create a different road for China brand to rise.

Change lanes, overtake and sail out to sea.

In the future, China brand will definitely be born into a world-class automobile brand, and this idea has sprouted in the minds of China autobots.

China brand cars have never stopped exploring the sea and brand promotion, and have made many rounds of attempts. It is common for them to fail and hit a wall.

The automobile industry chain and intelligent manufacturing system, which grew up with the automobile market in China, nourished the automobile brands in China. In 2023, the watershed event of China automobile going overseas has appeared. I still remember that the shock of 2,000 overseas friends and dealers gathered at the Chery booth at the Shanghai Auto Show in April showed Chery’s outstanding performance and strong atmosphere in overseas markets, and it was also a prelude for China automobile to become a world-class brand.

Why can China become the largest automobile exporter today, and China brand cars can be sold for more than 400,000 yuan? What is the logic behind it?

China brand has obvious advantages in new energy and intelligence at the time of new energy transformation and profound changes in the automobile industry. The market share of China brand in China market is over 50%, and the new energy penetration rate of autonomous passenger cars is also over 50%. In many market segments, China brand cars have begun to become the leader.

In 1908, Ford Model T led the first automobile industry revolution, and then Toyota’s lean production promoted the second automobile industry revolution. The third industrial revolution is already on the way.

In the global automobile industry chain, China brand has been doing dirty work for too long, and needs to share more harvest fruits. The revolution of the automobile industry will be an excellent time to reshuffle the cards and upgrade the brand of China.

Eta Ursae Majoris was born at the right time.

Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery Group, once compared Chery to Volkswagen and Starway to Audi. Yin Tongyue said: "Xingtu is the pinnacle of the brand pyramid of Chery Group, and it is a global high-end strategic brand of Chery facing the future layout. It must be duty-bound to lead Chery’s mission of technological breakthrough and brand promotion".

Starway Eta Ursae Majoris is the first strategic product in Starway Development Phase 2.0, which bears the heavy responsibility of "market breakthrough, user breakthrough and brand breakthrough".

In fact, China’s automobile market is diversified, and the barrier for consumers to choose independent high-end products has gradually broken the ice. Behind it is the real improvement of the quality of China brand automobile products. More importantly, in terms of design, configuration and intelligence, China brand has crushed the joint venture brand. Even though the price has gone up, it still has a super high quality-price ratio.

Pre-sale in Eta Ursae Majoris is a highlight moment, with 12,900 pre-sale orders and 5,118 large users in a short time. Up to now, in Eta Ursae Majoris’s sales structure, four-wheel drive models account for 64%, which is the best-selling China car in the four-wheel drive version within 200,000 yuan, which further robs the joint venture brand of the right to speak on four-wheel drive pricing. Moreover, the portrait of users in Eta Ursae Majoris has also ushered in an upward leap, accounting for more than 70% of the purchases, more than half of which are joint venture luxury users, and 9% of users once owned BBA. These data indicate that there are a group of people in the market who dare to break the inherent cognition, be good at thinking and have the courage to choose China products, which is also an important foundation for Star Road and even China brand to form market breakthroughs and user breakthroughs.

Chery is partial to Starway, and all new technologies are the first to bring it. Xingtu Eta Ursae Majoris is the first product of Eta Ursae Majoris 2025 Laboratory’s scientific research achievements. It was born in M3X Mars Architecture 2.0, which won the special award of the third China Automobile Fengyun Festival by China Radio and Television General Station. It is the first product of this architecture and the first product put into production by a brand-new smart factory. Of course, Eta Ursae Majoris has lived up to expectations. It is a car with the brand positioning of "smart, trendy and energetic", which will effectively promote the landing of brand image and form a brand breakthrough.

150,000-200,000 yuan, the market is full of water and fish.

In addition to its excellent technology, it enjoys the advantage of equal rights in technology. In fact, Eta Ursae Majoris’s domestic traditional energy passenger car market of 150,000-200,000 yuan is the second market segment. Among them, there are many well-known mainstream joint venture brands such as Tiguan L and CRV. Some people will say, why is Starway wrestling with them?

Design is the translator of the brand, and Starway Eta Ursae Majoris won the 16th American IDA Design Gold Award for its excellent appearance interpretation. IDA International Design Award is one of the four top industrial design awards in the world. In recent two years, the models that have the chance to win IDA Gold Award in the automobile field are basically ultra-luxury brands, and Starway can win the award of changing items, which represents the real rise of automobile design in China.

In fact, Starway has surpassed many joint venture brands in the sense of new energy in appearance, exquisite interior and driving quality of chassis. The flying fish super-sensing chassis adopted by it combines a series of advanced equipment, such as CDC electromagnetic suspension system, Soft Stop system, chassis hydraulic vibration isolation system, intelligent brake-by-wire system, freewheeling steering system, etc. Many technologies are also difficult to see on 400,000-class vehicles. This chassis has truly achieved the luxury driving control quality of "starting without looking up, braking without nodding, turning without tilting, bumping without sprinkling water". In addition, with the functions of all-terrain technology system and all-scene intelligent four-wheel drive system, the vehicle’s passability and ability to get rid of difficulties are ahead of the same level.

Moreover, 200,000 yuan can enjoy the co-driver’s queen’s seat, L2 driver’s assistance, Sony stereo and Qualcomm 8155 chip configuration, which is unimaginable in joint venture brands. With the luxury quality of 400,000 yuan, Eta Ursae Majoris launched a "luxury equal rights" campaign for 200,000 yuan SUVs on the market, which is the most cost-effective SUV within 200,000 yuan.

The sense of value is universal. Starway is replacing BBA in some overseas markets, and even "BBE" in some countries. Starway is one of the rare China brands whose overseas sales and prices are higher than domestic ones, and their excellent performance is positively affecting the cognition of domestic consumers. As the cornerstone of sales, domestic sales have made the star road stable and far-reaching. At present, Xingtu brand has formed a positive cycle, and it is forming a unique high-end model of its own brand through the efforts of domestic and international dual markets to build a brand upward.

Concept of steam potential: Eta Ursae Majoris’s domestic and international dual kinetic energy has gradually become a new trend

Farmers who are simple and lack of ability will not lose their time in the world, and they will not lose their geographical position in the world. They will get people in harmony and never waste everything. 2,300 years ago, Xunzi, a great Chinese philosopher, told us that it is necessary to make the best use of the right time, the right place and the right people in order to succeed in business. China’s automobile brand is facing a golden opportunity of "harmony between the right time and the right people".

If China brand tried many rounds of brand promotion more than ten years ago, and even went out and hit a wall, it was a tuition fee that had to be paid. Then Eta Ursae Majoris’s voyage to the sea is more like Zheng He’s taking China’s tea and porcelain to other parts of the world 600 years ago, so that the world can appreciate China’s manufacturing and another understanding of automobiles. Eta Ursae Majoris and even Xingtu brand, driven by the dual kinetic energy of domestic and international markets, is becoming a new fashion of China brand cars.

Starting from 88,800 yuan, how does King Kong Gun stir the low-end pickup market?

  Original title: Starting from 88,800 yuan, how does King Kong Gun stir the low-end pickup market?

  "Thanks toThe high self-sufficiency rate of spare parts and the supply chain crisis such as chips have little impact on the Great Wall pickup truck. Zhang Hao Bao, CEO of Great Wall Motor pickup brand, told Time Finance.

  Recently, Great Wall Motor’s commercial pickup king kong gun was officially listed. It is reported that the car provides two kinds of power, gasoline and diesel, and there are many different versions of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The gasoline model starts at 88,800 yuan and the diesel model starts at 95,800 yuan.

  "King Kong cannon is a strategic model of the Great Wall pickup truck, which is of great significance." Zhang Hao Bao, CEO of Great Wall Motor pickup brand, told Time Finance at the Guangdong linkage listing conference held on April 7th.

  Source | Great Wall Motor official website

  Some insiders said that from the perspective of the pricing and product strength of King Kong Gun, Great Wall Gun has high hopes for this car. In addition to refreshing its past brand impression, it also wants to subvert the domestic pickup market segment.

  Different from the previous pickup truck shape, the appearance of King Kong Gun is more fashionable and the overall recognition is stronger. Its front face adopts a honeycomb air intake grille, and the periphery is decorated with thick chrome trim strips, so the overall temperament is tough. The details such as the waistline and front and rear wheel eyebrows make the new car more exquisite.

  "King Kong Gun focuses on creating a core label that is solid, durable, economical and convenient." Previously, the top management of the Great Wall pickup truck once said. King Kong Cannon has three kinds of containers: standard box, long box and flat bottom. The long box model has a 1.82-meter super-large container, and at the same time, details such as low cargo platform and container lighting are added. The turning diameter of 11.9 meters makes the new car more flexible in turning and turning around. In addition to the flat box model, the functions such as the cargo box light that can be turned on by the center console button, the car system that supports FOTA upgrade, the 360 panoramic image, the whole car radar and tire pressure monitoring also make the King Kong gun more practical and functional.

  In terms of power, the King Kong Gun is equipped with a power combination of 2.0T+6MT, the GW4C20B gasoline engine is mature and reliable, with a peak torque of 360N·m, and the high-power version of GW4D20M diesel engine has a peak torque of 400 N m.. On April 7th, when Time Finance tried to ride the King Kong Gun, it was found that the noise of its powertrain was low, and the performance of the King Kong Gun was not bad in terms of road feeling and vibration filtering.

  Source | Great Wall Motor official website

  Some insiders said that with the product strength and pricing of King Kong Gun, it may have a good market performance in the future. It is worth mentioning that, as the leader of the domestic pickup truck market, the Great Wall pickup truck sold 233,000 vehicles in 2021, including 43,599 overseas vehicles, up 119% year-on-year. Previously, Cui Xiaohui, general manager of the Great Wall pickup truck brand, revealed that "the goal of the Great Wall pickup truck in 2025 is to achieve 500,000 vehicle sales, ranking among the top three pickup truck sales in the world".

  "Thanks to the high self-sufficiency rate of parts of Great Wall Motor, the impact of supply chain crisis such as chips on Great Wall pickup trucks is not great." Zhang Hao Bao told Time Finance that in terms of pickup truck policy, Great Wall pickup truck also cooperated with China Automobile Association, Passenger Association and pickup truck friends to promote the introduction of new pickup truck standards, prepare for the establishment of pickup truck association and promote the lifting of pickup truck policy. According to statistics, at present, more than 70% cities in China have relaxed the restrictions on pickup trucks entering the city.

Equipped with BYD’s fifth-generation DM hybrid system, Qin L Beijing Auto Show was officially unveiled.

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Niuche. com learned from BYD officials that BYD’s new compact car, Qin L, will officially meet with consumers at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25, and the new car will be equipped with BYD’s fifth-generation DM hybrid system. It is understood that the price of the new car will be around 120,000 yuan.

In design, BYD Qin (parameter picture) L adopts the latest family design of "New Country Tide and Beauty Aesthetics", which is younger and more refined visually. The interior of the huge middle net adopts dot matrix design, and the grille on both sides stretches the width of the whole front face. At the same time, the headlights of the new car are very sharp and connected by light strips, which is visually very scientific and technological.

The side line of the new car runs from the headlights to the back door, and the B-pillar and C-pillar are designed in a hidden way, combined with the slip-back design, which makes the whole car younger. At the same time, the new car is equipped with multi-frame wheels, which is more visually sporty. In terms of vehicle size, the length, width and height of Qin L are 4830mm, 1900mm and 1495mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2790mm. Compared with Qin PLUS currently on sale (length, width and height: 4765/1837/1495mm, wheelbase: 2718mm), Qin L is larger as a whole.

At the rear of the car, the new car adopts a penetrating taillight group, and the rear enclosure is also treated in a sporty style. It is worth mentioning that the tail of the new car is also equipped with a luminous "BYD" English logo. In terms of car body color matching, BYD Qin L will provide four car body colors: Bingpo Green, Jianyao Purple, Runyu White and Tea Crystal Grey.

In terms of interior, Qin L adopts the latest design concept of the family, which is visually simpler and more layered. The interior of the three-position multi-function steering wheel is decorated with brown elements, which looks good. The full LCD instrument panel is embedded in the central control panel, and the 15.6-inch central control large screen supports rotation. At the same time, it is equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system, which supports functions such as customized navigation in Gaode, karaoke function, Himalayan music, cool me/cool dog music, BYD market, car WeChat/Tik Tok and so on.

It is worth mentioning that the new car does not completely cancel the physical buttons. The physical buttons such as start, driving mode, air conditioning control and volume adjustment are integrated around the new BYD Heart crystal ball head shift lever, which is convenient for users to operate quickly.

In terms of power, Qin L will be equipped with BYD’s fifth-generation DM-i hybrid technology, in which the maximum power of the 1.5L engine is 74kW and the maximum power of the motor is 160kW. The new car is equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery from Fudi, Zhengzhou. The battery provides 15.874kWh and 10.08kWh for consumers to choose, and the corresponding pure electric cruising range is 90km and 60km respectively. It is understood that the comprehensive battery life of the new car can reach 2000km.

The official announcement: Volvo will stop production of diesel vehicles next year, and the overall electrification transformation will accelerate.

Nowadays, with the gradual increase of the market share of new energy products, major car companies have also accelerated the layout of this market. For example, Dongfeng Honda is about to launch a brand-new independent brand of new energy; Hyundai wants to join hands with BAIC Group to develop electric vehicles; Volkswagen cooperates with Xpeng Motors to develop pure electric vehicles.

It has to be admitted that joint venture brands have been involved in the "spring tide" of new energy. Volvo, as a luxury brand that laid out new energy routes earlier, also began to speed up on the road of full electrification. Recently, Volvo officially announced that it will stop production of diesel vehicles in early 2024. This means that it is a step closer to achieving full electrification. At the same time, Volvo will become the first mainstream traditional manufacturer to completely abandon diesel vehicles.

It should be noted that until 2019, diesel models will still be Volvo’s main market in Europe. With high reliability, low noise and low fuel consumption, Volvo’s diesel models are widely recognized in the European market. However, according to relevant data, with the rise of new energy vehicles, the market share of Volvo diesel models has also dropped from 50% in 2015 to 14.1% in July 2023.

Previously, Volvo Cars said that by 2030, the company plans to sell only all-electric vehicles; By 2040, the goal will be to become a carbon neutral company. Volvo’s decision to stop production of diesel vehicles has made people full of confidence in Volvo’s future new energy development.

In addition, Volvo sold its shares in the internal combustion engine development company as early as last year, saying that it would not invest any more money in new internal combustion engines. Moreover, Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo, said: "Electric powertrain is our future, and the company is fully focused on building a series of superior and pure electric vehicles to meet all the expectations of customers for Volvo." It is not difficult to find that Volvo’s determination to transform into electricity is great.

Not only that, Volvo will launch two pure electric SUVs in the next few months, namely Volvo EX90 and EX30, to meet consumers’ demand for Volvo’s new energy products. At the same time, Volvo also announced in August that Volvo EM90, Volvo’s first pure electric luxury MPV, will be launched in the world on November 12th this year, and the reservation in Chinese mainland will be started simultaneously.

Known as "the safest and most secure pure electric SUV ever", Volvo EX90 appeared in the domestic market as early as April this year, and the new car will be listed in China market in 2024. It is reported that the Volvo EX90 is based on the Volvo SPA2 platform and has a good performance in terms of performance.

Another luxury pure electric small SUV, Volvo EX30, also made its world debut as early as June this year. The car is priced at 34,950 US dollars (about 249,000 yuan) in the US market and 36,000 euros (about 274,000 yuan) in the European market. In the China market, the pricing of Volvo EX30 may be more "people-friendly". Volvo EX30 is built on the vast architecture platform of Geely SEA, and smar Elf #1 is also from this platform.

As Volvo’s first pure electric luxury MPV, Volvo EM90 is built on the vast architecture platform of Geely SEA. It is expected to be driven by dual-motor four-wheel drive, and is expected to be equipped with ternary lithium batteries and the latest Kirin batteries. The pure electric cruising range is expected to be around 800km.

In the eyes of Volvo CEO Luo Wenjin, electric power systems are superior to internal combustion engines. They produce less noise, less vibration, lower maintenance costs for customers and zero exhaust emissions. Therefore, whether from the point of view of consumers’ later consumption or Volvo’s goal of coping with climate change, electric vehicles are the best choice.

In the era of fuel vehicles, Volvo is the leader of automobile safety. In the new energy era, Volvo will sublimate safety into new energy vehicles and become the "leader" of new energy vehicle safety. You know, as early as April this year, Volvo released the World Tree Intelligent Security System, which combines the trend of electrification and intelligence to realize the inheritance and evolution of security.

Write it at the end

The debut of Volvo EX90 and Volvo EX30 indicates that Volvo has begun to accelerate on the new energy track. The suspension of diesel models is Volvo’s determination to fully electrify the outside world. Next, Volvo EM90 will be unveiled soon, which further enriches Volvo’s new energy product matrix.

(This article was originally produced by Wenwu Lane New Media Studio, please indicate the source: Wenwu Lane, author: Xia Mu)

No starter, parking service! Zhijie S7 sells at a loss, Yu Chengdong: Huawei’s new company has sent an invitation to Sijie.

Every reporter Sun Lei, every editor Pei Jianru

The intellectual S7, which sells at a loss, went public.

On November 28th, Zhijie S7 was officially launched, and the new car was positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized pure electric coupe. Four versions of the car were launched, with the price range of 249,800 ~ 349,800 yuan, and the price of the entry model was lowered by 0.82 million yuan compared with the pre-sale price.

It is understood that Zhijie S7 is equipped with Huawei’s technologies or functions such as Huawei ADS2.0 advanced intelligent driving system, a new generation of HUAWEI DriveONE power platform, Huawei Turing intelligent chassis, HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system, etc., and its "Chinese content" is high.

"The specifications of Zhijie S7 are higher than those of Tesla Model S and Mercedes-Benz EQE, but the price is the same as that of Tesla Model 3." Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of terminal BG and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, said.

Reduce the selling price to cope with market competition

According to public data, in the past three years, the compound annual growth rate of the market scale of 200,000 ~ 300,000 yuan where Zhijie S7 is located reached 13.6%, and it still increased by 12.7% from January to May this year. The average monthly sales of new cars was around 350,000, and its share in the overall automobile market increased from around 15% in early 2020 to 24% now.

Specifically, in the market of this price range, the sales volume of fuel vehicles of the joint venture brand is highly stable, and the average monthly sales volume is always around 240,000, while the rest of the incremental part is mainly divided by Tesla Model Y, Model 3, BYD Han, Seal and other models. The latter three cars are the direct competitors of Zhijie S7.

According to the research report of Guojin Securities, "Zhijie S7 covers the pure electric medium and large car market in the range of 200,000 ~ 300,000 yuan, and the competition is fierce, but the market scale is large, and there is still room for penetration." An Conghui, CEO of Krypton, once said: "The level of 200,000 ~ 300,000 yuan must be the largest area in the market segment."

In this context, car companies that have seen the potential of this market segment have also laid out. In addition to Kyk-007, which has been pre-sold, it is reported that Kyk-007 will have two new products next year, both of which will focus on the market of 200,000 ~ 300,000 yuan, and the model code-named CM2E has been confirmed. The Xiaomi SU7, which is scheduled to be released next year, is also positioned in the middle and large-scale pure electric coupe, and the price of some of its configured models may be between 200,000 and 300,000 yuan.

Some people believe that in the face of existing and potential market competition, the price of Zhijie S7 will be further explored on the basis of pre-sale of 258,000 yuan. "The pricing of this model is very noisy within the company. At present, the prices of the four versions are all at a loss. After the sales volume comes up in the future, the cost will gradually decrease, turning losses into profits." Yu Chengdong said.

Image source: Every reporter Sun Lei photo

A Huawei channel staff member once said that the sales staff had already completed the product training of Zhijie S7. He believes that the pricing of the old model M7 is a failure, which also affects the product sales to a great extent. Huawei has learned a lot of experience in pricing, and the current pricing of Zhijie S7 should be very competitive in the market.

It is worth noting that, with the split of BU business of Huawei, HarmonyOS Zhixing’s models have completely turned into purchasing cooperation with other Huawei businesses or subsidiaries in terms of intelligent parts. In this context, HarmonyOS Zhixing vehicles may gain a more reasonable cost advantage in the above procurement in the future, which is regarded by the industry as the basis for the intellectual S7 to lower the price.

Regarding the future market performance of Zhijie S7, Shenwan Hongyuan Securities previously stated that the benchmark model of Zhijie S7 is Tesla Model 3. Considering the early channel laying and the competitive pressure of the same price segment, it is estimated that the steady-state monthly sales will be in the range of 5000~7000 vehicles. If the distribution of goods in subsequent stores exceeds expectations, the steady-state monthly sales are expected to exceed 10,000 vehicles.

First unmanned parking service, build a "moat"

In addition to price adjustment, as the first car of HarmonyOS Zhixing, Zhijie S7 also hopes to participate in the market competition by virtue of its advantages in intelligence. According to Huawei, HarmonyOS Zhixing’s models are blessed by Huawei’s innovative smart car technology, which has a better intelligent experience.

Industrial Securities Research Report believes that Zhijie S7 takes sports and technology as its main selling points, and is equipped with Huawei’s latest intelligent driving and cockpit system, with outstanding intelligent configuration. It is understood that Zhijie S7 is equipped with Huawei Turing intelligent chassis for the first time, and also has Huawei ADS2.0 advanced intelligent driving assistance system. In addition, this car is the first model equipped with HarmonyOS4 HarmonyOS system.

"HarmonyOS 4 smart cockpit uses the Ark engine to bring a new 3D car control desktop. At the same time, the intelligent voice assistant Xiaoyi is connected to the Pangu model. " Yu Chengdong said, "With HarmonyOS 4 and HUAWEI MagLink, the central control screen in the car can also achieve three-screen linkage with the rear screen."

In addition, Zhijie S7 is also equipped with Huawei’s parking and driving function for the first time. It is understood that its parking and driving function can independently complete a series of operations such as courtesy to pedestrians, reversing and avoiding, extreme passing, automatic parking and automatic pick-up without driving. Yu Chengdong said: "The parking and driving Beta program will be opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Suzhou, Dongguan and other cities in the first quarter of next year."

Image source: Every reporter Sun Lei photo

Parking on behalf of the driver function is considered by the industry to be the only way for L4-class automatic driving of passenger cars, while Xpeng Motors, Baidu and other enterprises have demonstrated similar functions before. In the recent OTA5.0, LI has also added the ability of the ideal AD Max 3.0 unmanned parking service. It is said that the release of the functions of Huawei and LI parking service has a subtle relationship with the Notice on Launching the Pilot Work of Intelligent Networked Vehicle Access and Road Access (hereinafter referred to as the Notice) recently jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four departments.

On November 17, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four departments jointly issued the "Notice", saying that intelligent networked automobile products with automatic driving function with mass production conditions were selected and pilot projects were carried out in limited areas. CICC said that the Notice will promote the development of technologies and business models for passenger cars L3 and travel services L4.

"The Notice regulates the reporting methods, testing requirements and responsibilities of L3/L4 access and road pilot projects. After the document is issued, it will enter the stage of centralized declaration. By the beginning of 2024, it is expected that a group of applicants will take the lead in achieving product access and road access after passing the requirements of audit and test verification. At that time, it is expected to reflect the technical capabilities and leadership of enterprises from the side. " CITIC Securities said.

CITIC Securities believes that under the impetus of the Notice, advanced intelligent drivers are expected to further accelerate the pace of research and development of autonomous driving technology and product launch, so as to strengthen consumer awareness and brand image, and thus establish a real "moat". In the eyes of many people in the industry, Huawei chose Zhijie S7 as the first unmanned parking service function to participate in the market competition and achieve the above goals.

"HarmonyOS Zhixing cooperative car enterprises will become key customers of Huawei’s new company"

It is worth mentioning that the Zhijie S7 is also the first model released after Huawei and Changan officially announced that they intend to set up a company engaged in R&D, design, production, sales and service of automotive intelligent systems and component solutions (hereinafter referred to as Huawei New Company). The emergence of Huawei’s new company also makes the industry worry about the HarmonyOS Zhixing model of Huawei’s cooperation with Cyrus, Chery, BAIC and JAC.

In this regard, national business daily reporter learned that the emergence of the new Huawei company will not affect HarmonyOS’s zhixing model. An insider who asked not to be named told the reporter, "As a technology platform, Huawei’s new company, HarmonyOS Zhixing’s cooperative car companies will become its key customers in the future." HarmonyOS Zhixing is the most comprehensive, close and in-depth cooperation mode between Huawei and car companies at present, while HarmonyOS Zhixing’s models are blessed by Huawei’s smart car innovation technology.

On November 28th, Yu Chengdong revealed at the launch conference of Zhijie S7 that Huawei had issued an invitation for equity opening to four car companies, namely Cyrus, Chery, BAIC and JAC, and hoped that China FAW Group would join.

In this regard, Sailis said that it has received an invitation to jointly invest in the target company and jointly participate in the creation of an electrified and intelligent open platform. The company is actively demonstrating matters related to participation in investment and cooperation. Jianghuai Automobile said in a statement on November 27 that the company has been in close communication and its scope has continued to expand since its strategic cooperation with Huawei in 2019. Regarding Huawei’s plans to set up an independent company for automotive intelligent systems and component solutions, the company paid close attention to it and actively discussed with Huawei related matters of participating in investment and cooperation. But JAC said,We have not received an invitation from Huawei for joint investment, and have not participated in matters related to investment and capital cooperation.

TF Securities predicted that Huawei’s new company is expected to continuously introduce more car factories to become shareholders in the future, and make it stronger and bigger together with the downstream car factories, which will help to improve the depth of cooperation with the downstream car factories.

Image source: Every reporter Sun Lei photo

"We have always believed that China needs to build an electrified intelligent open platform with the participation of the automobile industry, one with ‘ Locomotive ’ Open platform. We deepen cooperation with Changan, and at the same time, we will work together with more strategic partner car companies to continuously explore new models of openness and win-win, and jointly seize the opportunity of electrification and intelligent transformation of the automobile industry to realize the dream of the rise of China’s automobile industry. " Yu Chengdong said.

In this regard, Huajin Securities said in the research report that Huawei positioned Tier1, empowering OEMs with car modules and self-driving computing platforms as a whole, and rapidly increasing market share through intelligent selection mode in the short term, but the equity cooperation mode may be difficult to expand other OEMs. In the long run, under the trend of differentiated competition, OEMs will still empower themselves with self-developed core technologies and ensure their right to speak in the choice of Tier1.