Siming District continues to promote the optimization and improvement of the business environment, and makes precise efforts to help enterprises develop

  Siming District is competing to showcase a high-quality business environment to global investors. The picture shows the Guanyinshan International Business Operation Center where the headquarters economy gathers.

  ▲ Siming District is a hot and blessed land for investment and business. The picture shows the beautiful scenery of Lujiang Road.

   Xiamen Network News (Xiamen Daily reporters, Wu Yanru, Lin Wen, correspondent, Xia Sixuan, this map/reporter, Huang Rong) Beautiful Ludao ushered in the "98 time" as scheduled, and guests from all over the world kicked off the feast of international capital.

  At the location of the main venue of the Investment Fair, Siming, the hot land and blessed land for investment and business in the central city, is showing a high-quality business environment to global investors in a competitive manner. Data is the most powerful footnote: in the first half of this year, Siming District achieved a regional GDP of 120.30 billion yuan, an increase of 6.8% year-on-year, and the total amount and growth rate ranked first in the city. This is since the second half of 2009, after a lapse of 12 years, Siming District’s GDP growth rate has taken the first place in the city.

  Those who are good at plotting go far, and those who do are successful. Siming District has made great efforts to "make the first move" in a good business environment, and issued the "Siming District Accelerates the Building of a World-Class Business Environment 2022-2023 Annual Enhancement Plan", focusing on key areas and key links to carry out research, promote the optimization and upgrading of the business environment, consolidate and deepen the construction of the province’s first business environment area, and upgrade the competitiveness of the marketization, rule of law, internationalization and facilitation business environment.

  Key words [concept]

  "Entrepreneurs are city partners"

  When the "BRICS" meets the "Golden Key", the double gold superposition allows domestic and foreign merchants to see more investment opportunities.

  Yesterday, the 4th BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership Forum was successfully held. At the meeting, Luckin Coffee from Siming District signed a letter of intent to purchase coffee beans in Brazil with Xiamen C & D, a top 500 Chinese company, Mitsui & Co., the largest green coffee bean trader in Asia, and the world’s second largest coffee trader, Swiss ECOM Group. According to the agreement, Luckin Coffee will purchase a total of about 45,000 tons of coffee beans in Brazil in the next three years. With the support of the Brazilian Embassy, it will continue to cooperate in the coffee industry in Brazil, share industrial concepts and industry practice experience, and promote cooperation in the coffee field to deepen.

  This multi-party cooperation shows the world the huge opportunities and openness of the Chinese market, and also shows the strength and style of Siming District enterprises. "The signing of the Brazilian coffee bean cooperation letter of intent will continue to enhance Luckin Coffee’s supply chain capabilities, allowing consumers to better experience the coffee products and culture of high-quality production areas around the world." Luckin Coffee said that in recent years, Luckin has continued to invest in the coffee professional supply chain. Last year, Luckin imported more than 15,000 tons of green coffee beans, and this year it is expected to exceed 30,000 tons.

  Luckin Coffee, which has its headquarters in Siming, is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary. At present, Luckin has more than 7,000 stores and has become one of the largest chain coffee brands in China. Guo Jinyi, chairperson and CEO of Luckin Coffee, said with emotion, "During the development of Luckin, the province, city and Siming District not only escorted the company when it was riding the wind and waves, but also provided help at the critical juncture of the company. Let us deeply understand that it was a very correct decision to settle here."

  The heartfelt voice of enterprises is a heartfelt affirmation of Siming’s services. Siming District has firmly established the concept of "entrepreneurs are city partners", further optimized the CSO chief service officer mechanism, expanded government-enterprise communication channels, and deepened pro-Qing political and business relations. This year, Siming District has carried out in-depth special projects of "benefiting enterprises", established an Enterprise Services commissioner system and a quick coordination mechanism to help solve enterprise problems with heart. At the same time, focus on key enterprises and key projects, strengthen the combination of leadership linkage and hierarchical coordination, help to improve enterprise growth, and provide full-cycle services for project implementation. On September 4, under the leadership of the district party committee and district government, the Lianqian Street Chamber of Commerce was first established, which not only created a warm "home" for enterprises, but also helped the government and enterprises to interact benignly and communicate efficiently.

  Heart-to-heart service, real help. This year, in the face of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, Siming District, while fully implementing higher-level policies, has timely launched 9 measures to assist enterprises in relieving and reducing costs. In the first half of the year, the accumulated industrial support funds and rescue funds exceeded 1.20 billion yuan, and the accumulated tax rebates, tax cuts and fee reductions reached 1.67 billion yuan, benefiting enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households over 46,000 times. In addition, a series of online consumption season activities were held, digital RMB consumption coupons were issued, and a series of cultural tourism consumption activities were held, which effectively promoted economic consumption.

  Key words [pattern]

  Deep integration of industry and city empowers enterprise development

  In the continuous optimization of the business environment, Siming District takes advantage of the "big improvement on the island" and uses the thinking and pattern of deep integration of the industry and the city to play chess, injecting new momentum into development and giving new vitality.

  In the eastern part of the island, the main venue of the Investment and Trade Fair, the rapid development of the area has attracted much attention. At present, the Kaiyuan innovation community in Siming District is rising rapidly with strong momentum. Good news from the Meiya Poko Group Headquarters Building and Smart City Innovation Center project located in this area: the main body of the building is in the accelerated construction stage, which is expected to be capped within the year and put into use by the end of 2023.

  Luan Jiangxia, executive deputy general manager of Meiya Cupresso, said: "This building will be built as the research and development headquarters of Meiya Cupresso, the research institute of new smart cities, and the technical research center of Meiya Cupresso branches, subsidiaries and some ecological enterprises. We will focus on new smart cities, artificial intelligence, big data and other future industries to carry out new technology research and industry incubation. We also hope to help Siming District gather talents, promote the deep integration of industries and cities, and work together to create a benchmark for the city’s innovation-driven industrial upgrading."

  As a rooting enterprise independently cultivated by Xiamen City and Siming District, Meiya Cupresso has become a strong representative of Siming District’s development of advantageous software information industry. Luan Jiangxia said that Siming District fully promotes enterprise development with an open attitude, international vision and accurate service. This year, Siming District also focused on launching the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of Software and Information Service Industry in Siming District", supporting the introduction of 9 supporting measures to promote the development of the software information industry from four aspects: supporting recruitment and recruitment, increasing production and efficiency, R & D and innovation, and attracting and retaining talents, including uncapped production incentives and one-time rewards for senior talents in big data. From another perspective, it also shows that the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in Siming District is particularly strong, and Siming District is determined to vigorously encourage and cultivate the rapid development of enterprises.

  Based on the actual situation of the region, Siming District focuses on leading industries such as software and information services, financial services, business services, cultural and tourism creativity, and further coordinates and optimizes the industrial space layout of the region, promotes the integration of land resource elements, and provides a platform carrier for project landing and development. At present, key areas such as Kaiyuan Innovation Community and Binbei Super Headquarters are accelerating.

  In Siming District, a hotland of innovation and entrepreneurship, the industrial high-energy, functional and high-quality space layout allows companies to take root and grow.

  In the Guanyinshan International Business Operation Center, where the headquarters economy gathers, Anta Operations Center has been located in the area since 2012. In the past ten years, this fertile soil has witnessed the development of Anta Group from a Chinese enterprise to a world-class sporting goods group.

  Li Ling, vice president of Anta Group, introduced that Anta Group opened the operation of Fila Building in Siming District this year, and what made Li Ling feel deeply was that "Siming District’s attentive service and policy support, as well as its unique environment, have attracted a large number of talents at home and abroad for the enterprise, bringing vitality to the development of the enterprise."

  Siming District promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional cultural tourism advantageous industries, and the key investment attraction project "Cultural Protection Wonderful Night" Hulishan Fortress Night Tour Project has developed eye-catching. This year, the project has been fully upgraded to version 2.0, landing the concept of "Yuan Universe", superimposing virtual and interactive scenes, and detonating Xiamen’s summer tourism market.

  To empower the development of cohesive enterprises and stimulate the new vitality of resource elements, Siming District strives to promote the formation of an industrial development pattern with different characteristics, dislocation development and mutual support.

  Key words [innovation]

  Focusing on key areas to create a new model of business environment construction

  Reform stimulates vitality, innovation is wide. Where there is demand for enterprises, Siming extends services to wherever they are.

  Expand the government-bank cooperation model, Siming District established a government service area in the Guanyinshan International Business Operation Center this year on the basis of the pilot project of "government affairs + beneficial enterprises" service area of ICBC Urban Construction Sub-branch, and opened the Guanyinshan Park Service Center. The center provides "one-stop" services such as business establishment, tax-related processing, social security registration, beneficial enterprise policies, and e-government self-service for 2,100 enterprises and 40,000 employees in the area. In the first half of the year, more than 100 people provided various services such as market supervision, construction, taxation, and coordination of area construction, effectively opening up the "last meter" of government affairs for employees of enterprises in the area.

  Deepen the reform of "decentralization, management and service", continue to optimize government services, and allow enterprises to go into battle lightly. As of the beginning of September, the whole district has entered 5,947 online service halls in Fujian Province, with 83.82% of the total process of online office, 96.52% of "no need to run one trip", and 99.88% of "no need to run one trip at most". At the same time, Siming District has broadened the supervision channels of government services, innovatively recruited enthusiastic people to serve as "government service experience officers" to the society. Focusing on themes such as "no-see approval", "simple cancellation of enterprises", and "accelerated retirement processing", it has combined "online experience + offline unannounced and unannounced visits" to check the level of government services. This year, 28 opinions and suggestions have been collected, and relevant departments have prescribed the right medicine and improved it.

  The rule of law is the best business environment. Xiamen is making every effort to build the Haisi Central Legal District into an important platform for developing modern service industries, deepening reform and opening up, and building a market-oriented, rule of law and facilitation of international business environment. According to the requirements of the "Overall Construction Plan of the Haisi Central Legal District", in accordance with the overall layout of "one island and two districts are complementary and superimposed, the free trade area will be tested first, and the Siming area will be fully demonstrated." Siming Demonstration Zone will build a high-energy legal institution and a carrier of legal science and technology.

  Siming District anchors goals, innovates ideas, adheres to a high position to promote organizational planning, incubates legal talents with a high vision, gathers legal resources with high efficiency, guarantees the implementation of high-demand projects, plans the layout of the area with high standards, optimizes the rule of law services with high quality, makes scientific plans and layouts, gathers resource elements, and strives to create a first-class rule-of-law business environment. At present, four enterprise units including Shenzhen Fadada Network Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Chongyu Law Firm, and Xiamen Bar Association have successfully landed in Siming Demonstration Zone. The No. 1 Legal Fund of Haisi Central Legal District has successfully settled in Siming District. Four projects including Pigsy Network Intellectual Property Big Data Southeast Regional Headquarters and Edition Shentong have been signed. At present, 54 legal and pan-legal institutions have settled in Siming Demonstration Zone.

  With more enterprises settling in, the service guarantee force of the demonstration area is also constantly strengthening. Siming Court and Belt and Road Initiative International Commercial Mediation Center have established the first professional intellectual property mediation institution "Intellectual Property Mediation Office of Haisi Central Legal District", which has accepted 220 cases. Siming Court’s "Commercial Lecture Hall" brand project has been introduced into Siming Demonstration Zone to explore the construction of a legal risk prevention and control exchange mechanism between enterprises, so as to better improve the legal risk prevention and control capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  Siming District fully supports Xiamen’s efforts to create the second batch of national business environment innovation pilot cities, focusing on leading industries, exploring and implementing a number of ground-breaking and leading reform measures, and building a pilot demonstration zone for innovation pilot cities.

  Key word [quality]

  Optimize urban functions and enhance public service security

  Quality education is an important indicator and a strong supporting condition for an excellent business environment. In Xiamen, "Siming Education" is undoubtedly a household name.

  In the golden autumn of September, the "good school" at the doorstep of Siming District was reopened. The Lingdou Campus of Datong Primary School welcomed the first batch of 220 first-grade students. On the first day of school, the school held a highly ceremonial "drop into the heart of the sea" activity. The freshmen held blue liquid and poured it into the "concentric sea" one by one, reflecting the school’s school philosophy of "establishing the path of’Datong ‘with the heart of forging ahead". Huang Yingmin, head of the student development center of the Lingdou Campus of Datong Primary School, has high hopes for the children: "At this moment, you are like a boat going to sea, raising a new sail and starting a new journey."

  In addition to the Lingdou Campus of Datong Primary School, the Hexiang Branch of the Primary School Affiliated to Xiamen Foreign Language School has also made a new appearance, and they all operate in the form of an "educational community". The opening of these new schools will help the high-quality development of regional education. It is reported that this year, Siming District has also newly renovated and expanded the second phase of Binhai Primary School. The Lingdou Campus of Datong Primary School, the Hexiang Branch of the Primary School Affiliated to Xiamen Foreign Language School and the second phase of Binhai Primary School have added a total of 3,510 compulsory education degrees.

  As one of the first batch of "strong education areas" in Fujian Province, education has always been placed in the strategic position of priority development of Siming District. In April 2022, Siming District was confirmed as the first area to create a high-quality and balanced national compulsory education. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the whole district will also strive to renovate and expand no less than 30 compulsory education construction projects, add 30,000 compulsory education degrees, and make every effort to promote the high-quality and balanced regional compulsory education. At the same time, from the continuous expansion of school-based close education communities, and the promotion of education and teaching reform, it will help regional education to start at a high level and develop with high quality, and enhance Siming Education’s ability to serve the city’s economic and social development.

  All along, Siming District has been continuously optimizing the level of education development, improving the quality of urban education, solving the children’s education issues that investors, entrepreneurs and all kinds of talents are most concerned about, and making every effort to create a suitable and livable working and living environment. Based on the endowment advantages of the central urban area, Siming District also focuses on the fields of medical and health care, entertainment, ecological environment, urban management, etc., and continues to work hard to improve the soft environment, create a characteristic humanistic environment, optimize the functional quality of the urban area, and make investors, entrepreneurs and all kinds of talents live in Siming more happy and belong.

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Did you ask for speeding? Didi driver stabbed passengers late at night

  China News Service, Beijing, November 13 (Lang Lang) At around 3:00 a.m. on November 9, a knife attack by a Didi driver occurred in Nanjing, causing a dispute between the two sides due to passengers demanding that the driver speed up in the tunnel.

  Didi said that after verifying the recording in the car of the order, it was found that the passenger asked the driver to speed during the journey; while the passenger said in an interview with the China News Service reporter that he did not ask the driver to speed, but only to be as fast as possible within the speed limit.

  The injured passengers have responded to the incident online. Some netizens believe that the speed limit for crossing the tunnel is stipulated by law, and passengers are unreasonable; others question why the driver is carrying a knife?

  The scene of the incident, pictures provided by the interviewees

  Dispute 1: Did the passenger ask the driver to speed?

  At around 1am on November 9, Mr. Wang called for an express train through "Didi Chuxing" on the Alipay terminal and went from Nanjing South Railway Station to his residence on Huju Road. He recalled to a reporter from China News Service that because he was in a hurry to go home and video with his girlfriend, when the car reached the Qingliangmen tunnel, "I saw that there was no car in the tunnel, so I asked the driver to drive quickly." The driver refused Mr. Wang on the grounds of speed limit. The two sides immediately quarreled.

  According to Mr. Wang’s account, after the car drove out of the tunnel to near Hohai University, the driver asked Mr. Wang to get out of the car, and he also got out of the car. The two had a physical altercation. Mr. Wang pinned the driver to the ground, and the driver showed a knife and stabbed Mr. Wang in the right arm.

  "The knife hit the bone, and blood spurted out immediately." Mr. Wang said that he couldn’t see where the other party took out the knife in the night, but only remembered that it was a black dagger about 10cm long.

  Mr. Wang said that after he called the police, the driver scolded: "It’s good that you didn’t stab to death."

  "He also said that he had just stabbed someone two days ago, and his uncle was the director of the Public Security Bureau." Mr. Wang said that after the incident, the driver Liu was taken away by the police and was criminally detained. Mr. Wang was sent to the hospital’s intensive care unit for a broken vein. Due to excessive blood loss (about 1000cc), he fainted three times before and after, and is currently recovering.

  On the 12th, in an interview with China News Service, Didi replied to the matter, saying that the platform had verified the in-car recording of the order: the passenger asked the driver to speed during the journey, but after the driver refused, the two sides had an altercation, which then escalated into a physical conflict.

  The reporter asked Mr. Wang many times "whether the driver is required to speed", and Mr. Wang always made it clear that he only asked the driver to drive faster within the speed limit, not to speed.

  The driver was detained and unable to be interviewed.

  Passengers receiving treatment, photos provided by interviewees

  Dispute 2: Why do drivers carry knives? Does the platform allow it?

  In addition to the "Rashomon" "whether speeding is required", there is another point of debate in this incident – why does the driver have a knife?

  Screenshots of netizens’ comments

  According to Didi’s disclosure, platform data shows that the driver of the Dongfeng Fengxing Jingyi X6, which Mr. Wang was riding, has obtained a driver’s license for online car-hailing in Nanjing, with a history of receiving more than 10,000 orders. Past passengers have rated it as five-star.

  According to a report by Jiangsu media "", a staff member of Didi Chuxing said in an interview: The company expressly stipulates that drivers are not allowed to bring controlled knives on the bus. As for why drivers carry daggers with them, as of the press release, Didi has not responded positively.

  In a reply to the media, Didi said: "After receiving the relevant information, the platform immediately set up an emergency response team. On the one hand, the staff was assigned to visit the hospital at noon to visit the injured, pay medical expenses in advance, and ensure that the injured were fully and timely treated. On the other hand, actively cooperate with the police to investigate the incident."

  "Next, we will step up efforts to educate drivers on safety and platform rules, guide drivers and passengers to communicate in a civilized and rational manner, and resolve disputes through reasonable and legal channels," Didi said.

  Didi: One wave has not been leveled, and the hitchhiker has just been back online.

  This is not the first time something has happened to Didi.

  On the evening of May 5, 2018, Li, a flight attendant in Zhengzhou, was killed while riding a Didi ride-hailing car. On August 24 of the same year, Zhao, a 20-year-old woman in Yueqing, Zhejiang, was killed while riding a Didi ride-hailing car. One hundred days, two lives, Didi announced that it would offline its ride-hailing business nationwide.

  In March 2019, a Didi driver in Changde, Hunan Province, died after being stabbed more than 20 times by a passenger named Yang.

  Not long ago, on November 6, Didi announced the trial operation plan of Didi Hitch: it will be launched in seven cities including Harbin and Beijing from November 20. The plan has also been adjusted due to the controversy over "whether it discriminates against women".

  According to the Economic Daily, in July this year, Didi Chuxing held a hitch media communication meeting in Beijing. "I’m just afraid." Liu Qing, president of Didi Chuxing, admitted at the meeting that the team was "rather cowardly" and waited so long because he was afraid. "Who is so sure that they can launch a 100% safe product?"

Let the Daqing spirit glow with the brilliance of the times

  Autumn is refreshing and autumn is like wiping, and the core values of socialism have also borne fruit in the whole society. We turn our attention to the depths of the years and step towards a spiritual highland. For more than 50 years, on the vast land of Northeast China, Daqing Petroleum people have held high the common ideal of "I offer oil for the motherland", and the roaring oil flow has enriched the blood of the great country, flashing with the splendor of spiritual transformation into material. Today, the core values of socialism have come to fruition in Daqing, and the Daqing spirit that has continued for half a century has found a new era of fit. The irreplaceable energy base of the Republic once again resounds the exciting sound of jade and gold.

  The Daqing spirit carries the essence and essence of socialist core values and is the "Daqing expression" of socialist core values

  The Daqing spirit with "patriotism, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking and dedication" as its main content is a noble spirit nurtured and tempered in the fiery practice of socialist construction. The essence of Daqing spirit reflects the essential requirements of socialist ideology and morality, carries the essence and essence of socialist core values, and is highly compatible and consistent with the basic connotations and requirements of socialist core values.

  Patriotism is embodied in the responsibility and mission of "winning glory for the country and fighting for the people". "Patriotism" is the core of socialist core values, and it is the responsibility of every citizen that cannot be abandoned for a moment. Similarly, "patriotism" is the most distinctive mark of Daqing Petroleum people and the core content of Daqing spirit. Whether it is during the arduous war period or in the development stage of continuous and stable production, Daqing Petroleum people have always breathed and shared the same destiny with the motherland, insisted on integrating the needs of the country into everyone’s value pursuit, and turned patriotism into conscious actions of producing more oil and more gas. It has achieved high and stable production of crude oil with an annual output of more than 50 million tons for 27 consecutive years, and maintained continuous and stable production of 40 million tons for 11 consecutive years, with a cumulative production of 2.19 billion tons of crude oil.

  Dedication ethics is reflected in the entrepreneurial passion of "hard work and self-reliance". "Dedication" is the basic professional requirement of citizens, that is, always love and value the work and position you are engaged in, and thereby stimulate a strong sense of belonging and pride to the company and the country. The entrepreneurial spirit of hard work and self-reliance is the professional ethics of Daqing oil people. During the war, the tens of thousands of oil troops represented by the iron man Wang Jinxi, "would rather live for 20 years less, and desperately want to win the big oil field". In just three years, they won the big oil field at a high speed and high level, and threw off the hat of poor oil in our country in one fell swoop. Entering the new era, in order to maintain the national petroleum strategic security, Daqing Petroleum people have reflected their passion for "entrepreneurship" in innovative industries and market entry. There are 165 teams in the oil field, more than 4,570 people, and they have penetrated into 23 countries and regions.

  The quality of integrity is reflected in the realistic style of "three old and four strict" and "four alike". "Integrity" is the foundation of a person’s life and the necessary moral conduct, and it is reflected in the work of behavioral rules and codes of conduct. Daqing Petroleum people always regard integrity as the root of their life and the foundation of their business, emphasizing "three old and four strict" and "four the same" everywhere and at all times, treating their careers "as honest people, telling the truth, doing honest things", and having "strict requirements, strict organization, serious attitude, and strict discipline"; treating their work "night and day the same, bad weather and good weather the same, the leader is not on site and the leader is on site the same, no one checks and someone checks the same". In practice, they have formed the working standards of "I would rather have one good, not ninety-nine passable", "dry work can withstand the inspection of generations and grandchildren", which has become a true portrayal of the integrity and truth-seeking of Daqing Petroleum people.

  The concept of friendliness is reflected in the unremitting pursuit of "contributing energy and creating harmony". "Friendliness" is one of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation advocated by the core socialist values. Daqing Petroleum people regard dedication to the country and society as the due meaning of practicing the concept of friendliness, always adhere to the corporate tenet of "contributing energy and creating harmony", adhere to the development of collusion, responsibility sharing, urban and rural construction, and stability sharing, promote the construction of "Harbin-Daqi" industrial corridors, and build the province’s oil and gas economic circle; jointly develop 21 peripheral oil fields with local governments to create favorable conditions for their accelerated development; vigorously support urban public construction and socialist new rural construction, and use industrial advantages to drive regional economic development and promote harmonious relations between enterprises and land. In June this year, the China National Petroleum and Natural Gas group company signed the "Deepening Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with Heilongjiang Province, and Daqing Oilfield will make new contributions to improving people’s livelihood, increasing employment and promoting local economic and social development.

    The inheritance and innovation of the Daqing spirit ensured that the core values of socialism took root

  Inherit without losing roots, innovate and keep the soul. The Daqing spirit has come along the history, and the shedding brilliance has nourished the growth of generations of Daqing people. Non-stop, not confused, re-learning and re-education, the Daqing spirit has become an important breakthrough point for cultivating and practicing socialist core values.

  Grasp education and strengthen spiritual inheritance. Oilfield regards Daqing spiritual education as an important content of employee entry, party and group education and employee training, and has carried out theme education activities such as "Cherish honor, hold high the banner, create the future", "Learn iron man, make new achievements, stabilize oil and increase gas as a pioneer", "Study Daqing spirit again, inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the war" throughout the oilfield; compiled and issued dozens of books with tens of millions of words, such as "Dictionary of Daqing Oilfield Corporate Culture" and "Compilation of Daqing Oilfield Literature and History Materials", and opened an iron man lecture hall, academic report hall, etc., so that leading cadres and post workers can board the podium to exchange knowledge and experience of inheriting the Daqing spirit.

  Grasp the position and enrich the cultural carrier. It has successively built 22 national patriotic education bases such as the Ironman Wang Jinxi Memorial Hall and the Daqing Oilfield History Exhibition Hall, and the China Petroleum Enterprise Spirit Education Base. It organizes employees to visit and study in batches every year, and has become a "holy place" for employees’ children to study and leave their hometowns, so as to experience the charm of Daqing spirit in a subtle way. In addition, the oilfield has successively improved more than 50 corporate culture construction demonstration sites such as the 206 oil production team, developed more than 20 industrial heritage sites such as the first crude oil transportation site, built more than 30 oilfield plazas named "Iron Man" and "Entrepreneurship", and held "Square Culture Week" and "Battle Songs Everyone Sings" and other mass cultural activities. A total of more than 230 events have been held in three years. He also created film and television dramas such as "Daqing Soul" and "Iron Man Wang Jinxi", and a large number of literary works such as "Iron Man" and "Daqing People in the New Era", which were deeply popular and had a wide impact.

  Grasp models and highlight demonstration and leadership. The oilfield pays attention to the selection of advanced models, and has successively cultivated and selected more than 5,000 models of various types. After the iron man Wang Jinxi and the iron man Wang Qimin in the new era, trees have been selected to publicize the third generation of iron men – Li Xinmin of "Daqing New Iron Man" and a number of major models such as "Five Red Flags" and "Five Pioneers" in the new era. The oilfield also selects a number of models such as meritorious employees and meritorious collectives every year. Duan Fuhai, an employee of the fourth oil production plant, engaged in innovation based on his position, solved more than 300 problems, and won 16 major technological innovation awards in the oilfield, 10 national patents, and achieved more than 31 million yuan In recent years, Duan Fuhai and a group of grassroots innovation experts have given a series of lectures to more than 5,000 grassroots employees in the "Iron Man Lecture Hall".

  Grasp the key points and improve the quality of young workers. In response to the fact that the proportion of "post-80s" and "post-90s" young workers in the team is close to 20% in recent years, and the proportion of market-oriented and part-time employees accounts for more than 30%. Mentoring and apprenticeship assistance and vocational mentors are widely promoted among young workers. Combined with the characteristics of modern youth, nearly 700 official certified Weibo such as league organizations at all levels, ironman pavilions, and oilfield newspapers have been opened, and the number of fans is nearly 30,000. With the theme of "Colorful Youth, Brilliant Interpretation", a WeChat communication platform has been built, and more than 20,000 mobile phone users have reached. At the same time, a Weibo contest and a micro-movie contest have been widely launched, and a large-scale educational TV quiz program "Answering

  Grasp the grass-roots level and summarize the promotion experience. Respect the pioneering spirit of the grass-roots people, and let the Daqing spirit take root. Adhere to the "soul of the post responsibility system is the post responsibility", mobilize employees to start from bit by bit and start with details, and consciously strengthen the post responsibility; advocate the concept of "learning to work, work to learn", naming achievements such as "Wang Chunrong hot washing method" and "Shaochun wrench" to stimulate employees’ enthusiasm for learning skills and strengthening quality; build a harmonious interpersonal relationship of unity, friendship, equality and mutual assistance, and open a "psychological adjustment room" to make the grass-roots level a "home" for employees’ attachment.

  Grasp innovation and adapt to the characteristics of the times. Using oilfield TV media, we have successively launched two "Moving Oilfield Characters" selection, "Daqing Dream – We are in Action" patting competition, mass technology competition, "Technology Champion" young workers’ skills PK competition, "Dream Sailing" TV host competition and other activities. At the same time, we have organized and carried out "Who is the King" table tennis competition and badminton TV competition and other activities, with more than 100,000 direct participants, who have been warmly welcomed by the oilfield workers.

  Through a series of education and guidance, the cadre and staff team has effectively achieved "three never forget, three never lose", that is, the working environment has been improved, the battle style has not been forgotten, and the tradition of being meticulous and serious has never been lost; living standards have been improved, and the "fighting spirit" has not been forgotten, and the tradition of diligence and thrift has never been lost; with the development of the oil field, the process of hard work and entrepreneurship will not be forgotten, and the tradition of fighting for oil will never be lost.

  III. The radiation and dissemination of the Daqing spirit has promoted the universal recognition of socialist core values

  Crossing the Songnen Plain and the waters of the Longjiang River, the Daqing spirit, which was born on the black soil, has long since left the Daqing Oilfield, and has widely and deeply influenced Chinese people’s thinking, playing a positive role in cultivating and practicing socialist core values.

  Adhere to the brand of "breaking into the market" and use the Daqing spirit to build the image. Wherever the market expands, the Daqing spirit will be radiated to. Over the years, the Daqing team tempered with the Daqing spirit has not only won by superior technology in the domestic and foreign markets, but also by fine traditions, excellent work style and advanced culture, calling the "Daqing" brand. "Daqing New Ironman" Li Xinmin led the DQ1205 team to fight in Sudan and Iraq with the fighting spirit of "I would rather go through all kinds of difficulties and risks, but also to contribute oil to the motherland". In the new era, Daqing people connected with international management, integrated into regional culture, relied on tenacious style and strength, and relied on excellent quality to break into the market, establishing the image of Daqing overseas and raising the red flag of Daqing.

  Since 2010, the Oilfield has organized a tour to preach the "Oil Soul" Daqing spirit, with a total of 345 lectures and a total travel distance of more than 200,000 kilometers. The direct audience exceeded 200,000 people, and more than one million people learned through various forms. In 2012, the Preaching Corps was awarded the National Workers’ Pioneer by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. In recent years, Daqing Oilfield has also concentrated publicity through the central mainstream media, participated in important national conferences and high-level forums, and actively carried out visiting and exchange activities to spread the Daqing spirit, so that it has been widely recognized by all sectors of society. After listening to or visiting Daqing, many people gave high praise to the Daqing spirit, saying that learning to understand the Daqing spirit, the iron man spirit, touched the mind, shocked the soul, and accepted a profound spiritual baptism. In the future, we must behave like iron men and do things, and use practical actions to realize the Chinese dream.

  Adhere to the "tree of three virtues" to do public welfare, and light up life with the spirit of Daqing. Su Xiuqin, deputy head of the Oilfield Chengxin Community Community Party Member Contact Service Station, is a retired cadre over 60 years old. In 2010, in response to the reality that there are many retirees in the community and few cultural activities, she led the establishment of "Chengxin Art Troupe", "Chengxin Calligraphy and Painting Garden" and other groups, and also established the "Love Sister Studio", which took the 22 empty nesters in the community as a key aid object, and carried out psychological comfort activities together with the property and neighborhood committees, creating a harmonious and stable community environment. The "Love Transfer" Volunteer Association organized by Bai Chunhai, an employee of the Drilling Engineering Company, has organized more than 580 public welfare activities over the past seven years, developed more than 2,000 members, and raised a total of more than 2 million yuan for various donations. The Daqing Volunteer Alliance, chaired by Duan Yide of the Second Oil Production Plant, the Love Association named after Zhu Hua of the Fourth Oil Production Plant, and the "Charity Donation" group established by the employees of the natural gas branch, all integrate the core socialist values into the hearts of the people and turn them into a reality of life.

  The voice of Huang Zhong and Dalu of socialist core values has been sung in China. Daqing Petroleum people will continue to inherit the spirit of Daqing and the spirit of iron man, and sing all the way and have great ambitions.

  (This article is excerpted from the 19th issue of "Red Flag Manuscript" in 2014.)

Wang Jianlin VS Xu Jiayin: Thousands of differences

Preface · Thousands of differences 

An eminent monk, known as Master Kuan Lin, gave Wang Jianlin a verse when he was 92 years old: "When the madness rests, the phantom body melts, and the dust inside and outside is empty. The cave is clear and clear, and there are no obstacles, and there are thousands of differences."

That was in 1997, when Wang Jianlin, his Wanda Group, and his Wanda football team were both thriving.

At this time, Xu Jiayin had just founded Evergrande Group not long ago. Oh, at that time, it could not be called a group. At that time, Evergrande did not know whether tomorrow would be good or bad, and whether the rivers and lakes would be deep or shallow.

Wang Jianlin, who left the football circle, has finally come back. At this time, Evergrande has been the overlord of the Chinese Super League for many years.

In the past 20 years, things have changed, but the phrase "thousands of differences make sense at once" is not outdated – two people, the road they have traveled, thousands of differences, the style of two people, thousands of differences, and the two people entered the era of Chinese football. There were also thousands of differences, but now it is just: the same goal.

 One Genhong Miao is starting at the bottom 

In January 2018, at an internal meeting of Evergrande Group, Xu Jiayin talked about his childhood experience when he mentioned why he wanted "targeted poverty alleviation":

"When I was 1 year and 3 months old, my mother got sick and had no money or place to see a doctor. I just left like this, and I became half an orphan."

"When I was in middle school, I was far from home. I carried a basket to school every week. The basket contained a black nest made of sweet potatoes and sweet potato noodles, and a small bottle with a little salt, a few drops of sesame oil, and a little scallion in it. This is my weekly ration. Three meals a day, one sweet potato, one nest, and a bowl of salt water for each meal. In summer, it is very hot, and the black nest grows hairy in half a day. Wash it and continue to eat."

Xu Jiayin said that in today’s Wumeng Mountain District, he saw the poverty of his childhood. "There is no road, no water, no electricity," and several families live scattered in a few kilometers of ravines. Each household is a dilapidated thatched hut, relying on the little hillside in front of the house and behind the house to eat from the sky.

Wang Jianlin had never tasted such pain. Wang Jianlin joined the army at the age of 15. In 1970, at the age of 15, Wang Jianlin was the youngest soldier in the Fourth Frontier Defense Regiment of the Jilin Provincial Military Region. Before joining the army, Wang Jianlin graduated from high school and spent half a year living in a farm in Cangxi County, Sichuan Province, which is known as the hometown of Sydney.

In November 1970, the whole army carried out "camping training", icy and snowy, along the original route of Linhai Snow Plains where Yang Zirong destroyed mountain sculptures, Wang Jianlin began his first difficult journey in life.

The army gave him special care, not letting him carry a rifle, only giving him a pistol. Despite this, with 10 kilograms of equipment on his back, Wang Jianlin had to walk 40 kilometers on the snowy road every day. This was too hard for a 15-year-old child, but Wang Jianlin did not remember this hard work, but remembered a secret taught to him by the monitor.

During that march, during a meal, the squad leader told him a trick to eat more and be full: don’t pack too much when you pack a meal for the first time, and pack it again after a few bites, and you will be full the second time! With this strange move, Wang Jianlin finally persisted. At the end of the training, only more than 400 people in the team of more than 1,000 people were not left behind, and Wang Jianlin became one of the 40%.

Because of this cleverness and persistence, by the age of 28, Wang Jianlin had become the youngest regiment cadre in the army, but in 1986, in response to the country’s call for "million disarmament", 32-year-old Wang Jianlin bid farewell to his military career and 17 years of military life, leaving a deep imprint on Wang Jianlin.

Later, after Wang Jianlin became a businessperson, he mentioned this experience to his subordinates more than once, and was especially willing to proudly tell the secret that the monitor taught him to eat, "He regarded me as a brother." When Wang Jianlin became the head of the Wanda Group family, he also liked to talk about the word "brother": "My concept of happiness is very simple, and one of them is to let my brothers have food and make money."

As a metaphor, Xu Jiayin is the male version of Ashin in the Japanese drama "The Story of Ashin", while Wang Jianlin’s story is similar to "Days Related to Youth".

But they are all workaholics, and they are not young, but they have not seen any signs of that slack.

In 2000, Wanda quit the football circle. Five years later, in 2005, Wang Jianlin, who got out of the football circle, expanded his business to 20 billion yuan. The former green boss was not satisfied: "I will not be satisfied with 50 billion yuan. Once I achieve 100 billion yuan, I can consider retiring."

But now Wanda Group’s assets exceed 700 billion, and Wang Jianlin’s retirement is still a long way off.

And what about Xu Jiayin? One year, he went to Europe for more than ten days, which he described as the only vacation in so many years. As soon as Evergrande employees joined the company, they knew that overtime was normal and inevitable in this company, because that was what the boss did.

Xu Jiayin rarely takes weekends off, working more than 90 hours a week, and still maintains the habit of working every day until the early morning. Evergrande executives work an average of more than 80 hours a week, and mid-level cadres work an average of more than 60 hours a week. Xu Jiayin, who came from a poor background, attributes his success to hard work. "Without it, I can’t do anything."

When he was in Henan Wuyang Iron and Steel Company, Xu Jiayin didn’t take a day off for ten years. In the first ten years of his business, Xu Jiayin often got off work at one o’clock in the middle of the night. For fear of affecting his family’s rest, he lay on the sofa in the living room until 4 am to go to work.

Compared with Xu Jiayin, Wang Jianlin emphasizes regularity: he must go to bed at 11 o’clock every night, he must get up at 6 o’clock in the morning, he must arrive at the company at 7:10, and then, he will go to work. After going home, he will make a few phone calls. This call is to communicate with several core key members of his team about the situation of the day, and then, after finishing these, he will read the "Evening News", wash and sleep. If the weather is good in the morning, walk, take a walk, and if the weather is bad, it will be avoided.

The work styles of the two are similar, but there are huge differences. Xu Jiayin was born in poverty and worked hard from the bottom step by step. Now he still retains the style of "who called you poor, and you are on the top". What about Wang Jianlin? Wang Jianlin’s father is an old Red Army member of the Red Fourth Front Army. Wang Jianlin joined the army for 17 years and changed his career as a cadre of the Fourth Regiment of the Frontier Defense of the Jilin Provincial Military Region; he has two years of experience as a civil servant as the director of the People’s Government Office of Xigang District, Dalian… All these things make Wang Jianlin seem "well-connected".

From the early experience, Wang Jianlin was a product within the system, while Xu Jiayin had more traces outside the system.

 Second, you hate me for being born late, I hate you for being born early 

Wang Anyi said that for a person, there are always two faces that are hard to forget – the face of his mother and the face of the city, which are the first memories. The era of Wanda football is the age of enlightenment for professional football in China, just as Teresa Teng is to pop and Cui Jian is to rock. Enlightenment things are very different, but one thing remains constant – the world that suddenly opened up in the era of enlightenment, the enthusiasm that was suddenly aroused, like a flood, cannot be stopped.

Therefore, for many football fans, especially those in Dalian, Wanda is a love of enlightenment.

And for many fans, especially Hengda fans, the same is true of Hengda’s role.

Dalian Wanda used to be a winning teacher, and players’ income came more from bonuses. Wang Jianlin’s famous saying was: "If you win the game, the bonus will be doubled!" Wanda sometimes won the prize as high as 800,000, and even reached 1 million in a game, which was a sky-high price at that time.

For veteran players like Xu Hong and Han Wenhai, they can also be assigned to the "welfare housing" built by Wanda Group. After 1997, the Dalian Wanda team spent more than 50 million yuan a year, which is an astonishing figure. From this point of view, it is not an exaggeration to call Wang Jianlin one of the founders of "Jinyuan Football".

Of course, the 50 million yuan spent is also worth it. The year of investing in football is also the era when Dalian Wanda has a solid foundation in Dalian, because Dalian Wanda has won numerous honors for Dalian with this business card, and Dalian Wanda has also been invincible in the Dalian real estate market with this football business card.

For example, the Changchun community where Xu Hong and others lived was once enthusiastically sought after by Dalian people. In addition to the quality of the house itself, the common thought of many people who bought a house was "We live in the same community as Xu Hong"!

Wang Jianlin is a smart businessperson, and his huge investment in football has paid off. In 1998, a well-known research company in Beijing conducted a market survey of Wanda’s popularity in eight cities across the country. The survey subjects ranged in age from 8 to 70. The results showed that Wanda Group’s popularity ranked among the top five in the country, with the same popularity as Hongta Group and Haier Group.

Therefore, Wang Jianlin’s annual investment of more than 50 million yuan may be a "bubble" for football, but it is a perfect investment for his own business.

For Evergrande, investing in football has brought them a similar brand effect, which goes without saying.

If we want to summarize, there are too many similarities between Wanda and Hengda in the glory of football. When Wanda entered football, it was the beginning of Chinese professional football, which was a golden age; after Hengda bottom fishing entered Chinese football, it also ushered in a "new era" of Chinese football.

However, when Wanda was about to enter the lowest point of Chinese football, it took the lead in smelling the smell and decisively withdrew, and now Evergrande is also in the period of adjustment and consolidation after their high speed.

 One branch alone is not spring 

In 2011, Wanda Group announced its return to Chinese football in the "great situation" of Chinese football.

Looking back now, from that day on, the "confrontation" between Wanda and Evergrande began.

On July 2nd, this day, Hengda announced a news, they signed the MVP Conca of the Bundesliga League with a transfer fee of 10 million US dollars, Conca’s annual salary 7 million US dollars, after signing Conca, Hengda high-profile claims, Hengda finally brought world-class stars to Chinese football.

Naturally, the next day in the media, the news of Conca’s joining was overwhelming, and that day, July 3, another major event took place in Chinese football, that is, Wang Jianlin’s Wanda Group returned to Chinese football.

One south and one north, two major events in Chinese football, but what many people don’t know is that the process of signing Kong Card was arduous and tortuous, and the timing of announcing Kong Card’s joining was carefully arranged by Evergrande, because the date they chose was to get ahead of Wanda, no more, no less, just one day.

Evergrande is difficult to tolerate themselves in a lonely period, Hengda will always be in the trend of the wave, if there are competitors, then we must weaken the influence of the opponent, sure enough, if not for the joining of Kong Ka, in those days, football news will become Wanda’s world.

After the end of the Chinese Super League in 2011, the awards ceremony of the Chinese Super League was held in Guangzhou. Guangzhou Evergrande won 5 of the 10 awards including the league championship, the Golden Boot Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Best Division and the Most Social responsibility Club Award, becoming the biggest winner of the night.

However, after the award ceremony, the big winner said with disappointment: "We came out so much for the award ceremony, but we sold Wanda advertising." Because the award ceremony left Wanda enough time, and Wanda sent a spokesperson Shi Xueqing to speak on stage, while Guangzhou Evergrande, the league champion, did not have such treatment.

And that award ceremony was finally broadcast live on the CCTV comprehensive channel!

After returning to Chinese football in 2011 and taking over Dalian Football in 2018, Wanda’s package of plans to support Chinese football includes the following things:

First, Wanda became the title dealer of the Chinese Super League and raised the title fee to a record high; second, Wanda formed the overseas team of Hope Stars and sent a large number of post-95s to Europe; third, this is also the most controversial point, that is, a month before the start of the World Cup 20 in Brazil, Gao Hongbo was forcibly replaced with Camacho.

In retrospect, Wanda did indeed give a lot of support during the trough period after the anti-gambling and anti-crime crackdown in Chinese football, which made the gradually impoverished Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Super League go through the most difficult period. When Wanda ended the sponsorship period in 2014, Chinese football has obviously recovered, and various commercial sponsorships have come in one after another, and they have all improved on the basis of Wanda’s period. These are all irreducible historical contributions.

But the overall weakness of the national brand team makes Wanda’s plans time-consuming and thankless, and in the past seven years, Evergrande has established its own Evergrande dynasty by virtue of its achievements in the Chinese Super League and the AFC Champions League – the Chinese Super League has won seven consecutive championships, and the AFC Champions League has won twice.

Wanda finally understood a truth, only in the local base, Wanda’s every step in Chinese football is not a castle in the air, it will not be pointless, and Hengda arm-wrestling, why not? Why not? After all, the current Dalian side is already an upright Chinese Super League vassal.

It is foreseeable that after Wanda re-enters the foreground, it will bring great shocks to the Chinese Super League, and at this time, Evergrande is precisely in the moment of shrinking the front and adjusting and consolidating.

Xu Jiayin finally met Wang Jianlin in the field of professional football in China. This kind of excitement has been awaited by many fans for a long time.

Hu Ge’s new film "It’s Worth It" exposes a patch trailer, and Huang Lei is officially announced to participate

Time Network News is produced by Cao Baoping, directed and written by Liu Jiayin, starring Hu Ge, starring Wu Lei and Qi Xi, and Bai Ke’s special movie "It’s Worth It", today’s exposure of the sticker trailer and the role poster of Huang Lei, and the official announcement of Huang Lei’s special starring role.

The film tells the story of Wen Shan, an ordinary screenwriter who is "left behind", who accidentally changes to writing eulogies for a living. In his encounters with ordinary people of all kinds, Wen Shan comforts others, gains warmth, and finally finds his own life direction. In the film, Wen Shan, as the person who writes the eulogy, will stage a real and warm human story with multiple groups of clients. Huang Lei’s "Mr. Wang" is one of the clients. His story with Wen Shan will also be the opening story of the film.

In the film, Huang Lei plays one of Wen Shan’s clients, "Mr. Wang," who commissions Wen Shan to write a eulogy because of the death of his father. With a busy career, he is unsmiling and direct, and he is so busy that he is almost inhumane. When he talks about his father, he is even more alienated as an outsider. In this story, Wen Shan hides the regrets of his relatives’ life in the text, hoping to give Mr. Wang compensation and comfort.

Full of stamina! The new style of Starway Chasing the Wind appeared in 4S shop, and M38T was officially named "Eta Ursae Majoris" in Chinese.

For Chery, Xingtu brand is a second venture. Before that, Ruiqi high-end brand was launched, but it ended in snow storage. For Chery, Xingtu brand, which started a second venture, naturally cannot be allowed to fail. This time, it learned a lesson, took SUV as the breakthrough point, and gradually spread. Although the sales volume was not very bright, it was a step by step to continuously improve the existing models. At the same time, its 2.0 strategy was officially launched. The Atlanti X mass production concept car released at Chengdu Auto Show was M38T.(Pictures and texts shall not be used or reproduced without my permission)

Let’s take a look at the first car you can experience, that is, the brand-new car chasing the wind. The real car that arrived at the store only photographed the front end. Fortunately, the focus of the appearance change is really concentrated on the front end, mainly the front bumper part, which is very close to the grille of the Eta Ursae Majoris production version (that is, the model with the project number M38T), and of course it can’t be completely consistent. After all, chasing the wind is the nature of later follow-up, and Eta Ursae Majoris is the original design. Just chasing the wind means that the production car directly modifies the exterior interior and adds a powertrain, so the listing speed is faster. From this, it is judged that the subsequent Lingyun/Lingyun S and Lanyue may move closer to this style. Of course, this is only a logical judgment based on the unification of family modeling, which does not represent official information.

The interior is very surprising, which is much more eye-catching than the previous test car. The blue, white and black three-color matching scheme is enabled, especially the white part in the middle is very eye-catching. The whole interior is basically the same as that of Tiggo 8Pro and Oumengda except for the steering wheel (exactly the same as that of Eta Ursae Majoris) and the shift interface modification. In addition, the air outlet of the through air conditioner and the trim panel edge of the door buckle are all equipped with orange decorative lines, which makes the whole interior atmosphere look relatively younger.

At the same time, there was also a fully blackened interior. The seat and the auxiliary instrument panel have been able to see the idea of full blackening. At the same time, pay attention to the shape of the chair surface. It is not the version on the previous test car, and it is exactly the same as the new generation of Tiggo 7Plus seats exposed at the Chengdu Auto Show. It seems that this seat will also be fully promoted. Of course, the chair surface itself is slightly different. Personally, consumers can choose all-black and blue-and-white color matching interiors. After all, everyone has different tastes, which does not mean that all-black interiors are available.

There is no suspense in terms of power. At present, there are three fuel versions of 230T(1.5TCI engine), 300T(1.6TGDI deep gantry version) and 400T(2.0TGDI engine) declared in the catalogue. As for whether ET-i will continue on the new model, there is no official hammer at present, so I won’t do too much speculation here. In theory, it should be all switched, and the rest is the official listing time. At present, there is no official information disclosure, but the possibility of this year is very great. Otherwise, it is too early for the real car to appear in the 4S shop (it is stated that this is not a production car to the store, this is the Star Road 4S shop around Wuhu headquarters, which should be passing by).

The line of sight turns back to Chengdu Auto Show. Just a few hours ago, Starway officially released the official Chinese naming of M38T, named "Eta Ursae Majoris", which is the production version of the Eta Ursae Majoris concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show. But to be honest, the difference is too big, so it can only be said that it is a continuation of the naming, and the style still depends on the Atlanti X production concept car unveiled at Chengdu Auto Show. Because the author is not on the scene, I am quite curious why it says "Please pay attention to the appearance in September" on the background screen. It’s already the end of August, so is there any official activity in September? Will the official mass-produced Eta Ursae Majoris model be exposed?

Previously, the CDC adjustable suspension photographed on the data acquisition vehicle of T26 (that is, Tiggo 9) platform was finally officially hammered. Although it was mentioned by M38T, the two platforms shared, and there were spy photos of the real vehicle, it can be confirmed that the follow-up Chery high-end models will follow up one after another, not only the Star Road brand can be used. As for the double hydraulic suspension mentioned later, the entity spy photos were also photographed on the data acquisition vehicle of T26 platform. Combined with the stable handling of the original M3X Pro Mars architecture, Star Road

Another focus is the new generation of power technology. From the perspective of the chassis on the far right, it is obviously a plug-in hybrid version. Indeed, the official information of the plug-in hybrid version and the extended range version was mentioned before the mass production car in Eta Ursae Majoris. It can be clear that the chassis layout is close to that of the Tiggo 8Plus Kunpeng e+, but the size and specifications of the battery pack seem to be expanded, indicating that the pure electric cruising range can be increased further.

After enlarging the picture, there are two pieces of information worthy of attention, all of which are related to the transmission link. The first is the hybrid version, and the effective thermal efficiency exceeds 43% (this part is very important, and many propaganda mentions theoretical thermal efficiency, even 50% of the thermal efficiency dares to shout out, which is really not afraid of the wind). This is obviously for the new plug-in hybrid version, followed by the 3DHT hybrid special transmission. It is mentioned that the power is greater than 165K w and the rim torque is greater than 4000Nm. If nothing else, at least the speculation of 3DTH is correct. Yesterday, I just mentioned the relevant information of Chery’s three 1-speed DHT hybrid special transmissions. At that time, it was analyzed that 3DT may be exclusive to models like Starway, and the cost is slightly higher, but it is consistent with its positioning. It is said that some spare parts manufacturers have been informed that the 1DHT130 transmission may be enabled in the Tiggo 8 series.

The most eye-catching thing is the appearance of the 8AT transmission. Before that, the author only photographed the full moon 8AT test vehicle, and it was filmed once. Later, Chery officially showed the physical prototype of the 8AT, but it is not yet clear whether the 8AT transmission mentioned by Eta Ursae Majoris is self-produced or purchased. The key is that there is no mass production schedule of the 8AT, so we can’t make a corresponding judgment, and we can only wait for the subsequent official to reveal the answer, at least for now.

How to choose Haval Xiaolong/Xiaolong MAX? Competing for the "cognitive third place" in the new energy market

New image, new weather, super intelligent Haval Xiaolong MAX

When it comes to the Great Wall Haval, everyone must think of many SUV models, such as Big Dog, Beast, H6 and so on, which are all very good sales models in the Haval brand. However, the Haval Snapdragon MAX we tested this time is not quite the same.

Let me tell you about the identity of this car first. Haval Snapdragon is a brand-new single product under the Haval brand, which is not in the same sales network as the previous models sold by Haval, and adopts the mode of sub-network sales. That is to say, Haval Snapdragon has its own 4S store and sales network, and has its own brand-new image. At present, there are two models of Haval Snapdragon, namely Haval Snapdragon MAX and Haval Snapdragon. Today, we test drive Haval Snapdragon MAX.

It’s not hard to see that it still has the shadow of the Great Wall series, but the whole design concept is completely different. Haval Snapdragon MAX is inspired by fighter planes and adopts a minimalist design style, which makes the body more integrated. The air intake grille adopts lattice diffusion design, which not only ensures practicality but also does not destroy the overall aesthetic feeling.

In terms of body size, Haval Snapdragon MAX has a length, width and height of 4758*1895*1725mm and a wheelbase of 2800mm, which has reached the leading level in the same class. The design of the rear of the car is full of three-dimensional sense. Many components, including the taillights, are geometrically multi-faceted. A large number of black decorations are applied to the bumper below, and the exhaust is hidden.

The design inside the car is even more eye-catching. From left to right, it adopts a penetrating display design, which consists of a 12.3-inch full-color LCD central control screen+a 12.3-inch full-color LCD auxiliary driving screen+a 12.3-inch full-color LCD instrument. The three screens will not interfere with each other, and can also support four-screen linkage. As for the fourth screen, it is the huge W-HUD head-up display in front of the car, and the vehicle driving data and navigation information will be projected on the windshield.

Moreover, the display effect of these three screens is very delicate, which is better than that of Apple’s tablet computer. The response speed is very sensitive, and it supports voice control. Moreover, the response speed of voice control is very fast, and chatting with the co-pilot will not be followed, which can accurately identify voice commands.

There are as many as 32 storage spaces in the whole vehicle, and there are two storage platforms in the middle of the console, one of which supports wireless charging of mobile phones. The design of changing the handle into a bosom block not only saves space, but also makes the operation more convenient. Haval Snapdragon MAX also comes with the latest coffee intelligent system of Great Wall, and the top model has 22 sensors, which supports L2+ intelligent driving assistance.

One of the biggest highlights of the power is that it is equipped with the newly developed Hi4 four-wheel drive system of Great Wall Motor, which adopts the peak-level brand-new power technology and is the first vehicle equipped with a brand-new hybrid architecture Hi4. The whole power system consists of a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine and two front and rear drive motors, which are matched with a 2-speed DHT hybrid special gearbox. The comprehensive power of the system is 205kW, and the comprehensive torque is 585 N m. It takes only 6.8 seconds to accelerate at zero speed.

Hi4, a new hybrid architecture, adopts the innovative configuration of series-parallel electric four-wheel drive with two motors at the front and rear axles to realize intelligent dynamic switching of three engines and nine modes, which can cope with most road conditions in China. In bad weather such as rain and snow, it can also play a very high dynamic stability by matching the front and rear motors.

Haval Xiaolong MAX and NEDC have a pure electric cruising range of 105km, the comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 1.78L/100km, and the fuel consumption of WLTC feed is as low as 5.5L/100km. The battery is designed with laminated bipolar ears, and the anode of the battery cell is made of NCM polycrystalline material, which makes the power battery have stronger fast charging ability. It has 33kW DC fast charging, and the power is from 30% to 80%, and the fast charging takes only 26 minutes.

Therefore, Haval Snapdragon MAX really gives you a brand-new feeling, new power, new design and new intelligent system. The spatial performance is also excellent in the same level, and at the same time, it has three core technologies: coffee intelligence, coffee smart driving and new hybrid architecture Hi4, which greatly increases the competitiveness of products. It is expected to be listed in mid-May, and interested friends can enter the store for test drive. However, the official claims that Haval Snapdragon owns "four-wheel drive experience, two-wheel drive price, four-wheel drive performance and two-wheel drive energy consumption". How much do you guess this car will sell?

For more test drive experience, please check out the video: Han Gongzi Driving Road | Test Drive Xiaolong Max: "HI4" Tamping the electric four-wheel drive to carry out the people-friendly to the end.

Over 120 billion yuan! Second-level approval, "Shenzhen Plan" is far ahead

China Fund News reporter Guo Yujun

How long does it take for small and medium-sized enterprises to apply for bank loans? How much can I get? The answer of Shenzhen Yuanxing Technology Co., Ltd. (Yuanxing Technology) is-"in a few seconds, 5 million".

As a specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise in Shenzhen, Yuanxing Technology is one of many small and medium-sized enterprises served by Weizhong Bank.

The shortage of collateral, difficulty in obtaining effective information and high cost for small and medium-sized enterprises are the main blocking points that restrict financial institutions from providing financing services for them. How did Weizhong Bank do it?

"Shenzhen Scheme" of Credit Service Entity Economy

Promote financing of over 120 billion yuan.

It is understood that in order to solve the problem of information asymmetry and solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, on January 10, 2022, with the strong support of the head office of the People’s Bank of China and the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Shenzhen Credit Information Bureau completed the filing of enterprise credit information agencies and officially operated it. Weizhong Bank is one of the first deep cooperative banks in Shenzhen Credit Information.

Shenzhen Credit Information Co., Ltd. provides risk control decision support for different banks’ risk preferences by jointly building innovative laboratories with banks or providing customized services, effectively promoting bank customer identification and credit supply, and achieving "second-to-second loans and instant loans". At present, it has carried out in-depth cooperation with four banks, including China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Bank of Ningbo and Weizhong Bank, and jointly built an innovation laboratory with China Construction Bank, and launched 12 customized service products.

It is an important measure for the People’s Bank of China to implement financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises and serve the development of the real economy by building a local credit reporting platform, filing enterprise credit reporting institutions, collecting and sharing enterprise-related credit data of government departments and public institutions according to law, and cleaning and processing them according to credit reporting business rules, so as to stably export products that meet the requirements of financial institutions.

According to the data released by Shenzhen Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, by the end of May 2023, the platform had collected and shared 1.13 billion pieces of enterprise-related credit data from 37 government departments and public institutions, achieved full coverage of more than 4 million active commercial entities in Shenzhen, and completed technical and business docking with 51 commercial banks in the city, serving more than 210,000 enterprises in total, which helped enterprises obtain financing of 120.5 billion yuan, of which small and micro enterprises accounted for 87% and credit loans accounted for 87%.

The construction of local credit information platform in Shenzhen adheres to the principle of "taking demand as the center" and "being practical, easy to use and sustainable". Practice has proved that it is a feasible and effective "Shenzhen scheme" to alleviate the financing information asymmetry problem of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Technology empowerment bank

"Precision Drip Irrigation" Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

According to reports, since 2022, Weizhong Bank’s artificial intelligence (AI) team and Shenzhen Credit Information Platform have conducted several rounds of in-depth communication and cooperation in privacy computing, federal learning, data products, etc., for example, while ensuring data security and privacy, further explore data value from more dimensions and explore innovative data products that are more in line with business scenarios. Next, the two sides will strengthen cooperation, fully focus on the value of data, release data productivity, provide more convenient services for enterprises to apply for financing, and let inclusive finance "drip irrigation" every small and medium-sized enterprise to help the high-quality development of the real economy.

The reporter learned from Shenzhen Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China that Shenzhen local credit information platform provides customized joint modeling services for "easy loan" loan products, aiming at Bank of Ningbo’s problems such as asymmetric information between banks and enterprises and difficulty in controlling credit risks, combined with Bank of Ningbo’s credit standards, and uses data mining methods such as machine learning and correlation maps to deeply analyze and mine multidimensional data such as business, operation and employment of enterprises, forming quantitative model products, and fully empowering bank risk management and control. One month after its launch, it helped 87 small and micro enterprises to obtain financing of 235 million yuan.

According to Shenzhen Construction Bank, as of May 2023, Shenzhen Construction Bank has introduced eight data products, including enterprise personnel size, enterprise subsidy information report and enterprise concern information report, which have been actually applied to the pre-lending, mid-lending and post-lending links of Shenzhen Construction Bank’s loan products related to small and medium-sized enterprises. By May, 2023, a total of 267,000 data of Shenzhen Credit Information Company had been called, covering more than 164,000 enterprises.

For example, in terms of pre-lending access, in order to judge the real business situation of customers, account managers need to complete due diligence through on-site visits and various government websites, which takes a long time. After introducing the enterprise personnel size analysis and enterprise subsidy information data of Shenzhen Credit Information, Shenzhen Construction Bank, combined with the data sources in the bank, directly judges through the loan product model of Shenzhen Construction Bank, which greatly improves the approval efficiency.

Shenzhen Branch of Bank of Communications is cooperating with the credit information platform to promote the development of data-driven innovative product "high-enterprise loan". The scope of data cooperation includes enterprise social security, provident fund, operational stability and other trend data. By enriching the dimensions of enterprise data, Shenzhen Branch of Bank of Communications can improve its judgment on the continuous operation ability and stability of enterprises. Make use of the rich data dimension of Shenzhen Credit Information, create a highly online "high-enterprise loan", actively grant credit to national high-tech enterprises, and improve the credit coverage of technology enterprises.

"Shenzhen Plan" is far ahead.

Provide reference for the construction of domestic credit information system.

Weizhong Bank is a pure internet online bank, which has the ability to provide online credit services for small and medium-sized enterprises across the country. According to Liang Huan, head of science and technology finance in the enterprise market and innovation business department of Weizhong Bank, all parts of the credit information platform also want to do it. The data of Shenzhen credit information platform is far ahead of the national level, whether it is a data source or a specific application (such as combining with banks to serve small and micro enterprises).

Ceng Gang, deputy director of Shanghai Finance and Development Laboratory, said that the credit information platform, as a carrier of credit information, plays an important role in breaking the "information island" by collecting and sharing the enterprise-related information held by local government departments and public utilities, and connecting with "government, banks and enterprises". Generally speaking, the establishment of local credit information platform is helpful to the formation of the strategic layout of "national+local" and "government+market", which can effectively promote the docking between financial institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises and improve the quality and efficiency of microfinance services.

Ceng Gang pointed out that at present, all localities are actively building credit information platforms, but there are still some problems, such as low level of system development and data mining, high repetition of data content, and difficulty in continuously and effectively collecting data. Many local credit information platforms still aim at increasing the number of data. Comparatively speaking, the data of Shenzhen Credit Information has obvious advantages in information timeliness and data granularity. On the one hand, the platform can timely reflect the changes of corporate, registered capital, registered address and other industrial and commercial information of enterprises, help banks to identify whether enterprises are operating normally or not, and timely identify and control the risks of existing customers. On the other hand, through in-depth analysis and mining of data, the platform can further reveal the hidden depth information of data, which can help banks realize online accurate classification of enterprises, not only reduce manual entry, improve customer experience, but also facilitate the implementation of differentiated risk strategies.

According to Liu Zhen, executive deputy general manager of Shenzhen Credit Information, since the establishment of the platform in 2022, Shenzhen Credit Information has received about 30 local credit information platforms across the country and shared the experience of Shenzhen with them. Liu Zhen said: "We are also actively exploring to build and share systematic data products with some local credit information platforms that started late, including promoting mutual recognition of our superior data standards and conducting more commercial cooperation.

Liu Xinhai, executive deputy director of the Credit Management Committee of the All-China M&A Association, said that as the front window of reform and opening up, the number of small and micro enterprises in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is not only large, but also more dynamic, and the demand for financing is also more urgent. Making full use of public big data resources and privacy computing, the market demand drives the research and development of alternative data models for credit reporting. Shenzhen actively builds a local credit reporting platform, focusing on scene innovation, which has achieved fruitful results in a short period of time, and gives a successful "Shenzhen Plan", which can provide valuable reference for the construction of domestic credit reporting system.

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Official announcement! Closed on New Year’s Eve; Ask M9 to go public! It will definitely break 10,000 vehicles; "science and technology innovation board first case" reconciliation! Investors were comp


On December 26th, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and North Stock Exchange announced the arrangement of closing for some holidays in 2024, and closed on New Year’s Eve.It will be closed from Friday, February 9 to Saturday, February 17, and will open as usual from Monday, February 19. In addition, February 4 (Sunday) and February 18 (Sunday) are closed for the weekend.

On December 26th, Huawei officially released the M9, with a starting price of 469,800 vehicles and a top allocation of 569,800 yuan.Yu Chengdong said that the M9 is "the best SUV within 10 million yuan and the most powerful SUV that can be seen on the road". On that day,Huawei officially announced: "After two hours on the market, the M9 will definitely break 10,000 units".

Investors v. Zeda Yisheng (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. and 12 defendants, including controllers, senior executives and intermediaries, were settled by mediation.As a case involving listed companies in science and technology innovation board, the total amount of compensation in this case is more than 280 million yuan, of which the maximum compensation for a single investor is more than 5 million yuan, and the average compensation for investors is 38,900 yuan.

Tianyuecha App shows thatRecently, Wang Xiaofei added a piece of information about the person to be executed, with an execution target of 7.48 million yuan.According to the risk information, Wang Xiaofei’s shares of 9.2 million yuan, 3.47 million yuan and 200,000 yuan in Herunlin (Beijing) Food Co., Ltd., Beijing Hezun Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xiaowangma Liuji Culture and Technology Development Co., Ltd. have been frozen by the Beijing No.3 Intermediate People’s Court.

International oil prices rose sharply.WTI February crude oil futures closed up 2.73% at $75.57/barrel; Brent February crude oil futures closed up 2.53% to $81.07/barrel.

macroscopic view

On December 26, the National Audit Office released the 2022 annual audit rectification report, which showed thatBy the end of September, 2023, relevant localities, departments and units had rectified more than 957 billion yuan, formulated and improved more than 1,600 rules and regulations, and held more than 2,540 people accountable.

On December 26th, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce issued the Opinions on Supporting Special Measures to Relax Market Access in Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone. It mentioned:Fully serve the financing needs of innovative resources in Macao; Encourage the research and development and production of traditional Chinese medicine preparations in Macao medical institutions in Guangdong and Macao medical institutions.

Li Chunlin, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said on the 26th that in the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will focus on four aspects:Study and improve the top-level design of the market access system, continue to promote the relaxation of access to new formats and new fields, continue to carry out the collection and notification of cases that violate the negative list of market access, and promote the full coverage of market access effectiveness evaluation.

The central bank conducted a 7-day reverse repurchase operation of 383 billion yuan on the 26th, and the winning bid rate was 1.80%, which was the same as before.A 14-day reverse repurchase operation of 85 billion yuan was carried out, and the winning bid rate was 1.95%, which was the same as before. Due to the expiration of the 7-day reverse repurchase of 119 billion yuan on that day, the net investment was 349 billion yuan.

On December 26th, the Ministry of Commerce announced that in 2024, the allowable import volume of fuel oil for non-state trade was 20 million tons.In 2024, the allowable amount of fuel oil imports will be distributed on a "first come, first served" basis.


Lei Jun issued a document on 26th, saying that Xiaomi SU7 is in the trial production and climbing stage, and it will take several months for it to be officially listed. There is no final decision on pricing.However, "Xiaomi SU7 is indeed a bit expensive, but please believe that what we are doing is’ expensive for a reason’, and the experience will definitely exceed everyone’s expectations."

On the 26th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the Catalogue of New Energy Vehicles with Vehicle Purchase Tax Exemption (the first batch).Two millet SU7s are listed, and the name of the automobile manufacturer is "Beijing Automotive Group Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd.".

Recently, the equity of Shanghai Wanda Hotel Investment Co., Ltd. changed.The original shareholder Dalian Wanda Commercial Management Group Co., Ltd. withdrew, and a new shareholder Beijing Yinglang Commercial Management Co., Ltd. was added, with a shareholding ratio of 100%.At present, Shanghai Wanda Hotel Investment Co., Ltd. operates Shanghai Wanda Ruihua Hotel.

Recently, it has been reported that Longji Green Energy, a leading photovoltaic enterprise, has laid off employees on a large scale, mainly reducing laborers and Guan Peisheng. In this regard, Longji Green Energy’s secretarial department said on the 26 th thatI can’t comment on this at present.Enterprises are facing fierce market competition, and will certainly make corresponding resource allocation according to their operating conditions, changes in the market environment and future industrial restructuring.


On December 26, the market opened lower and went lower all day, and the GEM index led the decline. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.68%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.07% and the Growth Enterprise Market Index fell 1.26%.The turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets today was 609.9 billion yuan, 1.8 billion yuan more than the previous trading day.

According to wind data, as of December 26th, the number of liquidation funds has reached 256 since 2023, setting a new high level in the past five years (since 2019).Among them, the number of liquidation of equity funds reached 61 in 2023, which was the highest since the beginning of Public Offering of Fund industry in 1998.


Shanghai Customs officially released the "Implementation Measures for Regulatory Innovation of Integrated Circuit Industry (Version 2.0)" on December 26th, which mentioned that,Change the "entry and exit" mechanism into the "enterprise filing" system.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening the Construction of Internal Control in Public Hospitals. It is mentioned that,It is clearly required to strengthen asset management, prohibit borrowing to purchase large-scale medical equipment, and standardize the behavior of renting, lending and disposing of state-owned assets.

According to Announcement No.739 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,The first batch of production and operation licenses for genetically modified corn and soybean seeds were approved and issued, and the relevant production and operation licenses involved a number of seed listed companies.Including Dabeinong, Longping Hi-Tech, Fengle Seed Industry and Denghai Seed Industry.

people’s livelihood

Recently, Taobao publicized a proposal to change its platform dispute handling rules, which was formally implemented on December 26th.According to the new regulations, if sellers get too many bad reviews or violation records on Taobao platform, once they receive complaints, they may face the judgment of direct return or only refund.

Recently, some netizens reported on the idle fish App that the materials donated by Canada Goose to Gansu earthquake zone were resold. In response, the idle fish responded thatThe actual situation is that the user sells down jackets in order to drain the hot spots, and fabricated the information of relief materials, which is a malicious marketing drainage behavior.The platform has removed the goods at the first time and permanently banned the account.

Recently, Arifa’s auction of a luxury house in Guangzhou Qiaoxin Huiyuetai attracted attention. The starting price of this suite was 70 million, equivalent to a unit price of 191,700 yuan/m 2. According to the introduction of the subject matter, the property owners of this suite are Wang Guoan and Ni Suting.And Wang Guoan is the founder of the domestic beauty brand Han Hou.In this regard, Wang Guoan responded that the auction of this property was mainly to repay personal debts.

After the Jishishan earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2, Qinghai police severely cracked down on rumors related to the earthquake.A total of more than 40 clues about online rumors were collected and found, 3 people were given administrative punishment according to law, 16 people were criticized and educated, and 3 typical cases of fabricating and publishing earthquake online rumors were published.


It was learned from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate that the case of Qu Min, former member of the leading group and vice chairman of the Heilongjiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference, was investigated by the National Supervisory Commission (NSC) and transferred to the procuratorate for examination and prosecution.A few days ago, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate made a decision to arrest Qu Min on suspicion of accepting bribes.

On December 26th,The Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court publicly pronounced the case of Hu Wenming, the former party secretary and chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, accepting bribes and abusing his power by state-owned company personnel.After trial, he was sentenced to 13 years’ imprisonment and fined RMB 5 million.

On December 26th, the State Council appointed and dismissed state employees.Lu Lei was appointed as the deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China.

Overseas news

The three major US stock indexes closed up across the board,The Dow rose 0.43% to 37,545.33, the S&P 500 rose 0.42% to 4,774.75, and the Nasdaq rose 0.54% to 15,074.57.

Most of the popular Chinese stocks rose.Genxi Bio rose by 60.26%, Shengmei Semiconductor by 7.34%, Weilai Automobile by 10.81%, Xpeng Motors by 1.63% and LI by 3.77%.

Late at night on December 26th, Beijing time,The Office of the US Trade Representative announced that it would further extend the 301 tariff exemption period for 352 imported goods from China and 77 imported goods from China related to epidemic prevention in COVID-19.The deadline was extended from December 31st this year to May 31st, 2024.

Comex February gold futures settlement price closed up 0.03% to $2,069.8 per ounce.

In October, the house price index of 20 big cities in S&P/CS in the United States rose by 4.87% year on year.Expected to rise by 5%, the previous value rose by 3.92%.

Brazilian Finance Minister Haddad said,Brazil will tax diesel fuel in 2024.

Indian police said on December 26 local time,The Reserve Bank of India (the central bank) received a bomb threat email saying that bombs had been planted in 11 different locations in Mumbai.The specific locations of three bombs were listed, and the police then went to the scene to investigate, and no suspicious items were found.

December 26, local time,The Russian government announced the extension of the export ban on ammunition and shell casings until the end of 2025.

The Singapore Economic Development Board released data on the 26th.Singapore’s industrial output in November increased by 1% year-on-year, with an estimated increase of 2.2%; In November, industrial output decreased by 7.8% month-on-month, and it is estimated to decrease by 5.1%.Singapore’s output of electronic products increased by 7.3% year-on-year in November.

On December 26th, Siyoung Choi, head of Samsung Electronics OEM business, delivered a speech at the 2023 International Electronic Devices Conference, saying that,Samsung Electronics postponed the mass production of its new factory in Taylor, Texas, USA from 2024 to 2025.

Recently, the official website of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine published a draft law.It is proposed to lower the legal minimum age of personnel who can be mobilized to carry out combat missions from the current 27 years old to 25 years old.

The South Korean Ministry of Finance said on the 26th that the South Korean Cabinet approved the plan to spend 412.5 trillion won (about 317.79 billion US dollars) of the annual budget of 550 trillion won from January to June next year.This means that 75% of the fiscal expenditure in 2024 will be implemented in the first half of the year.

Japanese Finance Minister Suzuki Shunichi said on December 26th that,The Japan Financial Agency has issued business rectification orders to the core departments of Tokyo Maritime Holding Company, MS&AD Insurance Group Holding Company and Damage Protection Holding Company. The reason is that these companies collude to manipulate prices when signing contracts with corporate customers.

Recently, Haiyan Zhang, general manager of Microsoft Xbox game AI, announced that he had signed a cooperation agreement with Inworld AI, a digital human development company.Will bring a series of development tools to developers, allowing the creation of AI-based NPCs for games.

Important announcement

Eston:The holding subsidiary plans to increase capital and share to introduce the national manufacturing fund.

Dabeinong:Terminate the intention agreement with Aonong Investment and Aonong Bio.

Renfu Medicine:Ethyl eicosapentaenoic acid soft capsule was approved by FDA.

Longyun shares:The company’s business scope does not involve "short play" business, and there is no relevant investment or business plan.

Gansu Energy:Chairman Liu Wanxiang resigned.

Lizhong Group:The subsidiary company obtained the customer’s approval certificate for heat-free alloy materials.

Zhongtian technology:It is planned to set up a Pakistan branch.

Azure creature:There are few R&D projects reserved by the company’s synthetic biotechnology innovation laboratory, and it is not yet industrialized.

Yuanxing Energy:Directors, supervisors and senior managers of the company did not participate in soda ash futures trading.

Entrepreneurship in the west:The external power supply project of Ningdong Railway Electrification Reconstruction Project was approved.

Samsung Medical:Pre-winning the bid of 209 million yuan for China Southern Power Grid bidding project.

A.D. shares:The holding subsidiary Gongyuan Xinneng’s application for listing on the North Stock Exchange was completed.

Baiyun Airport:Sign a contract for the transfer of the right to operate the parking business with Post Parking.

Wolong electric drive:The holding subsidiary’s application for listing on the New Third Board was accepted.

Constant aluminum shares:It is planned to publicly list and transfer 5.38% equity of Origen.

Aojing Medical:Received the notification of major national projects.

Funeng shares:The subsidiary cooperates with related parties to develop distributed photovoltaic projects.

Haixing Power:Pre-winning the bidding project of China Southern Power Grid with 165 million yuan.

CITIC Publishing:The Administrative Measures for Online Games (Draft for Comment) has no impact on the company’s business.

Central South Culture:The company is a co-producer of the online drama "Twinkle, Twinkle, Bright Stars".

Guang Yuyuan:Shanxi Guangshengyuan applied for the design patent of "wine bottle (far-word brand Guilingji wine)" without the permission and authorization of the company.

Tianqi shares:The company has been in business contact with Xiaomi Automobile in the early stage.

Xiangyuan new material:The company’s products have not been used in semi-solid batteries yet.

Zhuhai Port:International Composite Materials, a shareholding company, will be listed on the GEM on December 26th.

calendar of finance and economics

half past nine  China’s annual profit rate of industrial enterprises above designated size in November this year, and China’s annual profit rate of industrial enterprises above designated size in November.

five o’clock pm  Swiss December ZEW investor confidence index

eleven o’clock pm  December Richmond Fed manufacturing refers to the United States

Volvo quality escorts the cockpit experience of novice dad.

Hugh, known as the "debris flow in the singles world", is a diamond bachelor who will remain unchanged for ten thousand years.

However, Hugh is still a brother. It seems that he has been quiet recently. Suddenly, there is a big movement: he suddenly announced that he would marry his wife and have children, and he was hot in Weibo overnight …

Countless unmarried young women of school age have expressed their love, wasting their time waiting so long. Others inexplicably feel sorry for Eddie Peng Yuyan, saying that he is the worst one who was "pigeon".

But then again, Hugh officially announced that how to arrange the daddy car is also the focus of everyone’s attention. After all, many models now feature the label of "daddy car". What will Hugh choose?

On this matter, I think Hugh can consult his good brother Eddie Peng Yuyan. After all, he has spoken for him. The safety and health issues that new dads are most concerned about are firmly grasped. For example, this car has never said that it is a daddy car, but the attributes of the daddy car are not lacking.

In our cognition, luxury is definitely more than what you can see. The health standard that can be "felt" is also a manifestation of luxury. Protecting the physical and mental health of drivers and passengers is an unremitting pursuit, especially the CLEANZONE? Nordic clean cockpit owned by XC60, which can provide women with full-cycle protection from pregnancy to raising children.

Ensure that pregnant women and children have a healthy and clean breathing environment at all times.

Specifically, the materials are strictly controlled from the source. The interior of the car is made of maternal and child-grade interior materials, and the chrome-plated metal ornaments of the interior are controlled by nickel leakage, which meets the jewelry certification standards. At the same time, all interior materials and textiles in XC60 have to undergo more than 100 kinds of harmful or allergic substances and emission tests, reaching the level that babies can directly contact. In short, harmful substances are never allowed to affect the health of pregnant women and babies in XC60 cars.

We should not only strictly control the materials, but also arrange a professional "nose team" to carry out human flesh inspection on the XC60 car, and carry out odor inspection at a high temperature of 65°C, which is 2.6 times higher than the national standard, so as to avoid the odor generated by the materials in the car at high temperature and affect the health of the passengers.

In addition, XC60 will build the whole cockpit into a green forest, so that the baby sitting in the car can enjoy the "forest breath" and grow up healthily like a Nordic elf. It is reported that XC60′ s car is equipped with air purification technologies such as AAC double-effect enhanced air purification system, which can detect the air quality inside the car at any time, completely isolate the harmful air and harmful particles outside the car, and create a truly healthy and fresh air environment.

Of course, cockpit health protection is only a part of XC60. As the safest car brand, XC60 is also rich in active and passive safety configuration. In terms of active safety, it has the Pilot Assist pilot assistance system, which is known as "the most reliable intelligent driving assistance function". This system has a wide range of application scenarios. Its ACC adaptive cruise control system, fatigue warning system and other functions can effectively help drivers share the pressure and ensure driving safety in many situations, such as commuting in cities, driving with children on weekends, and driving on highways. At the same time, XC60 comes standard with City Safety urban intelligent safety system, which can help drivers avoid most potential dangers in advance through 360 panoramic camera, BLIS blind spot information system and other functions.

In terms of passive safety, XC60 is equally outstanding. First, it has a high-strength cage-type safety body design, and a large proportion of it is made of high-strength boron steel. Together with SIPS side impact protection system and WHIPS head and neck protection system, it can minimize the accident harm in the event of passive collision. At the same time, its intelligent airbag can also determine the inflation degree of the airbag according to the collision strength, so as to avoid the secondary injury to the occupants in the car caused by the airbag ejection.

Always firmly believe that only love and life can live up to, and they always practice the principle of safety first in the process of building cars, and defend the dignity of luxury cars with safety performance. That’s why I said that it is the most standard "daddy car", and the sense of security and luxurious health experience it can bring should be standard for every novice daddy. So, if you are also a dad, or will soon become a novice dad, will you choose to start?